Confirmed: Atlético sign Arda Turan

Turkish press reports Atleti will pay Galatasaray €12 million for the left winger

Turan on the way? (

Turan on the way? (

UPDATE: Atlético’s official site has confirmed the Turan deal. The player, who will join for four years at the Vicente Calderón as opposed to the previously reported five, will travel to Spain on Thursday and undergo a medical on Friday. His formal presentation is scheduled for Tuesday the 16th.

Initial report: According to Turkey’s NTVSpor, Atlético and Galatasaray have reached an agreement for versatile left winger Arda Turan.

Atleti will reportedly pay the Turkish outfit €12 million for the 24-year-old, who is set to sign a five-year contract worth €2.5 million per year.

Los Rojiblancos were looking to snatch up Real Sociedad youngster Antoine Griezmann to man the left flank, and it is unclear whether interest in the Frenchman has dissipated with Arda’s reported signing.

Turan, Gala’s captain, has experience playing in the centre as well as on the right wing.

The status of negotiations with Wolfburg’s Diego remains uncertain, as the Brazilian has not agreed terms with Atleti, refusing to accept a salary decrease.

NTVSpor have added additional details to their report regarding clauses included in the Turan deal.

Atleti will pay an additional €500 thousand to Galatasaray if we qualify for Europa League play, and an additional €1 million if Champions League qualification is secured.

Turan is expected to fly to Spain after taking part in Turkey’s friendly against Estonia Tuesday evening in order to complete his move.

  • Davide

    Arda Turan, a left winger who likes to cut inside. A transfer if it goes through means Greazy isn’t coming. Next in line, Diego?

  • oguz
  • oguz
  • Martin Rosenow

    I’ve updated the post with some additional information.

  • Lubo

    Finally good news. I’d like to have this guy and also Griezmann. Don’t think Diego is a good choice for us.

  • palc

    He doesnt hold a EU- passport. This means no Falcao.

  • Martin Rosenow

    @palc Elias and Salvio could both be on the way out, which would free up a spot for Falcao.

  • starvs

    Very good news, 12 million seems like an actual reasonable price.

    Think he will deployed mostly as left wing or will he be used as our midfield playmaker possibly (and Diego isn’t brought in…)?

    Moving Toto for Falcao has to be a mistake, he has too much potential and Falcao is so expensive. Although 40 goals in 51 games is pretty good.

  • Lubo

    Hey palc
    Now where’s the truth? According to Football Manager, the most precise PC game ever Turkey is treated as EU nation along with Russia, though they are not in the European Union.

  • palc

    @ Lubo

    I don’t know bro’. I do know that Nihat did not take up a EU- spot when he was at Villarreal. So there might be hope. I guess..

  • Xisco

    Finally a good player is set to join Atleti, although I assume most Atletico fans would’ve like to see Griezmann, I think Arda is better at this moment, not to mention he is more experienced, while Griezmann has only played one year in the first division, also as the article mentions Arda can perform well on both wings also in the centre, so hopefully he can adapt well to the team, so that he can assist Forlan and Adrian since Reyes has become a selfish player who doesn’t pass the ball to his teammates and instead of working on behalf of the team, he only wants to play for himself.
    I hope with the signing of Turan, the club focus on signing young players, like Miralem Sulejmani or Christian Eriksen from Ajax, I think if we sign at least one of this players, the club will be able to compete for a champions league berth, because we all know that Ajax produces probably the best players like Cruyff, Van Basten, Van Der Sar, Sneijder, etc… so if we sign players from Ajax, we might be able to compete against Barca and Madrid.

  • starvs

    Regarding Turkish players EU Passport stuff:

    There is some discussion of the issue here:

    and the conclusion that is come to is that Nihat’s situation was personal and can’t be applied to others. Hopefully there have been more developments since then.

  • leika

    this is really good news, we can all take a look at him tomorrow when he plays against estonia, in fifa manager 10 is bought arda to atleti in the first season and he is one of the best in erurope

  • leika
  • palc

    Lavezzi the clown. Nuff said.

  • Xisco

    @leika, It must be only a speculation given the fact we’ve just signed Turan, besides, I think Lavezzi has decreased his game level, if you saw the Copa America he couldn’t even came up with a good cross in all the games he played, he missed a lot of chances to score, Kun Aguero had to came off the bench to save Argentina, if it wasn’t for Kun, Argentina would not even qualify to the knockout stages, I believe that Lavezzi and Tevez, had a poor performance at the Copa America, so why even bother making a bid for Lavezzi?.

  • a.tur
  • Flo

    I prefer Turan over Griezmann. We need some experienced quality players. We have enough talents…

    So for me it is a good signing. As for the Non-EU question. Turkey belongs to the EU in football reasons. So no non-EU-spot needed.

  • Ian

    we should let elias go and send salvio on loann for another year to portugal..
    it willl be a mistake letting salvio go..

  • Idan

    Amazing !

  • javi

    Good move. Dont think we need Griezmann now, and we should keep Toto Salvio he is going to be awesome.

  • Davide


    I’m drooling like Homer …gggaaaahhhhrrruuu

  • Chalet

    Turan really looks like a welcome strengthening to our team!
    Hopefully he is more of a team player than Reyes is.

    Reyes has to stop his selfishness – obviously also one of the reasons why he doesn´t get a call for the Spanish national team at the moment.


    Just back home from Colombia – and already on duty…..
    Good to have you back, mate!

  • Matthijs

    Hey guys,

    I am a Dutch Atletico and I want to give my opinion about Los Rojiblancos. I discovered this site a few weaks ago and it’s a great one. You keep me updatet about the news of Atletico. I am a fan since the first match I watched. It was the match against Schalke and I fell in love with the team, the supporters, the stadium.

    I think Arda is a great player, but I prefered that Jurado whould have stayed. Although it is the best signing so far.

    I hope I will be welcome on this site! Vamos Atleti

  • Davide


    I will probably get lynched for saying this, but i honestly wish and think that we should sell Reyes and build a proper hard working team. What we don’t need right now is drama. We need unity and strenght as a team, not individuals. Atlético does not have the status right now to feed egos. We need to feed the team spirit and the club. Everytime i see Reyes play nowadays it takes energy from me, don’t know why. I see his selfishness and behaviour towards teammates on the pitch and i feel kike he is stealing my positive energy somehow. he needs to or change his ways. People say, well Reyes scores goals and he scored three against Stromgodset, the problem is that we probably would have scored more if he wasn’t selfish. Foran was open in front of goals at least four times in this double tie, and we should buried Godset in the first encounter.

  • Davide


    Welcome mate! Happy to have on board the disfunctional world that is Atlético.

  • Urban

    To be honest I have never seen him in action. He has a really bood reputation so there must be something about this guy. As someone said I would like Griezmann better but Arda seems also stron. Cant wait to see him playing!

    And I honestly wish Diego will come.

  • 7th

    so what does that mean for our koke and other canterno?

    I dont want koke to be loaned, when he doesnt play good,then let him go.

    good signing nevertheless

  • Yo soy un fanático del Galatasaray. kaptanımızı ganador y lo mejor que pudimos. pero el hecho es que no puedo encontrar algo que decir que venden después de un corto segundo equipo del Atlético de Madrid 25 millones de aficionados del Galatasaray. yıksanızda aunque nuestro equipo.

  • Chalet

    @ Matthijs:

    Welcome to the Atléti family. 🙂

    @ Davide:

    You won´t get lynched by me, mate!
    I really think that we share the same thoughts about Reyes and about the importance of working together more than ever as a team this season!

  • Selçuk

    you’re very lucky,I’m a Galatasaray fun from Turkey
    Arda Truran is best footballer in the Turkey,but our Turkish newspapers to play act
    ı hope he will be very happy in Spain……

  • Raed

    Falcao with Porto: 72 goals/86 matches

  • Javi

    Matthijs welcome aboard. This is a place for people with passion and heart for their team like no other. We suffer a lot together but when we are victorious we go to heaven in red and white. Atleti fans are kind of crazy very few fans stick with their team like we do.

  • kavak

    take care of him, take care of our magnaficent captain. if you not, i come to spain and i will put the ball in all atletico’s fans belly.

  • Halbaradthegrey

    Hi everyone,

    As a Galatasaray fan and a person who has been watching Arda since the first day he joined Galatasaray, I can tell you that you guys made a really good job by transferring Arda. He is very creative, determined and he plays like a fighter on the pitch, he can change the destiny of the game in a couple of minutes..But he has one small issue he can very emotional, that’s why he left from Galatasaray. I strongly belive in it. Last year media and press pushed him too hard he didnt deserve it. If the Atletico supporters make him feel welcome, trust me you will enjoy watching him.

  • Ugur Onal

    Hey Guys
    I’ve asked to someone about Arda’s situation they said no worries he’s gonna play like Nihat in Spain.So Arda’s gonna play as an EU Player.
    By the way you got a great player,cong 2 u.
    We’re gonna miss him.

    Good Luck 2 u in Spanish League…
    From a Galatasaray fan

  • Elia_Br

    Okay Gala Fans please write on you walls Arda is now our player see ya

  • hi madrid!
    im fan of besiktas. i support 2 teams in europe. one of is your club and the other is your rival 🙂 atleti has became very popular team in our country because of simao and forlan. when im playin PES i always playin with atleti for long years coz i love torres simao aguero forlan reyes . and now simao is ours , forlan was in ours transferlist , ujfalusi is in g.saray , and arda turan is yours. as kavak said ‘take care of him’ our media couldn’t know his value , ability , humanity. they intervene his private life and always complain about his girlfriend. he didnt concentrate football. he has some weakness pace ,agility, injury proneness but if he really concentrate his football he became one of the bests in leftwing in the world. he is 24 and has long years so please take care of him . our hearts are beatin our trio in madrid turan-sahin-altintop. we want to watch them on that big rivalry match. good night everyone.

  • caga

    we are turkish ‘elia’ . im besiktas fan. but i like him like my brother most of us feel like that. ‘arda-altintop,sahin’ i cant wait the big rivalry match.

  • Halbaradthegrey

    Elia you dont know anything about Turkish people, we support our players wherever they go and follow them even if they have no hope to win the leauge. Try to make yourself ready to see many Turkish supporters in your stadium.

  • caga

    in fact thats great thing ‘halbarad’ isnt it? 🙂 they already accepted him 🙂 niye ingilizce yazıyorum abi yaa:D

  • Halim gökhan talikacı (turkey(

    un muy buen jugador se acomodó en el ala izquierda, 5 años . . .difícil mantener este hombre puyol :):):)
    No nos envíe Forlán y Reyes 😉


  • k14

    another reason for me to support atleti 🙂

  • Joaquin

    Great signing. He’s the best turkish player in europe. Better then ÖZIL and SAHIN. But he’s playing in Turkey so he dont’t get much attention. He will do a great job you will be very happy with him. Fantastic dribblings and passes are his strenghts. GALATASARAY & ATLETICO

  • Gert

    @Davide and @Chalet

    I’m with you guys on te Reyes situation. He should get his act together and work for the team. He shouldn’t see himself as the new Atleti star, the new Kun or whatever he thinks he is.
    I believe in his skills though!

  • gkhn

    Hey guys,
    I am a Galatasaray fan from Turkey.
    I wanna say smthing about those who dont know Arda. I recommend you guys take a searcing in Youtube. Maybe you would have an idea about him.
    As to the other Atletico fans, i wanna felicitate you guys. You took the best Turkish player in Turkish P.League. I can assure you Atletico is now stronger than ever.
    Good luck Atletico and Arda.

  • galatasarayfan

    Hi athletico fans, as you can see on my nickname i am a galatasaray fan. I really love arda. He is really amazing player but the last couple years he was not happy in Turkey. He was really tired of Turkish media. I hope he will achieve many victories in spain. Additionally, arda has a emotional and sensitive character. For example, When the things go wrong and arda can’t play well in a couple match and then you take a boo to him, he will affect negatively more.

  • Qnur77

    I’m a Galatasaray Fan ;

    You have a very talented player transfers.Need to show him the value of,There is a structure of emotional Atletico supporters, as well as it feels that the team brings great things ,Prepare for the show .

    best regards

  • Matthijs

    @ Javi

    I suffered a lot the last two years by watching the games. Except for the Europa League victory! 😉 But when we win we celebrate it bigger!

  • Urban

    Wow, with your comments you guys prove that the turkish supporters are one of the most devoted in the world. Gratz for that.

    And I really hope you are right and that Arda will be our crack!

  • alberto tambarotti

    he is emtpy player. Great person about cinema fullfilling, magazine items. He has a hobbit body and not appropriate for football.

  • İstanbul03

    turan valuable player in Turkey, Atletico Madrid will be useful …

  • qwertyx

    he has a fat body and short legs. I’ve never seen such a player. can not play for first 11. twelve million dream money for this player. Nice shot Galatasaray !

  • Halbaradthegrey

    @qwertyx at least he has a brain and two eyes which you dont have you.

  • Javi

    I remember another player that was short and fat…his name was Maradona….

  • Chalet


    I would never question Reyes´ skills.
    But his attitude is really annoying me.

    Now let´s see what Turan will add to the team – apart from Turkish fans galore….. 😉

  • i realy good sign by atletico arda is a great player hopely he will lift the spirit of atle dis season

  • Gala’s Fan

    Arda Turan es un chico muy bueno. Galatasaray aficionados en el amor con él. Ahora los de usted, le apoyo, porque él es perfecto .. Arda Turan .. te amamos

  • ali

    ı am a fan of Galatasaray, be sure that you have signed with a player who is gonna be half of your team.Arda Turan is much better than Nuri Sahin,Diego or Arshavin. He can play left,right and center but left is his better side. He is both a star and a team player, he is nor selfish as Reyes. You are comparing him with Nihat Kahveci, But Arda Turan is two times better than Nihat.You will see. finally do not compare him with falcao,Arda Turan is not a striker.You will be comparing him with Di Maria, Ozil or Kaka at the end of the season..25 millions Galatasaray fans will be supporting Atletico for next season..Good Luck Captain

  • Gala

    I think there are some Real Fans commenting ,I suggest you to watch this.

  • osman

    Ya şu sitenin yuzde doksanı Turk, olum ingilizce yazmayın,bizden başka kimse yok burda 🙂

  • Great to see Turkish people here. And one thing I need to point out. I am Brazilian, and everyone knows that Brazil is passionate about soccer and is worldwide known for it.

    But Turkey is definitely more passionate about soccer than Brazil and then is probably the people in the world that is more passionate about soccer than anyone in the world. Brazilian players say that. They say that they expected the same passion and found out something unbelievable.

    I’m a big fan of Turkey since then and I always hope to see them in the World cup. That’s what soccer needs, passion! Money can’t buy it.

  • Turkish Fan


  • joel
    silvio miranda dominguez luis


    ARDA TURAN toto salvio

    forlan reyes

    dream team dat will make us happy at the end of the season hopely with trophy to cheer with

  • Turkish Fan

    BE SURE GUYS,in spain,you made best trasfer with ARDA,Ramos,Alves and others on his side,cant stop him,they will just tackle while he walks..YOU will enjoy so much with watching him and win easily games,REYES s nothing when compared with him…..YOU WILL SEE THAT……BÜYÜK KAPTAN ARDAT TURAN…LOVE HIM….

  • palc

    Wow 71 comments. You turkish people talk a lot 🙂

    Great signing, nice price (Even if he only had one year on his contract left) and he won’t be occupying a non-EU spot too! Well done Caminero, well done.

  • Turkish Fan

    Whole season,We will be here for suuport him…YOU GOT OUR TEAM’S HEART…THEN WE ARE HERE TOO..

  • eshref

    looooool short and fat?? hahaha … arda turan is no where neear fat haha he’s a professional footballer.. he runs miles and practices every day… your probably fat as shit typing behind a computer.. lool arda turan is fukin sikk… his rating in fifa 11 is 82!!! the best in the turkish league…. it used to be an 83 before the update.. he got injured for half the season…. neways you guys r fags for saying arda is fat… bcuz if you see him with his shirt off he has abs… haha idiots…

  • Gert

    sure this is Caminero’s work?? Seems a leftover of Pitarch if we’re after him since earlier this year …

  • palc

    @ Gert

    You’re right. At least Caminero sealed the deal.

  • GSA

    Arda Turan is a talented player. But many turkish supporters overestimate him. His positive attributes are: good dribbling ability, good passes. He has a few important weaknesses: he can be very selfish and in a quick tempo game he disappears. He cant play in a quick passing team. I hope he will learn a lot at Atletico Madrid and develop into a very good player.

  • Davide

    palc and Gert//

    It was a tag-team effort. Pitarch unsettled the player and Caminero sealed the deal 🙂

    I think it’s good value for money compared to what the other clubs want for the players. even though Arda only had one year left on his contract.



  • Volkan

    I am a Fenerbahce fan , but i have got to say that Arda is the best turkish player and i am glad to see him in a big league .
    i am confident that he will help Atletico to finish in top 4 in La liga and he will rock the EL next year

  • Galatasaray aficionados del Atlético … Yo creo que a modo de saludo. Arda Turan se disgustó mucho dejar el club para todos nosotros. Los aficionados a llorar … En primer lugar, al igual que el hombre fue trasladado oficialmente a … ¡Te queremos, te Arda Turan 10: (

  • Will

    When a Fenerbahce fan come to say that he is the best turkish player you have to believe it 🙂

    R.Mad. can remain with Sahin.. Arda Turan will rock Calderon this season and I hope to see a lot of Turkish in there 🙂
    Aupa Atleti! 🙂

  • Armanın Peşindeyiz

    Hi all from Istanbul. I’m a Galatasaray fan, but i respect also Club Atletico De Madrid too. First of all i want to celebrate Atletico Madrid for this transfer. I just want to share something with atletico fans; yes you transfered the best player of Turkey, and yes he has amazing skills thats true.. But the most important point is; you transfered a MAN, who has a big heart!

  • Sebyk

    As for the non-EU status – I tried to look up some stuff as well and I found this: (page 9)
    I guess it means that the court once decided that counting Turkish players as non-EU is a discrimination and offense of some pact, hence Arda won’t take the place of an extracomunitario…that’d be brilliant…

    As for Reyes – yes, he’s not an especially good team player, but he’s made a big improvement in this over recent years. Last season he was the player with most assists in our team and even against Godset he sliced open the defence beautifly for Adrián. He does behave selfishly occasionally and he will never be different, but he does create chances as well – even though if he played more as a team player, he could easily have the same amount of final passes as Xavi does. Anyway I believe he’ll improve in this in the upcoming season, the only thing that scares me a bit is his relationship with Forlán – I haven’t seen Reyes pass the ball to Forlán for a very long time…

  • Demirezen

    Great Player ARDA TURAN very nice !

  • Ringo

    Hopefully Arda can out his full potential for Atleti, being joined by Salvio and Reyes, in a few months time they could prove an amazing connection between midfield and the striker (which I don’t think has to be Falcao, Forlan and Adrian have the plus that they can switch with one of the players behind them, Falcao is more of a pure striker, as far as I know him…)

    Please Jose, mature and start connecting with Diego! If you want to be a leader to this squad, you can’t make exceptions, look at Quique, he was one of the worst Atleti-coaches EVER (statistically, and don’t start about the EL, as great as it was, a great deal of luck was involved…)

    the best goalie

    Silvio – the best CB partnership – Filipe

    Koke – Tiago/Gabi/Mario

    Reyes – Salvio – Arda


    Yes, I believe in this formation, the three attacking midfielders/wingers are very versatile and could all play in the center, so don’t think about the order I put them in too much.

  • Sweden

    It’s great to see that many Galatasaray fans are here! but please write in english! Great signing, hopefully he will be a important player this year.

  • GS Fan 1905

    Hey Atletico fans,

    Another Galatasaray fan here.

    I just wanted to say congratulations on signing Arda. He will be a valuable asset to Los Rojiblancos.

    He is very versatile and can play in many positions. But, more than likely you guys will see him play on the left wing because he just loves to cut in early or take the ball all the way to the byline and work his magic there. In any case he is a joy to watch.

    His one negative attribute would be his speed. He is not exactly the fastest player out there. BUT, I do believe that he can improve this in La Liga as he gets accustomed to the way the game is played in Spain.

    Wishing Atletico Madrid and Arda all the best for the upcoming season! 🙂

  • cor72z

    I have a question to you Turkish fans. A while ago I was watching a friendly game between Inter and Galatasaray, which took place in Bochum, if I remember correctly. In the second half, Galata’s Turkish-German fans started making a real mess on the stands, throwing flares at the pitch and thus making the referee interrupt the game for almost 10 minutes. Arda, as the team captain then grabbed a microphone and started shouting something towards Galatasaray’s fans to calm them down, I guess. He didn’t get much of a response, though and I was just wondering: was there some sort of conflict between him and the fans? Was he being disrespected in some way? How did this situation develop later on?

    Anyway, glad to have him on board. I hope our shirts will sell well in Turkey 🙂

  • myname

    I don’t think there was a conflict. Typical hooligans. Arda was probably the only person galatasaray fans would listen to in the stadium so they had him ask the fans to stop. I remember hamit altintop being on the mic in a Turkish national game once too.

  • Armanın Peşindeyiz

    Yes, i agree with ”myname”. Arda hasn’t got any problems with the Galatasaray fans, he is just tired because of the turkish media on last times thats all.


    hey, most of you be optimistic as pollyanna, and you want to feel lıke this. ok, ı can say nothing about this, but ı can warn u. turkish league is not enough to improve your talent or outlook for playing in spanish league. 5 years ago we can say tuncay sanlı is the best player in turkey, but now he has still been trying to show himself in premier league. so ı want to say that you have to wait, but ı dont think arda is going to wait , so 2 years later galatasaray wants him go back and this story will finish as happy end for galatasaray.

  • Hola .. soy de Turquía Cihat MONTAÑA Agüero … la sucesión en todos .. Yo soy un buen jugador galalatasaray fanıyım degil.sizi engañado ordada heridos .. .. .. ya mutilado siempre digo verdadero destino del partido en pocos minutos değiştiriyor.bir sé cuántos minutos en el equipo de entrar en palo …. que el Atlético año para reducir el grupo es bueno .. jajajaja ….

  • should we bid for arda turan in summer? as we know he’s a liverpool fan and plus with harry kewell and milan baros both being ex lfc players do you think persuading him to come would be easy if we bid?

  • starvs

    What? Huh? What, Huh?