Shaqiri reportedly close to Atlético

Swiss winger supposedly says 'yes' to January transfer

Xherdan Shaqiri (

Xherdan Shaqiri (

Italian website TuttoMercatoWeb reported Wednesday that Swiss wonderkid Xherdan Shaqiri is close to joining Atlético.

In an exclusive, they claim the youngster has given the go-ahead to an €8 million winter move, snubbing interest from the likes of Bayern Munich.

At just 20 years of age, Shaqiri is regarded as one of the brightest talents in European football. He already has fifteen international caps to his name, and has played in the Champions League for FC Basel.

The diminutive winger has been a regular for the Swiss champions since 2009, and back in October of last year scored a stunning long-range strike against England, which helped him establish continental reputation.

Shaqiri also represented the Swiss Under-21 side in the European Championships last summer, scoring once in a win against Denmark.

Since then, he added to his international tally with a hat-trick against Bulgaria in September, but was unable to help Switzerland qualify for next summer’s senior tournament.

If the rumours are true, a possible departure for José Antonio Reyes would look to be on the cards. The Andalusian winger has suffered from a loss of form this season and reportedly fell out with Gregorio Manzano after last month’s defeat to Athletic Bilbao.

Like Reyes, Shaqiri has an excellent left foot and is known for his explosive pace and technique.

With the likes of Eduardo Salvio, Pizzi, Arda Turan and Juanfran already on the squad, he would certainly strengthen the club’s left-sided options after missing out on Pablo Piatti and Antoine Griezmann in the summer.

What is your opinion on Shaqiri? How much would you pay for him? Can he be the man to provide quality service to Falcao?


  • Ringo

    Looking at this (it’s the first thing I’ve seen of him, so my judgement isn’t great)

    he seems like in between Reyes’ and Robben’s playing style. Since he’s young and new, he’ll probably a bit humble, at least in the beginning, which already makes me prefer him over Reyes 🙂
    Yes, I dislike Reyes a lot, so don’t let my opinion influence yours (too much).

    But, this will mean we won’t have to keep Pizzi, which is fine by me, even though I haven’t seen his full extent.
    Still, Shaqiri is cheaper and left footed.

    If Shaqiri really is as talented as he seems, a rotation system in attack with all of Arda, Falcao, Adrian, Salvio and Shaqiri looks very interesting to me. Juanfran could also stay, but I see more future in a canterano or something as third back-up, since it’s cheaper and with growth-possibilities. Falcao can’t really rotate towards the wingerpositions, but he can combine well, given enough time, to be a fit striker in an ‘active’ system.
    Of course, a more consistent midfield is needed with this idea of mine…

  • 92

    Without a doubt Shaqiri is one of the world’s brightest young football players, and indeed he would be an excellent addition for Atleti, since in my opinion no one has been capable to fill the void left by the great captain Maxi, not even Reyes who is an outstanding player, and Shaqiri is capable enough to fill that void, he is a player that can make a big difference and change the outcome of a match, no need to say more, I just hope this rumor turns out to be true because definetely Shaqiri is the man, and if this true, his arrival could become into one of the most important signings Atleti has ever made, so again, I really hope Shaqiri becomes an Atleti player because he is a great player.

  • 92

    Ringo, I saw the video you posted and it’s awesome, I just got 2 words to describe Shaqiri, FUCKING AMAZING!, what a player, somebody pinch me, know if Shaqiri is indeed signed, we’re just gonna need a good DM who is capable of dominate the midfield, is a good tackler and timer,capable of intercep and destroy the rival team attack sand also, capable of going forward and suppor the team offensively, because honestly, Mario is not doing a good job and that is costing the team a lot of problems defensively.

  • Arjit

    92, agree with you completely, shaqiri looks very talented. but above all i would like to see a good DM. Assuncao was decept for like one season, we need one of the diarra’s them all seem to be good DMs lol. Or maybe just somebody with physical presence and tenacity, we lack that.

  • starvs

    This seems like it would be great business. If you can get rid of Reyes for like 15m euros?

    Something like this would bode very well for Caminero who has already made some very good moves (Turan, Diego).

    This kid clearly has one of the best long range left footed shot int he world, that video is has some truly absurd shots.

  • atletisrael

    92 I understand what you mean about Maxi, the thing that got me to love Atleti was his frustration goal against Barca in the dreadful 6-1 loss a few years ago.

    Actually I don’t think we should raise our hopes because of one player, talented as he looks (and Shaqiri is looking pretty decent). I agree about dm position but I think the weakness of mario is actually offensive, from hia position he should be throwing long balls to falcao and the wingers with better aim

  • dgsozkan

    We have talked about Shaqiri in previous topics. He is very talented young man that’s for sure. My biggest concern was his price but €8 M is fairly reasonable price I believe. By the way does anyone know if he can play at both side? Because I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen him play at the right side once? Additionally, I’m still upset about Piatti, I hope Shaqiri can make me forget about him if the rumors are right.

    On the other hand,we certainly need a DM who can dominate the mildfield both offensively and defensively and in order to do that he should have the abilities 92 mentioned above. But this kind of mildfields are not easy to find and even if you can find ,their prices are usually astronomic. However if our squads can find a promising and undiscovered player, it would be just terrific.

  • 92

    Arjit, yeah, interestly enough, all of ’em Diarras, Lass, Mahamadou, and Alou are pretty good DM’s, we should search (if there’s any) for any young players, who’s last name it’s Diarra!, speaking of them, Mahamadou is a free agent, he is 30, a little bit old, signing would’nt be that much of a problem (although it would be a little bit risky because he hasn’t play a single match since May, therefore he would be out of fitness and for that we got enough with Tiago), but the other 2 seem it’s gonna be more difficult to sign either one, but they’re both great players.
    atletisrael, you’re right, we shouldn’t get too ahead over ourselves, Shaqiri ISN’T YET SIGNED, it has’t been confirmed yet, so before we even imagine him wearing the red and white jersey, we should be patient, although I’m already imagining Shaqiri ruling the right wing and causing troubles to the opposing defenses with the Rojiblanca!, and also I agree with you that although Shaqiri is a tremendous player, football is a team sport and Shaqiri must use his amazing talent in behalf of the team, although I wanna see him scoring goals and ripping some nets with that magic left foot he has.

  • 92

    dgsozkan, Shaqiri can play on both sides and hit the ball with both legs, although yeah, he is lefty and as you can appreciate in the video he tends to plays mostly on the left side of the pitch, so that’s kind of an minor issue because we only have two “genuine” right sided players, Salvio and Adrian.
    About the DM, I agree, it’s not easy to find a good DM this days, and speaking of DM, I was thinking that your fellow country man, Mehmet Topal could be the DM we require, he hasn’t played that much with Valencia, (only 3 matches out of 11 in La Liga, I’ve heard Chelsea among others want him but I think it would be better for him to stay in Spain and perhaps sign with us on loan because he definetely is a great player that knows how to defend an attack properly.

  • Filip


  • dgsozkan

    92,We need him mostly for the left side anyway but his capability to play at both sides makes him more valuable. It’s too soon to be excited of course but even just his name make us a little bit delirious , let’s hope for things to go well.

    Topal, is one of the players who could solve lotsof our problems in mildfield area. His nickname is spider maybe you know, and he is very good at defensive side of the game. Along this, he hasgreat long shots (btw he used to use his long shots more in turkey however in spain it seems like he has decreased number of his long shots ) and after he’d came to Spain , he developed his passing skills. However, signing him could cost us much because of the other clubs link to him. By the way , I’ve just read that Besiktas,Turkey wants to Tiago. I don’t kmow if it is a unrealistic rumor or not but missing Tiago wont hurt us badly I guess.

  • Enough with this wingers/midfield/attack buying! I’m with Filip, DEFENSE FOR FUCKS SAKE! NO TO SHAQIRI!

  • Ringo Schut

    No, the defense just has to grow by itself, they’re all pretty talented. Miranda is still very new, for a defender it could take more time to adapt than for an attacker, since the partnership and teamwork is very important.
    Maybe he still has some language issues…

    I don’t know about a new box-to-box-ish defensive midfielder, Koke plays that role very naturally, but somehow Manzano is afraid of his talent or something.
    Partner him with another midfielder capable of defensive work, perhaps Mario or Gabi and all it needs, in my eyes, is some positioning-training.

    If you want a new defender, all that’s really needed is decent back-up for Silvio and Filipe.

  • starvs

    atletisrael, I was at that Barca game, incredibly dissapointing, but that goal by Maxi was a real screamer.

  • 92

    Ringo, I like your views about Mario needing some positioning training because Mario looks pretty lost on the pitch, Gabi looks more well positioned but he still needs to improve, but in Mario’s case he is 24, and he is our primary DM, so he shouldn’t have any problems, how do we make him improve since he is 24?, probably hiring a retired player who was a good DM to help him with some positioning, but that seems complicated, so I say acquiring a DM in the transfer window is a priority, preferrably on loan, Topal would be a good option on loan, but we’ll have to see.
    About the defense, I agree too, they need time bcause how many times the Atleti defense has changed?, in the past year the club has been changing the defense constantly, Seitaridis, Pablo Ibanez, Heitinga (who can also play as DM and in the end I still don’t get why he left, it’s not like he was the worst player at that time, they should have instead got rid of Assuncao) and many others have gone because of Gil & Cerezo. anyways, about a RB/LB back-upfor both Silvio and Felipe is required also, Silvio cannot play for more than one match per week because of his pubalgia, and until he gets treated, that’s gonna be a problem, we have Hugo Mallo but he is not gonna arrive until next season, so I was thinking about Montoya and Bartra from Barca, they haven’t renew their contracts and I think eventually they will, but with Dani Alves pretty much is owning Barca’s RB and they’re not gonna get too many minutes, so I think Caminero should get going and start negotiating for a possible 6 month loan for Montoya or Bartra, they’re both capable players, but I would go for Bartra since he make his debut agints us last year and he caused good impressions in my opinion.