Atlético unveil brand new 2015/16 home kit

New home jersey with Plus500 becoming main kit sponsor

Atleti unveil new kit and sponsor (pic: official site)

Atleti unveil new kit and sponsor (pic: official site)

Atlético Madrid have this morning unveiled the shirt that the team will wear for the upcoming season, with a new shirt sponsor to match.

Plus500, a multinational company that specialises in the online trading of CFDs, become the new main sponsor on the front of the Atleti shirt, replacing the partnership with Azerbaijan that had caused a lot of controversy in recent years.

The shirt is a tribute to the 95-96 double winning side, as the start of the season marks 20 years since the ‘Doblete’.

The home jersey features five red stripes on white, just like the one 20 years ago, with a blue stripe outline reaching down to the shorts.

For the first time in the history of Atlético, the back of the shirt will be completely red. On the last few shirts, a red square has been present, in order for the numbers to be visible for European competition.

The shirt goes on sale at the Vicente Calderón club shop this evening at midnight.

I wonder if we’ll be able to get either Vietto or Jackson on the back of our new jersey any time soon.

  • Rinqo

    What controversy? A country sponsoring a club?

  • urban

    The government of Azerbaijan is known for violating human rights.

    Anyways, the shirts are ok, the logo is bad, and the supposed deal with Plus500 (11 mln euro/year) is very bad.

  • Chewie

    The shirts look cheaper and the fit is crap. Dislike.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Yes, there was some controversy, but I can’t call it a lot though, and I believe that if it was any of the “big clubs” and the “big countries”, big in influence at least, we would have never heard any controversy
    O.K, there are human rights violations in Azerbaijan, but aren’t there the same violations or even more in Qatar who sponsors Barca and UAE who sponsors Real Madrid, PSG and other sports clubs around the globe ?!
    We’ve never heard or read a single word about that, except from some Barca fans and some of their board members who called for a voting for accepting Qatar sponsorship but lost

    I’m not saying that having Azerbaijan logo on our shirts was right, I’m saying that double standards is wrong .. and disgusting .

    By the way -and I don’t claim that I have full knowledge about Plus500- but I read that it is strongly related to Israel, the biggest human rights violator in the history
    It is a multinational company, it’s head quarter is in London, but it was founded by 6 Israelis and it’s many operations are in Israel, which almost half of its area are occupied lands

    So, let’s see if the “controversy” will continue or if Israel is not small and weak like Azerbaijan !

  • atletico- palestine

    Thank you for your comment my brother Ahmad… israel is the biggest human rights violator and terrorists in the history.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I guess the only rumors that always true are those about new kits !
    I’ve seen this new kit and the away one too since May, and I haven’t changed my mind since, I like the front, but I really hate the all-red back
    I have one simple rule about sports teams kits :
    Keep the changes very small in the first kit, always keep the traditions, then you have the second and third kits, you can do whatever you want with them !
    But at least we didn’t make the stripe horizontal like Barca ! .. and I wish we never do

    About the second kit, which hasn’t been announced yet, if the rumors are true, it will be all-blue, navy blue, my favorite shade of blue, and -I think- the most common color we use for our second kit, at least in the last 15 years or so
    I like it, but again, against teams who have first kits like ours (Granada & Gijon next season) we will be forced to change the blue shorts or the blue socks or both, and could be forced to do it against Athletic as well if the ref thought that their black shorts and socks are close to our blue
    If we didn’t have a third kit -I don’t remember that we ever did- we could see an ugly sight like this again, or uglier .

  • g medel

    a. the shirt design is a tribute to the historic 95/96 atleti, 20 years ago. thats why it looks a bit vintage.
    b. “plus500” is an israeli company.
    c. i think youre wrong about israel. ive been there more than once and im not even jewish. great place.
    d. human rights violators are all over the place. syria, iraq etc.
    sorry to tell you but israel is a democracy. the only democracy in your part of land.

  • palestine- atletico

    1- Of course it is a great place because this is palestine and if it wasnt a great place they didnt occupy from palestinians.
    2- If someone took your home and killed your family but after that he is democratic with his family in YOUR home..will you consider him democratic??

  • g medel

    where are you from my friend?

  • palestine- atletico

    From Jordan but i am Palestinian.

  • Guys can we do our best to keep the discussion football related. Of course there are differing opinions but this is where things get heated and I get bombarded with complaints. It’s easier for everyone if we can steer clear of this, cheers.

  • g medel

    sorry nick. youre right.
    just one last thing.
    im sorry about the differences between us but its comforting to know that the atletico madrid fan base is very large and versatile.
    i hope youll get a chance to come visit israel and know that its not as bad as tou think. btw- we have about 400 colchoneros (that i know of)

  • palestine- atletico

    Nick you are right.
    but just a note to g medel you mean visit palestine because this is palestine 🙂
    Btw atletico i am a fan for atletico madrid since 95 when we won the liga and the cup after that i stayed as a big fan for the club despite being relegated so this year is special for me because i realized it is 20 years as atleti fan.
    There are alot of fans for atleti here in jordan but ofcourse they are minority compared to real and barca.

  • g medel

    same here (ISRAEL), thats because the sports channels only broadcast real and barca. its a shame.
    call it what you want, we are neighbours and we should start acting like ones.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I knew my comment would start a political argument, which is absolutely has no place here, but my comment itself wasn’t about politics, it was about “double standards”
    And before I criticized Israel I criticized Qatar & UAE, Arab and Muslim countries like me
    There are also horrible things happening in my country, Egypt, I buried one friend and one neighbor who were brutally killed by the police during protests after the coup

    But again, I was always against mixing sports with politics, and because they do that in Egypt, we have been playing football behind closed doors for more than 3 years, even the national team games

    You can’t criticize Atleti and shut up about Real, Barca & PSG, and you can’t criticize Azerbaijan and shut up about Isreal, Qatar & UAE .. and about USA with Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib .. and about many other countries
    We can’t keep silent about China -the country of Jianlin- and keep attacking North Korea, because guess what : they are exactly the same, but one of them is much much bigger, much stronger and much richer than the other

    I will always love Atleti, but I will never put on a shirt that has an Israeli sponsor

  • Mojo

    Turkey, Lebanon and even Iraq are democracies. Leaders are chosen in a democratic manner. Democracy is not that a big thing today. Israel is the most violator of INTL laws since 1970s. No one can dispute with them in that honor.

    I don’t care about who sponsor who, but if the Azerbaijan shirt deal was criticized because of politics then hell this one should be too.