Twenty goal spectacle in first friendly

Atlético beat CD Arcángel 19-1

Manzano during training earlier today(

Manzano during training earlier today

Atleti’s first friendly match of the new season was hardly a test. In Los Ángeles de San Rafael we beat local amateur team CD Arcángel by 19 goals to 1.

Gregorio Manzano sent out a 4-4-2 formation with Reyes and Juanfran on the wings.

After only a couple of minutes Reyes had already opened the scoring and cantera striker Pedro soon added a second. Arcángel surprisingly struck back with a shot from outside the area to make it 1-2 and earned a consolation goal.

After that the floodgates opened.

After just 25 minutes Atleti had already scored six goals and the scoreboard read 12-1 when the teams went into half time. In the second half the coach changed all his personnel and opted for a 4-3-3 formation, including new signings Sílvio and Gabi.

Atlético B forwards Pedro and Collado left a good impression scoring a combined total of 7 times. Most goals were set up by Juanfran, Koke and the dynamic duo on the left, Reyes and Filipe.

With Gabi as the main creative outlet and Diego Costa as targetman Atleti added another seven goals in the second half.

On Thursday we play our second pre-season friendly, but this time against a Segunda División B side: Gimnàstic Segoviana.

Line-up 1st half: Joel; Valera, Manquillo, Regalón, Filipe; Juanfran, Koke, Raúl García, Reyes; Pedro and Collado.

Line-up 2nd half: Iago; Sílvio; Pulido, César Ortiz, López; Gabi, Assunção, Fran Mérida; Saúl Ñíguez, Diego Costa and Noguera.

Goals: 0-1 Reyes; 0-2 Pedro; 1-2 Rafita; 1-3 Pedro; 1-4 Filipe; 1-5 Collado; 1-6 Koke; 1-7 Pedro; 1-8 Collado; 1-9 Filipe; 1-10 Reyes; 1-11 Collado; 1-12 Collado; 1-13 Fran Mérida; 1-14 Gabi; 1-15 Diego Costa; 1-16 Saúl; 1-17 Saúl; 1-18 Diego Costa; 1-19 Diego Costa.

  • 7th

    hurray for collado,pedro( who is this guy, never heard of him)

    collado seems a talanted striker. looks like bit of borja. lool

    was the friendly game being broadcasted in tv?

  • starvs

    Yeah I saw the name Pedro and I was like, who is this kid… how old is he?

  • ANy chance to see the goals?

  • 7th

    i dont think so, Urban,

  • Chalet

    What the hell – Reyes only scored 2 goals?
    And how on earth did we manage to concede? 😉

  • Sweden

    I’m so worried that we are going to be stuck with Diego Costa and Raul Garcia for next season…

  • 7th

    only two goal were shown here, reyes and collado i think

    yeah i was worried, probably a fluke of luck

  • Javi

    I know what you mean Sweden, but it could be that Manzano and Caminero don’t want to make any moves-in or out-until the kun issue is settled
    But I would really like to see costa, Garcia and assuncao gone for good
    Maybe we can include Garcia in a deal with griezmann

  • starvs

    Javi, getting a good player and getting rid of a bad player in one fell swoop? You think you’re a fan of a competent club or something?

  • Sweden

    haha well put Starvs! Hopefully it all works out.

  • javi

    what do you mean starvs, its not christmas? I asked santa for this…