Atlético to bring back Jurado?

The former Colchonero has been contacted by Atleti officials interested in his return


Former Atleti man José Manuel Jurado (Getty)

Atlético have reportedly contacted former Rojiblanco and current Schalke midfielder José Manuel Jurado, who the club are apparently interested in bringing back to the Vicente Calderón.

Spanish paper AS claims Jurado intends to leave the German outfit this summer, though his contract runs through June of 2014.

The 25-year-old, who left Atleti for the Bundesliga side back in August of 2010 for a fee of €13 million, is disgruntled with his current situation as he is seeing little to no playing time under coach Huub Stevens.

According to the AS report, a move to England is also a rumoured possibility, but because Jurado recently became a father and owns a house in Madrid, it is said he would be very open to the idea of calling the Spanish capital home once again.

A divisive figure while at Atlético, the Spaniard was most appreciated for his efforts in our title-winning Europa League campaign in 2010.

During that season (2009/10), his last full year in red and white, he participated in every single match of all competitions we took part in.

The Real Madrid youth product’s departure was said to have caused a rift between former Atleti coach Quique Sánchez Flores and club directors.

Quique was rumoured to be frustrated with Gil Marín and his cohorts for not signing a replacement for one of the squad’s most crucial members at the time.

While a familiar face and veteran midfielder of Jurado’s stature would likely be viewed as a welcome reinforcement by Atlético fans, that would not be the case if his signing would come at the expense of Diego’s exit, as the AS report states is a strong possibility given the Brazilian’s high salary and the likely hefty buy-out fee that will be demanded by Wolfsburg if we seek to permanently retain the playmaker’s services.

Would you like to see Jurado suit up in red and white again next season?

  • Derek Maaijen

    Personally I’ve always liked Jurado, but I know many Atleti fans don’t share that feeling. I do wonder though if he also wouldn’t be too expensive. He tripled his wages when moving to Schalke and they signed him for €13m so they won’t be letting him go on the cheap. Why not go the extra mile and actually keep Diego?

  • shlomgar

    if given a choice, Diego. No doubt. Double the money you would pay Jurado and you might reach his value to Atletico. He is the conductor of our attack for the last year and we are less of a team without him.

  • ratchet

    What is it with people coming on this site trying to sell us tickets to the europa league final. Its not like anyone belives them.

  • shlomgar

    there were tickets to be purchased between the 7th to the 20th last month, neutral seats. I don’t think all are scamming. Just trying to sell on profit.

  • ana88

    I bought the ticket from in March . And i want to sell as I am not interested in the 2 teams that reached the final .

  • Scott

    I like Jurado. But he’s not at all better than Diego!
    Let’s just keep Diego!

  • Javi

    There is no comParison between what Jurado and Diego do for Atleti. I too liked Jurado but he had so many games that he was inconsequential to the team, where on the other hand Diego is a key player every time he puts on the uniform, he is a game changer. No doubt in my mind that I would spend the money and sign him for four years.
    If we are looking to bring back old atleti players I would first look at Raul Garcia or Diego Costa, they are having a great season and they are already ours.

  • Personally i would choose diego but i like jurado. He had a good season with us in his last season but FOR ME its all depending on his buyout clause then…….hmm. Diego and Jurado together in Atleti?? Loving it!!! But what is his buy-out clause??

  • shay

    who can help?
    at the “first team” picture: who is the guy between perea and pablo ibanez? i forgot his name and its driving me crazy!!

  • Flo

    There are reasons why a talented player like Jurado has little to no playing time. It is simply his fault. He relys on his talents and doesn’t want to train as hard as the rest. This is the reason why he isn’t playing. So no thanks. I don’t want him back!

  • Lubo

    @shay: it’s Cléber Santana
    @Flo: You are more than right. Although I liked him when he was here, and was disappointed when this shitty board sold him, now I can’t imagine why would Cholo want a lazy player like Jurado, who is not putting his 100% effort during the training sessions. I thought Cholo wanted battling players, or is it just our board, not giving a fuck who Simeone wants to bring?

  • Heißenberg

    it’s Cleber ‘O Rey’ Santana 😀

    I also liked Jurado while he was at Atleti, very valid rotation player, but now.. I don’t want him.

    He would definitely cost much more than he’s worth, he is not in much of a form and as someone mentioned earlier it’s better to buy Diego instead, something we should of done last summer. I am only worried that Felix might want him at Wolfsburg since he is playing great and average Bundesliga team can not afford to lose such type of players easily.

    Jurado is not even my favourit option for Diego’s substitute if Brazilian stays. Michu is chepaer and in better form. So, if you ask me, we need to keep Diego by all means neccesary and bring Michu as his substitute.

  • ali_

    michu is not a playmaker.

  • Sergio Lopez

    I would say that Michu is NOT a play-maker at all – he is just an attacking midfielder with a very good shot on goal. Both Jurado and Diego are real play-makers, but the Brazilian is at least a class higher. Diego is a world-level player, while Jurado is just very good. This is the reason we MUST keep Diego – if only we want to win something.

  • k14

    I think Jurado will be more of a free agent since shalcke will benefit from terminating his contract as they be saving 4.5M yearly, and if he was lazy as other have mentioned, why would he want to leave for no playing time ?

  • Alfred

    i like Jurado as well, just think our team didn’t give him too much chance to show his talent, and we sold him when he start to raise up, in my opinion we own him something

  • costinescu

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  • solari

    I’d love to see éver Banega instead

  • shay

    ohh righttt…
    thanks all!!!

    oh yeah, and bring back jurado.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Banega is out for 6 months although I agree . I would like to see him back as well. He helped us win the Europa League in 2010, he is somewhat underrated.

  • hmm i dont like banega one bit. He seems like an ass to me.
    He makes reckless fouls when an easy tackle is needed and offer not very much in attacking aspect. So he can just f**k off

  • If Nuri Sahin was at dortmund do you think he wouldve fitted into this side. I am saying (if at dortmund) because Real Madrid cant sell him to us because they are rivals.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Banega is a great player and he offers A LOT offensively, plus he is INJURED, it’s not like he is coming back, and he would be a better signing than Jureado for sure.