OFFICIAL: Atlético sign forward Léo Baptistão

The talented young Brazilian joins the club on a five-year contract

Léo Baptistão (MARCA)

Léo Baptistão (MARCA)

After months of rumours and speculation and only days after the departure of Falcao, Atlético have announced the signing of Léo Baptistão from Rayo Vallecano.

The talented Brazilian forward, who turns 21 in August, has signed a five-year contract with the Rojiblancos, who have reportedly paid a €7 million transfer fee.

Because he also holds an Italian passport, he will not be included in the quota for non-EU players on Atlético’s squad.

Léo contributed 7 goals and 6 assists in 28 appearances in Rayo’s past campaign, including the second goal in their 2-1 victory over Atlético in February.

He’s currently recovering in Brazil from a fractured clavicle that forced him to miss the closing stages of the season.

“Today is a very important day for me, I’ve fulfilled a dream. I will give my all for Atlético Madrid,” Baptistão wrote via Twitter, before going on to thank the “Rayo family” for his time at Vallecas, a place he said “will always be my home.”

What do you think about this move?

  • k14

    Don’t know much about him, but he seems to be a really fast player with good balance (hard to tackle down) and good skill with the ball.

    And the that he could be our own Bati-goal in the future if good enough for me ;p

  • kris

    Nice! Great signing. Will sign for us for sure.

  • kris


  • Danut10

    is a promising young best pleyer, hope that he’ll qour new tigre 😀

  • Danut10


  • Danut10
  • Ahmad Hossainy

    it was expected .. some reports even claimed that we already signed him few months ago

    he is a good player, young, tall and he will develop under Simeone just like Diego Costa

    However, there is a question : now we have Costa, Adrian, Leo & Pizzi, of course Costa will not leave, and Simeone said that he wants Adrian to stay .. so are we keeping Pizzi (who we paid a big money for him) and then we will have 4 strikers ?

    in this case I think Pizzi will be a winger, a position he did will in it with Deportivo.

  • kris

    Adrian and Pizzi have to work themselves as wingers. They are not gonna be strikers. We can sell Adrian who is worth about 15 mil and start paying our debts. We SHOULD buy Diego, a cb, and a great finisher to partner up with Costa in the CL while Baptistao can play in Liga as a sub to replace the top forward we sign and play Copa matches.

  • Nice!! Batistao is a good player. I have been watching Rayo play this season. He reminds me of Costa. So good signing 😀

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    if we didn’t sign a super star striker so we could have a problem in the champions league,
    Diego Costa still have a two-match suspension (he had 4, did 2 of them against Ruben Kazan) .. 2 matches are 1/3 the CL group stage .. I don’t think Pizzi (if he stayed) or Leo can do good in such a big competition, only Adrian can .. but well he come back the Adrian we know, Adrian of 2011-12 ?!
    That’s the big question.

  • kris

    Precisely, Ahmad. And our goal is to make it at least to the quarters or even the semis of the CL. We could get a lot of money if we make it the semis. We need it.

  • Ian

    I somehow believe that maybe we don’t need any superstar signings, if we can be consistent with what we have, maybe get diego and another CB and sign Courtois permanently we can still excel next season..

  • Russ

    Heard we have also tabled a bid for Younes Belhanda (Montpellier)…. If we pull that signing off he’ll be a real scoop. He’s cheap…consistent and can play anywhere behind the frontline. Guess he would scupper Diegos chances of a return!

  • MR

    sad to see lots of you, guys seeking a new “star-striker” as we have Costa for that role.
    he will out-score Falcao, just watch!

  • Javi

    I agree with MR, we dont need to buy a star $$$ striker, that position is well covered with costa and the others. We do need a playmaker.
    But we are going to sign several players so that we have a deeper bench which is required for the CL; htta why we got Pizzi and Leo. We were too short on players last year.

  • kris

    MR, of course he will outscore Falcao. That’s what I am talking about, Costa will be our new Falcao, while we need another one to be our Costa; Scoring just as much goals, now. I am just saying that we need two great scorers in our team because we are competing in the CL. We can’t just rely on one striker now.