Salvio and Diego secure win over Zamalek

South Americans on target in friendly success

Atlético celebrate goal against Zamalek (MARCA)

Atlético celebrate goal against Zamalek (MARCA)

Atlético’s short visit to Cairo ended in triumph, with the Rojiblancos running out 4-1 winners in the Egyptian capital this evening.

50,000 fans filled the Cairo International Stadium to celebrate SC Zamalek’s 100 year anniversary, but were unable to see their team take anything from a game in which they were mostly second best.

Gregorio Manzano named a team that included the controversial José Antonio Reyes, who lined up in a versatile attack with Pizzi and Salvio. Youngster Jorge Pulido was handed a start, and Sergio Asenjo also made a welcome appearance.

Atlético set the tone during the opening exchanges, and took the lead 10 minutes in through a neat Eduardo Salvio finish. The 21 year-old made a clever run to the front post before turning Pizzi’s cross into the top corner.

Just minutes later it was two, with Pizzi again the architect for Salvio. The Portuguese winger pounced on Asenjo’s clearance before crossing for the Argentine to tap home for a second time.

The away side were finding their way through the Egyptian defence with somewhat ease. Reyes came close to adding a third goal but failed to convert from point blank range.

However, midway through the first half Zamalek were given a route back into the game when Shikabla was tripped by Pulido. Contact looked to be minimal, but the referee pointed to the spot.

Mido took responsibility, and squeezed the ball into the bottom right corner past Asenjo.

Atlético nearly restored their lead soon after, but Sayed saved from Pizzi. The Braga loanee skipped past two defenders, but was thwarted well by the Egyptian ‘keeper.

Before half-time, Zamalek had two great chances to equalise, but were wasteful and unlucky in equal measure.

Firstly, Shikabla inexplicably stabbed the ball wide of an open goal after rounding Asenjo. Minutes later, his teammate did find the net but was flagged for offside.

Manzano made three changes during the break, introducing Diego, Adrián and Domínguez for Tiago, Filipe and the particularly impressive Pizzi. Youngster Javi Manquillo was also given a 20 minute run out later on.

Seven minutes into the second half, Diegofinally extend Atleti’s lead with a sublime free-kick.

After being hauled down 25 yards from goal, the Brazilian stepped up and curled the ball into the bottom corner, despite the fans best attempts at distracting him with a laser.

Once again the Egyptians responded, but were denied by the linesman for the second time when Salah slotted past substitute Joel.

They continued to threaten with a fantastic long range effort, but the red and whites made sure of the win in the 75th minute.

Again it was Diego on target, finishing off a swift counter attacking move. Salvio had a great chance to complete his hat-trick during the build-up, but saw a chipped effort rebound off the crossbar.

Atlético managed to see the game out with no problems, and twice came close to adding a fifth through Adrián.

It may have only been a friendly, but the win could prove to be a welcome confidence boost for Manzano’s men. Club directors will also be hoping the result gains a few new followers for the Madrid team.

The Spanish capital now awaits for Atleti, who will continue to prepare for next Sunday’s vital clash with Levante. Striker Radamel Falcao will join them on Saturday, with a worrying hamstring injury forcing him to return early from international duty.

Line-up: Asenjo (“60 Joel); Juanfran (“65 Manquillo), Miranda, Pulido, Filipe (“46 Domínguez); Assunção, Gabi, Tiago (“46 Diego); Reyes, Salvio, Pizzi (“46 Adrián).

Goals: 0-1 Salvio (“10); 0-2 Salvio (“14); 1-2 Mido (p.k.)(“25); 1-3 Diego (“52); 1-4 Diego (“75)


  • 92

    Amazing performance by Salvio (I think he needs to start againts Levante because he has show he is ready for it and he is a great player) , also Pizzi was great, he gave two assists, and Diego did good too, and I also want to highlight the debut of Javi Manquillo, I think he did a great job, let’s see if can earn and spot againts Levante, although I really doubt it, anyways, hopefully this win provides the boost to defeat Levante.

  • RojiBlanco
  • Robel

    We beat them 4-1 at their centenary celebration? Sheesh. I would have preferred us beating Getafe away and drawing here.

  • 92

    Rumor time!, according to Colchonero, reports by the Italian press claim Atleti has beaten Milan & Inter in the race to aquire Shaqiri, they say it’s a deal, in case you’re interested here’s the article, it’s in Spanish tough, if you need translation I can do it for you;
    Now Shaqiri would be the last piece of the puzzle, we been struggling to find a good Right Winger since our dear captain Maxi left, although the acquisition of Shaqiri means Salvio is not gonna be a starter which it sucks in my opinin, but it’s only a rumor so don’t get too excited.
    I wanna found out if it’s true or not, hopefully it’s true.

  • 7th

    well, 92, if its true, its awesome, however, I should add he is not a winger, but an attacking midfilder, aka, a playmaker.

    i think he will go to Roma. I have a feeling.

    and this win wont do a good. we have always been winning 2 games and then lose, going with the formula,

    we would win vs levante, then lose against Real madrid by 10-0.

    I liked javi manqulio, his touchs, his confidence were great.

  • 92

    7th, isn’t a playmaker, he plays as right winger/midfielder for both, Basel and Switzerland.
    So you say you feel he is going to Roma?,can I ask why you think he is going to Roma?, because I don’t they can afford him and Roma has Pjanic a creative midfielder and Roma’s priority is a RB, to strenghten their defense.
    BTW, I agree with you, even though this victory means a boost of confidence, and even if we defeat Levante everything will remain the same, and unless Manzano leaves Atleti, we aren’t not gonna improve at all.

  • 7th

    you never know with luis enrique. Rossi(the current RB) is playing amazing at the moment, luis always rotates, you might see him play pjanic’ s place.

  • 92

    7th, I can tell you are a Roma fan, am I right?

  • 7th

    yup, i am , since 2000.

    I was gutted when luis choosed Roma instead of atletico but was happy at the same time when he went to roma. so hyprocite, i know. win-win situation.

    Roma’ s results are medicore yet. but you know they play an amazing football.

    de rossi passes was so norma, but now he has improved alot, in fact, with luis enrique. he actually return to his form. he has been playing horribly the last 2 seasons with roma.

    I assume if Enrique came to us,

    we would actually seeing alot of koke’s. he would be a starter for luis enrique. he try youngsters every then.

    would be the perfect choice for the project at atletico madrid if they are saying they want to use the academy more often.

    we should be very patience with him, cuz over time, AS Roma will challenge over Seria a title and UCL soon.

    I can tell.

  • 92

    I myself am a Roma sympatizer, and admirer of the living legend and captain Francesco Totti, I’ve also always enyojed the Roma-Inter matches, I know it’s not that much of a rivalry but they’re always good matches to watch, whether is on the Serie A or Coppa Italia, the Roma-Inter matches never dissapoint.
    About Luis Enrique choosing Roma instead of Atleti I have no hard feelings, he would have been a better option than Manzano that’s for sure, but hey what can we do, but I’m a little dissapointed Lamela and Stekelenburg didn’t joined Atleti, although I believe it was best for Lamela to join Roma as he is gonna learn a lot from Totti and Luis Enrique, and Stekelenburg was a bargain for Roma, how much did he cost 6, 7 million?, and instead of Atleti signing him we borrowed Courtois from Chelsea, which it’s not a smart move considering Chelsea expects to count with Courtois services in the near future.
    Anyhow, don’t you think Roma should’ve tried to make Aquilani return to the Stadio Olimpico?, he is like a legend also for Roma, I remember he didn’t wanted to go Liverpool but Roma sold him anyways, and now that Totti is almost retiring I think is better for the club to lure Aquilani back to the capital, he is a players that is identified with the club, it would be nice if he returns to Roma.

  • Urban

    Our first and last away win this season?

  • dgsozkan

    Salvio was impressive.Maybe Zamalek wasn’t a very challenging opponent but way he play excited me anyway.Salvio’s recent forms brings a new question that do we really need a new right winger ? I feel Salvio deserves more chance to prove himself ,he is talented no question and also after Benfica adventure I can say that he’s pulled himself together.

    I don’t know if Shaqiri can play as a playmaker but for all I know he is a right winger. He is young and promising but so is Salvio. Do we really need to spend more money to sign him? I guess it would be a little bit extravagance.

  • starvs

    I think sighning Shaqiri makes sense if Reyes is going to leave and Pizzi is not going to be signed. Then the wings would be Toto, Shaq, Turan, Adrian. Seems like a reasonable, young, and talented lineup.

  • Lubo

    I think signing Shaqiri would make sense even if we decide to buy Pizzi. Adrian is more a striker than winger and Arda is… Well nobody is able to tell exactly what he is. For a winger he is not fast enough. But as a central attacking midfielder he likes to run down the lines too much. And thus having Salvio, Pizzi and Shaqiri would make sense to me. And maybe Juanfran too as a replacement for anyone on the right side.

  • 92

    I agree dgsozkan, I think Salvio deserves a shot to be a starter, and yeah, he has improved a lot while he was with Benfica where he had a great seson, he is not the same shy kid that came 2 years ago, he is more mature and is ready to get more minutes.

    Btw, off topic, have you kept track of Mevlut Erdinc?, because I found out he isn’t getting enough minutes at PSG, and he is a great player, I think he is better than Kevin Gameiro, in fact I think Gameiro wasn’t not ready to join PSG, I think he should’ve stayed with Lorient for one more season, getting back to Erdinc, I think it’s shame he isn’t getting plenty of time, because he needs to play, and the Turkish team needs him more than ever, and speaking of the Turkish, I wish them good luck because they are a great team and has always perform in important tournaments such as the World Cup and Euro, so hopefully they beat Croatia and qualify for Poland-Ukraine.

  • starvs

    92, obviously Toto is more mature, you see that beard!?

  • 92

    jaja, lol, yeah but you know I mean mature in a the sense that his football has improve and also he is more confident and I think it’s time for him to rule the right wing.

  • dgsozkan

    Mevlut has excited us when he made his debut in Sochaux, he has even selected for the national team. After good years in Sochaux ,PSG signed him and first season went wery well for him in there. However next season wasn’t so good for him he wasn’t able to play as much as previous season. Maybe it was because of his wrist injury or problems with his coach(more likely because his injury wasn’t that much serious).

    This year as we know Qatar Investment Authority took the control of team and spend considerable money to club , and Gameiro became the first striker , Mevlut played only 79 minutes in 8 games and scored 1 goal.

    There are rumors about Mevlut and Fenerbahce in Turkish media , but these rumors have been going on for almost 2 years and I don’t know if they are realistic or not.On the other hand , Hiddink never thought him in national team plans , it’s a fact that he doesn’t get enough minutes but I think he could be a good alternative.

    Abput the match tonight against Croatia, it’s not easy to forget last match with them. A fantastic goal with Semih changed everything at 120th minutes in 2008. We have really talented squad but somehow we have never managed to team up and we’ve lost some ridiculous points.Luckily, thanks to Germany and Mesut Ozil , we still have chance to go Poland-Ukraine. Croatia is one powerful opponent and they have very good players. Also, personally I’m fan of Slaven Bilic and Luka Modric. But tonight is the night for Turkey to rise up.I wish we will get a good score tonight. Time to go Euro 2012!

  • 92

    Yeah, that match between Turkey and Croatia in the Euro 08 was very thrilling, I also remember Senturk’s goal un the dying minutes of the game very well, he was the savior in that match, and then Turkey defeated Croatia in the penalty kicks where this time Rustu was the hero. Overall it was a pretty good match to watch, also, is very admirable from Turkey that with all injured and suspended players, they advanced to the semifinals, it was a great year for Turkish football, and that’s why I hope they qualify next year for the Euro.

  • dgsozkan

    Unfortunately it seems a little bit impossible for us to qualify now. The match was devestating, it was like a horror story. We had the ball but Croatia was the one knows how to score goal and how to use their stars. I congratulates them.

    I think it is the end of Hiddink era. About him ,I never question his coaching ability , he is a great coach with successful career but we couldn’t find a right chemistry between him and our national team. His player choices were really awful. Especially, during the group stage, he made a few decisions that I’ve never understood. Some claims that he is under the influence of one of the our technical staff but I disagree. Because, it’s Hiddink ,I don’t think such a well-known coach listen somebody instead of making his own decisions. All I know is, he could select players more wisely and give some chances to players in good form.Instead of that he’s choosed the trust on some old faces.It’s really sad to lose like this.

  • 92

    I agree, now it looks very difficult for Turkey to qualify for the Euro, I can’t believe it, I thought the was gonna be more balanced, but there’s still a slight chance for Turkey, and if they manage to tie the score and eliminate Croatia, that would be an historic comeback.

  • Dado

    Nice Game Atleti …From Egyptian ..AL AHLY Fan.. You showed Zamalek thier true size..Zamalek is like Egypt atletico madrid..You did better than Realmadrid golden generation when they lost to AL AHLY 1-0 in cairo 2001…Giants Played..AL AHLY Won!

  • starvs

    The time has finally arrived.


  • 92

    starvs, very innovative t-shirts, but in Spanish is;”liberen a Koke” although “libre Koke” can still apply, anyways, good job with the shirts.

  • starvs

    ill change the Spanish text then, I meant to ask for feedback on that (and all of it)

  • 92

    don’t mention it bro, glad I can help. 🙂

  • starvs

    Made that change.

    Thanks again. The black shirts are like 5 dollars more, not my choice that’s just how the site works. If anyone wants sweaters or long sleeve t-shirts I can make that happen.

  • 92

    That should do it, I’ma post the link on Colchonero and see what the fans think, I think they gonna like the shirts.

  • atletisrael

    Koke just looks so poor behind bars, I think every fan of Atletico would relate. Great result!!!

    I’m very happy for Pizzi for a great performance and for Pulido and Munquilo. We should use the Levante game to add confidence and stability. Though Real is unstoppable I actually can’t wait for derby day, I think anyone would understand a loss but at least no humiliation please!

    Dado, there is nothing bad in being atletico size, but every team that humiliated real is excellent in my book. Go Al-Ahly

  • starvs

    Thank you atletisrael.

    92, that’d be great, let me know what they say.

    I’d like to see Pizzi get some more minutes in La Liga, need to evaluate him more before the January deadline…

  • 92

    Javi Manquillo’s interview about the friendly match againts Zamalek,
    In the interview Manquillo speaks about his call-up for match, his move from Madrid to Atleti, him supporting Atletico since he was a kid, his playing style, he thinks he is gonna play the Madrid derby and his ambition to win it, among other things, if you need translation, I’ll be happy to do it for you.

  • 92

    Javi Manquillo’s interview about his call-up for the match against El Zamalek;, is in Spanish and if you need translation, I be happy to do it for you.

  • 92

    why most of comments that include links are waiting for moderation?, I get the part it’s a process but I don’t get why some of my comments with links are waiting for moderation and some other comments with links on ’em are posted succesfully without wait for moderation.

  • 7th

    92, ok, if you dont mind, translate it for us.


  • atletisrael

    It will actually be good to put some translated articles in here. If you can do it in the comment section I’m sure someone will eventually put them as articles on the site.

  • 92

    A promise is a debt, so here it is, Manquillo’s translated interview;

    “How did you find out that you were call-up to the first team to travel to Egypt?”

    “My Juvenil A coach Óscar Mena, told me about it. On Monday (last Monday) when I went to train he told me that he spoke with Aguilera about some training sessions with the first team. Then they asked me if my passport was still valid then I realized that it was to travel with the first team to Cairo. Afterwards, I was well-informed. For me it’s a motive of pride to just train with the first team, so traveling to Egypt was incredible to me.”

    “You were call up for a training camp before in Los Angeles De San Rafael, weren’t you?”

    “Yes. I was there living a fantastic experience and also I had some training sessions with them. But the trip to Egypt makes me very proud.”

    “You came from the Real Madrid cantera, So which team have you always been a fan of?”

    “There’s no doubt about it. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always been an Atleti fan.”

    “Manzano is having problems with the right back position since Silvio suffers from an hernia/pubalgia that makes him not being able to have play more than a match, and the right back his not Perea’s natural postition. Do you have hopes of being call-up in another ocassion for an official match?”

    “At the moment I’m a Juvenil A player. That’s a decision the manager has to make. Of course I would be very happy and excited about it.”

    “How would you define your playing style?”

    “Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always been a right back.
    My role it’s the same, trying to help in everything I can and when I’m with the first team it’s the same. Apart from my game I always try to make my best efforts.”

    “How do you value the experience?”

    “The truth is that the team has make felt like one of them. I knew most of the players from pre-season, but they have treated me very nice. The ambience is very good and easy to adapt. In addition, Cairo is a beautiful city. Having the privilige of share this experience with the first team is something unforgettable.”

    “Today you face one of the biggest matches of the season in the Juvenil A, the Madrid derby. After this trip are you gonna be able to play in the match that in case you win it, you’re gonna sunk your bitter rivals 11 points behind you?”

    “I’ma rest as much as I possible can to be there, and I think I will be there and play the match. After the trip to Egypt I want to defeat Madrid.”

  • 92

    guess what Starvs, some people at Colchonero liked your shirts and they’ve suggested some other shirts with the slogan, “Fuera directiva delincuente” which can be translated into “Out of Atleti delinquent directors”, or how about “Por un Atleti sin la Gil”, “An Atleti without Gil” or “25, I ask you this because most people in Colchonero are tired and dissapointed in Gil and Manzano, including myself, and I think if you make such shirts these people will be more encourage to buy your shirts.

  • 92

    it’s actually “Por un Atleti sin Gil”, my mistake, and the “25” is about all the years the Gil family has been in charge of Atleti, i’m not sure is 24 or 25 years, anyways, I’ll let you know more suggestions regarding more shirts if you don’t mind.

  • Gert

    Someone at Madrid could make good money with this. I remember some friends of me made their own Boston merchandise and sold it at the stadium in the US. Made 1000s of dollars …. just saying…