Jan Oblak renews contract with Atlético until 2021

Slovenian stopper signs one-year extension to his deal at the Vicente Calderón

All smiles from Oblak (www.clubatleticodemadrid.com)

All smiles from Oblak (www.clubatleticodemadrid.com)

Atlético Madrid confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that goalkeeper Jan Oblak has renewed his contract, putting pen to paper on a new deal that keeps him in the Spanish capital until June 2021.

The Slovenian has been one of the rojiblancos’ top performers this year, and has been rewarded for his fine form with a one year extension to his original deal from when he signed just over 18 months ago.

After cementing his place as number one towards the end of last season, Oblak has gone from strength to strength between the posts at the Vicente Calderón, and made his 50th appearance for the club in Saturday’s 3-1 win over Eibar.

Despite a shaky start – conceding three goals on a debut defeat to Olympiacos and struggling with a persistent back problem that could’ve seen him returned to Benfica – the 23 year-old has won over everybody with his calming presence and lightning fast reactions.

“I’m very happy,” he declared upon signing the renewal. “The team, coaching staff and everybody at the club have made me feel at home, and for these I wanted to stay here.”

“The renewal shows that the club have faith in me. I’m very grateful to those who made it happen, especially my agent Mika Mlaka and Miguel Ángel Gil.”

At Benfica, Oblak earned a reputation for his prowess in keeping clean sheets and he has continued that trend in Madrid, his 14 shut-outs the most of any goalkeeper in Europe’s so-called top 5 leagues.

He also has the best shots-to-saves ratio in La Liga, and is running away with the Zamora trophy with an average of just 0.48 goals conceded per game this season. The record is 0.44.

Many thought that Atleti would struggle to find a suitable replacement for fan favourite Thibaut Courtois, but the Calderón has taken Oblak to their hearts, and have a song to the tune of “Cada día te quiero más” that can often be heard after he takes a goal-kick.

“When I play I am focused on the match, but it’s always nice to hear the fans singing my name,” he said. “I want to carry on making them happy.”

We’re still awaiting details as to what Oblak’s new release clause will be, but it is expected to be an increase on the previous amount of €45m.

With goalkeepers coming at a premium these days, hopefully the new contract will put and end to rumours linking him with a move to Manchester United as a potential replacement for David de Gea, amongst other clubs.

It could also be the first in a series, with the likes of Antoine Griezmann, Ángel Correa and José María Giménez all in line to sign renewals ahead of our impending transfer ban.

How impressed have you been with Oblak this season? Can he emulate Courtois?

  • Sam Arregui

    Amazing news to hear. Top class goalie and staking his claim to be one of the very best. Commands his area with confidence and has insane reflexes. A quality buy from Benfica and be la ligs record played for him is starting to look like a bargain. I love how fast he has adapted and can speak the languange so well already, im sure its key in his understanding with his back line. One of my favorite players by far.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Oblak already had a contract until 2020, so this is more a “contract improvement” than an extension, we could imagine a significant raise in both his salary and his buy-out clause, like the case of Grizi few months ago .

    I’ve been looking for the name of Jorge Mendes since we signed Oblak, especially that he came from Benfica, one of the clubs that have strong connections with Mendes, but -fortunately- I didn’t find it, in fact, in the video released by the club today Oblak mentioned the name of his agent, Miha Mlakar .
    It’s very important and it makes a big difference when Mendes isn’t involved .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Again, I will not miss the opportunity to blame Simeone for benching him for most of the last season and only giving him the chance after Moya’s injury .
    I’m being annoying, I know, but not as much as Simeone !!
    I keep reading that many people had doubts about him, what people ?!
    Is there anyone who has seen Oblak from August to December in more than that one game against Olympiacos ?!
    (in which there were many defensive errors, especially from Miranda, who played a bad season, a horrible one in my opinion)
    And in December he started to play in the cup, and it’s true that he conceded many goals, 8 in 6 games, but one against L’Hospitalet was after a big mistake from the defense and the other was a “golazo”, two against RM who have one of the strongest attacks in Europe (Courtois conceded 3 in the same stadium and same competition in 2014) and four against Barca who won the triple that season, one from a penalty -which he saved the first time- one was an own goal from Miranda (again, was a bad season for him) and two from very fast counters which he couldn’t do anything with them .

    That’s how I judged Oblak before Leverkusen’s game, and that’s what I believe how most Atleti fans judged him, I don’t think that there were many people who had doubts about him, and those who had doubts really need to learn how to build an objective opinion .
    You can’t judge a player after one or two or five games, he needs at least a full season, and sometimes even one season is not enough . And you can’t judge a player’s performance away form the collective performance of the whole team .

  • Ringo

    Oblak came across uncertain and we know how Simeone is about “security.” Moyá was less capable as a goalkeeper but he was already on his own respective level, Oblak had the chance of being inconsistent. Eventually Moyá got injured and multiple games in a row could give Oblak the necessary rhythm and chances to prove himself. Of course he should have gotten his chances sooner, but we all know how Simeone is by now, so I’m not surprised it took that long.

    And I have to say Miranda’s season wasn’t horrible. Yes he had some bad games, but he wasn’t bad every game. In the majority of games he was as secure as ever (well, excluding his first months with the club). You could call it a bad season for the few crucial mistakes he made, yes, even though I thought he was still pretty good, but horrible goes too far, especially when defending Gabi’s season as much as you do. I know Gabi is more Mr. Atleti than Miranda is, but his decline compared to 13/14 was way worse, the way I saw it.

    But then again, this might be something we won’t agree on haha

  • Andras Toth

    I think the language issue was involved as well, that he needed that 5-6 months to get his spanish to a level so he can communicate with the defense. And he did get his spanish to a pretty good level (not like Arda), it is a must for a keeper I think. Of course the question is that would Simeone put him in if Moya didn’t get injured…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    In AS they are talking about 100 million buy-out clause .

    100 million for Grizi & 100 million for Oblak,while the buy-out clause for Costa was only 38 million, why ?! .. Jorge Mendes .

    That’s one of the reasons why I don’t want Costa back, you can’t sell him for 38 M (and only receiving half of it) then buy him again for 45 or 50 or maybe more, and when he is 2 years older .
    If you want to put all your money on one striker you can put it on Aubameyang or Icardi or even the Madridista Higuain, since there is no place for emotions as people keep telling me … all of those are in much better form than Costa .

  • Koke

    Awesome news. Personally I think Oblak is currently one of our best players along with Griezmann and Godin. He deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as De Gea and Courtois (interestingly enough, both of whom we developed as well), even though thanks to the EPL hype not many people know Oblak that well. Those three goalkeepers along with Neuer, Buffon, and Navas are probably my top 6 at the moment. I’m so happy we signed him, and I hope he stays with us for a long time. He’s already world class and has over a decade to keep improving.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    No, I really don’t think the language was an issue .
    After two months Oblak was having interviews in Spanish, speaking Portuguese helped him a lot since it’s very close to Spanish, and he is a smart guy, not stupid like Arda who after 5 years still can’t speak Spanish .

    If the language was an issue then why did Simeone play him in August in such an important game like the one against Olympiacos ?!
    The only issue was there is that after Olympiacos game Simeone decided to play it safe, as usual, he didn’t want to take any risk, no matter how small it is .

  • Hannu

    Yeah you are right. Diego Costa partnering Griezmann up front would maybe sound great but I think there is no reason.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    It was because the first game (or one of the first) the other team scored 3 goals. Moya was in stellar form. I get it. Then Oblak came back after the injury and got scored on again around 3 goals. Simeone went back to Moya. Then Moya got hurt and we finally saw Oblak playing well and Moya has never returned, and I don’t think we will get any future playing time, even in the Kings Cup. Moya should enjoy the paycheck or go play for a lesser team if he wants to be a starter.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    We lost Courtois, but Oblak is just as good. We lost nothing. In the goalie position, we are just as good. I am not even sure if we could switch Oblak for Courtois, I am sure I would say no. Now Courtois may want to return…and that is another story.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    At least by statistics, both are at the same level, and Oblak’s numbers are even a little better (talking about their statistics with Atleti)

    But I never liked comparing two players under different circumstances, it’s very hard and it’s not precise to compare Oblak with Atleti to Courtois with Chelsea, but there is one thing I have noticed about Courtois last season and this season :
    He has become weak in aerial plays, especially corner kicks .
    Remember PSG game last season ?! .. I think it’s safe to say that Courtois was the main reason for Chelsea’s knockout .
    On the contrary, except very rare cases, I think Oblak is totally dominating the air, despite being 13 cm shorter than Courtois .

    (Although I can’t believe that Oblak is only 186 cm, which what most sources say, including the club official website, Moya is 189 cm, and -to my eye- they are at least at the same height)

  • Urban

    TC was great and I will never forget the CdR final, but we lost nothing with Oblak’s arrival. Both are world class golies so its really hard to compare them.

    Speaking of height: fun fact – TC sister is a pro volleyball currently playing for Dresdner SC (last season she played in Poland for Budowlani Łódź), and Oblak also has a sister who is in turn a pro basketball player playing in Poland for CCC POLKOWICE.

    Genes baby!