Atlético reportedly sign Júlio Alves

According to reports from Portugal, the midfielder is on his way to the Calderón

Júlio Alves (AS)

Júlio Alves (AS)

AS reports that, according to the Portuguese Lusa news agency, Atlético will pay Rio Ave €2.5 million for midfielder Júlio Regufe Alves.

The 20-year-old will apparently travel to Madrid within the coming days to finalise his transfer.

One particular aspect of the deal that will almost certainly draw scorn from the Rojiblanco faithful is that the Portuguese youngster is represented by super agent Jorge Mendes.

Back in January, Mendes convinced our directors to shell out €7m for centre midfielder Elias, who doesn’t have a European passport, when we desperately needed a left-winger to replace Simao.

Alves, who is the brother of well-known veteran centre-back Bruno Alves, would join his new team-mates much later in the summer, as he has been called up by the Portuguese U-20 side that will participate in the U-20 World Cup in Colombia.

The youngster spent the first half of the 2010/11 season on loan at Ribeirao, where he featured in two matches and scored a single goal. He returned to Rio Ave in January, appearing in nine games (three as a starter).

Let us know if you have EVER heard of him in the comment section.

  • Davide

    Good lord!! The guy played in Portugese 3rd division this year and he is already 20 years old. I am lost for words…

  • Gert

    Another midfielder … ?

  • Wate

    Nothing changes.

  • urban


  • 7th

    do they love just to sign everyone? what video games are they playing? cuz i sure ah hell want to try this game out

  • Joakim

    If he’s joining he’ll most certainly will be a part of Atlético B. Tranquilo!

  • Charvi

    Joakim: And it’s that a good thing, spend 2.5m for a player for Atlético B? I don’t think so…

  • Chalet

    At least the lad has an European passport…hohoho…

    And with the guy being almost useless by only arriving much later in the summer it looks like a perfect Atléti signing to me…

  • SoLobo

    Hey, we signed the wrong brother!

  • Sash

    I have no idea who this is, has anybody seen him play at all? maybe he is a left midfielder?

  • Davide

    I just asked a very well informed portugese friend and fan of Liga ZON Sagres about Júlio.

    First of all, he is a central midfielder. Then he said that we have been ripped off. This guy is basically worthless and only got a chance to even play professional football because of his brothers name.

    He is so bad that he was on his way out of professional football beginning of this year when coming back from loanspell in 3rd division.

    But his brother Bruno Alves requested that they (Rio Ave) give him another chance. Now Rio Ave have had enough and can’t wait to get rid of him.

    They wanted to rip apart his contract until Jorge Mendes told them that he can get them a transfer fee for the player (bonus for Mr Mendes).

    So this is where Atléticos idiots i boardroom comes into the picture and here we are.

    Bruno Alves even recently asked his good friend Ilidio Vale, coach of Portugal U20 to give his brother a chance. Well, his brother seem to believe in him.

    Bruno Alves is like this brother that i can draw comparison to parents at Idol auditions that tell their children they sing like angels when actually they sound like someone is strangeling a blackboard with forks.

  • Sebyk

    F*ck Mendes and our board. Nothing has changed…

  • palc

    Great. Now I can’t diss united fans for buying an unknown 3rd division portuguese player. We’ve done the same!

    Does this transfer have something to do with the Silvio-transfer? Both have a past from Rio Ave and the same prick of an agent.

    WTF is the board thinking?

  • Sash

    God dammit…

  • starvs

    amazing. sick to my stomach.

  • starvs

    I guarantee someone on the atletico board is getting a huge kickback from Mendes, this makes no fucking sense. Don’t spend 7.5 mil on Piatti but spend 2.5 on this damn scrub in BY FAR THE DEEPEST POSITION ON THE TEAM!?

  • Chalet

    MARCA has a report now that Caminero said that we ARE NOT going to sign this lad.

    Phew, that was close…

  • Of course it’s a lot of money, I’m not defending the signing and the eventual price for him.

    But. Don’t forget that this guy most certainly will be joining Atlético B, don’t the senior team.

  • Chalet

    I think that we can calm down now.
    Caminero reportedly rejected the signing.

  • 7th

    i think all clubs fears this mendez guy, if they dont listen to him, he will make his players that play for the team, make a choas for the club.

  • Davide

    If it’s true that Caminero rejected this transfer and didn’t fall for Mendes foulplay, than i already have a massive amount of respect for Camineros intentions and future at the club.

  • Chalet


    Obviously we are off the hook now – so start dissing those United fans….. 😉

  • starvs

    Great news, nothing bad can happen now! Greatest season of our lives…

    Seriosly though, I haven’t seen Atleti linked with a single left wing aside from Piatti who is gone (for not much of a price…)

  • Guys srsly we avoided the most ridiculous transfer in the history of football, but there is nothing to cheer about: the real problem is that we still have some issues that have to be solved and nothing is happening in those matters, like:

    1) buying a playmaker (Lamela is reportedly in Rome for their medicals for just 12 mln e, how the fuck did we miss that)
    2) buying left winger (Valencia was first for the bargain of the season – Piatti for 8 mln e)
    3) getting rid of the deadwood: Assuncao, RG, Valera, DC
    4) solving non-eu overbooking issue – Miranda, Elias, Godin, Salvio, DC…
    5) we have at least 23-25 mln euro to spend that comes from selling DDG and Ujfa, not to mention any of our own funds… and we do nothing with the money! WHERE THE FUCK IS THE MONEY!

    WE ARE DOING NOTHING! It seems like you do not realize how grave the situation is. You seem to be satisfied with Caminero only because he refused to make a deal for which he would deserve criminal charges and life threats from the fans. In 3 weeks we are starting to play for Europe and the team has substantial shortcomings…

  • starvs

    What funniest is how we all believed it was true. Should have been way to far fetched to be believed, but it wasn’t…

    Urban is right though, absolutely zero moves of consequence have been made in the last two months or so. And its not like they haven’t been expecting money to be coming in, De Gea has been as good as gone for like six months now.

    I hope some rabbits are going to emerge from some of Caminero’s hats, but somehow I doubt it..

  • Davide


    Calm down. I think Europa League qualification is the main problem in our transfer dealings. I am pretty sure the borad will wait and see if we qualify for group stage first or we will have too many players for just one competition that is La Liga and some CdR games. Most of these teams in Europe that only made the qualifying rounds in CL or EL like för example Arsenal and Atlético are waiting to transfer players to see if they make the group stage first. It is just my theory, and if it´s true than i support the board for not wanting to overpopoulate the team when we don’t need to.

  • javi

    Well we could be given the Cerezo line that the best thing we did was to keep Forlan and Kun, and as of today, that is still the case.

  • starvs

    Davide, that is sound reasoning; which is why I doubt that is what the board is actually doing.

  • Chalet

    @ Davide:
    You have a point there!

    @ Starvs:
    Brilliant comment! Being an Atléti supporter means that we must always be aware of the worst from our board…

    Agreed. At the moment it looks like both Forlán and Agüero will be around for the upcoming season.
    But I´m afraid though that the relationship between them and especially between Forlán and Reyes has broken – so what to do to solve this problem?
    The best forwards in your team are useless when they don´t get along well with each other any longer.

  • Davide

    starvs and Chalet//

    Yeah that was a theory, but i keep getting vibes that this how most teams think when they have to qualify to know if the are going to be playing in Europe or not which changes the whole dynamic of how the build the team for the coming season.

    With that said i still think that we can still get rid of some deadwood and get a left winger before qualification round, Europa Leage or not.

    Other than that i think the defensive squad and looks pretty complete and solid. Also the central midfield is populated and talented.

    As i understood Manzano likes to play 4-2-3-1. So a new winger is a must, or a creative attacking midfielder. Piatti is lost to Valencia and Lamela lokks to be set for Roma.

    I can see Reyes and Salvio taking two of the three attacking midfield slots, i don’t know about the third one? Do we play Salvio on the right and Reyes on the left and Elías in the middle? I would like to see Reyes take the centre creative spots of the three.

    What do you think? Any interesting left winger that Atlético should approach? Realistic targets.

    Kuns delay of his own transfer is annoying the hell out of me. We can’t build the team until your highness leaves.

    Just sell him and be over with it. I don’t care if it’s only 40 M €, god knows we supporters are not got to see that money anyway, so who cares.

    Also i think we should retain Forlán as a lone striker and start introducing Borja slowly ´in middle of the second halfs. I have a feeling Forlán is very charged up now after Quique left and wants to show his quality.

    I have this weird feeling that Cacha is going to hit the 30 goal again mark this season.

  • javi

    The problem between the players happened because of a lack of leadership of QSF. Manzano is a mean SOB-just look at his face- and he will not let that shit go on. He will get the respect from the players and Reyes, Forlan, and hopefully Kun will be able to play together.

  • Chalet

    Thanks a lot for your explanations!
    Unfortunately I have got no idea who could be an interesting left winger for us AND a realistic target.
    Sometimes I get the feeling that playing for Atléti is not attractive enough for some players…

    The whole situation around Agüero is probably freezing a lot of the team building action which is really annoying.

    I think that it was a big relief for Forlán to see QSF move on and I can imagine him wanting to show everybody that age is just a number and that class is permanent.
    But first of all he must get rid of this bad patch he´s actually going through.
    He had a really great game against Perú recently – but then missed this chance to give la Celeste the lead…

    I haven´t seen it from this angle yet – but I think that you are right.
    Manzano always has this extremely grumpy look so he will probably not allow this kind of immature behaviour in the dressing room and on the pitch.

  • Gert

    Griezmann would be an idea to populate our left wing.
    Eden Hazard would be awesome if he’d consider to move from Lille.
    But we need to get rid off dead wood… asap!

  • k14

    Maybe we could get Menez from Roma ?

  • Sam

    Man, Mendes has them all hypnotized or something.

    I think any unproven, mystery 20 year old signings for now should be cheap and come from Spain.

  • k14

    I meant Jeremy Menez, the Frenchman,
    Who play at Roma,
    thats who you are talking about aswell Sam ? 🙂

  • leika

    For the attack we have Adrian from Deportivo. Maybe we should think of ”saving” Guardado from Deportivo. True, we also need a playmaker so maybe Arda Turan from Galatasaray or Matias Fernandes from Sporting Lisbon.

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