Courtois: “I’ll be presented tomorrow”

The 19-year-old goalkeeper confirms move to Atlético

Courtois forced his exit from Genk (

Courtois forced his exit from Genk (

Thibaut Courtois confirmed in an interview with TV Limburg that he is joining Atlético Madrid on loan.

The 19-year old goalkeeper is currently on the way to Madrid and will be presented on Friday. Neither Chelsea, who signed the youngster for €9m last week, nor Atlético have officially announced the temporary transfer.

The Belgian teenager admitted that interest shown in him by Caminero in the weeks before his transfer to Chelsea were key in his decision to move to Atleti.

“[Atlético] made an attempt to sign me and from the attention shown it was clear that they have a lot of faith in me,” Courtois said.

“I believe I’ll be well-received by the club which will help me to settle in okay. I had various options. I could’ve chosen to stay at Genk, but I decided to move to Madrid.”

The teen sensation leaves his former club in controversial fashion. He forced his way out by not turning up for a club organised fan event and refused to play a friendly against Olympique Lyon, which made Genk decide to sell their ‘keeper.

“It’s a week before Genk’s first European game and I feel like I’m abandoning the club,” he said.

“We had to force the transfer a little, which is a shame because I played here for 11 years and spent more time at the club than with my own family.”

He continued: “I’ve already said goodbye to my team-mates and the coaching staff on Tuesday. I hope to be able to return and say farewell to the fans as well.

“Genk have great fans who have supported me from day one, and I hope to be able to thank them.”

Courtois will become Atleti’s sixth signing of the season. At this moment the details of the loan are unknown, but it is believed the goalie will join us for two seasons. The deal possibly includes a fine for every time Courtois does not start for Atlético.

  • Andres

    “The deal possibly includes a fine for every time Courtois does not start for Atlético.”

    Ay dios mio, you must be kidding me..

  • Flo

    We should receive money for every game he plays…

  • 20corona

    if that last part is true its a horrible deal!

  • starvs

    This is awful, makes me fucking sick to my stomach. This makes no sense, why loan a youngster when we have plenty of our own? This shows absolutely no foresight by anyone making decisions at atleti.

    Whats the best case scenario we develop a goalie that will be marginally better (at best) than what we currently have only to give him back while stunting the growth of the talent we own?

    This is madness.

    I’m sure im overreacting.

  • Chalet

    What a horrible deal!
    Did they change ‘El Día de los Santos Inocentes’ or something like that?

  • RojiBlanco

    This is just plain stupid. Incredible…..stupid fucking morons.

  • hahand

    i would like to see joel go to another club, to get time to play

  • Heißenberg

    I think you are overreacting a little bit. Asenjo is injured and who knows how long will he be out. Therefore we need another keeper. Loaning a promising youngster might not be souch a bad idea. Of course without that fuckin fine for every time he doesnt start. It would be retarded to accept such a deal but I must say, it would not surprise me.

  • Heißenberg

    And Joel gave me some doubts after that match yesterday. I still think he should be numeb one on the goal but in case things go wrong and he does not perform as expected, there is Cortois now.

  • Fred

    No problem with that clause, he will start, a top goal keeper.

  • Heißenberg

    doesn’t matter. We should be able to play who ever we want, (all goalkeepers should get roughly equal number of minutes to see which one is the best for us) and not be blackmaled by freaking Chelsky to play their protege.

  • starvs

    Letting another team influence/dictate what players you will use is absolutely unacceptable, I really cannot imagine that clause is legit.

  • starvs

    I’ve read some places saying there will be a buy-out clause for Atleti which makes much more sense. If he turns out to be great at least we can keep him, hopefully for a realisitc fee….