Atlético doesn’t pay ‘Hacienda’ 50% of transfer income

The long-held belief about a tax levy on Atleti player sales debunked by AS

Caminero calling the shots for Atleti (AS)

Caminero calling the shots for Atleti (AS)

For several years now, Atlético fans and members of the Spanish press alike were under the impression that fully half (50 per cent) of Atleti’s transfer income had to be handed over to Spain’s tax authorities as part of a levy imposed to collect on past-due taxes.

AS reveals, however, that is not the case.

The Spanish paper reports that Spain’s Ministry of Economy and Finance, generally referred to as simply Hacienda, hits Atleti with a one-time annual fee of €15m regardless of the total amount of revenue from player sales.

The €15m charge is due every year before the 20th of September, and is taken from a pool of all of Atleti’s revenue streams.

A hefty sum no doubt, but considering the sale of Sergio Aguero and David de Gea could net the club €70m if each player’s release clause is met, Caminero and his crew would have about €55m to spend on reinforcements as opposed to the €35m once thought to be available.

That transfer budget doesn’t include income from the possible sale of other Colchoneros said to be currently on the market, such as: Diego Forlan, Diego Costa, Juan Valera, Paulo Assunção and Raul Garcia, among others.

  • Davide

    And don’t forget that Gil will also take half of that to start paying of his 110 million € family debt to Marbella.

  • starvs

    I read that last line five times.

    On the market … Raul Garcia.

    I wept tears of joy.

  • javi

    With the money I would like to see us pick up Piatti, Pastore and Lamela as new aquisitions, the rest of the spots that we clear out I would like to see canteranos come up, and I would like to keep Fran Marida, I think he has a ton of potential and QSF just didnt explore it.
    I would not buy a new goalie because I think Joel is going to be fantastic.
    On the other hand, I would let go of DeGea [if we get 20m], Aguero [if we get 45m], Valera, Garcia, Asuncao, Juanfran, Costa and Cabrera

  • Ringo Schut

    We’d have a Argentina flavored attack if that happens.
    I think Pastore is too expensive, though…

    I’d like to see “Pastore; Salvio, Lamela, Piatti”, but Reyes instead of Pastore is fine, too, haha.

    And Miranda cannot play for Atleti if we have both Lamela and Salvio and I don’t know about Pastore’s passport(s)

    About Gil, can’t he go to prison for that?

    It’d be a way to get rid of him 😀

  • javi

    I read somewhere that patore has an Italian passport.
    I can see this starting 11:

  • Gaaj

    hehe Pastore is not leaving his club for us, we all know that.. If we get Lamela that would be great though..


  • javi

    I can live with Forlan instead of Pastore.

  • Abdullah

    Guys lets be reasonble here !!
    I cant afford pastore but we can use aguero to get Pedro Leon and ls good to have lamela but it will be hard 🙁 .. Lets hope to sell forlan and get Falcao or Liorente cuz forlan is not good in offence alone as a striker , right !
    The best form for us as i see is
    P Leon – Lamela or piatti – Reyes. ??? – ???——> HERE IS OUR PROBLEMS MY FRIENDS !! CENTRAL MEDFIELD !!!!!!!
    Filipe – Domingues – Miranda – Silvio

  • Abdullah

    The most important players in feild is the central medfielders !! Cuz this is the most operation area their ! To build an attack or block one !
    Simply to “CONTROL” .. But in atleti this is the weakest area?? Suarez ! R Garcia ! Elias ! Tiago ! Why ?? No one of them is good enough to lead our medfeild
    Guys we need a leaders and thank god we get miranda this year in our defence cuz he is leader and mentily good —> to build a chance from behinde and control the ball more often ..

  • Davide

    Lamela is getting his italian passport in about 2 weeks, so he is definately up for grabs. Pastore is not a realistic target for Atlético, even if he costs 3 M €. There is nothing we can offer him that Palermo can’t, he wants to move on up. I think we can get Osvaldo “the bulldog” from Espanyol for a some money and players included in the deal.

    For some strange reason Piatti does not want to come to Atlético if Salvio stays. Arda Turan is anxious to join Atlético and i think it´s a good option.


  • javi

    two problems with Turan, he is not EU national and too much money. I think they are asking too much for Osvaldo as well-I read somewere that they wanted 18m.

  • Abdullah

    Guys with all respect .. U always talking about offence but our problems in medfield and defence !!!!

  • Davide


    It’s not true. Turkish players are subjected to different rules within UEFA, which has nothing to do with Turkeys political status i EU. In politics, Turks are non EU citizens, but in football and within UEFA they are recognized as EU players when applied for this status.

  • javi

    Abdullah, our defense is pretty well set, they just have to play together all the time and they will be solid; that was one of the problems we had last year QSF did not have a regular lineup were the players got to the point that they knew were the other players were all the time, and whihc is fundamental for a team.
    I agree we have the same problem in the midfield and we also need there is a play maker like lamela, he is young but has the makings of a future star, I would get him and get consistency in our midfiled players like Suarez, Merida, Elias, Reyes, and Tiago if we keep him.

  • Davide


    There is nothing wrong with our deffence. Godín, Miranda, Filipe, Silvio, Perea, Lopez, Dominguez, Ujfalusi is more than enough. The problem has been the coaches that did not work with it tactically good enough. No new players needed in deffence, only better training.

    Mario ha grown as a player alot in the holding midfield position. Juventus should also be ready to release Tiago cheaply if we can get Tiago to accept the wages offered. Koke is growing for every game. Elías will only get better. I agree that we need a strong deffensive anchorman.

  • Flo

    My dream line up would be:

    ……….Koke..Borja Valero…..
    Filipe Godin DOminguez Silvio

  • Sweden

    change place on Koke and Mario i think..

  • De Gea has confirmed his move to manchester on his facebook

  • Sweden

    OK, it is good that the board know this now, so they can act.. But it is also sad for atletico..

  • palc

    If we get Lamela and Osvaldo. Then im happy.

    Salvio Reyes
    Gabi Mario

    Filipe Godin Miranda Silvio


    Subs: Asenjo, Forlan, Koke, Juanfran, Elias, Perea, Dominguez

    Im happy with this team. We dont need Piatti. If we buy him, either Salvio or Juanfran should go. We cannot have to wingers sitting on the bench at the same time. I would like to loan out Koke and bring in an energetic and direct midfielder like De Guzman. Don’t think Koke is good enough. Yet..

    Maybe we should sell Forlan too. His butt is to expensive to be riding the bench.
    If Osvaldo chooses another team, we should go for a superstar attacker like Hulk or something. If Kun goes to Real, I think we should inquire about Negredo as Real have a buy-back option.

    We need a striker and a playmaker!

  • RojiBlanco

    I like flo’s formation.

  • Javi

    Davide good to know about Turkish players I was unaware of that
    Espanol said today Osvaldo cost 20m so he is out
    I really think we will screw up if we go out and spend money on a goalie, Joel needs to be the starter he is great and he said if he dosent start he is gone

  • 7TH

    i dont think we need to loan koke or any home-grown players, cuz we must look for the future and build our team from scratch, that sell and buy policy must be changed. what is the point of our academy then? produce then sell and then buy back. they should look how barca deal with the youngsters. develop them before they enter the pitch.

  • Yon

    Osvaldo is not good…..i really we hope we don’t waste time or money on him! Lamela is a must if we want to improve after selling our 2 best squad members! Forlan will be good for us for 1 more year, now QQSF is gone! I think we should have signed Parejo from Getafe, but Unai Emery(great coach) got in first, i can’t see us challenging them this year, defo Valencia finishing 3rd! Also we have no chance of signing Falcao, he is going to get CL football at Porto and probably 2 or more trophies next season or come to us?……be realistic!

  • Flo

    @ Urban: This is not his official facebook page. It is a fake. On twitter there isn’t mentioned anything from his real account. And on facebook if you read his entrys… The last one was “Happy New Year”. It is a fakeaccount.

  • Thx for info flo, good to hear that!

  • javi

    what do you guys think about getting higuain or benzenma as part of the deal for kun so rm doesnt have to pay the entire rescision clause?

  • Davide

    First of all mate, you need to be realistic. These kind of players will not opt for Atlético if they leave Real. It’s not Football Manager (no pun intended).

    Second thing that i think i speak for most Colchoneros is that it will be dark day in hell before i accept a first team player from Real mierda to put a Atlético jersey on my watch. Even if that player is Ronaldo i would not accept it.

    I don’t want any players included in any deal with Real. Just give us the money and we will get players elsewhere.

    For me, Kun is already dead after his disrespectful association with Real putana. So i couldn’t care less where he goes or whatever the hell happens with him.

  • Javi

    Davide my feelings for Kun after seeing what he has done and said are the same as if I go to the bar to get my girlfriend a drink and when I bring it back I see her kissing my worst enemy-a puta
    I see him as our lebron James
    But soccer is a business so everything us possible
    Although RM is one of the few teams that can afford the clause they are weary about economics
    Spain is in a disastrous economic situation and it’s going to be difficult for many teams to pay their bills, especially astronomic or galactic bills
    So I would not be surprised to see one of their forwards thrown in the deal
    What is worse getting Kun back or getting iguain or benzema?

  • Rojiblanco93

    @ Davide . I coulnd´t say it better then you mate ! If he really would respect our Club, he wouldn´t even thought of Real Madrid as an option !
    But sell him , we´ll find another striker , the best example for us and im sorry should be Valencia….
    They sold their best players , to grow into a TEAM with passion and great results. I wish the same for us !!!!

  • Gert

    the only one I would accept from Rea$ is Özil. He’s the only player that doesn’t act like the world turns around him.

  • Flo

    I love the LeBron compare 😀

    The other thing with Benzema or Higuain is. If Rea$ give them to us. Would they be motivated to give their all? Coming from “big” Real to Atleti… I’m not sure.

    Valencia absolutely should be a role model for us!

    Özil would be a big improvement for our team but lets face it, that will never happen.

  • Javi

    Why don’t we all pull our money together with rhe other season ticket holders and buy out Gil and Cerezo and make the team we want…

  • Yon

    I like Javi’s thinking!

  • palc

    Hey. We need a forum for discussing things like this. Whatcha guys think?

    Juve is btw ready to bid €35 mill for K(c)un(t).

  • starvs

    I didnt fill out the site survey yet but a forum is def needed.

    I don’t want any Real first teamers, but I would def take Sergio Canales.

  • Davide

    I already wrote to the staff about an open forum where you can have continous discussions on varoius subjects instead of only having to wait for articles with a topic to appear with a comment section. People, write to the staff.

  • Davide

    Please join also Colchonero, a new group in Facebook for discussions

  • Nick Poskitt

    Thanks for the email Davide, and all the feedback you guys have given!

    I don’t want to put a date on it but the answer to your prayers is on the way!

  • javi

    In addition to starting a fire with purchasing the shares of the two headed monster and regain control of the team, I already told Nick that I would love for them to post a player per week or per day so we can all give our opinions on him, because as we see from our comments we all have very different and intersting points of view on each player-their salary, their comments, their playing or the way they should play, the way the coach uses him, etcetera. I think that would be interesting. And I believe Nick is working hard on this and other good stuff.
    Maybe we can also have links with other ATM fan sites were we can combine our efforts with them like for example to buy out the two headed monster.

  • Gert

    About the buying out subject: Belgian press reports supportersclubs and ticket holders of Standard (Belgium) are willing to buy out the owners as well. They need 300 mln.
    How much would we need??
    Everything is possible. This is Atleti!

  • javi

    There have been prior attempts to purchase Gil and Cerezo.
    See this site:
    But they were not sucesful.
    Maybe with more money we can do it. The Gil family controls the Board. In addition to purchasing their shares, the family would have to resign from their seats and titles.