Sílvio confirms Atlético move

The Portuguese defender looks forward to a new challenge in Spain

Sílvio at a press conference (Getty Images)

Sílvio at a press conference (Getty Images)

After his team’s 1-0 loss to Porto in the Europa League final in Dublin on Wednesday, Braga defender Sílvio Manuel Azevedo Ferreira Sá Pereira, better known as simply ‘Sílvio’, admitted he will be signing with Atlético this summer.

“I confirm that I am going to Atlético Madrid,” he told the Portuguese press. “It was my last game in a Braga shirt. I’m going to face a very attractive challenge in Spain, where I hope to be happy.”

As we reported about three weeks back, the versatile 23-year-old is a natural right back who can also play on the left flank. In fact, he operated as a left back in the Europa League final, though Porto’s powerful striker Hulk proved to be a major nuisance for him throughout the clash.

Sílvio, whose transfer fee has not been revealed yet, is regarded as an effective defender with exceptional attacking skills, and has been capped by the Portuguese national team three times. He is one of the three players that are said to be joining Atlético for the 2011-12 campaign, after 26-year-old central defender Miranda of Sao Paulo, and 23-year-old striker Adrián López of Deportivo.

  • JoakIm

    Great signing! I think that he has impressed a lot, even Hulk had trouble with him yesterday.

  • John

    He can’t be worse than Ujfalusi or Valera at RB so I’m happy with this signing!

  • Flo

    Great signing!

  • Raed from Lebanon

    Luis – Dominguez – Miranda – Silvio … great !!

  • Sweden

    I think that Godin should play instead of Dominguez, with Dominguez as a very good sub.

  • Sebyk

    I’m not really sure about this signing – I saw him three times in the EL and at all the occasions he didn’t play especially well, yesterday in the final he put in a very poor performance. On the other hand he’s coming as a free agent…

  • NiñoTorres

    I don’t think he is a free transfer Sebyk, he only spent one season at Braga so he won’t be out of contract.

    Also I think it’s foolish to judge him on one game, he was playing at left-back last night as well, and for us he will play on his natural right side. I haven’t seen much of him, but the fact that his form for Rio Ave/Braga has earnt him a place in the Portugal team suggests that he is a good player. Hopefully he will be a good signing 🙂

  • Sebyk

    You’re right Nino, for some reason I can’t get rid of the impression that his contract expires in summer 🙂
    He won’t be a bad player and he can play on both flanks, but (also depending on the transfer fee) I wouldn’t call him an amazing signing. He has yet to show that he can make the step to the higher level.
    I would prefer other players, but Azpilicueta is gone already…

  • Yes, good signing at least! 🙂 Very happy and looking forward to see him play!

  • dgsozkan

    yessss! finaly a good right back. he’s shown solid performance al year. Hope, he would play even better in our shirt

  • palc

    Is he left- footed or right- footed?

  • Chalet


    Google says – both!

  • Sweden

    He is right footed, but is good with both.

  • starvs

    This is obviosly great news, biggest position of need filled before the season is over. This is either a great sign of things to come or great way to get our hopes up for a dissapointing summer….

  • Martin Rosenow

    I remember being overwhelmed by optimism ahead of this current season, with Godín, Felipe and Mérida…

  • starvs

    And your optimism was rewarded Martin! For a few weeks…

  • Martin Rosenow

    That’s true. The first two weeks were extraordinary before we plummeted. We’ll always have the Super Cup.

  • javi

    We won the supercup because I atended the game. I should go to every game, can you guys make donations so I can go every week?
    Come on its for the good of the team…

  • Flo

    @Martin: I think from the start of the season he is here to strenghten our bench. BUT with the option to replace Ujfa sooner or later. Maybe in half a year or to 2012/2013 campaign. But I guess he won’t be a starter at the beginning of this season.

  • Ole

    Really? Adrian Lopez? Is that confirmed anywhere? I hope not, I’d rather see Osvaldo.

  • Yon

    I’d still like some new CM’s please!

  • Sebyk

    Adrián, nor Osvaldo, nor Piatti, Arda nor anybody else is confirmed. At the moment it looks like we are not even closing on any one of them. The only team who reportedly offered for Piatti is Málaga, Adrián hasn’t decided yet if he’s leaving Depor, and no Osvaldo please – one season star.
    On the other hand, it doesn’t look good with De Gea I’m afraid…

  • Robel

    I can’t see it being too difficult for Silvio to take over Ujfa’s place in the team. I’m not a big fan of him, but he deserves the benefit of the doubt.