Miranda confirms Atlético agreement

The 26-year-old Brazilian is our first signing for the 2011/12 season

Sao Paulo defender Miranda set to join Atletico Madrid in 2011-2012

Miranda set to join Atlético (Marca)

Quique Sánchez Flores has all but confirmed our first signing of next season.

During today’s press conference the coach admitted we are working out the final details of a transfer for Miranda.

The Brazilian defender will join us in the summer when his contract with Sao Paulo runs out.

“We have been following him for some time now and I think he’s a great addition for Atlético”, said Sánchez Flores.

“We already have Domínguez, Perea and Godín but I’m not worried about overbooking, because Juanito is leaving. We’ll have a great set of centre backs which is what this club has needed for a long time.”

The coach also talked about young defenders on the B team and was presumably referring to Jorge Pulido’s future when he said “there are young players that still need to be formed. We could do that here, or they could go on loan.”

Miranda is a member of the Seleção and will increase our Brazilian contingent to five. That also brings along some problems however, as we again face an issue with the number of non-EU players we can register.

We only have room for three, but with Godín, Diego Costa, Elias, Miranda and Salvio there will be five players without a European passport on our roster.

At least one spot will be opened up as our Uruguayan defender Godín is expected to receive his Spanish passport in the coming months.

UPDATE: Miranda confirms agreement with Atlético
According to Lancepress, Miranda has confirmed his transfer to Atlético this summer.

The Brazilian announced that his contract is for 3 years, and that “it is an excellent opportunity” for him.

He played a season for Sochaux before joining Sao Paulo, but seems excited about the prospect of playing in Spain’s top division.

“I’ve always dreamed of returning to Europe, but to an even bigger team, like Atlético.”

Miranda also took the time to thank Sao Paulo, although the club denied earlier this week that their star defender was leaving.

“I owe a lot to the club. The fans can be sure that I’ll continue to give my all in these remaining six months.”

  • Andres

    great job! in the summer we should get rid of Juanito and Perea the Clown, Pulido should get some chances as the fourth defender and with some new right back like Filipe’s quality i’m not affraid to say we can have the third best defence in La Liga…

  • Edletico

    Witha right back of filipes quality we would have the best defense in the world Andres

  • Ringo Schut

    @Edletico: Well, with some time that is actually really possible.

    @Andres: I wouldn’t call Perea a clown, he makes less mistakes every year, is very fast and is great in duels.
    Whenever he doesn’t make a mistake in a game, he really is one of the best defenders out there.

    I think this is a pretty good signing, when I think of it.
    He is free and talented.
    All we need now is a rightback or better: two rightbacks. I don’t think Cesar Ortiz is good enough, but he might surprise us all when given the chance.
    Pulido needs to be loaned out, I think he could use some experience elsewhere!
    Perea is getting older, so after 11/12, Pulido could replace him in the squad. Then it’s up to him to show he’s better than Godin, Dominguez and/or Miranda.
    It’s probably better to loan out Koke as well, perhaps to the same team so they learn how to work together, which is important between CB and CDM, in my opinion, for the whole teamplay and structure.

    Agewise the same stories for Sergio Marcos, Gallegos and Borja, unless they are really needed in the first team, but besides Gallegos’ position, the others have too much competition (I think A.Perea will be in the first team or sold by then).

    There enough possibilities to make us a great team, but still we have a board that is able to screw everything up, I don’t think we should trust that Director of the Year too much…

  • Ian

    This could be another fiasco if we don’t free up the non-EU spots..
    I really think we should keep salvio though, he’ll be a good addition next season..

  • palc

    Hey guys. Off topic. Im going to watch Barca- Atletico on Feb. 6. Just wondering where the safest and cheapest place is to buy tickets. Thanks.

  • Derek Maaijen

    Palc, as far as I know the only way to get tickets if you’re not associated to a peña, is through Servicaixa. Check out their website!

  • javi

    Palc I get my tickets via the Atleti web site which defaults to Sevicaixa and have not had any problems.

  • palc

    Thanks guys. I’ve checked Barcelona’s website, and found that there are very few seats available. I read that those who buy season tickets might free up their seats by not attending. Given that this is a big game, is there a possibility that might happen?

    I’ve also heard that it is much cheaper to buy the ticket a day before the match in Barcelona. But this might be risky I suppose?

  • Asim

    They won’t be any cheaper than they are on the Barcelona website €53 euro will be the cheapest ticket for that category of game.

    If tickets are returned by socios they will be available from the ticket office in the few days close to the game, but they will be limited in number and probably go very quickly, they won’t be any cheaper than on the website.

    My info on how their ticketing system works comes from someone who used to work at Barca who I met when teaching English courses in Spain so I think it’s trustworthy. I went to a Barca/Atleti game in 2006 and bought a ticket at the Camp Nou the day before, but that was a Thursday night game and Barca weren’t the all-conquering team they are now, so demand wasn’t as high.

  • palc

    Ok thanks. Is there any risk that the game would be played on monday? We leave Barcelona on monday morning so that would be unfortunate for us.

  • Asim

    The week after the game is an international week (Spain play Wednesday February 9), and from what I can see there haven’t been Monday night games in international weeks.