Could Arda Turan be heading for the Camp Nou?

Reports suggest that a deal with Barcelona could be imminent

Barcelona v Club Atletico de Madrid - Copa del Rey Quarter-Final: First Leg

Just under a week ago, Arda Turan tweeted confirmation that he was looking to leave Atlético Madrid after four successful years in the Spanish capital.

A flurry of well-wishes ensued, and everyone agreed upon how well the little Turk had served Atlético, and how he was free to realise his dream of playing in the Premier League.

A deal with Chelsea seemed the most likely option, with Filipe Luis potentially moving back to the Vicente Calderón as a makeweight. Everyone wins (to an extent.)

However fast forward a week, and there are widespread reports that our superstar is on the verge of scuppering all possibilities of a Premier League move, instead deciding to sign for Barcelona.

That’s right – Barcelona. The same Barcelona that can’t register any new players until 2016. Which makes the story even more bizarre.

Marca is valuing the transfer at €35 million, which is a good €6m or so under his release clause, but with the potential of add-ons.

Josep Bartomeu is said to have initiated the deal, after a request from Luis Enrique at the end of last season.

Barcelona may wait until after their elections to announce any transfer. These are set to take place on the 18th July.

David Villa was the last player to move between the two clubs, proving that the two Spanish giants would entertain transfer talks.

Arda has gone on to deny the rumours, tweeting that “the information published by the media about my transfer are false. I’m on holiday, just resting.”

Atlético aren’t wasting any time in scouting for replacements – a number of deals are allegedly done and awaiting an announcement – but this strange move for Arda begs the question.

Does Arda Turan go to Barcelona with your best wishes? Or are you absolutely betrayed? Or is this all just media speculation?

  • Arjit Barua

    Really don’t think he’ll go, but maybe I’ve judged wrong. Sometimes I forget I’ve only seen these guys on the pitch and some social media and don’t really know what they’re like as human beings. I do hope he goes to the premier league instead though.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    SPORT & Mundo Deportivo are as liars as MARCA & AS
    1- Arda is not that kind of a person, who moves to a direct and eternal rival
    2- Arda has been dreaming to play in EPL for years, that’s every footballer’s dream

    But if I’m wrong and he did it, then he is dead to me, despite all what he gave us, Figo gave Barca a lot and he is dead to them
    And the fact that we both hate Real Madrid doesn’t make Atleti & Barca friends, they are enemies too, and you don’t need to go far back in your memory, just remember the two games last season in the Calderon in Copa & La Liga

  • Lubo

    This just doesn’t make sense.
    First of all, tactically in their 4-3-3 he has no place, besides supporting role. Or does anyone actually think he can put Iniesta to the bench? Yeah, right…
    And does Arda really want to leave Atletico so bad, that he would sign to our rival, even though he couldn’t play a match for them until January?!
    And last but not least, don’t tell me our board would be that much stupid to allow one of our best players to strenghten a rival below his clause.
    I can’t decide on what’s worse – Arda in Chelsea or Arda in Barcelona. But I don’t think he would be a success in the EPL. He’s slow (for a winger), his stamina sucks and he’s made out of glass.

  • Dawa Shingnyer

    Compared to Barca, I hope he goes to Chelsea instead. There are already some ex Atletico players there. It would be cool to have an epl club to root for!!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I would never root for Chelsea, not even if my brother played for them and my father coached them
    They had Salah, my compatriot and one of my favorite players, and I couldn’t care less
    In fact, I can’t understand this, when a certain club keep signing our players one after one, the logical thing -at least in my opinion- is to hate them, not to root for them like many people do !!!

  • Tim

    Yet you said he is one of the best players in A. Madrid where he mainly played as a winger for 4 years. Humm!?!?!?