Match preview: Atlético vs Austria Wien

Another victory will ensure passage to the knockout phase for the Rojiblancos

Costa scored a brace in Vienna (AP)

Costa scored a brace in Vienna (AP)

Atlético could seal qualification for the knockout phase of the UEFA Champions League when they receive Austria Wien tomorrow.

Kick-off at the Vicente Calderón is scheduled for 20:45 CET on Wednesday.

A victory would place the leaders of Group G beyond the reach of the Austrians, as well as one of Zenit and Porto — perhaps even both — depending on the outcome of their match.

It would also make it four wins on the trot in Europe’s premier cup competition, which would set a new club record for the Rojiblancos.

After suffering their first defeat of the season a little over two weeks ago, Atlético won their following four games, starting with a dismantling of die Austria.

On that night, they dominated their hosts throughout, and left with a 3-0 victory thanks to goals by Raúl Garcia and Diego Costa–the ‘Beast’ bagging a brace.

It was a convincing performance by the Red and Whites, but they faced arguably their weakest opposition, a team that have yet to score in the group stage.

Though Atlético seem dead certs to win Wednesday’s game, Juanfran cautioned against underestimating their Austrian opponents in a press conference on Tuesday.

“One of our greatest strengths is that we respect all teams, whether they are weaker or stronger than us. They want to win here for sure, and we want to win and remain undefeated at home,” he said.

The Spanish international then commented on his team’s success in La Liga and the UEFA Champions League.

“We are Atlético Madrid, a great club who, during our history, have always been among the best both of Spain and Europe. This situation has to be normal to us.

“Things are going so well for us, because we carry on with humility and calm. Hopefully we can continue like this, because we’re all enjoying ourselves a lot, both the team and the fans.”

Also at the press conference, Diego Simeone spoke about recent contract renewals at Atlético, as well as the respect the club have earned from their peers recently.

“It’s a great job by the club and an important effort to strengthen the team. The fans are thankful to see the players here for a long time. This creates a structure, an idea, a future and, above all, a present.”

“I can see that Atlético’s work is highly recognized across Europe. I’m a part of the club and these appraisals make me happy. We know that without effort, endeavour and team work, we can’t continue on this path.”

Arda and Mario remain sidelined due to muscle and knee injuries, respectively. Asked about the absences of his key players, Simeone said that “Arda is yet to be cleared to play and Mario is recovering.”

Atlético match selection:

Goalkeepers: Aranzubia, Courtois
Defenders: Godín, Filipe, Alderweireld, Manquillo, Giménez, Juanfran, Insúa, Miranda
Midfielders: Tiago, Koke, Raúl García, Cristian Rodríguez, Gabi, Guilavogui, Óliver
Forwards: Adrián, Villa, Diego Costa, Baptistão

Austria Wien match selection:

Goalkeepers: Grünwald, Lindner
Defenders: Rogulj, Rotpuller, Ortlechner, Ramsebner, Leovac, Suttner, Koch
Midfielders: Šimkovič, Jun, Mader, Murg, Holland, Royer, Luxbacher
Forwards: Okotie, Hosiner, Kienast

Referee: István Vad

  • Can we expect a lot of subs in the starting line up?


    Manquillo Gimenez Alderweireld Insua
    Raul Guilavogui Tiago Cristian

  • Actually doesn’t look that bad or even inexperience. Outside of Gimenez mostly haha

  • kris

    Nahhh, there is no need to underestimate even though that line up itself looks like it can win the match at least 2-0. We should start with Oliver and Adrian in this match with Insua,Manquillo, and Alderweireld filling in for Filipe,Juanfran and Godin, respectively. I say we win this match 4-0 again.

  • kris

    Aupa Atleti!

  • Arjit

    I’d like to see Alderweireld, Guilavogui, Manquillo, Oliver and Leo!

  • Dircil

    An easy win 4 Atleti to be predicted!

  • Pantic#10

    I think we’ll play with
    Adrian, Villa and Diego Costa on attack
    Filipe, godin, alderweireld and juanfran
    Tiago, Gabi and koke.

    Josuha for Gabi, RG8 for Adrian and Cebolla for Diego Costa, these the subs.

    Tiago is doing a great season so far.

  • piserakos

    i don’t think gambos’ first 11 has a lot of chances…:P
    i would go with pantic and maybe one more sub(costa villa or gabi out for leo or garcia) and maybe (i give little chances josuha will start)

  • Yon

    I can’t see too many changes from the weekend, Cholo will want to guarantee a win and get us qualified, then in the remaining 2 games the others will have a chance!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @TY GAMBO @PANTIC#10 : I don’t think it’s the time yet for (voluntary) rotations in UCL, maybe in the next two matches if we won tonight, and even then, I believe Simeone will change 2 or 3 players at most

    because if we secured the qualification and even the 1st place tonight, there will still be something to play for in the last 2 games against Zenit & Porto : 2 million euros
    as we know, every win in the group stage worth 1 million euros, and for a club like us, 2 million are a lot of money

    and I don’t like that some fans think that it will be an easy game, even though we won at Austria 3-0
    in fact, Austria Wien are the reason why we could qualify after only 4 games in the group, by costing Zenit 2 very important points, with a draw .. in Russia !

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I think Simeone will start with Filipe, but if we scored 2 or 3 goals I believe he should replace him with Insua to prepare the Argentinian for the tough game vs Villareal next Sunday, as the Brazilian will be suspended

  • pantic#10

    In the meantime our youth team is winning against Austria Vienna! yeah.
    Still 25 minutes to the end

  • Chewie

    I believe the club owners’ directions are simple: win everything as long as it doesn’t involve unnecessary risks leading to injuries.

  • DiegoCosta19

    i would like to see Guilavogui as a starter, he has a great potential,this game is real opportunity for him to show his abilities

  • Was just a possibility with this player list haha not a real guess
    I think Oliver and Manquillo deserve to start tho

  • pantic#10

    Guys…have seen the result of Zenit-Porto? 🙂 this is our year!

  • piserakos

    juanfran miranda godin felipe
    tiago gabi
    garcia koke
    adrian costa
    will be our starting eleven, by the way zenit 1-1 porto that means if we win tonight we will secure the first position at the group from tonight that will be great!

  • pantic#10

    Villa on the bench.
    Adrian and RG8 as starter. tiago, gabi and koke.
    and our classic titanic defense team 😉

  • ali_

    for f*cks sake cholo. i expected at least toby to start… or CR, its pretty frustrating.
    we have to win yes, but come on. toby did well when he played imo.

  • Will

    I guess every win counts financially speaking.. Mark my words, Adrian will score today.

  • pantic#10

    yes Will i have the same feeling 😉 Adrian will do a great performance.

    I expected Toby to be a starter.

  • pantic#10

    Miranda! here we go

  • Jeronamo


  • pantic#10

    RG8 has a killer instict! bang. another goal

  • Second half Oli and Leo please 🙂 Guilavogui in the 70th

    Would be my pick

  • For Koke, Costa and whoever could use a sub

  • pantic#10

    Filipe Luis, 3-0
    amazing match.
    Tiago and Gabi are doing a wonderful job in the midfield.

  • pantic#10

    Miranda is the best defender in the universe. 🙂

  • pantic#10

    See? Simeone is right, Diego Costa must improve his penalties 🙂

  • Pantic#10

    And another victory. We’re already qualified for the next round. Back in the football elite, where we belong.
    Juanfran played another aggressive and offensive perfect match on the right wing.

  • piserakos

    pantic agree with you i’ve seen him against Granada and Celta when he shot penalties and both of them weren’t good! Today he lost the penalty, i accept Costa to take the penalties (i would use villa) but he has to work at them, we can’t afford to lose penalties. I would take some time and use Costa shoting penalties to Courtois(our Belgian need improvement at this I remember last year he was piece of cakes for the opponents at penatlies shot outs)

  • kris

    Great win boys! Aupa Atleti!

  • As my programming friends would say:
    PISERAKOS++ and PANTIC#10++

    (I agree with you)