Roma to bid big for Adrián?

Italian media claims Rome outfit willing to offer up to €18 million for the Asturian

adrian could be on the way out

Atlético forward Adrián’s drastic decline of form in the 2012/13 season following a dazzling first year in red and white apparently hasn’t impacted his market value too much.

According to AS, reports coming out of Italy suggest AS Roma have their sights set on snapping up the Asturian.

The Giallorossi are said to be ready to offer up to €18 million to bring our No. 7 to the Italian capital.

That amount happens to be the striker’s release clause.

In 57 appearances in his sensational inaugural campaign at Atleti — 46 of them as a starter — the 26-year-old tallied 19 goals and 8 assists in all competitions.

The former Deportivo man’s production, and eventually his participation, dropped precipitously last season, when he scored a measly four goals in 47 appearances (only 29 as a starter).

Despite this downfall, Rojiblanco boss Diego Simeone always had words of support for a player ‘El Cholo’ on numerous occasions deemed a “special” one.

Adrián, a client of super agent Jorge Mendes, has shown no real signs of improvement over the summer however, and it seems like his coach may be more open to letting him go for the right price–especially if this means reinforcements in other areas will become more affordable.

Would you be in favour of selling Adrián at that price?

  • kris

    Oh,, heyll naw,, 18 million for Adrian?? I’ll take it any time any day.. This will free up some space and we may be able to buy Ljajic or Pjanic.. But,, heyll nawww, i’ll take 18 million for Adrian.. If this bid is made,, he is for sure SOLD. Suerte Adrian,, if you go to Roma.

  • kris

    But also,, if Adrian stays in Atleti this season.. He is gonna have to play his @$$ off, because there are many players in his position, and he gots to fight for it.

  • Ty Gambo

    I don’t know… Doesn’t look like they’re looking for one or two other players, so I think I’d rather see the club have the player than the money.

  • Piserakos

    18 mill for him? I say yes sell him now… I read that ljalic will cost 10 mill so we can bring him and have some money for extras

  • TG

    wouldn’t be too sure about ljajic, that’s why I’m unsure about letting him go now.
    And most money seems to be going to something else, the selling of players is mostly used for the debts, it seems.

  • Atletico- palestine

    We are selling club!! Same like sevilla and valencia!
    We dont have to dream of being a team like barca, real, top EPL or italian league!
    If we want to buy a medium profile midfilder like ljalic for 10 mil we cant!!!
    Where the **** 60 mil of falcao!!!
    We sold torres we got aguero and forlan in same value.
    We sold aguero we got falcao!
    We sold falcao for 60 mil we got villa 2mil and baptistao 7 mil where are the other 50 mil!
    We can easly bought cazorla and capoue to compete for 3 competitions

  • Ty Gambo

    Atletico has had a lot of negative numbers over the years, income and outcome of such a big club isn’t just transfers, not at all, actually.

    They’ve got creditors behind their backs, so they have to think about the health of the club first and I hope they are.

    I love for Atleti to be at least as big as Barça, but 1: there’s more ways than just spending millions and millions to achieve success, and 2: to be a big club, you have to at least exist, and that might be a primary concern at the moment.

  • Ty Gambo

    So, like they already said a year or two ago, the club will rely more and more on canteranos for at least the coming years.
    It’s a risk, but one that has to be taken.
    Luckily we already have a squad that’s considered the favourite for the third place in La Liga.

    All we have to pray for is the board spending the money wisely, to keep the club alive and getting it to a healthy state.

    They seem to do better than Valencia, at the moment, so that’s something that could be considered to be a positive sign.

    I’d love to see a great new right winger, but there is a good chance that isn’t even possible.
    The potential 18m for Adrian might be wiser to hand to the creditors, as well.

    The club isn’t it the same market as a Real or United (yet) we don’t get the same amounts for the team kits. Hopefully the partnerships with the American and Asian prove successful.

    What I’m trying to say is, don’t get mad too fast. Gil and Cerezo might not be the most trustworthy, but it’s almost impossible to suck at everything. The not buying of a new 50m striker or Diego for 15m or something might have been wisest in financial perspective.

    Plus we shouldn’t be too scared about the cantera, I guess.

    Oliver was the superior technician and positioner and passer in a team that contains Deulofeu and Jese, who are both considered Barça and Real’s biggest talents since Messi, etc.
    Koke is officially a Spanish international, Mario is close to that status.
    Dominguez used to be great, until Quique just quit using him, like multiple players.
    De Gea was raised by this club.
    Camacho is a good defensive midfielder who could have been better and still in Madrid if it weren’t for Assunção and Maniche.
    Manquillo replaced Juanfran without the team getting weaker.
    Ñiguez is a great and very versatile talent.
    The young Obama’s have proven to be big prospects thus far.
    I’ve probably missed a lot of big talents.

    Just wait, we might not be in such a dark place after all.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new third place finish, CL is hard to say, depends on the group, etc, but based on Atleti’s ranking I’m pretty sure they’ll get through at least one round. That competition is kind of a gamble, though, look at United and City, for example.

    Let’s just wait it out and see what we’ll get instead of just screaming and cursing around.

    I do expect one late transfer window signing, though, I don’t know why, but it feels highly probable to me…

  • Alex21

    Sell him, buy ljajic, and treat yourselves to a couple of milkshakes while finding another defender as well. The selling of Demi is FREE MONEY. We might as well have found 5 mil lying on the ground and nonchalantly shipping it into our pockets. 18 mil+5 mil-12.98 for milkshakes = ~23 mil last time i took an arithmetic class. Are the milkshakes a waste of money? Probably. I know what everyone’s thinking, we could have signed a 2 year old for around 13 bucks, but i really think its money well spent.


  • starvs

    No one is paying 18m for Adrian….

  • JohnGreece

    Luis Gustavo goes to Wolfsburg…another failure…we could sign him by selling Adrian lets say..but we dont need CM..we have Tiago and Raul Garcia and Simeone could play in tha t position

  • piserakos

    john i’m sure my co-country friend simeone still is a world class player… probably he will play for 30 minutes not more but he will do his job.. we have a great team… if we sell someone we have to replace him sell adrian for 18mill and buy ljajic or another great winger is what we need… if we had the money i would buy cazorla but it doesn’t matter… koke is our creative mid we need a winger….

  • Will

    Ty Gambo wrote a lot but I agree we can trust a little more in our cantera. This is where the money should be spent. It’s cheaper this way (like Barcelona does and Madrid does not). As Billy wrote, we’ve just bought a player with great future called Hector Hernández for €250,000. This guy could cost 100x this in 3-4 years or you can consider you got a world class player for €250,000 and not €99M like all this Garath Bale nonsense.

  • Ty Gambo

    It’s kind of like I’ve written an article instead of a post, yeah, haha.

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  • mohamed

    nicely said ty gambo !