OFFICIAL: David Villa joins Atlético

Bacelona have confirmed the transfer of 'El Guaje' to Atleti

Barcelona striker David Villa joins Atletico Madrid

Villa joins Atlético from Barcelona

Scores of names have been suggested to replace former Atlético striker Radamel Falcao in recent weeks, but on Monday, the scouring of the market came to an end.

David Villa has been confirmed as los Rojiblancos’ new focal point up front for their return to the Champions League.

Barcelona have announced the sale of the Spaniard for €5.1 million, and according to reports in the Spanish media, he will sign for one year with an optional two-year extension.

Barça will be paid in three installments: €2.1 million for Villa’s first season in red and white, and if he chooses to stick around the Vicente Calderón, they will be paid €2 million in year two, and €1 million in year three.

The Blaugrana will retain 50 per cent of the player’s rights.

UPDATE: Villa, with wages included, will reportedly cost Atlético slightly over €10 million per year if he chooses to stay all three seasons he was offered.

How do you feel about this move by our cash-strapped club?

  • EC


  • starvs

    Great mother fucking price!

    Don’t like him much as a person, but fuck it, cheap and dude can play. Wages are probably high, but not high enough to make this a bad deal.

    Spending so little on striker requires bringing in a very good attacking mid though.

  • vLad

    Finally we do some good buisness!!! I expect great things from him!! YES!

  • JohnGreece

    Fantastic move!Magnificent player at a low price!With the rest of the money,or a part of this,we can buy a creative midfielder and a skillful winger.There is no need in signing many mediocre players,just two players who will contribute immediately.

  • Urban

    Damn good business. Perfect.

    The deal is structured in such manner that he will most likely leave us next summer, unless he plays great and we decide to keep him.

    Im really suprised FCB agreed to that, but hey, we are the lucky ones here!

  • Javi

    Very good move by Atleti, Kudos to Caminero, Cerezo, Cholo, et al.
    Now we saved $$$ to buy Diego, no excuses now.

  • EC

    Villa plus Diego ribas would be a dream transfer window for me. I think there is a chance we will sign villa, Diego and possibly a good centre mid which IMO would make us strong enough to compete with any team in the world although obviously wouldn’t make us favourites. Of the rumours of a €30 mil transfer kitty were true then we still have around €25 mil to spend

  • Layi

    @Urban, we(Barca) aren’t always the bad guys you know..

    Besides, we have a common enemy 🙂

  • Arjit

    We signed baptistao for 7~ million, if that counts then we have only about 17~ million left. Which isn’t too bad. Diego and ljajic maybe? What about Greizmann? He played so well last year and we’ve been linked to him so much in the past!

  • Will

    I always try to be a supporter not forgetting about our finance health and this is a HUGE sign considering Negredo would cost €25 millions.

    Very good move. Agree with all of you that Diego + a CM would leave us in a very good position. I would like to hear some words by Simeone now.

  • Alex21

    I’d rather have ljajic and papu Gomez over a Diego return personally. But God I’d have a stupid grin on my face if Diego came back.

  • Rowly

    Absolutely top drawer signing at a bargain price, very happy with this deal. Personally I’m not too worried about the midfield, maybe a winger would be good but I’d really like us to sign Inigo Martinez, not a fan of Godin & I think he’d be good alongside Miranda and also have good re-sale value

  • starvs

    Sometimes patience pays. Just how much are his wages because this really is a crazy low price.

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes

    I think it was 2,1 m first season, 2 m second season and 1 the third.

    Don’t like him much but hopefully he will surprise me. Going to be intersting too see how he will be together with Costa. Also the fact that his (probably) debut will be against his former club, will be fun to see how turns out.

    And now I have been wondering for some time what that: IMO means can anyone tell me?

  • Alex21

    In my opinion.

  • Martin Rosenow

    The piece has been updated with reported salary info.

  • ali_

    for the first sight i dont like this transfer. not at all.
    JimboWithTheDancingShoes: in my opinion

  • EC

    €10 mil a year is very very big wages but worth it IMO seeing as the transfer fee is so low and any good striker we would have signed would’ve had to be on big wages anyway. Higher wages than I thought he would be on tho

  • Martin Rosenow

    That 10 million euro figure is annual transfer fees plus wages.

  • EC

    Yes so considering the €5 mil transfer fee that would be around €30 mil for 3 years so roughly €8.3 mil a year wages? €135,000 per week. I’d would be very surprised at that considering Barca were paying him €8 mil a year wernt they?

  • EC

    Out of interest how much was falcao being paid per year? Around €4 mil?

  • Leivinha

    So let’s say El Guaje has a killing season, then a great or even merely decent World Cup for Spain, and Atletico gets some good offers for him next summer. Barcelona would pocket half of that hypothetical transfer.

    This is just a short-term patch. Not so crazy about it, tbh.

  • EC

    Yeah but that would still be a killer deal. We get a proven striker like villa for 1 “killer” season paying barcelona around €3 mil and then say a good offer of I don’t no €5 mil comes in maybe more we get 2.5 and Barca get 5.5 including what we initially paid. So at our end not including wages we got villa for €500,000. IMO this is a phenominal bit of buissness from Atletico potentially the best I’ve seen from us. We can’t really lose

  • EC

    Oh and as for it being a quick patch, yes I guess it is but a damn good one at that. Besides considering Our financial situation any striker we sign seems to be a patch for one just leaving anyway

  • Croatia Atletista

    Relocate Adrian to the wing he has been playing there quite a few times this season…Forward Villa and D.Costa with the backup of Baptistao and we have a awesome middle and one of the top defences of the last season.
    Will this season finally be ours?

  • EC

    I still don’t think we have the squad to compete for the la liga title, but with someone like Diego and a good cm plus maybe a decent centre back. Maybe Demichellis for free. Then I think we could do very well in the CL and also potentially come 2nd in la liga ahead of whoever plays worse out of real/Barca

  • rojiwhite

    Let’s all just pray that a certain name, beginning with an O and ending with an S, has not been muchly mouthed during this whole bargaining with Barça.

  • starvs

    I agree that this deal has no home run value in that we can’t resell the player in a few years for a lot since he’s old (and we only have 50%), but still, given the finance we are working with; hard to imagine better value out there.

    Also, rojiwhite, don’t even think those thoughts(!), lest you manifest them.

  • Kabir

    if we play with diego costa up front and the two asturians (david villa and adrian) as forwards, that would be amazing

  • LosColchoneros

    I don’t understand, is the transfer worth 5m only if we opt to keep him for the fUll three years? If we opt to get rid of him do we only have to pay 2.1m?

  • Dircil

    200k/week for this old dude is a hefty amount of wage for such a medium-sized club like Atletico. I don’t think it’s a good deal, personally. Instead, if he can’t show us his performance that he used to have during his time at Valencia, this will turn out to be a shit deal. I’m not happy with that signing. Anyone with me?

  • Dircil

    @LosColchoneros: I think his price tag is 5 mil and u have to pay the sum of 5m transfer fee in 3 times. The 1st time is at the time the transfer is made, the 2nd time is at the beginning of the next season, and the 3rd time is at the last season of the contract. So, If our club decides to sell him in the 2nd season, we still have to pay the full amount of 5mil to Barca. Do I get it right?

  • EC

    No it’s just €2 mil iam pretty sure if we only keep him for one season. Every report says potential transfer fee of €5 mil so I guess that implies its only if we keep him for the 3 seasons. Not positive though. Also he is not on anything even close to 200k per week. Most stories price it a €6 mil per year which sounds about right. This is roughly €100k per week

  • Very good deal IMO. Excellent piece of business :D. Now we still have some cash so we could still buy Diego, a centre back and a defensive midfielder. This is a dream move for very cheap 😀

  • Hassim El Majubi

    Not a good deal, he is very overrated and didin’t had a decent season during his period at Barcelona. Ther was alot more alternatives, like Burak Yilmaz / El Sharawy / or even Pelle from Feyenoord, who has been topscorer of the Dutch League. And he’s also very pricy, he isn’t worth it.

    Mark my words, he’s going to fail at Atletico Madrid.

  • starvs

    Very pricey? The wages are the only thing pricey, the transfer fee is basically nothing, and that is a brilliant thing and really a loop hole with regards to the transfer fee restriction of 30m placed on #atleti. They are in effect transferring a portion of the transfer for Villa to his wages, allowing us to spend more during this specific window.

    It’s not like any Villa-alternative would have miniscule wages (or ANYWHERE near as low a transfer fee). Really can’t understand how this could be anything worse than ‘mediocre’ signing given economic realities of the club.

    Also, his first year at Barca he scored 18 in 34 appearances, not bad…then he broke his leg…

  • Ian

    I don’t really get the salary thing of this deal, so basically, it’s not as low cost as we all think?
    If we only pay barça 2.1 for the first year and he costs us around €10 mill, so, his wage is huge then?

  • vLad

    Look, Hassim- He is one of Spain’s best strikers ever (can’t argue that), He is pure world class and now he’s a Colchonero.. nothing else matters.

    Agree about Yilmaz, though..

  • starvs

    Yes, Ian, his wages are somewhere from 6-8.5 million a year (seen various reports). But I believe, unconfirmed, the wage portion will not count as transfer money spent this window, preserving more of our allotted transfer 30m budget; which is enough of a boon to make it worth it.

    Still much much much rather have Villa for 10m (including wages) than Soldado for 20m (just xfer fee, no wages). Much much much rather; and I don’t even like Villa…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    It’s a bargain .. no argument here
    Spain’s all time top scorer for 5 million in 3 season !

    and about his salary :

    as the report said he will cost us 10 million per year,
    2 million for Barca, so his salary is 8 million
    I believe the tax on footballers wages in Spain are nearly a 100%
    meaning that if his salary is 8 million he will only receive 4 million .. that’s too close to what Falcao used to gain with Atleti, 3.5 million as some sources reported (that means Atleti paid 7 million)

    so it’s 8 million including taxes, not 8 million tax-free, because if it was like that so Atleti will pay 16 million per year .. that’s impossible, we don’t have that money

    I hope I made it clear .. I hope you understood

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Although I read at Sunday in Mundo Atletico that Gil Marin & Caminero met with Villa in Gijon and they are too close to seal the deal, I still was surprised

    I wrote a comment that day in this website and mentioned that I have a theory that “Barcelona don’t sell their big players inside La Liga” and I gave some examples

    but they did sell Villa to us and almost for free !
    I believe there are many clubs who wanted Villa and were welling to pay much more than we did

    So, The big question is :

    Did Barcelona have finally decided to help and support other clubs in La Liga to make it more competitive ?!

    But whatever the answer is, the fact remains :
    we don’t need their charity to be competitive, we need our right .. we need our fair cut of TV broadcasting money.

  • starvs

    Did Barcelona have finally decided to help and support other clubs in La Liga to make it more competitive ?!

    Doubt it, and certainly hope not; don’t need to be patronized by those fuckers.

    The price is shadily low though, hope nothing weird going on behind the scenes, because I can think of a young player or two barca may be interested in.

    But I genuinely thing (and hope…) they just wanted to offload a pricey player (wage wise) who wasn’t going to play; and respected David’s wish to stay in Spain. Otherwise don’t really get this deal from Barca’s perspective, def could have gotten more elsewhere…

  • SiempreRoja7

    Following Villa here from Barça and I think this is the best option for all parties… He still has a lot of top-level football in him which he has proven every time he’s given the opportunity. He has shown nothing but respect and loyalty to all his clubs, and I have no doubt he’ll give all he’s got for Atleti. He’ll be taking a pay cut to play here but he loves Spain and La Liga, and deserves to stay. Can’t imagine this Spanish legend anywhere else. Hope Atleti fans will grow to love him and support him! Let’s hope for a maravilla season!

  • SiempreRoja7

    And to calm doubters, since Sporting and Zaragoza, Villa has been one of the most consistent scorers in La Liga. Even after his injury in 2011, he came out of 2012-13 season with one of the top shot conversion rates and goal/mins rates (0.64 per 90 mins at end of this past season).

    Of the players to attempt 40+ shots on goal, Villa had the BEST shot accuracy (55.5%) in La Liga last season. [via WhoScored]

    Devalued by Barça but hopefully Atleti will bring the best out of him… still has lots to give. Believe.

  • starvs

    Haha now Villa’s hype man is here, I love it.

    So excited for this season, I just keep refreshing this page assuming that will speed up time…

  • Alex21

    Hahahahahahaha Starvs. I’ve been that way the last 3 months or so. Hoping someone read another article that brings up another conversation. This is football, i love it. I have been known to dislike Villa in the past, but with the deal we made (supposedly), i can’t help but be super excited. Lets sign a creative dude and get the season started!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @rojiwhite you’re talking about Oliver, I’m also afraid that he is a part of this deal, if not this season maybe in the next one or whenever Xavi decides to retire

    actually I heard some rumors, I hope they are false

    But anyway, the sad fact is that Atleti have done nothing to secure that kid .. he must have a new contract with a big buy-out clause, but instead they sold 25% of his contract to the devil Jorge Mendez !!

  • EC

    Villa at Barca stats: 118 appearances of which 88 were starts. 48 goals and 16 assists. Considering he wasn’t even the main striker and played on the left of a front 3 and the fact he had a terrible injury those stats are fantastic IMO. Also we all no he got like 120 goals in 165 games for Valencia

  • EC

    Also marca is reporting that he will earn €4.5 mil per year after tax. The same as Falcao

  • MR

    I have doubts about this one: he can pick up a serious injury as earlier but he also could prove useful if he scores his 15-20 goals and helps creating chances with much movement off the ball. I have no doubts about his mentality tough, the least we can expect is lots of running and fighting spirit. Villa has a great chance after spendig last years in the “shade” of Messi.
    Although, I am very happy because this signing could mean that Diego Costa can show his real values and goalscoring skills in center.
    I agree with all who seeks a new creative mf (Diego) furhtermore I don’t think Oliver can prove himself this year (or ever) as he is incredibly small and weak, even at his young age this physique is unacceptable.
    Still, we got Arda who can be Diegos backup in that position (although I’m not sure he will stay on if he will be forced to the wings again).
    Keeping Pizzi is a must, now that we got Villa we should keep Leo too and I would consider keeping Ruben Micael for CM as he was great at Braga and we should bolster the squad for the CL.
    We could get some money with selling Silvio (he’s too good to be constantly on the bench, not good enough to be a regular starter ahead of Juanfran) and Raul Garcia.
    We can step up this year, fight for the Liga title and make good money with qualifing for the knockout stages of CL.
    Aupa Atleti!

  • Ty Gambo

    Oliver has grown pretty well physically, this past year and at the world cup he’s shown that of Spain’s talents he was hardest to get off the ball.
    And he’s not even that short, he is taller than Messi, Xavi and Agüero, but those have never proven anything either, so you’re probably right.

  • MR

    @ty gambo: nice comparison with Messi and Kun, btw:
    at the age of 18 Messi started 11 and scored 6 in La Liga, while Kun was already the regular striker for Independiente scoring 9 goals.
    Maybe, just maybe Oliver is no Messi or Kun…

  • Ty Gambo

    Ps remember Cedric, one of the guys ruined bu Quique? Betis bought him for only €1,20!
    That’s amazing in a world where it’s become normal for football players to be bought out of contracts for millions.
    Always hoped they signed him back, his pace and technique were pretty good. Could have been useful as a back-up on the wings, especially for 1 euro and 20 friggin’ cents.

  • Ty Gambo

    You just based all his potential on his physique.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if Oliver would be a regular at a team (with all respect) like Independient.
    Don’t judge him so quick and read the rest of my post, too, please.
    He’s a technical player, not everyone has to be Hulk.

  • MR

    @ TY Gambo: that’s the point, at the age of 18 he couldn’t earn even a regular substitute role. You compared him to Messi, I compared their achievments at the same age.
    Btw, I just watched the U20 final last night and I was wondering why a 12 year old plays with the big boys before I realized Oliver was that small kid. Now that I saw that he should be 1,78 tall and 70 kg I’m really shocked (actually I still don’t believe these numbers). He’s just like my 12 year old nephew unfortunately.
    Don’t get me wrong: I hope he can develop hugely phisically and technically too and be as good as Messi or Kun soon, but thats not that easy…

  • EC

    Who cares about his physique every1 develops differently. No Oliver is almost certainly not going to Be as gd as messi and also he is a different type of player. No use in comparing his goal stats with messi. The Spanish national squad is full of small but technically gifted players. Isco, iniesta, xavi, alba, mata, silva. Besides players don’t usually start properly filling out there physical potential until there early 20’s

  • Alex21

    Oliver should definitely get at least 10-15 games this year from the bench. The only way to get better is to freaking play. Just put him in. He gets so much attention from other clubs for not having done a whole lot. Give them something to talk about. Let him have 8 assists a season if not more. I know he’s young, i know he’s small. It shouldn’t matter though as the ref typically favors the small guy in challenges anyway. Then we should slap a €34 billion buyout clause on him and tell clubs to nut up or shut up.

  • kris

    @MR LAWL>> One of the dumbest shti I have seen in a while. Really?? You are saying you have to be like some fata$$ American football player to play football? ahha. You clearly have no idea at all, what you are saying. Oliver is 5’10. He is tall, just because his face looks like he is small don’t mean he is small. Look at Neymar, look at how weak he is.. he knows how to play football. And when you look at his shots and long pall accuracy, i see no weakness at all. How many footballers can get those long balls accurate like he does? How many can dribble past 4-6 players EVERY game? Exactly, thought not, many. This kid is a beast. He is a Colchonero. He is our future.
    @Ahmad, we never sold any rights of Oliver. It was all just a rumour. Mendes ain’t getting that piece of jewel.

    I am not even worried about getting a centre back, we got Jose Gimenez. Such a beast. Now, who I want are Papu Gomez and Ljajic. Forget about Diego. That fool don’t wanna to Madrid.

  • kris

    Alex, I completely agree with you on Oliver getting a 34 billion buyout clause. Such a piece of jewel isn’t worth giving away.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I wish you are right Kris, but I read the news in both MARCA & AS, I know they lie a lot especially about Barca & Atleti .. but they both agreed on that news, that Atleti sold 25% of Oliver rights to Mendez

    But even if it is true, we still have 75% of him .. so his fate is in our hands

    and about what you said for @MR :
    I agree with your opinion, but not with your strong language
    you could say that in nice words, we all friends here .. if not family !!

  • Mahmoud

    On another topic, apparently Joel has signed a five year contract with Everton. Letting him go on loan is one thing, but why sell him? I doubt that we even got much for him.

    Unless the board is really serious about signing Courtois permanently next year (and are actually capable of doing it) this could really backfire on us. Either way, it’s yet another summer where we sell a talented canterano to a biggish club in Germany or England. Hopefully, the likes of Oliver, Saul, Koke and Manquillo don’t follow the same path in the next few years.

  • Joel was third choice at Atletico for the past 4 or 5 years, if someone has the right to take chances elsewhere, it’s him.
    He probably won’t be the world’s greatest goalkeeper, but he is skilled and deserves to play for a good club. Everton is one of those and I hope he does well.

  • If we don’t buy too many midfielders and no new right back, those canteranos could get their chances this season.
    Although, I think Saul should be loaned out.
    Simeone is great and all, but do you really think he’ll give Saul many chances with Mario, Gabi, Koke, Raul, Tiago and perhaps Micael and Perez too, even?
    He could easily play alongside a subtop Seguna team or a lower placed La Liga team, maybe.
    Manquillo could be the second right back coming season, so I see him getting more minutes than he did the past season, in which he gradually became the team’s second choice on the position.
    Koke, as I said before, should become a regular on CM somewhere along the season, his positioning and vision take the team to a higher level, he just needs to grow his defensive game a bit more.
    And Oliver… really depends on this transfer window. With Champions League coming up (I guess he’s eligible this season?). I don’t think Simeone is the trainer who’ll put an amazing amount of faith in him from the start, but who knows, he’s grown much stronger and his positioning is one of the best I’ve seen in a while.
    He was easily Spain’s best player on the U20 world cup, the single midfielder keeping control in the team, where players like Jese and Deulofeu were looking for dribbles, mostly. Saul was hard to judge for me, he had a quiet tournament, but he played as CDM (and even CB for a bit), so I guess that’s not that bad. HIS physique should improve a bit, though, at least that’s what it looked like to me in a few of his individual duels.

  • Mahmoud

    Yeah I don’t blame him (or Asenjo) for deciding to leave, I’d just rather have kept him on loan while we still don’t know what’s happening with the future of Courtois. He’s not as talented as De Gea or Courtois, but he did keep a clean sheet against Man City in the FA Cup final, which says a lot about him and his potential.

  • kris

    Ahha, yehh, sorry about that Ahmad, but it pisses me off when people say bad things about someone i look upon as the future of the club, just like it angers me whenever somebody tals s#it about the club I dearly support.

  • Alex21

    Kris I’m with ya brother. You’re passionate and that’s what we need in our fan base and organization.