Falcao off to Monaco?

Spanish TV station LaSexta claims the Atleti striker is France bound

Radamel Falcao

Say it ain't so Tigre!

UPDATE: A member of Falcao’s social circle has told us that he spoke to ‘El Tigre’ on Thursday, and that the striker told him that he will be sold by Atleti for sure, that he will not be staying at Atleti, but that his destination remains unknown.

LaSexta reports that Atlético striker Radamel Falcao will ply his trade in France next season, where he will suit up for AS Monaco, the Spanish TV channel claimed Thursday night.

The set-to-be-promoted Ligue 2 outfit are preparing to splurge over the summer in preparation for their return to the top tier in France, sources say.

Billionaire owner Dmitry Rybolovlev is gearing up to spend €200 million, with Falcao and Carlos Tévez among the businessman’s most coveted treasures, according to AS.

The Colombian striker would earn triple his current wages at Atleti, but would not take part in European competition next season.

MARCA had reported early on Thursday that Falcao and his wife were taking French lessons in Madrid, which would seem to lend credence to LaSexta’s scoop.

Do you buy this rumour?

  • starvs

    Really thought/think Falcao had more sporting integrity/ambition than this, which is why I don’t really buy this rumor.

    But, it would likely bring in a good chunk of change, team like this def gonna have to overpay for Falcao, no?

    I really want to see him go to Chelsea though, so Courtios can come back, forever.

  • Rob

    I don’t want to believe it because we have the final coming up, but the story seems solid. If Monaco show him enough money, all that talk about him not being “that kinda guy” won’t mean anything.

  • Kabir

    I dont think itll happen. Falcao wants to finally move to a champions league contending club. He spent a good portion of his career at Porto and our team, and I think he realizes now is the peak of his career.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    There are to types of football players :
    1- players who are after money
    2- players who are after glory

    Falcao is from the 2nd type, that’s I’m very sure of

    you need a proof ?! .. OK, FC Porto had 2 super strikers : Falcao and Hulk, the first choose to go to a big team in a big league with medium salary (in footballer scale !!)
    While the second just wanted money .. so he went to Zenit
    (enjoy your 10 million/season idiot)

    So the answer to your question is NOOOOOOOO
    I don’t buy it

    However, I do believe that Falcao is leaving, I’m just not sure if this will happen this summer or the next one

    Anyway, since Torres departure, Atleti has a “Rule” :
    when a big player leaves, his replacement is better than him

    Torres –> Forlan
    Aguero –> Falcao
    De Gea –> Courtois
    Maxi-Simao –> Arda-Diego

  • Andres (Lolaya)

    This situation is getting more complicated.

    Monaco was linked to Falcao 2 weeks ago but then the rumors went away. Then Falcao was linked to Chelsea due to his supposedly “high wage demands”

    Now once again Chelsea is being denied and Monaco is coming up again with Tevez as well.

    I hope not. I like Monaco as a team but for him to go to them wouldn’t be the best at all.

    It is weird though, Falcao went from Porto (Won Europa League and qualified to Champions) to Atletico Madrid (Was only qualified to Europa that season).

    Now that Atletico have qualified I thought that he should at least see how it goes.

  • Gert

    What a dumb move it would be…

  • Mirai_Torres

    Really can’t see that happening? Why should a player like Falcao move from a team which is playing Champions League next season to one which is not even playing in an european competition.

    If he was 32 or something like that it could be because he wants a “last big contract” but hie is not that old to throw away his carreer like that. Additionally – no offense meant – but the french Liguie 1 is the weakest of the european Top leagues on my opinion. That move would not improve his skills much.

  • MR

    I think we can’t blame Falcao for anything, I don’t think he will show disrespect towards Atletico.
    Although, I really think that Atleti can develope after the sale of Falcao.
    We have a great basic team already, with Falcao the only key player that will probably leave.
    Next year we will have the great Diego Costa as no.1 central forward, he is extremely agile, motivated, strong, humble and almost as deadly in the box as Radamel, and only 24 old!
    Adri will regain his self esteem, he already has been showing positive signs in the last weeks. The other option is that Arsenal will pay big money for him, Atleti can only profit either way.
    We can strengthen our attacking options with calling back loaned players: Pizzi was great this year and we also have Ruben Micael, who I think can be a super sub or even fight for a regular staring place.
    I would be glad if we could offload Falcao to Chelsea and sign Courtois on a permanent basis, he is just a miracle, already one of the best keepres, I hope he realizes that he can achieve bigger goals here at Atleti than at Chelsea.
    But, to perform well both in Liga and in CL we have to sign at least 3 or 4 players. We have to get a forward who can create chances on his own, score goals and provide assists for Costa in the middle. We should sign a creative midfielder who can play at wings too, similar to Arda. Also, we need to have 3 top class central defenders (while I would keep Diaz as a sub). My dream signings would be Muriel from Udine, J. Rodriguez from Porto, Taarabt and Samba from relegated QPR. They are realistic targets, not too expensive.
    I am looking forward to a really good season for Atletico, we should fight for the 1st place in Liga all season long and qualify for the knockout stages of CL at least.
    Keep up Atleti!

  • starvs

    I think everyone (including me) saying he can’t/won’t go to Monaco because of his sporting ambition is not taking the influence/power/effect of Jorge Mendes into account enough.

  • Chalet


    Exactly my thoughts!

    Falcao could have already had Champions League football – had he stayed with Oporto.
    But instead ‘he’ opted for joining Atléti.

    Personally I don´t pay too much attention to all those rumours around Falcao at the moment.
    There are simply too many of them.
    And time will tell the truth anyway…..

  • JimboWithTheDancingShoes
  • athenssuper3

    well, we can agree that probably falcao will leave for 60 mill, if i had those mill i would use 15-20(hope less) to bring courtois. 20-30 to bring anti-falcao..(f.torres, m. gomez or maybe also luis suarez but if the price for him is 40mill and for one of them is 20 then i’ll not bring suarez) and i will give all the other money to bring james rodriguez or another player like him. if we need some money to complite the transfers i would sell raul garcia. and also i will use some money to bring another central defender. nothing more nothing less. if adrian leave we can buy villa and if turan leave we can bring diego or another good winger

  • Lucas

    So why is Suarez being lined up as a replacement for Falcao? Would be an excellent signing but if all rumours are true about Atletico needing to sell Falcao for financial reasons what would be the point in making a signing with not that much financial difference?

    Is it to do with the fact Atletico will be earning UCL money, but is it rubbish or true when Atletico’s finances are rumoured to be in debt by millions?

  • Where is Luis Suarez? 😀 oh god i hope he join atleti..he is an amazing player with skills just like el kün :D..atleti dont need an (CF) attacker like falcao or torres or huntelaar..we need a player who move’s and have skills just like aguero or suarez (SS) who can also play as (CF) they create more dangerous than an (CF) attacker

  • k14

    well, when others are willing to pay the buyout clause (60m), Atleti has no saying in the matter, it all depend on Falcao and his agent.

    Also, I believe Atleti only own half of the player rights, the other half is owned by mendez (the agent). So the max we get from Falcao deal is 30m.