Atlético sign lucrative deal with Azerbaijan

Rojiblancos have new shirt sponsor for derby against Real Madrid

Atletico Madrid new shirt sponsor Azerbaijan


On Friday Atlético Madrid announced to have signed a “strategic agreement” with the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The deal will be officially presented on Saturday afternoon by Miguel Ángel Gil, just hours before the derby against Real Madrid.

Against Real Madrid the players will have ‘Azerbaijan Land of Fire’ printed across their chests.

It’s not the first time Atlético have had a shirt sponsor for a selected number of games. After parting ways with Kia at the end of the 2010-2011 season, Atleti long struggled to find a new partner, but had Chinese technology provider Huawei printed on the red and white for the Derbi Madrileño, while also signing an 8-game deal with Rixos Hotels. Huawei again featured on our jersey for the UEFA Super Cup clash with Chelsea and two more games.

The exact compensation for the single game deal with Azerbaijan is unknown, but Atlético is set to make millions for one match. Although unconfirmed at this point, As reports Atlético is set to receive a staggering €20m, which suggests the agreement reaches beyond the Madrid-derby.

Already confirmed is that as part of the agreement the Rojiblancos will also play a friendly match against a selection of Azerbaijan players and Diego Simeone will be part of a football clinic in Baku next summer.

What do you think of the shirt design?

  • Mais

    not a fan of block logos but hey, who cares?

  • Azeri

    Hello fom Baku-Azerbaijan
    We will be wait you in Baku!!!

  • Asala

    i’m not atletico fan anymore, as long as those ugly name is on that beautiful shirt

  • Nice deal. Good money. I hope we do something good with it to keep the high standard of this club up there with the other great clubs. But the design is not very nice but a little attractive.

  • Samir

    I suggest to rename atletico to Atletico-Azerbaijan or even Atlaijan :). That would be great!!

    best wishes from Baku.

  • Jorge

    Azeri, your post just gets more funny every time I read it. Excellent!

  • V

    Advertising is a good step, but it’s probably not a long-thin scrap instead could just shoot an ax so that the country is known for.

  • Whats up with political stuff again? Armenian/Azeri hate? Its football people come on. Aupa!

  • Anthony


    Atleti signed a deal with an Azerbaijani firm and the little Asala worm felt abondened. So he decided not to support Atleti as if an Armenian scumbag has any real value and we would give a shite about it. He began speaking in his native language that is swearing and insulting people as they always do. They only speak the language of hatred and violence. So now he can go and play with his little prick.

  • tural nuri

    they finally found best name on it.

  • Mi

    The next will be We love Somali loool

  • Real M

    Who cares, what they wear! No one pays attention to it anyway. Atletico will never win anything anywhere! At least, this way they will earn some money from Azeri state. Ha-ha!

  • Andres

    2-0 dude, and still many points above Real Madrid.

  • Real M

    Andres. True. And after today’s game it will be five points above. But, as we know it is the season end table that matters :-).

  • Real M

    Guys, can’t undedrstand what’s the fight about here! Why some of you are so worried about new shirt? Where is Azerbaijan anyway – I guess somewhere in Asia or Africa? If they want to pay for some good cars and villas for Atletico players – what’s bad in it?

  • Senan

    to Real M
    Azerbaijan- officially the Republic of Azerbaijan is the largest country in the Caucasus region located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

  • Paneuropean


    Lebanese of which origin? Perhaps of those 200-300 thousand Armenians living in Beirut? 😉

  • Azar Ali Abour

    Atletico – we will not support You in Barcelona – You are looser..

  • Azar Ali Abour

    Aserbajan – killed a lot of family people of Amenia – why support them?
    Falcao – change your shirt.

  • Grigor

    Unfortunately Azar Ali Abour is right. But time will come ………..

  • Martin

    Azerbaijan or Republic of Azerbaijan is an important country of the Eurasian continent and it is the largest as well as the most populated region in South Caucasus. Whilst the capital, Baku, has rapidly transformed itself into a highly developed modern city, the surrounding villages still remain untouched and archaic.Azerbaijan is divided partially between Eastern Europe and Western Asia.Azerbaijan has an ancient and historic cultural heritage, including the distinction of being the first Muslim-majority country to have operas, theater and plays.Azerbaijan made its debut appearance at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. The country’s entry gained the third place in 2009 and fifth the following year.[195] Ell and Nikki won the first place at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with the song “Running Scared”, entitling Azerbaijan to host the contest in 2012, in Baku.We LOVE YOU-AZERBAIJAN !!!!!

  • Martin

    The European Olympic Committee announced that the first European Games will be held in 2015. The AZERBAIJANi city of BAKU will Host the longing continental tournament that doesn’t have a fixed date yet. It is expected that around 7,000 athletes will participate in the seventeen sports. The European Games don’t have a fixed date yet but it is known that archery, badminton, boxing, canoeing, fencing, handball, judo, rugby sevens, shooting, taekwondo, table tennis, triathlon and volleyball. Besides, two non-Olympic sports will be part of the event. It is expected that 7,000 athletes will participate at the 2015 European Games in BAKU ! We LOVE YOU AZERBAIJAN !!!!! And EUROPE letz go and see AMAZING AZERBAIJAN BAKU !!!!!

  • Martin

    Once I have been in the AMAZING AZERBAIJAN, AWESOME BAKU and still can’t forget its dramatic beauty, really I have never seen such a wonderful amazing city like BAKU <3 LONG LIVE AZERBAIJAN, LONG LIVE EUROPE !!!!!!!

  • Martin

    All EUROPE, especially Spain, France, England, Turkey, Hungary, Cyprus, Greece, Georgia, All MUSLIM Countries all over the World – LOVE and SUPPORT YOU – AZERBAIJAN BAKU !!!!!! All West and East again going to BAKU for European Sport Games 2015 !!!!! We LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU Amazing AZERBAIJAN – LAND OF FIRE !!!!!!!

  • sf

    baku is a shit hole, there people are stuck in the dark ages ive worked here for 10 years in the oil and gas. there goverment are all rolling in the money they have STOLEN from there people, there trying to build up a image that baku is a mini dubai!!!!! the problem is if your not in the elite group of the goverment or the SOCAR oil men who steal all the azeri peoples money from the oil then you cant afford to live in baku, hench why all the high rise bulidings they have built in the last 5 years are emtpy, stay clear of this shit hole the sponsor a spainish team but yet you cant get a direct flight from baku lol and i hear 20mil for the sponsor 20 mil out of the hands of azeri people they want you to come here but why would you come to this shit hole there is notihng to do and azeri people dont want us here all the want to do is rip you off………….

  • daniel


  • Mikel

    Azerbaijan is great country. I love it!

  • Murat Mehmet Turk

    Azerbaijan is one of the richest and wealthiest countries in Eurasia (and Europe and Asia). Azerbaijan – it is a secular country, where have western and eastern culture, that respects both Muslims and Christians and Jews and Buddhists and all other religious people. European Olympic Committee decided to hold the “first European Olympic” games in Baku in 2015. You look on the internet as Azerbaijan (Baku), held at a high level:
    1) Azerbaijan led the UN Security Council 2012;.
    2) “Eurovision Song Contest Baku 2012” in 20-26 May;.
    3) “Formula-1, Rally (GT3 City Challence 2012) in September;.
    4) “The World Wrestling Championship” in 21-27 August 2012;.
    5) İnternational beauty contest “Miss Civilization 2012” in October;.
    6) Football. The World Cup women 2012 “in September and October;.
    7) Grand concerts Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Shakira in 2012 in Baku in September-October.
    Even the whole of Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand were shocked by the “Eurovision”. Azerbaijan can even hold these Olympics, too! Baku is a beautiful and friendly town. Welcome to Azerbaijan! We love you )))))

  • Cauca

    Azerbaijan respects Christians? They don’t give dam about their own people, they want to cut the ear off of writer who wrote book and in it he was sympathetic towards Armenians, christians. Please nigga what you smokin? tell me I’ll smoke too.

  • don

    I heard the Aerbaidjanians out barely outbid the Somali Pirates for the deal.

    Disgusting! How muck can a football club prostitute themselves?

  • don

    I heard the Aerbaidjanians out barely outbid some Mexican drug cartel for the deal.

    Disgusting! How much can a football club prostitute themselves?

  • sürgün

    Thank you for all the related detail about Azerbaijan from pitiful hate and slander to the sheer knowledge, all the attempt is to get the chance to recognize the other earthling
    and place of their origin the rest is open to adventure.
    this is a sport related event not assembly of political debate.

    If you think small that is all you are.

  • Reza

    Brainless Azeris out in force again. “YAY YAY AZERBAIJAN BEST COUNTRY IN UNIVERSE” give it a rest. Baku is a dive I’ve been there the best hotel is 3-star maximum which prices itself like a 5-star hotel, the hospitality was rubbish as was the food.
    Azerbaijan is part of Iran anyway it was stolen by Russia so I don’t know what you lot are so proud of.

  • Andres (Lolaya)

    Reza… where are you from? I bet I can find problems with your country too…

  • Nick Poskitt

    Keep it nice fellas, come on. Be civil.

  • Dan

    This is the worst advertisment ever. I never could imagine that such nice tean could take shirts with such an ugly advertisement like that nasty country.
    Me and very big comunity of football fans who liked this team now rejecting them are not fans more.

    Just remove that shit from yout shirts.

  • Ayhan

    To those who speak Azerbaijan down:
    I know you by the Catalans, who just want to run away from you. I don’t you very much. But, I know the way you behave to other people, just like what persians do in Iran. chauvinists you are both. This is why Catalans rightly hate you. You don’t know Azerbaijan, and do not speak about it like that. After all you were part of Arabs in some point of the history. What are you proud of? what are you boasting about? What do you know about my country.
    Long live Azerbaijan, Long live Catalona.

  • tiraxtor

    viva south azerbayjan viva tiraxtor

  • tiraxtor

    south azerbayjan is not iran

  • Paulo

    This ain’t politics or religion. This is FOOTBALL!

    Dan: Spanish people aren’t aryan. Celtic people aren’t aryan. Romanic people aren’t aryan. American people for sure aren’t aryan.
    Even we milk-white nordic Finnish people are not aryan in any possible way. Just some eastern european nomad race mixed with russians and vikings.
    Aryans used to be ancient, western Indian, dark people (I call all the gypsies in Finland “The Real Aryans” ’cause they come from west India) and everybody who claims to be aryan, are usually a mix-breed between a pig and a dog.

    Oh and did you know “Iran” is an ancient Persian word meaning the Land of the Aryans. If you think you’re an Aryan better start honoring the guys with rags on their heads, ’cause they are probably the same people as you are.

    I think the logo in Atleti shirt is stylish and if you think something else, you haven’t been an Atleti fan for long, ’cause we’ve had so many horrible sponsors and designs on our shirts during the past 20 years.

  • Ayhan

    To Paulo,
    I think you didn’t understand me.
    I don’t mean I’m a persian, an Iranian, or whatever they call themselves. I am from Azerbaijan. I hate the people you are talking about too. What I mean is for the guys who don’t know Azerbaijan, and insult it. This is exactly why I hate persians. Because they do it too.


    Reza,you are stupid iranian,if you tell from history that Azerbaijan was a part of Iran,so more than 50% Euroasia was part of Mongolia or Arabia or Osmania ,you stupid iranians too


    Viva Atletico!!!i’m Bayern fan and i love red and white colors,VIVA BAYERN and VIVA ATLETICO!!!!best teams!!

  • Anti Axe

    That logo is wrong. The trademark of azerbaijan is AXE, RAMIL SAFAROV, ALIEV FAMILY MONOPOLY.

    It’s not azerbaijan that is rich, it’s the aliev family. In a rich country people don’t starve, and in a civilized country people to go to jail for opposing the president.


    Daniel, Martin, you two sound azerbaijani.

  • Dan

    Paulo, you never can understand what means to be an aryan. There are just a few nations who have a chance to be called an aryans who are the real mens.

    About the shirts, I am a BIG FAN of BAYERN MUNICH FC and I respect those aryan guys. So, FcBAYERN, if you are a real bayern fan you need to understand that the men who respects himself must not take the shirt on which is drawn such a shit.

  • Nick

    Relax people! I have been in Azerbaijan recently and I quite liked it to be honest. City is beautiful and. people are warm and kind. I also like food)) When we come to the football , then I should say that Atletico has made a grate contract. I mean they obviously need money and Azerbaijan just supported them. Chill fellas!)))

  • Nick you have no clue. Azerbaijan at least got their name right “Land Of Fire” Sounds like Hell to me! Even with the loss there is only one team in Madrid and it is the REAL team of Madrid!

  • Andres (Lolaya)

    Funny Chuck says that after the game against Real… Too bad… he would’ve had an argument before

  • Baldini reveals Fulham deal for Stekelenburg

  • habib

    Azerbaijan Land of fire = azırbaycan odlar yurdu

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  • koorosh

    Persians(Iran) is lord of fire not Azerbaijan,

  • koorosh

    Zartosht is old Iranian religion( Persian and median and Parthian)believe fire.

  • koorosh

    Yashsin Iran yashsin Azerbaijan:)

  • koorosh

    I love Azerbaijan because my mother is Azerbaijan and my father is from Persia (Iran)I believe Iranian and Azerbaijan is Aryan and we brother together viva Iran viva Azerbaijan

  • Amid-Az

    yes. 1) Azerbaijan led the UN Security Council 2012;.
    2) “Eurovision Song Contest Baku 2012″ in 20-26 May;.
    3) “Formula-1, Rally (GT3 City Challence 2012) in September;.
    4) “The World Wrestling Championship” in 21-27 August 2012;.
    5) İnternational beauty contest “Miss Civilization 2012″ in October;.
    6) Football. The World Cup women 2012 “in September and October;.
    7) Grand concerts Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Shakira in 2012 in Baku in September-October.

    I’m sorry. My english bad.

    labor rights in Azerbaijan 110-115 US dollar.

  • Majid

    This the best name for atletico that have never seen

  • Lamego

    I think Atlético de Madrid should not have accepted this dirty money from Aliev family . This is money stolen from the poor people of Azerbaijan , money laudering from the oil hided profits .

  • Ronaldo27spain

    Atletico shame on you sponsering a terrorist nation with azeri people raised to hate christians…Im about to burn my atletico jersey never in my life have I meet people so disgusting and rude then the hate filled azeri I’m glad armenian witb the small nation destoyed u muslim monkeyz

  • turk

    The best name i have ever seen in Atletico shirt. i love you Azarbaijan. i love you FC traxur.
    i was not Atletico fan till this season but because of this shirt i started to follow results of Atletico and became a fan of this team.
    This season Atletico can be the champion of la liga. i wish they can
    viva Azarbaijan, viva Atletico, viva FC traxtur.
    gelejek bizimdir

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  • Turgut Gezgin

    Please stop those political remarks on this sporting page. !
    Professionel clubs tries to make money in every possible way. They can’t make everyone happy.

  • uuupppp azerbaijan

  • mark

    Because Atlético Madrid have signed a “strategic agreement” with the Republic of Azerbaijan the next inspiring word on their shirt will be “ALIEV” .

  • Oleg

    Great azeris invest 20 million on soccer team while their people starving from hunger. they could of get water pipes in their villages with that money. very sad.

  • Dmitri

    Next os going to be “azerbedjan land of axe murderer safarov” to show the true picture of them

  • Ilkin

    Dmitri read up about Khodjali massacre first.

  • Greg

    Better Azerbaijan-Land Of Fire on Atletico Madrid t-shirts
    than Kim Kardashian “genocidee” ass!
    Azerbaijan is great culture!

  • Iftikhar

    who are terrorists ? have you ever been in Azerbaijan ? How dare you talk like that ? do you know any Azeri guy ? you have no information about our country. if you look history , you will see who we are. sorry but only monkeys talk without any knowledge like you are.