Atlético and Juventus finalise Tiago deal

Both clubs awaiting decision from the Portugese international


The Tiago saga appears to be nearing its conclusion, as we have formalised the €4.5m deal with Juventus for the transfer of the midfielder. If the Portuguese national finally decides to leave Turin, it will only be to play for Atlético.

Juve officials have informed the player that he is not in their plans for the upcoming campaign, pretty much exhausting any last bit of leverage the 29 year old still held.

Tiago finds himself between a proverbial rock and a hard place. On one hand, he can continue to earn his €2.8m while watching the Bianconeri from the stands or, on the other, he can play a vital role in organising our midfield, which was often in disarray this past weekend. The drawback to coming back to Madrid is that, if he does, he will be receiving a markedly slimmer paycheck for his services.

Despite earlier reports by team president Enrique Cerezo suggesting we had several alternative replacements in the event that Tiago would not arrive, the latest reports indicate that the club intends to go with a home based option. Raul García would be the likely substitute.

Do you think that Atlético need Tiago for the upcoming season? Or do you think some of the players we already have can fill his boots?

  • ali_

    as i saw it on the preseason, we dont need him. the competition is very high right now with 4 players on cm/dm. if he would come, i guess nacho should leave. but i think camacho would be better then tiago. homegrown player, and if he gets his minutes, ha can be awesome. and he was quite good on the preseason matches.

  • Ringo Schut

    I’m still not sure how far he truly is, but I’d like to see Koke for a few games. I know he’s young and inexperienced, but his talent might surprise us.
    However, now with Tiago (probably) coming, it’s best to loan him out for one or maybe two seasons, at least have him play lots of games to gain more and more experience. If Camacho is fifth choice or something, it’s better for him as well to go out on a loan deal.

    Assunçao, Tiago, Raúl García and Mario Suarez seem to be the first four for the two positions in central midfield. Also, Jurado and Fran Mérida can play as second midfielder, so we won’t miss them that much when someone gets injured…

    For now it’s Quique’s decision: security with Tiago or ‘risk’ with Koke or Camacho.
    I guess (at least for the first season) that we should take Tiago for now and let the others grow somewhere else a season (or two).

  • Flo

    I think we really need him. He played very well for us last season and brought a control in our midfiled that I won’t expect from either Raul Garcia nor Mario Suarez. So I think we definitley should sign him. Camacho maybe replaceing Assuncao and Fran Merida playing right midfield, Reyes left midfield.

  • ali_

    i think camacho wont be assuncaos replacement, cos last year it was raul garcia. qsf likes raul g. better than camacho. btw i still think that we should sell raul g. he didnt improve too much since 2 years

  • Nick Poskitt

    I’ll be heartbroken if Camacho leaves, he’s one of our cantera that I’ve got my hopes for the future pinned to. Although signing Tiago wouldn’t be a bad move if we can lower his wages by 50%.