Courtois: “I want to win the Super Cup with Atlético”

The goalkeeper spoke of where his heart lies for upcoming final versus Chelsea

atletico goalkeeper thibaut courtois speaks of chelsea and the super cup

Courtois looks forward to playing in the Super Cup

Atlético goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, whose loan extension from Chelsea was recently confirmed by both clubs, told Spanish paper AS on Saturday that he is looking forward to taking on his parent club in the upcoming UEFA Super Cup, “a special match,” he said.

“Right now, I’m closer to Atleti than to Chelsea and I want to win”, he said.

The Belgian international explained how he was responsible for preventing a clause from being included by the Blues in his loan contract that would keep him from taking part in the battle between the Champions League and Europa League-title holders.

“There were problems in ensuring I could play, but I told Chelsea and my agent I wanted to because you don’t get many chances to play in a European Super Cup,” he said.

“I’m happy I’ve managed it”.

The 20-year-old continued: “It’s an important match for the club and for me. I want to win because I’m now with Atlético, although I respect Chelsea because they are still my club.”

Looking ahead to the 2012/13 campaign with los Rojiblancos, Thibaut said: “I’m happy to spend another season at Atlético. There are now three keepers in the squad with Joel and Asenjo. We’re in preseason and we need to prepare well”.

The ‘keeper, who in his first season in Spain last year was second only to Barcelona’s Victor Valdés in shutouts in La Liga play, admitted to being somewhat of a social network junkie – a fact that made it easier for him to decide to stick around in Madrid for another term.

“For me it was easy because I wanted to stay here, but I can imagine that for the clubs it would be harder,” he said.

“Looking at Twitter and Facebook I saw that people wanted me to stay. It’s a beautiful thing when the fans love you.”

Courtois then gave his opinion on Atleti’s summer signings.

“Emre has a lot of quality,” he said.

“‘Cata’ [Díaz] is a strong defender and a fine signing. ‘Cebolla’ [Rodríguez] is a technical player. We’ve got a good squad to face up to three competitions”.

On our objectives for next season, Courtois said: “[We have to] get as high up the league table as possible, to be amongst the top four. In Europe it would be fantastic to keep winning and reach the final again. And we’ll go far in the cup.”

Finally, the youngster spoke of Atleti legend Fernando Torres, who in all likelihood will also be participating in the Super Cup–against his boyhood club.

“I hope he doesn’t put one past me,” said Courtois.

“I think it’s going to be a strange game for him as well.”

  • Dircil

    I’m waiting for the news from Diego signing, the last brick of the Atleti’s squad.

  • Reports claim that Chelsea have made a bid in the region of 60 million pounds for Falcao. Ridiculous.

  • Yay, Federer wins Wimbledon

  • Willen


    I really don’t believe it. But I hope it’s true. Falcao is wonderful but 60 million pounds could be a new start paying the debts and still hiring good players.

    I don’t know if I even bother considering it true.

  • @Willen

    It reports from sources in turkey so i don’t know man it could be true or not because they are unpredictable.

    And yeah it would help a lot with our debts

  • Dircil

    Still, I wanna “Falcon” to remain his service in our club for 1 more year before being sold to another club as his value will remain unchanged after 1 more season, provided that the current team retains most of the members of the squad winning the last the European cup. In case that he will remain his form and performance for 1 more season, his price tag would climb up to another level which will be better off for both sides, Falcao and the team as a whole.

  • shlomgar

    Guys, I don’t know about you but I’m officially hating this summer. Looks like any player even thinking of leafing their club is a candidate and an option for our club.
    it’s nerve wrecking. Until now we had our three signings plus: Diego, GDS, Veloso, Yilmaz, Tello, Botia, F.Torres, Viola, Park, Vela, Modric, Fabián, Alvaro, Jurado, Gomez, B.Valero and like a dozen more I’ve forgotten already.
    Would La Liga start already?

  • Urban

    OMG what a wild rumour this 60 mln pounds, how this could be true if his release clause is 60 mln euro!?

    Who comes up with stuff like this?????????


  • Well i won’t want to lose such a great player like falcao. But the money would help us a lot if the board uses it wisely. But I think the board THESE DAYS know what they’re doing. They are doing a better job than usual.

  • yon

    The board aren’t doing a better job than normal? They promise to push for champions league football each year, yet fall short and have debt to pay? They just need to take a risk, financially, not too crazy though, if we get CL football it pays off, if not sell the 1 or 2 stars and build again, better than this never ending ins and outs of 15 players each way!

  • Javi Lozoya

    I agree with Yon. The board is not doing a “better job than usual”. Extending Courtois loan for another year plus paying a fee to Chelsea, says pretty much everything. Atleti helps Chelsea helping Cortois to become a better GK, yet Atleti doesn’t get nothing in return. That’s bad business.
    If the board was smart enough they would’ve not renew Courtois, since he is never gonna be a permanent player of Atleti, they would’ve not sold Dominguez, and they would already have Diego signed on a permanent basis, but no they didn’t.
    Who knows what’s gonna happen next. Next thing you know they desist on signing Diego and sign Michu instead. Same song same dance. I have faith in Simeone and the squad but not on the board.

  • starvs

    Think that’s a huge over simplification Javi, not like they are sitting around doing nothing because they like to be bored, there is no money.

    The fact that there is no money is of course the fault of the board, but one that has been LONG building and it’s not fair to blame current decision makers for dealing with past failures (although many of those faces are the same).

    Maybe selling Dominguez was a bad choice, but doubt there was a concrete buyer for Godin and there clearly was for Dom. Gotta take the money where it is when you in such financial crisis.

    And it’s not like you can just not renew Coutois because it doesn’t help us in the future, their are present considerations as well. We need a good goalie this year…

  • shlomgar

    Just learned that Arda has taken over the no.10 jersey. Very nice to him though I was under the impression we are saving that for a certain individual…
    On that matter, Flamenco is dangerously close to signing Diego, having agreed with Wolfsburg on a fee, and for some “strange” reason they even thought of a backup plan, Riquelme. Talking about smart moves and decision making, I thought this was a good example.

  • Urban

    Hmmm maybe its also part of our waiting game we play with Wolfsburg. If we had distributed all numbers but “10” it would be pretty obvious what we are up to… although maybe I am wrong, after all everybody already knows we are going to try to sing him in the last days of transfer window (damn your clapping mouth Cerezo!)

  • Timo

    Does anyone have an idea how i can buy a ticket for the match Levante – Atletico on 18/19 August?

  • How much debt are we owing???

  • Urban

    Any other random questions? (yes, this is one as well)

  • Lubo

    Well, how is your life these days Urban?

  • Hey seems well will be goin to Valencia to play our first match of the season and we are playing Levante away not Valencia

  • Urban

    Would be better if Diego signed for Atleti XD

  • shlomgar

    Randy there are shorter ways and longer ones to give information. But tnx, do you know of Derby Day?

    We should do a YouTube campaign to show our love for Diego. Mabe it’ll stir the wheels in our diraction…

  • yon

    Lets all tweet Diego non-stop no until he comes!

    No that it will help as its atleti and wolfsburgs representatives that are getting nowhere!