Caminero charged with money laundering

Atlético's sporting director accused of taking part in criminal activity with drug cartels

atletico sporting director jose luis perez caminero

José Luis Pérez Caminero (

Atlético are a club no strangers to illicit activity, and when it was made known last summer that José Luis Pérez Caminero would be taking over for Jesús García Pitarch as Atleti’s sporting director, we knew he would fit right in with our majority-shareholding and criminally convicted directors given his tainted past.

While certainly embarrassing to the legacy of our beloved Atleti, the alleged charges brought against Caminero and 19 others by the 3rd Magistrates’ Court of Majadahonda (Madrid) – accusing the defendants of taking part in a money laundering scheme reportedly organised by both Colombian and Mexican drug cartels – are somewhat unsurprising.

According to court documents, as the Spanish EFE news agency reports, in 2008 and 2009, Caminero participated, along with three others, in “the transporting of money from Madrid to Valladolid, where a group of individuals would help them exchange the money at a financial institution.”

The records also show that the former Rojiblanco midfielder “was detained on 8 June 2009 when he was carrying 58,500 euros in cash he was taking from Valladolid to Madrid to deliver to another defendant”, and that he had previously been placed under police surveillance as early as 22 September 2008, when officers of the Civil Guard (Spanish Police Force) noticed his comings and goings at a jewelry shop in the Spanish capital that had been identified as the criminal organisation’s centre of operations.

The judge also stated that information taken from a USB memory stick belonging to a Mexican citizen also indicted in the scheme, revealed that up to €60 million may have been laundered.

It’s unclear if these charges will eventually lead to Caminero seeing jail time, or what the immediate future holds for him at Atleti.

In other but related news, Atlético are reportedly considering changing their anthem to this.

  • Shlomgar

    I don’t know man, I’ve just started to learn spanish, now I need to learn to gangsta rap?

  • Javi Lozoya

    Ha, ha!. Classic of Caminero. Everybody saw this coming. Such a shame a world class player like him was involved in this. But it is what is. Let’s pretend he doesn’t go to jail but he is relinquished as the sporting director. Therefore the club must obviously appoint a new sporting director. Who should him be?. I’d like to see Kiko Narváez in that role. He is an all time legend for the club. After his retirement, he became a pundit. Juan Vizcaíno, Antonio Muñoz Toni, perhaps?. Luis Aragones?. Or just give totalitarian power to Simeone so he signs the players he wants?. That would be awesome, but then again, is just hypothetically.

  • Heißenberg

    I think that you can forget about Toni, Kiko, Aragones etc. Last summer Toni rejected offer to become sports director (and that’s why Caminero was appointed, he was only second choice) and Kiko refused to be spokesman or something like that. I believe that they don’t want to have anything with Giles and I can respect that.
    Having said that, I have no idea who could replace Caminero if he gets sacked. Probably someone like him, a puppet who will do everything Gil and Mendes say. The best thing really might be giving Cholo complete control.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Yea. I know. Like I said it was only hypothetically. Aragones doesn’t take shit from nobody, much less from Gil. The problem is the same thing, even if Cholo is granted total power, they’ll tell him there’s no money and proly sign cheap or not so good players or even Mendes protegees, and that’s not fair to Simeone. He has done a lot for Atleti both as a player and now as manager. If I was him and wouldn’t get decent signings I would renounce. Cholo doesn’t need to take shit from Gil either. He is too good for that.
    Grande Cholo!.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Oh Shit. Seems Atleti is gonna sign Cata Diaz from Getafe. I assume most of y’all know him. He is 32 years but in my opinion he is pretty damn good. He is a solid defender and a leader. We don’t have that many leaders in the squad. And Cata has been one of Geta’s most solid players in years. Good signing I think. He can play as RB too I believe.

  • Javi Lozoya
  • Javi Lozoya

    Ha, Ha!. Seems not a single person likes Cata at Fucking unbelievable!. For 1M it’s a bargain really. Atleti wasn’t gonna get a better experienced player like Diaz for that amount. But I guess people prefer Thiago Silva for 40M… I can’t believe it really. Cata Diaz is a great player.

  • Edletico

    Looks s though perea has been replaced then. Good signing IMO. Dont want him at Rb though, too slow. Atleast we wil have some depth next season. Diego will make it magical

  • ratchet

    Just watching England go from high-2-low-2-high again against sweden. No changes there then, so stressfull to watch. Pleased with the result though. 1/4 finals here we come (hopefully)

  • Javi Lozoya

    Great goal by Welbeck. I’m glad for him. He deserves it. He is pretty damn good.