La Liga: Atlético 3 – 0 Villarreal

Atlético shine in Simeone's home debut

Simeone wins his first home game(

Simeone wins his first home game

Diego Simeone made a succesful home debut as coach of Atlético Madrid.

The Rojiblancos convincingly beat Villarreal with a brace by Falcao and a goal by Diego (3-0).

Atleti’s new coach, who went up against former teammate and Vicente Calderón-hero José Francisco Molina, had asked for intensity and aggressiveness from his players and they delivered.

From the first minute on Atleti pressed relentlessly and surged forward as soon as we received the ball. Villarreal are known for their possession based game, but not for a moment did the Yellow Submarine get a chance to breathe and pass the ball around.

The first chance was for Falcao, who headed into the hands of Diego López. The cross was delivered by Arda, who set up Diego a little later, but the Brazilian couldn’t get any power behind his shot.

Diego set Adrián up with a huge opportunity early on, but the Spaniard tried to connect with Falcao instead of taking a shot himself.

Arda and Adrián returned to the line-up and proved why Simeone was wrong to let them off the team last week.

The Turkish midfielder even had the chance to score but was stopped by López. The ball was delivered to him by Diego and Juanfran, who together occupied Atleti’s right wing. With Villarreal unable to get off their own half, there was plenty of space for right back Juanfran to run into, and the makeshift defender provided a constant threat down the right side.

The home side pinned the yellows back on their own half and earned several set pieces, one which was almost converted by Diego Godín.

Shortly before the break Atlético opened the scoring. Tiago played a ball over the top to Adrián, who avoided the offside trap and delivered the ball to Radamel Falcao, who only had to tap it in.

Immediately after the break we doubled our lead. Diego played a splicing pass to Adrián, who flicked it on for Falcao. The Colombian striker was tripped by Gonzalo and referee Turienzo Álvarez pointed to the spot. Replays showed that the Villarreal captain made contact just outside of the box, so Atleti caught another lucky break as Falcao himself converted the spot kick.

It was El Tigre’s 7th goal in only three matches against Villarreal, a side he knocked out with FC Porto in the semi finals of last season’s Europa League.

In the remainder of the match Falcao came close to completing his hat-trick, but Diego López denied him a third goal on multiple occasions.

Molina had made two substitutions at the start of the second half, but Villarreal never seemed like getting back into the game. Zapata and Nilmar did hit the sidenetting, but the Valencians should start to seriously worry, having gained only 3 points on the road in this La Liga campaign.

After the defeat on Sunday Villarreal are now 18th in the table.

In the final minutes Atlético added a third. Diego put the crown on his Man of the Match-performance by scoring a beautiful goal. He controlled a pass on his chest and beat López from close range.

Atlético could have scored more after comical defending by Villarreal, but Godín, Miranda, Gabi and Falcao all missed the target.

Our performance, both offensively and defensively, was inspiring and nearly flawless. All players reached a high level, with the likes of Adrián, Diego and Tiago standing out.

Hopefully Atlético can take this form to San Sebastián next week, where they will take on Real Sociedad. The game, which was originally scheduled for the 22th of August last year, will round off the first half of the season.

Line-up: Courtois; Juanfran, Miranda, Godín, Filipe; Diego (“85 Pizzi), Tiago, Gabi, Arda (“63 Salvio); Adrián (“78 Koke) and Falcao.

Goals: 1-0 Falcao (“40); 2-0 Falcao p.k. (“51); 3-0 Diego (“80)

  • Daneatl


  • very convincing performance. Good job ATLETI!!!

  • teso

    Great game by the Colchoneros! Aupa Atleti.

  • falcao

    great game…we will continue play like this

  • Rojiblanco93

    Superb !!!

  • Sweden

    That was a great game, Courtois did not have much to do this morning, omg is this the same guys who let people walk though the defence 5 weeks ago?

  • Great performance by atletico.Diego is fantastic,Falcao is provin his doubters wrong.Great coach great players,great club

  • ratchet

    we could be heading towards our first away league win against sociedad

  • shlomgar

    Sweden, defence was not our weak link this season, Ratchet, don’t jinx it man… I’m so excited about this win! I haven’t seen the game yet does anybody knows where can I see a review or replay online?

  • Sweden

    shlomgar, are you serious? At the end of our “manzano era”.. players literally walked through our defence.

  • Gert

    On you should be able to find links to downloadthe game…

  • At last a convincing victory!

  • palc

    We have to play Adrian each game. Pure class. Man of the Match.

  • shlomgar

    I agree that we have some irresponsible defenders but as a whole our defensive game is pretty good and if you look at the games we lost you’ll see that it was the offense that was missing. We have probably the best young center back in the league and one of the best full backs. We have a good GK and when Assuncao is playing our backline doesn’t even see the ball (I know I’m exaggerating but I’m trying to make a point).

    WE’RE JUST NOT SCORING ENOUGH. I wish Simeone good start with the players will change that.

    Aupa Atleti!

    Tnx gert I’ll check that

  • Josh Elorm

    Great result. Great start for d year

  • Sergio Lopez

    The first thing we should do after the season ends is to buy Diego Ribas.

  • ratchet

    good result. lets hope we can start climbing the table now. btw, i dont think we ever needed to worry bout relegation. we are 7 points away from 4th place, so we should still be aiming for a champions league spot. if ultimately we dont reach it i will still be content with a europa league spot, and we could still win it this year as well. next season though we need to mount a serious 3rd place finish challenge. it may be too late for that this year though.

  • Simeone seems to know what he’s doing…great game, I’m satisfied! 😀 AUPA ATLETI!

  • Edletico

    Great performance, may need to be more clinical in future games though. The only player who didn’t impress was gabi for me so I hoping for a new cm this market. Valero may be a lot more interested now.

    Also does anyone know about that Elliot Kabba we signed from leeds other than his pace??

  • dgsozkan

    Even though Villarreal wasn’t a very challenging opponent it’s still a good result. By the way it looks like Juanfran is becoming a first11 player. Yet, I’m not sure whether it is good news or not.

  • k14

    Best performance I saw from Atleti in years.
    Whole team was great and diego was superb,
    and the icing on the cake for me was full score in the prediction league :p

  • Javi

    Great all around effort , juanfran surprised me, very good
    Had my doubts about Simeone after last week. This was very good, but I want to see if we can do this against the good teams

  • DJ_ZA

    I’m trying not to get too excited… it wasn’t exactly against the toughest opposition. We’ve had other good games this season … we need consistency. Good results against R.Sociedad and (especially) Osasuna and I’ll be more convinced. But, a win’s a win… so WELL DONE ATLETI!

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