Atlético neglect option to purchase Pizzi

Option to sign the loanee for €15m expired on the 31st of December

Pizzi embraced at the Vicente Calderón(

Pizzi embraced at the Vicente Calderón

As it stands, Luis Miguel Afonso Fernandes, better known as “Pizzi“, won’t be staying at Atlético after the current campaign.

The Rojiblancos had the option to sign the youngster, who is on loan from Sporting Clube de Braga until the end of the season.

The pre-arranged fee of €15m expired last Saturday, on the 31st of December.

Atlético signed Pizzi on a temporary deal only two days before the transfer window closed, and it would seem Braga included the hefty fee to be able to hold out for the maximum price if the 21-year old impressed in Madrid.

So far Pizzi has played 160 minutes for Atleti and hasn’t done enough to warrant the €15m price tag, even if he’s shown flashes of his talent. In six cameos he scored once, the opening goal against Levante.

Would you like for Pizzi to stay at Atlético and what price would you be willing to pay for the talented Portuguese?

  • starvs

    Don’t want him for that price.

  • falcao

    we can buy much better player for that money for example Shaqiri i’m really obsessed with him i would like to see him playing for Atleti
    Turan Falcao Shaqiri that would be a great relationship

  • Joe

    Don’t even want him for half that price

  • 15?! What’s he, Messi? :S

  • palc

    He’s not abad player, obviously got potential, but far from good enough for Atleti. Even if we could get him for free, I wouldnt have signed him. Sorry Pizzy my friend, you’re just a waste of space in Atleti. We need better players occupying our spots. With Reyes gone, we need a replacemtbadly as Salvio and Juanfran arent good enough neither.

  • Ringo

    What a pizzi… Sorry, very bad pun.

    In my eyes he isn’t a bigger talent than Salvio or Shaqiri, so 15 million would be way too much. Hopefully Shaqiri is still relatively cheap (7-8 million), because he shows some promise.

    Sadly the kid didn’t get many chances, but getting him seemed useless in the first place, there were too many wingers already, for a young player to get the chance to prove himself.

    So, I’m interested in a fight (not literally) between Shaqiri and Salvio, hoping they both get the chance and coaching they deserve.

  • Lubo

    He is not worth more than 3-5 mil and even if we got him, he would be loaned out. Now I think this is our board’s wisest decision after very long time. But palc is right, we badly need replacement for a winger position, or we will be again in the same position as last season, when Elias along with Koke or Raul Garcia had to play in winger position.

  • Javi Lozoya

    It was about time for our board to actually think with their head and not something else, BRAVO!!! hopefully this is the beginning for new good and right decisions for the club, although with Atleti you never know what’s gonna happen next!!!, anyways, speaking solely about Pizzi obviously he was overpriced just because the fact that Jorge Mendes is his agent, and Pizzi wasn’t my favorite player but he had some interest things for his game, hope he finds sucess with Braga.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Shaqiri’s price is about 12M and his price is gonna rise even higher, keep that in mind, also, there is no sign of him at the moment, so I believe his move to Atleti was just a rumor and nothing more, and speaking about transfers, now that Pizzi purchase is not gonna be materialized I suppose the club is gonna spend those 15M in another player, because the board knew already from the beginning of the season that they would have to pay those 15M in case he had a good season, so therefore those rumors that the team has no money for signigs is not true, and so the 15M that were planned to be used to buy Pizzi could be know be used to sign another player or players.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Simeone formation is gonna be a 4-3-1-2 scheme, so probably he is not gonna use any wingers but midfielders with the liberty of going forward to make crosses and all of that, and now that Reyes is leaving the club (athough nothing has been yet announced regarding his departure), I suppose Salvio is gonna ocupy his spot playing as right midfielder although Reyes rarely played this season, Turan as left midfielder, Assuncao probably is gonna be the starting DM, all of these players are gonna occupy Simeone’s line of 3 midfielders, Diego probably is gonna be the AM, and Adrian is gonna pair Falcao upfront, which is gonna make the team have more power upfront, but my question is, how is the team gonna improve to create crosses and opportunities upfront if pretty much the whole season so far we had trouble to create goalscoring opportunities for Falcao even tough we played with 4-3-3 system which was supposed to work and was design to create goalscoring chances for Falcao, that’s a tough question but I’m optimist that Simeone is gonna know what to do to improve this team.

  • Javi

    I would not pay more than €1.5m for him
    He has potential but needs a lot of developing. If we purchased him I would loan him out to Zaragoza, bêtis or another lower first division team to get playing time

  • Javi Lozoya

    Hey Falcao, seems Farfan may become Reyes replecement if he leaves, you nailed it man!, according to AS and some other sources Atleti is interested in bringing Farfan to the Manzanares, Farfan has fell out of favor recently at Schalke who just signed Chinedu Obasi Ogbuke about just a week ago, and so with the arrival of Obasi to Schalke Farfan might need to move to another club, also I want to point out that it’s not the first time Farfan has been linked to Atleti as last year Atleti was interested in him, and I suppose most of you guys know “La Foquita” Farfan, in case you didn’t all I have to say is that he is an amazing player, versatile he can play on the wing and midfield, no need to say more about this amazing player, oh I forgot, he could provide the crosses and passes Falcao is desperedly needing, it’s only a rumor but I would love to see Jeff at Atleti.

  • Ringo

    But it could be the case that he has very high salary demands…

  • Ringo

    Does anyone know how Cedric is doing at Numancia?

  • Javi Lozoya

    That’s a good point Ringo, it’s true that Farfan earns about 5M per season and that’s probably why Schalke want him to leave, and in that case it would be very complicated for Atleti to page his high wages, but if the club has shown a significant interest in him then he might sign for Atleti, let’s hope he comes. Changing the subject Gylfi Sigurdsson (great player) has recently joined Swansea City and that might mean that Goossens is not coming to Wales.
    About Cedric he has been a regular fixture for Numancia has well as Cabrera, he wears the number 10 jersey and is been doing pretty good but unfortunately he has been reported injured, I don’t know for how long is he gonna be injured, but I own it too you as well as his statistics, additionally, on 06-06-2011 he received 3 awards because of relevation, incorporation and quality from Diario de Soria, Soria’s diary, also, he is on a 3 year contract at Numancia but Atleti has a buying option.

  • Sergio Lopez

    I was against Merida-Pizzi exchange, and I’m against buying the Portuguese now. I’m for Pizzi-Merida exchange, you know.

  • Sebyk

    Farfan has no passport and there is no room in the squad for another non-EU player, same for Sosa, Jelavić and other players. I don’t really believe we’re interested in them.
    Cedric isn’t doing bad, but he was in a much better form last year. I’d bring him back anyway, he’s an aggressive, quick and strong winger, something we lack and something Simeone would like I think. Also I’d be glad to see Miguelito back, he’s surely better than Pizzi, moreover versatile and he knows the club…
    I personally don’t expect Simeone to play 4-3-1-2, there are way too many wingers on the team and they need to play somewhere. I guess he’ll return to his 4-2-3-1 he played in River Plate…

  • Sebyk

    Anyway I don’t expect any reinforcements, the club has simpley no money. If we cash 3 or 4 millions on Reyes we’d have just enough to buy somebody like Cedric, definitely not Shaqiri or Farfán.

  • falcao

    it says that for Farfan need 15 milions and for Shaqiri about 12-13 milions

  • falcao

    we can bring up Riccardo Montolivo or Sulley Muntari they will be free agents for DM

  • falcao

    also we have Mohamed Diame from Wigan who is also wanted by Arsenal he is 24

  • Urban

    I would rather go for Bosingwa and Flamini would solve basically our squad problems, both are free agents next summer already able to negotiate with other teams.

    Then we could let Perea, Tiago, Assuncao go.

  • Pizzi, for fifteen million dollars?! nah you have to be joking. Best thing get rid of him and buy shaqiri or lugano or caceres

  • Alfred

    15m is too much :S

  • leika

    Montolivo is more like a playmaker so if we buy-out Diego and Gabi and Koke stay we wouldn’t need him. We need a guy like Lassana Diarra, Arevalo Rios, Van Bommel (just examples) or someone like that a ball winner and a hard man (DM).