Caminero: “Now is not the time for drastic measures”

The sporting director hints that the club continues to stand behind Manzano

Caminero issues apology to the fans  (

Caminero issues apology to the fans

Atlético sporting director José Luis Caminero spoke to the club’s official site about Atleti’s latest debacle, a 3-2 loss against 10-man Getafe on Sunday.

While the team was finally able to score an away goal in league play, Falcao and Domínguez’s strikes weren’t enough to overcome the home side, who put three past Courtois.

Gregorio Manzano has been unable to motivate his men outside the Vicente Calderón, and this is reflected on the league table. Los Rojiblancos are currently the worst visitors – or favourite guests from the point of view of our opponents – with just a single point from their travels.

The overwhelming majority of fans are now clamouring for Manzano to be sacked, but Caminero’s statements suggested the front office will continue to back the 55-year-old journeyman.

“It must be recognised that we have a problem playing away games,” Caminero said.

“Atlético Madrid can’t be the worst team playing away from home after 11 rounds. We are analysing the reasons why we are capable of thrashing the Serie A’s second place team and then are incapable of defeating an opponent that plays with 10 players for an hour.”

The sporting director held himself, along with the institution as a whole, accountable for the squad’s disappointing play.

“The successes of the team correspond to us all and, likewise, we all assume responsibility for the bad situations,” he said.

“In these circumstances, the same individual is targeted but the reality is that football is a collective sport and in the victories and in the losses we are all responsible in one form or another.”

Having donned Atleti’s colours in the past and being a key member of the league and cup double-winning side of the 1995/96 campaign, the former Atlético midfielder reminded the current players of the club’s rich history.

“We can’t respond to our fans’ support with a match like the one we disputed on Sunday,” he said.

“Wearing the red and white shirt demands the maximum effort in every sense and he who is unwilling to give his all for this club, all he has to do is say it and we’ll take care of the situation in five minutes.”

He continued: “The players must be conscious of the crest they defend and leave their all on the pitch for these colours.”

According to a report by our good friend Dani Hidalgo of Spanish paper AS, Manzano’s tenure at the club is on shaky ground, with Atlético legends Luis Aragonés and Milinko Pantic rumoured to be in the mix as possible mid-season substitutes.

Hidalgo feels Thursday’s friendly in Egypt may have saved Manzano’s job for now. The upcoming international break seemed like the perfect time to bring in a new manager, as it would allow ample time for the replacement coach to get acquainted with the squad but, because of the match in Cairo, the team, along with ‘Goyo’, won’t be getting back until Friday.

“Our project can’t last merely four months,” Caminero said.

“It’s designed to accomplish its objectives and we’re not going to call it quits prematurely. What we all must do is show that we deserve to be at a club as big as Atlético.

“Now is not the time to take drastic measures, rather, we must search for solutions to a problem that we should have never fallen into.”

Finally, Caminero had some words for the Colchonero faithful.

“I’d like to apologise to our fans for the displays offered in some matches away from home, and especially for Sunday’s in Getafe,” he said.

“Despite having reasons for being angry at us, they always support us and we can only have words of appreciation for them and ask them for forgiveness for not being up to the task the way they and Atlético deserve.

“But, they should have faith that we will turn this situation around.”

  • javi

    What faith can we have when the only two games weve won recently were against Zaragoza, and Udinense playing withr reserves???
    We are just wasting time here…MANZANO OUT…LUIS IN…NOW

  • ratchet

    How are we supposed to have faith when we are 1/3 through the season, and are somehow managing to do WORSE than the 1999/2000 season. We seem to be able to get two wins under our belt, then lose horrifically. 5-0 loss to barca and then this horror result, where im actually more annoyed than when we lost to aris solanika, surely the lowlight of last season at the Vincente Calderon. The players need to show more desire than this. We wont get relegated but we shouldnt play like a team that faces a relegation battle every year. CL a bit too far out now, as a few too many tesults need to go our way. I wont be suprised if we draw 0-0 with levante, but to have any real hope of european football next year, we NEED to win, specially considering our “lovely” trip to the bernubeu, and considering Real cant stop battering teams, and we struggle not to be battered by teams like them and barca, i personly wont rule out a 6/8-0 battering sadly.

  • JohnGreece

    How can you attract the fans when these people are in Atletico?We want proper people who are able to manage a BIG clb like Atleti.Manzano and the rest shoud go NOW!!!

  • 92

    CL seems far but not impossible, I’m sure we can defeat Levante, it’s not gonna be an easy task but we can do it , we have 2 weeks to prepare, and in case we defeat Levante it would be a huge step to boost our convidence and begin playing are matches like true finals, because at the end all matches count, not just the Madrid derby or Barca’s match, and we still have possibilities.

  • Mais

    i’m just as disappointed with the state of things as everyone else, but maybe caminero is right? u have players that are still learning to play with each other and seasoned players learning to play under a new coach…results are inconsistent but for the most part, maybe the bilbao match excepted, those players are giving a lot on the pitch as far as i can tell..manzanos stoic-ness is an issue, but i like the fact that he called this match a disaster – he dropped the diplomacy and was honest, and maybe he’ll continue that..a new coach just means we have to start all like to see how the cycle of inconsistency will be addressed without coach turnover thrown into the mix

  • Javi

    MAIS, the two summer months are used for players to get to know each other, the coach and the system. We are now going on the fifth month of getting to know each other, come on, this is ridiculous.
    We see now forward progress, its a new invention every week and it keeps getting worse.
    If it has not happened this far its not going to happen. Lets get started with a new project right now and not waste any more time. The players will react to a new disciplined coach and a few transfers in january.

  • 92

    If Manzano gets sacked, which it’s obviously more like to happen,I think that Caminero needs to choose wisely who’s gonna be Atleti’s boss, he has to weeks, obviously most of us know that Manzano is a strong candidate for the post and indeed he is, he is an Atleti legend and most of the fans love him, he was the architect of the current success the Spanish team is enjoying and has a strong character, which is what Manzano lacks, he likes to give playing time to young players, and I think Koke and the other canteranos would learn a lot from him, so he is a good option, although for one part he has been inactive from manager duties and I think it would be a little risky to hire him, but there’s no doubt he is great coach.
    And about Milinko Pantic, he is an historic player and has been working with Atleti and contributing to the club doing important things, he know the club very well but I think he is not ready to be in charge of the first team, I would like him to see him one day as manager of Atleti’s team but I think that at the moment we need a manager who’s experienced and has a strong character to cope with the current bad moment the team is having.
    And talking about possible replacements for Manzano, about 2 weeks ago Schuster himself said that his coaching style fits Atleti, and I think Schuster has a strong character, he was also an Atleti player and he could be a good option also, he knows Spanish football and his numbers as a coach in Spain are pretty good, he was champion with Madrid so obviously he knows how to win titles too.

  • 92

    I meant Aragones is a strong candidate for the post, my bad.

  • Mais

    but we didnt have our new players during those summer months, we got falcao towards the end of august and diego even later, and theyre key players on this new team

  • 92

    While it think Manzano is not entirely responsible for the bad spell the team is having, he failed to in every possible aspect to make the team work, tactically and strategically, switching from a 4-3-3 scheme to a 4-4-2 and/or 4-1-3-2, also, he is no better that Quique, he has been doing line-ups changes and improvisations almost in each and every match, that’s unusual and incomprehensible, like the obstinacy of not making Koke a starter ahead of Tiago, no one understand why, he was granted a great team, he just lacks the personality and character that coaching a big team like Atleti implies, he can’t hold the pressure of the Calderon, also, the fans are not happy at all, and the best thing for Marzano and his career as a manager, is to quit or be sacked from his duties as the Atleti boss.

  • Javi

    Ok Mai’s I give you that we didn’t have the entire team in July, but the majority of the team was there and they should know how to play together by now, but they don’t
    Instead it’s mayhem, even when we are playing the last team in the league with ten players

  • atletisrael

    Mais, I can understand if falcao is having tough time adjusting, he has come late and his movement is supposed to change according to the game rhythm, but he is only one.

    Diego should (and actually is) take responsibility of organizing the team on offence. The style should be controlled and changed on his pace, yet the game is stuck. A good coach understands his players’ personality and make adjustments to his system and style accordingly. Yet every game it seems like the players and system are growing apart.

  • Abi

    This is what happens when you keep changing the squad every now and then. A new coach might help but nothing’s sure. Obviously I am not questioning Argones’s competence. But football is a collective spirit and until and unless the team has not gelled properly winning will never be consistent.We need to work on our defense, stopping them goals will be a major confidence boost for the attacking players, who I personally think are good enough to lift any trophy.
    Getafe was a disaster, we were sloppy. All we needed to do was to hold the ball and make steady attacks and we failed. This isnt like atletico.

  • Mais

    I’m not questioning the fact that something is lacking with manzano

    Do I think players’ confidence will improve if we bring in a new coach? No. They’ll be unsure of themselves, poor results will follow for a few weeks, and we’ll be criticizing whoever steps into the coaching position for that too.

    4-3-3 is a step up from QSF’s 4-4-2 but it only got us those early wins against weak teams. It failed after that, until udinese with 4-2-3-1. I’m not gna hold it against manzano if certain formations he tries don’t work, we haven’t found the perfect formula yet, and we have had a fair bit of injury to deal with, especially silvio. The issue is the team’s psyche, and that problem stems back I don’t know how long. Manzano maybe isn’t cheerleading/yelling/whatever the way he should but this is an issue that cannot be placed solely on him. We lost 3 prolific players this summer, 2 in an ugly fashion, n I think it did some damage. I don’t know the atletico under anyone before QSF so I can’t say Manzano is preferable to Aragones etc, but whoever comes in will have to face the same thing with this team, the problem lies deeper than tactics and canteranos.

  • davie

    the problems are more deep rooted than just the manager i mean manzano isnt perfect after sunday was calling for him to be sacked but if you look back over the last few seasons had the same problems under aguirre resino and qsf

  • GCCM

    so simple CEREZO and company dont want to say that manzano project have failed!!! they are waiting for december too sack manzano or a big defeat from real or another team!! just like they did to abel resino tow years ago!!! they really suck!!! gil and cerezo fuera!!!

  • 92

    Not necessarily bringing a new coach would make the players unsure, on the contrary all the players will strive the impress the new, they will get motivated also, bringing a new coach like Aragones, Rafa Benitez or Schuster, you name it, will restore order and discipline to the team, and above all, the new coach will inject confidence and motivation and encourage the players, something I don’t think Manzano is doing.
    We have to to admit that we hit rock bottom, and if Manzano is allowed to remain in charge as the Atleti boss, we are gonna sink even lower.

  • Jose Ignacio Perez-Laorga

    OMG kick Manzano out now!!! he doesntt deserve to coach atleltico, he is the kind of coach that doesnt let you go down to seconf division but never wins anything. Atletico needs a coach with character and ambition, a coach who isnt afraid of the big names like Madrid and Barcelona. For me either Schuster or Luis Aragones are perfectly qualified for the job, but i think that Luis could take us very far.

  • 92

    Emergency alert!, Javier Manquillo, 17 years old, fullback from the Juvenil A has been selected for the trip to Cairo to face El Zamalek, the inclusion of Manquillo has made my day and possible the whole weekend!. It’s freakin’ awesome!, make us proud Mantilla!.
    Also in other Atleti news, this time sad news, Antonio Lopez was operated and is gonna be out for 3 weeks, hope he recovers succesfully, Get well captain!.

  • 92

    Here’s a brief information about Mantillo; and here’s some more;
    Good luck to Atleti and specially Mantillo, makes us proud Mantillo!, show the Egyptians what you got kid!.

  • 92

    I meant Manquillo not Mantillo, wtf?!, I guess I was too excited about the news that a young player like Manquillo not Mantillo, was called up for a mini “tour” in Egypt with Atleti’s first team and that Manzano finally puts his trust in a young player, (what has gotten in to him?!!!), that I mispelled Manquillo’s name like 3 times, anyways, HELL YEAH MANQUILLO!, SHOW EGYPT WHAT YOU GOT BOY, MAKE US PROUD!.

  • dgsozkan

    It’s hard not to be excited about new promising youngsters just like Manquillo. I didn’t know much about him till 92 mentioned him but from now on I’ll be following him.

    There is no need to stand behind Manzano, it’s not just about bad results it’s because I don’t believe that team can level up with him. Schuster or Rafa could be good. I personally like Schuster’s style.
    However,new coach should be selected meticulously we need a coach who is passionate to win and give chances to young players. Because the key to success is creating our own stars. We need a fresh face.Let Manzano go already!

  • Javi

    For those that want Reyes out, rumor has it that he’s negotiated his January exit with Sevilla.

  • 92

    Well, I don’t have nothing against Reyes, he is a great player, no need to say more about his football qualities, but instead of becoming a more mature player everyday, he is 28, he seems to become more immature every season, he acts very childish like he was a rookie and he is not, he has been in the game for over 10 years now, but he shows no signs of progress, also he is a big problem in the dressing room, and it’s not just the incident with Manzano, this goes before that, DavidSF, posted an article where Resino says Reyes hit out at Resino, here it is;, so I think is clear that Reyes is not gonna do any good for the club if he stays, and who knows?, perhaps if Reyes returns to Sevilla he might revive his career, just like our former players Valera and Raul Garcia, who are doing great and seem to be very happy at Getafe and Osasuna respectively.

  • Ringo

    I think I agree with you on this one, but Reyes is 30, not 28, which probably makes his scenario even worse…

    The sooner he leaves, the smaller fuss he’ll create in the squad

  • 92

    No, Reyes is 28 not 30, I think you mean Maxi, he is 30, although it doesn’t make a difference if Reyes he is 28 or 30, he is still acting like a 12 year old, anyways, I just wanted to clear that up.

  • starvs

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Reyes go if the price is right. Sucks to see such a talent leave your club, but his attitude/behavior/teamwork issues are a serious problem. With Pizzi also leaving in January (if his, fairly expensive, 15m option is not purchased), I think another wing/forward player would need to be brought in, Toto and Juanfran are not enough backup. Unless a new coach is brought in who is willing to give Collado and Pedro some burn.

  • 92

    starvs, well, Sevilla is a club that rarely spends a whole amount of money in players, that’s why they didn’t bought Gio Dos Santos, they thought he was hell expensive, so I wouldn’t expect much money for Reyes, I’d say €5 million is fine, and Pizzi he is way too expensive, €15 million for a player that is barely starting his career isn’t exactly a good investment, instead I Artjoms Rudnevs is, he was one pleasing surprise from last year’s Europa League, if you don’t agree you can always ask Juve, is clause is around €5 million, he plays for Lech Poznan, his goalscoring rate is superb, and I think he is ready to move to a larger league like the Spanish, and I say acquiring him would bring more interests from the Eastern Europe media, more specifically Latvia, I think his jerseys would be sold acceptably and I think it would be a good investment for Atleti.
    I also remember you mention Dempsey and yeah he is a great player, versatile and hard worker, also he is keen on moving away from Fulham to play European cups, and it would attract more media to Atleti from the US, his clause is around €11.000.000 it’s a good price but I’m not so sure how much money Atleti can afford at the moment, so we’ll see.