Volkswagen to sponsor Atlético?

The club has a good relationship after negotiating a deal for Diego

Atlético still without a shirt sponsor(

Atlético still without a shirt sponsor

Atlético Madrid have been playing without a shirt sponsor after Korean car manufacturer KIA decided to end their contract with the club upon the conclusion of the 2010/11 season.

But perhaps we will play with a brand name on our jerseys at the start of the new year.

According to Spanish paper AS the club is closing in on a deal with Volkswagen.

Atlético is in negotiations with the German multinational and hope to reach an agreement for €6 million, which would make VW our main sponsor.

Volkswagen is a global brand and matches our ambitions, because Atlético want to expand to new markets and aim to reach out to potential fans all over the world.

Atleti don’t want to rush into a deal and have been patient in their search for interested parties. Other La Liga clubs such as Valencia, Villarreal and Sevilla also still haven’t found a shirt sponsor.

If a deal is struck, it may well be because of our warm relationship with Francisco Javier García Sanz, a board member at both the car company and the football club that hails from the same city: Wolfsburg.

Would you like to have Volkswagen as Atlético’s new sponsor, or are there any other brands you think would look great on the front of our shirt?

  • Robel

    If they offer good money, then we have to say yes, but I do think the VW logo will look very ugly on the shirt. I’m glad I already bought this season’s shirt last month.

  • palc

    I vote for Burger King.

  • Croatia Atletista

    The money flow will be good but I like the clean shirt with no sponsors

  • AtleticodeGlasgow

    Is it likely to be the Seat brand?

    At least the logo colours would match the shirt!

  • k14

    Fly Emirates is always my Favorite logo, since its simple and could fit into any shirt.

  • 7th

    no no no, i have not bought the jerseys yet, i like it without the sponsor logo.

  • 92

    Well, I agree the current jersey without any sponsors is pretty cool but, we need money for next season, I’m not familiar with the current economic satus of the club, but any money will obviously increase the club’s budget, plus, it can be worse than KIA, can’t it?!, psych! I liked the jersey with the KIA logo, but I mean I don’t really care about the logo, as long as the sponsors contribute for Atleti, any brand is good enough.

  • Numa

    money makes the world go round, I think the brand it’s no matter, what matters is money in this case… definitely the reason to accept a logo it’s no beauty, honor or history, we are talking just about a sponsor, a strictly economical matter where sponsor and Atlético are mutually beneficial, if Volskwagen pay well, go ahead Volskwagen.

  • 20corona

    6€ sounds very little, cant we get better than that?

  • 20corona

    Million* 😉

  • Colchonero

    According to the football finance website The Swiss Ramble, Atletico’s commercial income (including sponsorships) was worth €26m for the last season. The KIA deal was worth a €4m per season, plus performance clauses. The best sponsorship deal in La Liga (and in the world) is Barcelona’s €40m per season deal with the Qatar Foundation. Barcelona’s revenues dwarfs Atletico’s by four times; so using that as an albeit rudimentary measurement, Atletico should hold out for at least €10m per season. We have long been financially the third strongest team in the league, however our negotiations would be greatly supported by a likewise third-place showing in the table. I suppose our lack of signing a deal with a sponsor is the management’s bet that we’ll make CL football this year. On the other hand, if a deal is close to being struck maybe they’ve already lost hope and are hoping to guarantee a steady income.

  • Colchonero

    Just to clarify Atleti’s income revenues for 10/11 was €125m, and Barca’s was €€430m.

  • 92

    Hey guys I urge you to read this article about Gonzalo Blanco a young Atleti B GK, who overcame two brain tumors succesfully and strives to become Atleti’s starting GK someday, it’s a Marca article, so it’s obviously in Spanish and for those who can’t read in Spanish, I’ll be happy to translate it for you.
    Here’s the link:

  • Derek Maaijen

    It seems Atlético has found a shirt sponsor! We’ll wear the logo of Doyen Group on our left sleeve, starting from the match against Granada!

  • rockefeller

    Please translate the article, 92! Thank you.

  • 92


    Gonzalo Blanco: How beautiful is to live!

    Gonzalo Blanco Contreras could be a canterano, one of many, that fights in the fields of the Cerro del Espino for a place in the Atletico first team. But he isn’t. His story changed almost 2 years ago, on December 3rd, when he fainted on the pitch after being hit by the ball on his head. Subsequent tests determined that he suffered from a brain tumor that not only threatened to end his career as a footballer but also, endangered his own life.

    “When I arrived home I told my mom that my head hurt a lot, the pain was unbearable. We waited for my father and then went to emergencies. From the time I arrived there, I did came out in months. 4 specifically. They diagnosed me with a brain tumor. Over the next 15 days they kept doing tests on me. They had to find out if the tumor was cancerous or not. The news couldn’t came out any worse: Not only the tumor was cancerous but they also found a second tumor”.

    One tumor could be removed with surgery. The other could not. It was inoperable. That’s were the chemotherapy and radiotherapy played their roles. The hair loss and the surgery suppose to make the organism to become tired. Not even being young or being an athlete prevent you from suffering the aftereffects of the surgery.

    But it was clear to Gonzalo that he had to win this match (the surgery). Not even spending a week in the intensive cares unit could hold him back. And what better than his enthusiasm of becoming a footballer to kick the tumors away: “Football and the will of becoming a GK were crucial to overcame the tumor. I think that without that will it would have take more time for me to overcome the tumor. My dream of becoming a GK has help me a lot.” confesses the young keeper.

    But before he went to the training fields and feeling like a goalkeeper again, he had to overcame other tests. Even more harder than the goal of becoming a GK since he was little: “During the surgeries the touched the right side of my body. I couldn’t move any muscle from that zone, and that’s why now I exercise to recover full mobility. Before consider a return to the pitch, I have to be perfect. Every day I’m feeling better, yesterday I did exercises I could not even imagine doing 3 months ago”.

    During those months -he spended 8 months being treated-, he fough againts the tumor disease and the weakness it provokes. He couldn’t drive, he could barely stand on his feet. His football life, in which he was regarded as one the best GK from the youth team, became a second priority.

    It was time to face the biggest match of his life, win the battle of life. Being able to defend himself without the help of his family members, it was time to make a giant step for Gonzalo in those complicated moments. tt seems he won the battle. This friday he exercised with his idols at the field of the Cerro.

    “Quique promoted me and I shared training with Asenjo and De Gea. Emilio Alvarez was the goalkeeper coach”, recalls a Gonzalo that breaths a sigh of relief when he remembers that occasion. As FrankCapra would say, How beautiful is to live!.