Agüero: “I will not be returning to Atlético”

Kun spoke to ESPN on Wednesday, apparently shutting the door to Atleti for good

It's time for Atléticos to move on (

It's time for Atléticos to move on (

Some Atlético supporters were starting to believe striker Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero was mulling over the idea of remaining at Atleti, despite publicly announcing back on May 23rd that he was ready for a change of scenery.

Kun’s father, Leo Agüero, told an Argentine radio station last week that his son would see out his contract with Atlético, setting off rumours of a possible change of heart by the forward.

On Wednesday, the Argentina international definitively dispelled doubts about his future at the Vicente Calderón.

“It is clear, I will not be returning to Atlético,” The 23-year-old told ESPN according to an EFE report.

“I spoke to the club, I issued a statement, and now my representatives are negotiating my exit from the club. I don’t know when the agreement will come, but I hope to find out as soon as the Copa América ends.”

Sporting director Jose Luis Caminero, who had high hopes of convincing the former Rojiblanco idol to stay on for at least another year, will likely focus all efforts on finding a replacement for Kun.

MARCA reported on Wednesday that, from the proceeds of Agüero’s sale, expected to be at least the €45 million of his release clause, the club will look to sign Radamel Falcao of Porto.

The Colombian forward’s release clause is €30 million, however, he does not have a European passport, which could complicate a move to Atleti.

  • Yon


  • starvs

    Honestly, I’m happy to hear this

  • palc

    Break a leg in Copa America.


  • Chalet

    I think that Agüero is a little bit ungrateful here.
    Yes, he gave all for the club – but one should not forget that Atléti brought him to Europe and gave him the chance to develop and to progress and to become the player he is.

    Bon voyage!

    I have a very nasty feeling that Argentina will make all the way to the final – with Agüero ending up as top scorer of the Copa América…

  • Perhaps, anyways I dont really care from what I see the mood in the team is very good without him and his departure can only come good, as Cerezo always said the player should play where he wants to.

    I have only one worry – confirmed by DDG case – the money we get will not be spend properly…

  • Heißenberg

    I really hope we sell him to Madrid. They will pay most and will very probably include some decent players like Negredo, Canales or Pedro Leon in the deal. Maybe even more than one.
    And that way Madrid derby would certainly be more intense next year…

  • 7th

    goodbye el kun,


    the terror of him playing against us is scaring me, especially Real madrid.

  • javi

    I agree with Heibenberg, it would be great to hate kun in the derbys and hopefully we stop him at every turn. lets get the money and nmove forward.
    I thought Falcao had EU passport, but if he does not then my choice is clear: Rossi and Griezmann.

  • 7th

    but falcao as the main goal should kun leave.

    I say no to falcao.

  • Davide

    This must be the most disrespectful and cowardly departure a player has ever made from Atlético.

    He knew he was leaving and still did not give the fans a chance to say goodbye in his last game. He took the cowards way out.

    I don’t care if he leaves, but in this way and telling us the f*** about it online after we supported him for five years.

    Our freaking vice-captain butt-f***ed the dignity of this club in every way possible.

    I talked to some media people that said Kuns status and disrespectful behaviour towards the club devalued the name of Atlético de Madrid in footballing Europe.

    We cannot even attract bigger players right now just because we have been treated like a minor club by the biggest piece of shit in the world.

    Agüero is treating as like a plague and this feeling is cathing on among the more talented crop of players in Europe and South America.

    Sergio “douchebag” Agüero

  • Sebyk

    I completely agree with you Davide – this is a big disgrace from Kun. He must have forgotten which team gave him the chance, where he became the player he is now and which fans supported him over the last five years. With his every new statement I get more and more disgusted with that player. He’s like a pampered brat who no longer enjoys his last toy. I would expect more gratitude and respect from him to the club and especially fans…

  • javi

    We should talk to the other penas and create a Kun shirt burning day outside-or inside of the Vicente Calderon. Where everybody brings their kun shirts and memorabilia and burns it, and if he ever plays in our stadium we let him hear it.

  • 7th

    who is here dont mind at all if el kun joins Real madrid?

    well, only me i guess.

  • starvs

    7th, I hope he does, might as well fully complete the fall from grace.

  • Javi

    I hope he ends up in Dubai or Russia

  • Gert

    If Gil y Gil were still alive, he’d beat the crap out of him!

    There might have been fans out there that would have forgiven him, but he must have lost them as well right now. To whatever club he’ll be going, the first time he ever sets foot again in the Calderon, I’ll be there to boo him out!
    What an asshole!


  • Yon

    I did forgive him, up until those last comments, very disrepctful to the club after the chance they gave him and player they helped him develop into!

    But…[email protected] You cannot say it is his fault for damaging the reputation of the club, the owners, players and staff done that themselves with performances on and off the pitch this last year, early exit from the europa, barely qualifying for it next year(we have Aguero to thank that we are actually in the qualifying stage) Also top players want to play with other top players, so when the club have sold De Gea and will accept offers for both Forlan and Reyes(neither want to leave) it doesn’t show much ambition, thats the reason top players will not come! Also if we didn’t ever want him to leave his buy-out clause should have never been lowered, its normally increased when a player signs a new contract!

  • Davide


    Our reputation was never damaged, it was only bruised before.

    Atlético was still seen as a big club and the mighty history of this institution was never in any question.

    They were only bruises until Kun showed the world that the club has scars.

    I can tell for a fact that Lamela was very close to Atlético but chose to opt for Roma because of Kun acting like a prisoner.

    Kuns status skyrocketed this summer to new heights. He has all eyes on him, not only from clubs, but also in Copa America.

    Whatever he says right now about Atlético will damage this club.

    His disrespectfull behaviour and dismissing Atlético through foreign media and his website instead of in person makes this club unattractive.

    What kind of person does not take goodbye from his fans in person like a man? He is a mouse and he could have told us a proper way.

    I am just waiting for this moron to say something new and this time through Facebook, because he is a cowars and does not respect the club that bought him to Europa and built his career.

    Ungrateful *******! At least Forlán has always been honest and said everything personally to the fans while still at the club and present in Madrid.

    I hope Forlán kicks a freekick that changes direction after hitting Kuns in the back of his head and straight into goal.

    If Uruguay wins, then we can get rid of this cancer still contracted to the club.

  • starvs

    Davide, I love your spiteful spirit!

  • truthbombs

    He could’ve walked away for free soon. He penned a new contract to help Atleti get some money for him. He was helping Atletico out, not hurting you. Are you guys really so daft as to fall right into the blame Kun and not the guys wreaking absolute havoc at the club that Gil and Cerezo want you to believe? Sheesh

  • Yon

    i just think our fans our blowing this way out of proportion because we know we won’t have a player as good as him again for a long long time! he is a great footballer and gave his all every game for us, even knowing he wanted to move, which takes alot in my opinion! i wish him luck wherever he ends up as he has been superb for us and the funds will hopefully help the club!

  • starvs

    Nah Yon, he didn’t handle this situation with respect for the club in anyway. Six months ago, I would have been happy to see Kun move to antoher club and succeed, but no reason to respect him after he’s shown he doesn’t repsect us. At the same time, dealing with this board, who actually knows the whole truth…

  • starvs

    Really, it’s the Real thing…

  • Davide

    I don’t apperciate being told by our vice captain and highest paid player on Twitter and his homepage that he is leaving. He should have the guts to say in person to the fans.

    He almost doubled his wages to world superstar level in his new contract and had the club lower his release clause.

    You guys sound like he is playing for can of peanuts and coke efter signing new contract. He is on the best paid players ever i Atlético.

    His new contract broke all wage records in this club. For the new house he was building in Madrid? I don’t know, but is sure as hell wanted some serious money.

    I agree Cerezo and Gil are nutcases, but in this case they did everything possible to make Kun happy and treated him very well.

  • Chalet

    I agree with Starvs about Davide´s comments:
    His ‘spiteful spirit’ makes Davide write top-class statements!

  • Davide

    Starvs and Chalet//

    Don’t make me blush 🙂

    Na guys, i just love Atlético. It’s like a family member. Nobody hurts my family member. My line of tolerance when somebody acts bigger than the club. Nobody is bigger than the club, golden rule for my terms of being a supporter for Atlético. Kun is hurting the clubs status in a very bad way right now. painful to watch.

  • truthbombs

    What do you think the club’s status is? How long has it been since you’ve been to the Champions League quarterfinals? How about the semifinals? How many league titles have you won in the last 20 years? Atletico’s ceiling right now is eeking out 4th place finishes then falling apart in total chaos and exiting the Champions League early. That’s why Kun is leaving. Not money. To compete. Gil and Cerezo give Atletico no chance of competing for anything of any real value (re: not the Europa League). Again, you are missing the plot. Kun isn’t hurting Atletico’s status. That has already been shit on by your pathetic owners. If anything Kun helped Atleti by extending his deal so that Atletico could make some money off him instead of walking for free. But pretend like you’re all the victim of Kun if it makes you feel better. I’m guessing you already know all this and are just blaming it on Kun as a coping mechanism.

  • Davide


    Atlético has massive reputation despite failed trophies. Some clubs are still big names without winning trophies all the time.

    How much did Roma win in their history? How much have Tottenham won? Or Valencia? We live on the edge where we need our bgger players to show appreciation and respect when they leave the club.

    I still think tha Cerezo and Gil is not running the club the like it should be run.

    I don’t know how you think, but money does not grow out the ass at this club.

    In some aspects i can not argue even with them. Finacial dividence of TV-momey in Spain handicaps our finances.

    The City of Madrid for examle applied for Olympics games to be held in 2012 in Madrid.

    They they told Atlético to sell their attractive land under their and move out to the bushlands outside Madrid to a run down stadium.

    The city of Madrid wanted the Olympics games to be held in Atléticos new stadium which they are forcing Atelético to build with their own money.

    They are using Atlético to build the city a new Olympic stadium and had us sell the Calderón to them for 5 cans of coke.

    The same people gave Real Madrid half the countries yearly fianacial budget for their training ground and then sold it back to Teal for a peanut to cover the debts of Real.

    Would it surprise you if i told you that the these politicians are honorary members of Real Madrid?

    How do you fight against this kind of coruption? Gil and Cerezo are scared little mice that let everyone just run over them and tell them what to do.

    But it’s not only their fault in the financial position. They are being taken advantage of.

    Good players cost money, and unfortunatley Atlético does not know any corrupt local politicians.

    Sometimes “god forgive me”, i even miss Gil Senior, he would probably get up at that meeting about TV-money and slap both Barca and Real negotiators in the face with a shoe.

  • Chalet

    No offence – but you are not a die-hard Atlético fan, are you?

    I think that most of us could understand Agüero´s wish to progress and to move to a club where he is competing for titles and trophies regularly.
    And I think that we would have been fine with it had he decided to go to a club outside of Spain (or maybe even outside of Madrid).
    I am pretty much sure that most of us know that Agüero is not leaving for the money because from next year on Atléti would have payed him about 11m € on wages.

    But the way Agüero made his wish to leave the club public was a disgrace.
    All of us remember how he said a few months ago that he would see out his contract until 2014.
    And all of us remember how he said that he would never join Real Madrid.
    And now all of a sudden he doesn´t rule out a move to them and his next camiseta will most likely be white.
    In my opinion this is a NO-GO for every die-hard Atlético fan!

    I am with Davide in this case – sometimes he seems to take the words right out of my mouth…

  • SoLobo

    “I am a fan of Independiente and not a fan of Atletico, so I can go to Real. Atletico is where I work…” So go play for Independiente, you $&*$#^&$!!! I will be soooo happy when nobody pays 45m and you stay here watching football from your tv until 2014! Kun staying here? 45m loss plus wages… The image of Kun not playing football at all? Priceless!

  • Chalet

    Did Agüero really say that?
    Good grief!

    Sounds to me a little bit like a cheap copy of Forlán´s “I solely kiss the badge of Peñarol and Uruguay”-statement…..

    Agüero really seems to be out of it!

  • k14

    there is no such thing as bad publicity, no ? ;p

    I don’t find his comment disrespectful or damaging to atletico, I just find it stupid due to the fact that his price is pretty high, so there is the possibility that the buying clubs wont offer enough, which will result in him going back to atletico.
    That would be a bit awkward lol.

  • Leaving? He? GOOD!:D ENJOY YOUR LIFE:D