Clarification on Agüero’s buy-out clause

Tottenham Hotspur have €45m bid rejected

Atletico Madrid forward Sergio Kun Aguero

Sky Sports reported last night that Tottenham Hotspur had a €45m bid rejected for El Kun. This news comes a week after our General Director Gil Marín told the press he had refused similar offers for our Argentine star made by Real Madrid and Chelsea.

Most of you are aware Agüero has a €45m buy-out clause in his new contract. Then how is it Atlético is able to turn down these offers?

Well, first of all, the buy-out clause only applies to Spanish clubs.

Secondly, the figure is symbolic. The buy-out clause is a gentlemen’s agreement, but if a club refuses to sell, they can increase the price and almost double it. There are two ways to go about this.

1) In Agüero’s case, Atlético could hold out for €45m after taxes, which means 18% VAT has to be added to the transfer fee. This would increase Kun’s overall price to €53m.

2) Technically a player has to pay his own buy-out clause. In this scenario a club would transfer the money to Agüero’s bank account, and he would then pay Atlético the money. However, as soon as Kun receives the money, it counts as income and he would have to pay 44% on taxes. So a club would have to hand our Argentine €80m before he’s able to buy out his own contract.

As you can see, Atlético has a stronger position in negotiations than most of us had originally thought. If we want, we can play hardball. When a foreign club comes knocking we can demand whatever fee we deem appropriate, while Real Madrid could be forced to pay up to €80m.

Credit goes to @SidLowe for the information.

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