Atlético expand franchise to Mexico

Club expected to announce purchase of 50% of San Luis Potosí on Tuesday


Atlético Madrid look to be extending its brand with a franchise in Mexico.

San Luis Potosí has been chosen by directors in Madrid as their next target, with Miguel Ángel Gil Marín reportedly travelling on Tuesday to close a deal in which the rojiblancos will acquire some 50% of the club.

The rumoured plan involves Atlético San Luis to be refounded and begin anew in Mexican football in the Liga Ascensco, the second professional level of the Mexican league system.

Plans are supposedly in place to take the club up to the elite MX League, as well as to invest in a new training academy to bring young talent to the fore.

Atleti has tasted glory with other franchise attempts such as wwith the enormously successful Atlético Kolkata in Indian who successfully won the 2016 Indian Super League.

The club has also looked to England, with a partnership with Southall FC in London. In 2013, the club did establish a number of football ‘schools’ in Mexico.

San Luis Potosi Fútbol Club was sadly dissolved on 28 May 2013 having found some success in the early part of the milenium. Atleti’s reinvigoration is bound to bring hope the city in central Mexico.

This brand expansion could make excellent financial sense by bringing in new fans from a football crazed nation. Atleti noticed a spike in attention to the club following the purchase of Raul Jimenez, however, with his poor performance and ultimate abandonment of the club this fell away.

The latest member of the Atleti franchise will, hopefully, change that around.

Whether or not this is a smart move by the club is yet to be seen, but for now let us welcome a new member to our red and white family.

  • Hussein Abubakr

    A very good article. Just doesn’t hurt to proofread it for grammar and spelling mistakes. Even the sub header has a spelling mistake but other than that a well written interesting article.

  • Nick Lawley

    Apologies, very quickly written before a travel day back from Madrid. Will correct everything when I get back home this evening. Appreciate the kind words Hussein.

  • Vagabond Messi

    I’m sorry but this bran expansion is not bringing in any new fans to the club. We bought Atletico de kolkata and after 3 years we don’t have any atletico de madrid india page on FB. Club should start visiting places like thailand, India instead of Australia.Our fans in thailand are growing our fb page just reached around 34k.