An analysis of Atlético’s growing social media profile

@Brandtix take a look at Atleti's social media and brand value


Brandtix have created a platform that gives footballers a brand value based on a combination of on pitch stats (powered by OPTA) and fan sentiment stats.

The initiative also looks at off pitch stats (social media following across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) we invited them to take a look at how Atlético and the squad’s players are doing…

Unsurprisingly, according to Brandtix, Atleti’s top player for ‘brand value’ is Griezmann and #TeamGrizi with a score of 514 (for context Messi, the highest) has a score of 824).

The Frenchman finds himself substantially ahead of second place Koke (430), Godín (425), Filipe Luís (419) and Torres on (412). The club itself has a strong rating of 630, making it the 11th highest out of Premier League and Champions League teams.

In regards, to social media following we see the same five names popping up but the order is somewhat different. Across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, #TeamGrizi amounts to some 18.2 million members.

Torres, has amassed some 14.4 million, with Filipe Luís trucking along with 5.9 million, Koke on 3.5 million and Godín who wears the number 2 has two million.

Simeone has a combined following of 4.18million. In order to give some perspective on Griezmann’s 18.2 million, the club’s own accounts have 19.2 million followers, an increase of 6% since the season began!

Brandtix also note whether a player’s brand value is on the up or on the down. Since this season started some Atleti players have seen some interesting growth.

Carrasco has increased his brand value by 6.15% but team captain Gabi’s introduction to the world of Instagram has seen his value increase by 12.14%. Griezmann and Savic have increased by just over four per cent each.

Naturally, some players have seen their value fall, typically due to a lack a play time or other circumstances. Tiago’s sustained injury issues has seen his brand value drop by a dramatic 9.20%, and Juanfran’s by 6.31%.

Since his arrest over accusations of domestic abuse Lucas Hernández, naturally, finds his brand in free fall and -according to Brandtix- 97% of the sentiment surrounding him on social media is now negative.

On a national Griezmann finds himself with the 3rd highest brand value of all French players (behind Benzema and Pogba). Koke has the 15th highest brand value of Spanish players and 3rd highest of all Spanish midfielders aged 25 and under (behind Thiago Alcántara and Isco).

Saúl holds second place of Spanish midfielders aged 23 and under, behind Atleti canterano Óliver Torres. Jan Oblak is the 4th highest goalkeeper in La Liga, behind Navas, Rico and Ter Stegen, demonstrating that social media does not necessarily make you a better player!

If you are interested in more of Brandtix’s work you can follow them at:

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  • Koke

    Off topic: I just read that we’re selling Oliver to Porto at the end of this season? If this is true I am extremely annoyed and frustrated with this decision… If Simeone decides to stay here for 5 or 10 years then he has the right to sell future gems but if he’s planning to leave at the end of this season or next then it’s so unfair for him to alienate players that might be very useful to our club and future coaches. Oliver loves our club and has only ever spoken nice words despite being largely ignored last year. Plus he’s a canterano. He’s very talented and will have a good career, and players of his profile don’t come along very often.

    Same thing as Baston. What do we clearly need right now? A tall, strong, fast striker that is good at teamwork and scoring goals, even when he doesn’t get enough service! THAT’S what Baston is in a nutshell. Plus he was raised here, knows La Liga, and LOVES our club too! Why the hell would we just ship him out without even giving him a chance? That’s bullshit. Oliver and Baston are two types of players we desperately need, even if they can’t be starters.

    Barcelona’s downfall began when they started selling out youth players that they really needed. You guys may argue Barca isn’t having a downfall but it’s really hard for problems to show when you’ve got MSN and millions of dollars. They desperately need players like Grimaldo, Thiago, Bellerin, and would probably take them all back right now if they could. I hope to God we can keep our players like Correa, Carrasco, Saul, Koke, Lucas, Theo, Gimenez, Griezmann, Oblak, because they’re our future. When we start selling players that actually want to stay and are talented it’s silly.

  • AnonX

    I sincerely hope we will do away of this folly, which I strongly suspect is from the Board.
    There will be no moving forward for our stature with this kind of self dismantling policies.

  • Vagabond Messi

    You’re 100% right about Barca downfall. LE has changed Barca identity. Their midfield is porus and have no control, all the do is buy strikers, but at Pep’s time , Barca’s strength was It’s midfield and wih Messi upfront , Pep could make them dominant even with players like Tello and Cuenca because of their strong midfield. They sold Thiago , who was a Barca CM by DNA , who could dominate the midfield. They also sold Grimaldo when their fullbacks were ageing. Sometimes i believe as if LE and Barca board are under cover agent trying to break Barca’s backbone. Oliver is gone, now i fear for Thomas. Thomas is our most talented midfield prospect, i’d be very mad if Simeone sell him in next transfer window.


    If Thomas doesn’t start every game from now on, then Simeone despises the black star.

  • Hannu

    Very sad to see both Oliver and Borja leave. Actually more sad to see Borja leave as Oliver is going to top club but Borja is in club that might get relegated so it would have been even better to see him at la liga rival (ofcourse not real or barca) than in Swansea bench.

    And if Simeone leaves next summer or another these decisions comes very bad light! All in all this is just stupid and if/when Porto sell Oliver they will get profit on it so..

  • Hannu

    Well Thomas hasnt got chance this season but at the same time he hasnt had chance to earn to start every game.


    Rewatch AFCON. 😉

  • Hannu

    Yeah but AFCON is not la liga or champion liga and national team is not Atleti. 😉

  • Hannu

    All in all I hope he get his chance and take it. 🙂

  • Vagabond Messi

    Lol mate , Thomas needs more playing time, i’d be happy with him getting more chance. He doesn’t need to play every single match, i’m against such favouritism.

  • Rowly

    I read yesterday that he’s going to be joining Porto in the summer for 20m euros. I’ll be very disappointed if it’s true and hope that we have a buy-back clause. I wouldn’t blame Oliver for finally losing patience and joining Porto permanently.
    I presume Manquillo will leave permanently in the summer too, another one that I had high hopes for.


    Correa should play as the Centre-Forward from now on. Like Benzema and Suarez.

  • Koke

    Yeah, can’t blame Oliver at all. I really had high hopes for Manquillo too but if he leaves I guess since we have Vrsaljko it wouldn’t be too bad. But having youth products in our team is so important, just look at what Gabi, Torres, Koke, Saul, can do for the morale of the team…

  • Koke

    Porto is probably the best team in the world at uncovering gems and then selling them for mad money. Literally impossible to list all of the world class players they’ve made. If they’re so interested in Oliver it must be for a reason, and it’d really suck if there was no buyback clause.

  • Koke

    Thomas is really talented too. Simeone seems to like him a little bit more than Oliver, but still doesn’t play him enough. I think he’s definitely on par with Saul, who plays almost all the time, and is even better in some aspects of the game. I really hope to see him get more minutes cause he’s another star in the making

  • AndersAT

    I would really have liked to se both Borja and Oliver succeed at atletico, and I would love to see Thomas succeed. I am not sure they would have succeeded though. Oliver never really impressed me. But I guess it is the right move for him to get a couple of seasons with stability at a good club. I had high hopes for Borja, and I really hoped he would get the chance this season, but I guess he haven’t impressed at Swansea, although that is an entirely different animal all together.

    There is still a chance to see some of these young players back at atletico at some point. Just look at Gabis situation, he also spent some seasons away, before coming back at the peak of his career.

    Btw. Totally agree on your points about Barca.

  • Vagabond Messi

    I won’t comment on Saul but Thomas should get more playing time. I’m not sure if he’ll get it. I’ll believe it when i’ll see it.


    Thomas will start tomorrow. It’s confirmed by Simeone.

  • Hannu

    Talking about coming back maybe it would be time to bring Camacho back.

  • AndersAT

    Yeah perhaps. I haven’t been following him closely, but he seems very good.

    On the other hand we have some good players on the CM but with Gabi and Tiago nearing retirement, maybe this summer or the next will be a good time. I liked him so much the first seasons he played for us, and I was really surprised we let him go.

    I still remember the game against Barca (he must have been 17 or 18) where he dominated the midfield, when assuncao was injured.