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Forlán celebrates with Uruguayan team-mates (AP)

Atléticos in America (Quarter-finals edition)

In a wacky and totally unexpected turn of events, all four favourites of the Copa América quarter-final round were shown the door, with the elimination of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia over weekend. Atlético players Luis Perea, Elias and Sergio Aguero were sent home packing, while Uruguayan duo Diego Forlán and Diego Godín will remain in Argentina for at least another week.

Forlán missed several easy chances against Mexico   (

Atléticos in America (Part 3)

The Copa América group stage went out with a bang after a wild 12 goal Wednesday night that brought the quarter-final fixtures of the South American competition into focus. All five of our Rojiblancos taking part in the tournament made it safely through to the knockout phase with their respective national teams.

Perea challenges Atlético team-mate Agüero (AP)

Atléticos in America (Part 2)

The second round of Copa América group play kicked off with a clash between Argentina and Colombia, pitting Rojiblancos Perea and Agüero. Elias’ Brazil faced off against Paraguay, and Forlán and Godín’s Uruguay took on Chile. In this feature, we look back at our boys’ participation in this round of the South American competition.

Perea fights off Joel Campbell  of Costa Rica (AP Photo)

Atléticos in America (Part 1)

Atlético has a number of South Americans currently in Argentina, participating in the Copa América that kicked off last week. The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) tournament takes place every four years and includes 10 nations from the continent, along with two special invitees from other FIFA confederations. After the first round of action, Atleti

diego forlan wins golden ball

Uruguay’s top-scorer trophy named after Forlán

Atlético fans have known it for years, but it seems that after his incredible World Cup performances the world finally realizes the class of Diego Forlán. Yesterday it was announced that the trophy for Uruguay’s domestic topscorer will be named after our forward. The Uruguayan FA (AUF) has introduced awards for the top-scorer, best player, best goal and best goalkeeper of the Uruguayan league and decided to pay homage to their World Cup star.

Diego Forlan

Forlan U-turns on move to England

Despite earlier saying that he would not leave Atlético and was looking forward to another big season with los Rojiblancos, Diego Forlan yesterday told Sky Sports News that a move to England was still a possibility. The striker has been without question one of the players of the tournament at the World Cup in South