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Cholo, Cerezo and Caminero hold on to our last coins

Atlético weakened by own sense of responsibility

In order to get their once-disastrous tax situation in order and abide by the increasingly stringent standards being implemented by the LFP and the Superior Sports Council of Spain (CSD), Atlético are being forced to curb spending on what us fans care about: improving the squad. A report published in Spanish paper El Economista last

Caminero calling the shots for Atleti (AS)

Atlético doesn’t pay ‘Hacienda’ 50% of transfer income

For several years now, Atlético fans and members of the Spanish press alike were under the impression that fully half (50 per cent) of Atleti’s transfer income had to be handed over to Spain’s tax authorities as part of a levy imposed to collect on past-due taxes. AS reveals, however, that is not the case.