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Gabi rocked the house with his blast  (

The red and white aftermath: Match Day 26

Atlético were unable to hold onto victory after a spirited comeback effort against Real Madrid that had all the electricity of a heavyweight prize fight. Los Rojiblancos went down first and quickly on Sunday, but sprung back up to deliver a pair of mighty blows of their own. Atleti had their archrivals’ backs firmly pressed against the ropes, but let them evade the fatal blow and salvage a point with a late equaliser.

Real Madrid sacked Cholo Castle on Saturday  (

The red and white aftermath: Match Day 33

My esteemed colleague Derek Maaijen poignantly expressed the sentiment in Rojiblanco land in his post-game not-a-match-report immediately following Saturday night’s 2-1 loss to Real Madrid. Hours removed from that chapter of this never-ending story, and the frustration lingers. The Madrid derby has long since been a matchup that defies logic. A victory to the home