Spanish Super Cup: Atlético 1 – 0 Real Madrid

Atleti win Super Cup after holding off Madrid rivals

Atleti celebrates early Mandzukic goal (AP)

Atleti celebrates early Mandzukic goal (AP)

The quickest goal in Super Cup history led Atlético to a well-deserved 1-0 win over arch rivals Real Madrid, earning them the first piece of silverware of the new season with a 2-1 win on aggregate.

A Mario Mandzukic goal, officially his first for Atleti, inside the first 90 seconds hands Atleti the second trophy they have won at the expense of Real Madrid in the last three seasons.

It was a dream start for Atleti, with a route one goal from three of the team’s newest acquisitions. Moya’s long goal kick was headed downward by Antoine Griezmann, right into the path of Mandzukic.

The Croatian made no mistake with the finish, and fired a first time shot past Iker Casillas.

Real Madrid were a bit shell-shocked and Atleti had another chance to double their lead, but couldn’t take advantage of it.

Los Blancos did manage to get themselves back into the game and enjoyed a lot of possession over the twenty minutes since the goal – but never really troubled Moya.

Gareth Bale came closest on two occassions, firing a shot straight down the Spaniard’s throat, and then just wide of his left-hand post.

It was a hotly contested affair with a lot of fouls and bookings – but it was our manager who ultimately got sent off first.

Juanfran caught an elbow and had to come off the field to receive treatment, and after being prevented from returning to the pitch, Simeone lost his temper with the assistant referee.

The match official David Fernandez wasted little time in sending Cholo to the stands, after he made physical contact with the linesman while protesting.

There were a lot of chances that fell to both teams for the rest of the evening – the best being a thundering strike from Raul Garcia in the second half – which bounced off of the crossbar and off the goal line.

Real Madrid looked threatening in the first half, but Carlo Ancelotti elected to replace Toni Kroos at half time with Cristiano Ronaldo, which allows Atleti much more possession in the middle of the park, and Real’s goal threat petered out in the second 45.

Tiago and Raul Garcia were fantastic for Atlético – and it was a wonder that our number 8 didn’t find the back of the net this evening.

Luka Modric joined Simeone in the stands at the end of the second half, receiving a second yellow card for taking out Cristian Rodriguez.

The second half passed without much danger, and Atleti go on to finally break the curse of never having beaten a side with Iker Casillas in the opposing goal.

And on the way, win the Spanish Super Cup.

Let’s celebrate another trophy brought to us by Cholo Simeone! Who was your Man of the Match this evening?

Atlético Madrid Real Madrid
Atlético Madrid 10 Real Madrid
Mandzukic 2' 
Competition Spanish Super Cup
Location Vicente Calderón
Date 22 August 2014
Kick Off 22:30 CET

Team Lineups

Atlético Madrid
Raul Garcia (90')
Griezmann (73')
Mandzukic (84')
Substitutes used
Raul Jimenez (73')
C Rodriguez (84')
Saul (90')
Real Madrid
Xabi Alonso
Substitutes used
C Ronaldo (45')
Isco (65'
Marcelo (70')

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Kris

    Ha. Ha. Motherfuckers!!! We are Spanish and Super Cup Champions!!!!! VAMOS ATLETI!!!!!!!

  • Adnan Khan

    Difficult to tell who the man of the match is. The whole team played wonderful. But i guess mandzukic did a little bit extra. Mandzukic= man of the match 🙂

  • Arjit Barua

    Great game! Raul Jimenez reminds me of a more skillful version of 2012/2013 Diego Costa, when he used to support Falcao. I think that’s what Simeone saw in him since his transfer really came out of nowhere.

  • AaX

    It’s Official, ATLETICO IS THE REAL CHAMPION of Spain !!

    I had my jersey named Campeones ’14 since after We Won the latest La Liga.

    Let’s hope We’d Finish with Honour and Respect.

    Forza El Atletico de Madrid.

  • Khairul Anshary Md

    Gotta love Tiago’s enthusiasm. Even his teammates looks surprised. Hahaha

    Aupa Atleti! Looking good!

  • Farzad Imanpour

    we are always the best and we will reach evry thing!!!! I heard that simeone wont with team for 7 mathes

  • Chewie

    Not sure about the man of the match but my man of the final is Raul Garcia. The one who equalized and drank the most of blancos’ blood. Mandzukic is a worthy successor of Costa, being the greatest pain in the ass of any defence.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    *once again, Moya was very solid, he made a very great save against James from very close range, if it was Courtois who made it they would have talked about it for a long time, or maybe the slap on the head from Simeone to the 4th ref after that save took the spot light from it
    Moya was also one of our best playmakers, he is very good with his feet and almost all his shots reach one of our players in a very dangerous position, including the ball from which we scored our goal
    if Moya, the one we signed fro just 3M ended up as the best replacement for Courtois and not Oblak, the most expensive GK in the history of La Liga, it will be the story of the season !

    *I have no doubt that Siqueira will improve, and I think he is improving already, in this game he was a little better than the first one, and he didn’t get booked, in a game that had 11 bookings for 10 players

    *Thank God Tiago couldn’t go to Chelsea, we still need him, Mario is not as good as him, and unlike Siqueria, I don’t know if he is going to improve or not, while Saul looks very promising, but he needs some time

    *Mandzukic dominates the air, he wins all the aerial challenges, and he desperately needed that goal just like Griezmann needed that assist, a goal that gave us our first win against Real in the Calderon since 1998-99 and the first win ever against Casillas as a starter
    a huge amount of pressure was removed from their shoulders

    *I wish Cebolla finds a decent offer from a big club in the few days remaining in this transfer window, I really like him on both personal and sport level, but I guess it’s time to say goodbye, it’s the best for the club and for him

    *I can’t say that what Simeone did was right, BUT this is the only way to deal with bullies, even if you know that the principle will suspend you for 6 or 7 games !!
    they were waiting for Real Madrid to score the equaliser to give the permission to Jaunfran to go back to the field
    2 minutes and 57 seconds, while Ramos returned just after 27 seconds !

    But I don’t really believe that they will suspend him from 6 to 8 games like the Spanish newspapers reporting (or actually asking)
    LFP & RFEF are cowards, they are afraid of big clubs, and now we are one of them

    for a long time we used to be Walter White, and it was their extreme unfairness that brought out the Heisenberg inside us
    and now they can not handle him .. or can they ?!

  • I was missing Ahmad’s reviews for this game. Thank you my friend. I downloaded the game from torrent and will try to see how Siqueira and Moyá went. But I’m pretty sure our board has regret signing Oblak. It’s probably the money we would need to get Reus and/or Lavezzi.

    *I especially like your Breaking Bad references :). When you said “we are the ones who knocks” I went straight to buy this t-shirt:

  • Kris

    Jan Oblak signing won’t be a regret. He has loads of potential and obviously Simeone and Caminero saw something in him to invest 16 million euros for him. They will make it work somehow and foresee Oblak developing into a Courtois as well. Moya is good too but with that defense and coach anybody could be good. If it doesn’t work out for Oblak this year, I am sure it will work out the next year.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Thank you my friend .. I’m just in love with Breaking Bad, I used another quote this time as well !

    about Oblak, we don’t know if he is going to turn into a star or a flop, but after losing a great GK like Courtois, it was a move we had to make, the club had to send a message to the coaching staff, the fans and the opponents that “we will not let this project collapse, we have signed the most expensive GK in La Liga history”

    and despite he didn’t play any official games yet, I believe Oblak gave us a positive psychological effect
    I’m actually thinking that one of the reasons of the good shape of Moya is that he knows that Oblak is on the bench, and maybe if he was the first GK and thought about all Atleti fans who are putting their hopes on him he could have been shaky
    just a thought

  • BlasiusMagnus

    love your breaking bad references bro

  • Al Pacino

    I think mandzukic is the man of the match, because of the goal and he also defended well. Moya is also worth mentioning, very stable , had a couple of great saves.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    and we beat Real Madrid once again !
    today in the first week of Segunda B : Atletico Madrid B 2-1 Real Madrid Castilla (coached by Zidane)
    this is very important victory, since Castilla are (theoretically) one of our rivals for promotion to Segunda

    I don’t believe that Zidane can be a coach, Real Madrid made him a sport manager, then an assistant coach in the first team and now a head coach for the Castilla just as a compliment ,, this is how the things are run in the white house
    I have never seen in my whole life an assistant coach wearing a suit and a tie ! .. he was not even trying to learn