La Liga: Sevilla 0 – 0 Atlético

Atleti earn point in Andalusia but lose ground in title race

Griezmann suspended for visit of Valencia next week

Griezmann suspended for visit of Valencia next week

Atlético Madrid hold on to third place in La Liga by the skin of their teeth after a goalless draw with Sevilla on Sunday evening.

With Valencia beating Real Sociedad earlier in the day, Atleti knew that they needed something against Sevilla to avoid dropping to fourth in the table. A hard fought 0-0 draw means Atleti go into next week’s match against Valencia still in the top three.

After a disappointing midweek trip to Germany, Atlético have now gone three away games without a victory, and having dropped five out of the last nine available points in the league, are now drifting further away from Real Madrid at the top of the table.

It was always going to be a tough trip for Atleti. Sevilla hadn’t lost at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan in their last 20 matches, and the home side started as the team most likely to score.

Diego Simeone decided to go with Antoine Griezmann on his own up-front, supported by Arda Turan and Raúl García. Mandzukic, Torres and Koke all started from the bench.

Valencia had the first chances on goal. Three times in as many minutes they tested Moyá, albeit one inadvertently through a Tiago deflection. A ball passed across the box bounced off of the Portugese midfielder’s shin and almost caught out the goalkeeper, but he managed to palm it away. Moyá was equal to the other efforts from Bacca, however it is worrying how much space the striker was afforded on the edge of the Atlético area.

Atleti had an opportunity to take the lead now long after, when Raúl García was hacked down on the edge of the area by Arribas. Griezmann stepped up to take the free kick, but it was blazed high over the bar. Not the clinical set-pieces we’ve become accustomed to.

The referee, Carlos Clos, was a strong one. It certainly helped Atleti’s cause as there were countless penalty shouts in the first half. They mostly seemed to come from the Sevilla front pairing of Vitolo and Bacca, the latter throwing himself to the ground on more than one occasion.

Perhaps the strongest claim for a penalty came after a mistake by the Atleti captain, Gabi. After intercepting a pass, the midfielder looked to play it gently to Juanfran but overhit the short pass. Juanfran had to struggle to save an unnecessary corner, but was tackled by Bacca.

He crossed it to Vitolo, who had his legs kicked by Gabi in a reckless attempt to win the ball back, however replays showed that Vitolo went down very easily.

Shortly after, Sevilla had the best opportunity of the night to take the lead. It was the ex-Atlético player Ever Banega at the root of a lot of Sevilla’s attacks, and a superb cross in to the Atleti area caught out Miranda, and found the head of Iborra. The midfielder nodded the ball past Moyá but saw his hopes dashed by the foot of Moyá’s left hand post. Time to breathe again.

While the referee wasn’t one to be conned, he did turn out to be very willing to dish out the yellow cards. There were 11 of them on the night, seven to the visitors. The most costly were those to Antoine Griezmann and Miranda, who picked up their fifth caution of the season and will now miss the vital visit of Valencia to the Calderón next weekend.

There are things to be worried about for Atleti. The fact they don’t look as dangerous from set-pieces will be a worrying one, as the team only managed one shot on target in the entire first half.

The visitors only seemed to take it to the hosts when Fernando Torres made his way onto the pitch, replacing Arda Turan on the hour mark. Not a few minutes after coming on and Torres was getting in behind the Sevilla defenders, causing trouble with his attacks.

Atleti’s best chance of the evening came from the combonation of Torres and Griezmann. El Niño broke clear and was sprinting towards goal, only to square the ball across field to a waiting Griezmann. However the ball could have been further forward, and the Frenchman struggled to connect with the shot properly.

Fernando Torres had another opportunity to score a few minutes later. The Spaniard was sprinting towards goal, before catching out the chasing Sevilla defenders. Unfortunately Torres could only drag the shot wide.

Koke and Mandzukic were brought into the fray later in the second half, but neither could get any hold on the game. Atleti fans will be glad to see Koke return after three matches out through injury.

Los Rojiblancos’ defending was poor on the night. Time and time again they failed to recognise Sevilla’s short corners, and were lucky they didn’t amount to anything.

One particular set piece saw Vitolo unmarked on the edge of Atleti’s 18-yard box. However a casual finish from the Spaniard fizzed over Moyá’s crossbar.

The full-time whistle blew and on the balance of the game it was a good point for Atleti. They remain in third place, a point above Valencia and five points behind Barcelona in second.

Real Madrid play Villarreal at the Bernabeu tonight – a win could take them nine points clear of Atlético.

Next up for Atleti is the visit of Valencia next week.

Do you see today’s result it as a point gained or two points lost? Should we be more concerned about finishing third now, than we should about first?

Sevilla Atlético Madrid
Sevilla 0 0 Atlético Madrid
Competition Liga BBVA
Location Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán
Date 01 March 2015
Kick Off 19:00 CET

Team Lineups

Sergio Rico
Coke (70')
Arribas (70')
F. Navarro
Bacca (79')
Substitutes used
M'Bia (70')
Reyes (70')
Gameiro (79')
Atlético Madrid
Gabi (64')
Arda (59')
Raul Garcia
Griezmann (75')
Substitutes used
F Torres (59')
Koke (64')
Mandzukic (75')

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • With this weak performance and with this weird stuff from Simeone, I will be very happy to get a draw against Valencia next week

    I am very convinced that if we lost the 3rd place we will NEVER get it back

    The worst thing in life for me is to do less when you are able to do more, we were very able to do much more, at least 7 points, which would have made us leaders right now before Madrid-Villarreal game

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    This game gave me a headache and I’m trying my best not to curse at Simeone. Seems like his stubbornness is the main reason for these results

  • I am not sure I would start throwing stones at Simeone, I do see so lack of confidence and the aggressive play has been lacking lately. We are also playing our toughest teams right now. (not Celta that was a fluke) But after Valencia, we should go back to winning ways. But our 3rd place spot may be determined when we play Barcelona.

  • urban

    It is not Simeone’s fault this time. We suffer because our entire midfield is completly out of form, including in particular Arda, Gabi and Tiago. Add Marios quality and RG8s limits to the mix and you will see the misery. Koke prior to injury also played way below his level, we will see how he will look now as I see him as our only hope at the moment.

    This is why we always lose midfield, we cannot exchange two or three passes, our attackers are not provided with any decent balls and defence lacks cover, third game in a row.

    We must win our next three games to end the season in good mood and Cholo needs a miracle for that.

  • Kris

    The only PLUS from today was Real also drawing.

  • Kris

    Yes, sir. The decline of the level of our football has been because of our central midfield more than anything else. If your central midfield is weak, probably only Messi can save you.

  • It’s positive because it made Barca closer to them, not because it kept the same distance between us and them, because we will never win La Liga this season, not with Simeone being “happy” after a draw with Sevilla, our “direct rival” as he called them after the game, and not with calling the day of the defeat in Anoeta a “good day” because “both Valencia & Sevilla have drawn”

    I know that he said similar things last season, but they clearly were mind games, while in reality, after we scored the 3rd goal vs Valencia he made a gesture with his hand to the players to score the 4th, which would have made us sole leaders that week instead of sharing it with Barca, but this season I can’t call them mind games, not with tonight’s line-up and plan
    That is the difference

    So, if we will not win the league, it’s better to go to Barca not Madrid .. I don’t know if that what you meant or that you still have some hope, because I am not

  • It is Simeone’s fault, the coach has big responsibility of the bad form of the players

    He chose those midfielders at the beginning of the season, and he chose to have just 6 of them (RG counts as second striker) and he knew that two of them are over 30, one of them is Mario Suarez, and one of them gets a lot of injuries, while he left the youngest and the very skillful one on the bench for a long time until he almost left the club

    He chose hard work over skills and didn’t realize that he needs to have both, maybe it worked last season, but we had Costa and Courtois, and now we don’t

    He decided to let go of Josuha & Oliver, and he didn’t know how to use 2 skillful wingers like Cebolla and Cerci and let both of them leave in the winter as well

    So yeah, it is Simeone’s fault

  • Kris

    Lol no. I don’t care for Barca, and only a miracle will give us the league. I was just happy that Real also drew on a day we were matched by Sevilla. I don’t like it when those Blancos have a grin on their face.

  • DavidInSF

    Guys- I’m tried of all the bashing on Simeone. When we do well- he doesn’t get any credit. When we suffer- folks want to bash him. He’s gone out even earlier this week and have said Atleti have been a victim of their own success… Let’s calm down… put some things into perspective… Injuries and suspensions have taken a toll on the team. In every league, you need luck to win and players to play. With some luck, Griezmann would’ve buried that great run El Nino had down the left flank when he dispossessed the Sevilla defender (can’t remember who) or if El Nino could’ve gotten off a better shot but instead pulled shot wide.

    Our Central Midfield Play certainly needs improvement but who could’ve envisioned Gabi being so out of form this year? Yes Gabi (31) Tiago (33) are getting on in age- but you guys talk as if it is that easy to bring in a CM to replace Gabi/Tiago/Mario et all in the middle. These 3 have been with Atletico and Simeone for a long time and understands him without as much as to saying a word.

    Ahmad- I wouldn’t call Cebolla a skillful winger- yes he is energetic and gives his all but skillful? NO. Cerci?- The guy has already had a bust up w/ Inzaghi and has done FUCK ALL for them.

    All will be good when we beat Leverkusen midweek. Let’s not blame and trust in CHOLO. Aupa Atleti.

  • DavidInSF

    Also- Btw. Have we forgotten NO ONE has beaten Sevilla at the Sanchez Pizjuan for over 1 year…. Goodness me- I was frustrated but 1 point is not all that bad…

  • The problem is that -right now- I don’t trust him, and I’m not so sure that we are able to beat Valencia or Bayer
    Of course no team can always win, and you need luck and all of that .. and even before the season started most of us agreed that finishing 3rd and reaching UCL 1/4 finals will be considered a success after all these changes and all the players we lost, but now we are doubtful about that, and losing the 3rd place to Valencia and being knocked out by Bayer is absolutely a big failure
    Not wining because of the luck and because no one can always win is one thing, while playing badly game after game after game is a totally different thing

    I don’t trust him because he keeps repeating the same mistakes and doesn’t learn from them
    He keeps preferring the players he trusts over the players who are better, Miranda over Gimenez and Mario, Gabi & Tiago over Saul
    You mentioned the injuries and suspensions, well, I believe he is responsible for that too, he should have had a serious talk before the game with Griezmann to warn him form getting a yellow, and he should have talked with Raul & Arda and asked them to stop protesting, but it’s very obvious that this never happened
    And it’s more obvious that if he rotates more often we would have had less injuries

    Sevilla haven’t lost at home yet because they did’t receive Madrid or Barca, and they will lose against them just like they should have lost against us
    THEY ARE NOT THAT GOOD, despite that we are not as strong as last season, we thrashed them 4-0 in the first round, and despite dropping many easy points, we are 8 points above them, they are highly overrated (also are Valencia) and the happiness of Simeone for that draw (and playing for that draw) is somehow a disrespect for the club, the fans and himself

    I am not against Simeone, as a matter of fact, everyday I search the web hoping to find a news about him renewing his contract, I wish he stays with us for a very long time and becomes our Ferguson, but that doesn’t mean I won’t criticize him when I see what I think it’s wrong, and in my opinion, there is nothing more wrong than repeating the same mistakes over and over again .

  • AaX

    That’s right but I’m hoping he’s a quick learner. Naturally as a former World Class Def Mid, his tendency would be choosing hard work and stability over penetrative creativity but have to quickly realize that in current situation BOTH ARE NEEDED (More Creativity). That’s why we’ve been playing the way and setup that we did. And rotation which was a non existant in the last campaign must come to an Effective and Decisive level now. P E A C E

  • pahas

    I fully trust simeone and I believe that we can win the you saw with teams that we faced a problem also real and barcelona faced too..celta vigo won barcelona villareal is unbeaten and valencia won them as well..sevilla is a difficult team if you play at their field and you will see real and barca losing points in there as well..we can beat valencia..the gap between us and the top 2 is not that the following weeks they have diffucult matches they play with bilbao or celta away and they play together as well..with wins and a bit of luck finally we can close the gaps up to 3-4 points and they will still have matches with sevilla and will come to vicente calderon..and don’t forget that barcelona and real have a lot of luck but we don’ won valencia and villareal in the last 5 minutes..also i believe that if winning leverkusen we can reach the final again..the problem is that we have many injuries and we play in both champions league and la liga with the same strength..believe in our team and cholo will make us proud again..(not that I am not proud now)

  • AaX

    To be objective, by our standard which have beaten Real more than 2 occasions and outplayed Barcelona legitimately, we should be victorious away at Sevilla. But we were’t at that level coming into the game, so a draw is the expected BUT Least Acceptable result. And to come back to that level improved rotation should be implemented and maintained so that the team can regain that form and achieve victories. BY ATLETICO REAL STANDARD, ONLY BARCELONA IS HAVING A LITTLE OF AN EDGE OVER THEM, maybe also Bayern.

  • nitesh

    calm down everyone. we didnt lose against sevilla for gods sake. these were two tough away games. we conceded only 1 goal, very positive defensively dont blame defenders for that now.
    but in yesterdays game griezmann should have been rested for valencia clash with whom we will battle for 3rd , but now he will miss out but our home form is strong so i dont see why we cant win , defensively we are good now and scoring should not be problem at home
    only little disappointment for me that griezmann was not rested and i wanted to see mario and torres

    please dont ever blame simeone for anything unless and until he gets us relegated . he is only reason where we are right now . before him we were fighting for europa league place in the league and even worse when he joined us in the 17th place . i had lost all the hope at that time and got used to getting thrashed by real and barca by 3 or 4 goals. so if you are an atletico fan please dont blame him .

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    My point exactly. Well said

  • Kris

    With all due respect, that logic makes no sense. As fans we are SUPPOSED to criticize our players and coaches to do better, and not be complacent, like Cholo said himself.

  • pahas

    Simeone made us what we are I agree with nitesh..if simeone never came to atletico we would be happy with a point against sevilla..but he made us being sad for a draw against real madrid and barcelona..this is the difference..

  • nitesh

    the blame and the criticism could cost us badly . simeone could leave us and then what ? who would wanna coach us ? we are an average team with average budget .just look at the players that we have , who were they before simeone started coaching them, he is getting the best out of our players with minimum salary. we have a team that plays as a unit be it defense, pressing, attack no one is selfish everyone is giving 100% (a character which very few teams have) . simeone always takes the blame upon himself and not the ref or team unlike other coach. lets support him. we are competing with teams who buy a single player worth our whole team.
    there is no need for criticism . we kept pace with real and barca for so long . a few drop points and you want to blame simeone ? i remind you again we are an average team with average players punching above their weights. i dont know since when you are supporting atletico but if it was because of last season then u will be disappointed more than expected . if u have been supporting us since long time then keep patience
    only way we can compete with real and barca on long term would be investment (just like lim did for valencia last summer), which i am hopeful with wanda group also the t v revenue might get equally shared after regular protests which will weaken real and barca and strenghten us and other teams to compete with them .just be patience and stop the blaming

  • Before Simeone, we had 9 Leagues, 9 Cups, 1 Super, 1 Cup Winners Cup, 1 Europa League, 1 UEFA Super Cup, 1 Intercontinental Cup and 1 Champions League Final
    Berofe Simeone, we did have some heavy defeats vs Barca, but we also won many times, some of them with 4 goals, like the 4-2 with Aguirre and the 4-3 with Resino
    Before Simeone, we never beat Real Madrid since 1999, but we weren’t used to be thrashed, it was either a draw or a narrow defeat, Aguirre lost 2-0 once, 2-1 twice, and drew 1-1 twice, while with Quique we lost 3-1 once, 2-0 once, 2-1 once, 1-0 once and 3-2 twice, and the only game with Abel Resino ended 1-1 in the Brenabeu with an equalizer from a very clear offside from Huntelaar
    None of those 3 lost 4-1, but Simeone did, twice, and he had a stronger team than all of them

    I am not attacking Simeone, I am just defending a very great club that you have insulted because it seems you don’t know a lot about it
    Simeone is not a great coach and very important to us just because he brought us titles, but more importantly, because he brought stability, Quique has also won trophies, and Aguirre put us back in the CL for the first time since 1997, but both were fired because they couldn’t keep that success, they were fired after they finished 6th or 7th, not after they put us in relegation zone as you are suggesting .. and if Simeone finished 5th for 2 consecutive seasons he probably will be fired as well, because we are not “Sevilla” or Villarreal or Malaga, we are a giant club, we are Atletico Madrid

    I will even go further and say that with the money from the new sponsors and Wang Jianlin and the new broadcasting deal -if the Spanish gov. finally passed the collective bargaining law- , it may not be enough from Simeone to just qualify to the CL every season, and the fans will not be patient on him for 8 years without a trophy like Arsenal fans with Wenger
    For me, those are the true fans .

  • More insults to our club !

    I will not say anything more than what I said in my first reply except one thing :
    How weird is it that someone who is describing himself as a “student” which probably means that he is a teenager or in his early twenties to ask as : “since when you are supporting Atletico” ??!!!

  • nitesh

    what u are stating on the first line is history . if u take that into account we are a big club no doubt but times have changed its more about the money now ,before 2009 real and barca hardly beat any teams by more than 2 goals now it is a norm for them because of that unfair tv revenues they have all the money to buy players whoever they want to .so dont even compare those days of aguirre and quique with simeone
    aguirre was a good coach for us but i cant say same about quique whose record was poor in the league and only won the europa league mostly because of aguero and forlan brilliance and midfield duo of simao and maxi. but both their teams finished 30 to 35 points behind real and barca .
    i think u are stating the stats without having seen these matches. both were sacked because we were declining in the table and losing at home regularly not for finishing 6th or 7th as u are saying

    sorry about the trashing part it was mostly away at barca and others were narrow defeats

  • nitesh

    and also check out where we were when manzano was sacked and simeone took over

  • yeah, I’ve seen those matches, kid

  • nitesh

    stop with your insulting comments . i am insulting no one ,
    besides many people have become atletico fans after last season even some of my friends who started watching football last season so i just wanted to know and thats why asked, whats wrong with it

  • nitesh

    i am not here to fight dude or make enemies,we are supporting the same club
    lets hope simeone wins us more titles this season

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    People need to wake up and stop living on past achivements. We live in the present and look to the future and I for one will not stand for mediocrity. I believe in Cholo but that doesn’t mean I won’t criticize him when he deserves it, we are warriors for heavens sake and this is a warrior’s way

  • pahas

    I agree with your points..I believe simeone is by far the best coach in atleti’s history and the most succesful..with a budget lower than QPR and Crystal Palace did what he did..this is impossible..give such a budget to ancelotti and luis enrique and I bet they will relegate their teams

  • You are free to say whatever you want, but for me, an “average team” is an insult to my club, and comparing it to QPR and Crystal Palace as another one did below is also an insult in my opinion, but don’t worry, I will not bother you anymore, I think I’ve made my point

  • again, not attacking Simeone, but trying to put things in perspective :
    QPR do pay higher salaries than ours, but they don’t have better players than ours, they just have stupid management, and that’s why they keep relegating and promoting, and paying higher salaries doesn’t necessary mean that they have bigger budget, they could have similar or smaller budget than us, but they spend most of it on salaries, as I said, they are stupid
    Anzhi also used to pay higher salaries than us, Eto’o alone was earning 20 million, but now they are bankrupted

    170 million is not a small budget, 86 million as a sum salaries aren’t few, dividing this figure equally on the 21 players means that each player earns more than 4 million, and according to Spanish Media, Koke earns 6 million, that is definitely not “minimum salary” as nitesh said

    My point is that Simeone is not a magician who made the impossible out of nothing, who made a miracle
    When he first came he found a team that have Courtois, Falcao, Godin, Diego Ribas, Arda, Tiago, Filipe ….
    Falcao alone cost 40 million, Griezmann cost 30, last summer alone we spent about 120 million, in 2007/08 with Aguirre we were the biggest spender in La Liga
    We do spend a lot of money like Barca & Madrid, and there are other great players who didn’t cost much or didn’t cost anything at all, just like Messi who cost Barca nothing, and just like they were able to keep him, we were able to keep most of our players which all Europe are after them, and that makes them great players and not just ordinary players like some people are trying to imply

    What I’m trying to say is this :
    Simeone is a great coach, but he is also in a great club that helped him to be what he is
    Saying or trying to say that Simeone built a great success out of nothing is absolutely not true

    The chances of Atletico’s success without Simeone is much bigger than the chances of Simeone’s success in clubs like QPR or Crystal Palace, or even Sevilla, Valencia, Lazio, Inter and maybe Man City & PSG
    Or this is what I think at least .

  • Chewie

    Simeone once spoke about Atletico knowing how to suffer. Well, the suffering season is officially on. I propose meditating before each game and drinking chamomile tea afterwards. To keep calm, that is.

    What we need now is Cholo the motivator. Valencia should be beaten for what they did to us in the first game. Same with Bayer. After that he’ll have some time to patch things up and hopefully by April we’ll still be in 3rd place and in 1/4 of the CL. And showing good football once again, of course.

  • Kris

    No, sorry. I did not start supporting Atletico since last season. Been a fan ever since I was 11 years old—but that’s not the point. The point is that the BEST of managers and players need criticism, and CRAVE criticism. I doubt, a warrior, like Cholo himself would leave because of constructive criticism. Instead, he would try to improve himself and the team, because that’s what he is, a learner and a warrior. He is no pussy. If he was a pussy he would have, and could have left the first season, the season after that, or after losing the Champions League. He’s not like that. Only pussies are afraid of criticism, winners are not. Simeone is a winner.

  • In April, Valencia will have Villarreal, then Athletic, then Levante (the derby) then Barca, if the good luck that was beside them all the season decided to leave them, they could lose all the 4 games, then the race for the 3rd place will be over

    Beating Valencia and passing Leverkusen could change everything, could put us back on the race for La Liga & the CL,
    it will give Simeone & his players a magic potion that they desperately need

    Simeone and his staff used to call many games “a final” .. but those two are the biggest finals we have so far this season

    I have no problem with suffering if there is a sweet success afterwards, that makes it even sweeter
    Suffering is a cornerstone of being a Rojiblanco, Somos socios del Atleti .. sufridos seguidores

  • Kris

    That’s exactly what we need: Cholo The Motivator. Emphasis on MOTIVATOR.

  • nitesh

    when he came ,our team was close to relegation with the players u have stated. falcao was brought from aguero money which was not fully paid and porto were complaining even after a year, courtois on loan whom chelsea did not want because of

    cech schwarzer and hilario he was their 4th choice , ribas was brought on loan again a player who was not wanted at wolfsburg ,tiago also loaned from juventus as he was not needed and was on the bench all the time. godin arda and filipe were all average players whom we paid less than 30 m combined from galatasaray villareal and deportivo all teams struggling at the time villareal close to relegation and got relegated next season
    simeone is only reason we are hanging on to our players . arda would have left by now he has speaking of epl fantasy for long. koke stayed this season mainly because of simeone after barcelona came calling, he said it was too difficult to turn down barca, miranda stayed inspite man utd and city offering triple salaries. greizmann came after getting a single call from simeone. godin , koke , juanfran all signed long term contracts and countless more.

    at the moment simeone is holding us all together. for once accept we are not at the level of barca and madrid . u will realize that once simeone is gone players will leave for big money clubs and then we will fighting for what i dont know, u tell me.

  • nitesh

    i am not against criticism. but criticizing for what ? we played for a point, got it, without conceding any goal considering bad defensive record on the road, simeone is satisfied we kept a good gap to sevilla for 4th , with at least ucl playoffs guaranteed. still with a chance of third and ucl quarters.
    with big games coming simeone deserves support not criticism

    i know u wanted a win against sevilla like us all here but it was always going to be difficult playing away having played away from home in midweek. simeone knows what he is doing. right now we are not close enough to real and barca to challenge them. we are more closer to sevilla and valencia for ucl spots
    lets pull away from them first and then see if we can catch real or barca.
    a draw in that regard was a fantastic result rather than a loss which would have put more pressure on us against valencia

  • AaX


  • I just found this statistic in the awesome twitter account
    Chewie will like it, while Jeronamo, not so much 😉
    The part what maters to me is the second one, the first 33 games for Moya & Courtois with Atleti
    Moya conceded 7 less goals (24 to 31) and kept the same number of clean sheets (17)

    While I don’t like comparing 2 players with a big gap in the number of games, like they did in the first part
    In fact, I was just talking about that last night in an Egyptian website who made a comparison between Salah & Cuadrado at Fiorentina, and of course Salah was better in all aspects, because he played only 5 games, compared to the 107 for Cuadrado

  • Chewie

    You’re right, I like it 🙂 Moya is a good keeper, and I’d rather stick with him, sell Oblak and Siqueira for 20 million and get an awesome left-back/centre mid than worry about Oblak not getting the minutes. By the way, why don’t we see Lucas playing instead of Gamez? The kid was rock-solid against Real.

  • If Lucas won’t play anymore this season, I wish at least the club is working on giving him a new decent contract with a giant clause, the kid has rojiblanco blood in his veins, his father played for Atleti, and he and his younger brother Theo were here since they were little kids, and for a club like us, that makes a big difference

    About the GKs, I watched a couple of games for Gerónimo Rulli who was strongly linked to us last summer but he ended up in Sociedad, and I liked him, I don’t know why Cholo & Mono didn’t go for him especially that he is young and Argentinian, maybe he doesn’t have a European passport
    I would let Oblak go if there is an opportunity to sign a big name, Čech for example, but I will only loan Oblak, and to a club where he will be the no.1 choice

  • pahas

    I don’t agree with you friend..I think you underestimate simeone..maybe we have success after simeone too if a good coach comes but we will not be able to compete for the league title..this is what cholo can do..and I am sure simeone in another team will have success whatever the team is coz simply simeone is the best coach

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    You’re right… me not so much 🙂 lol

  • For me, and I claim that many Atleti fans share the same opinion : Moya is good, but not great
    And while I believe Chewie can admit that he is not great, I don’t think you will ever consider him a good GK

    Either way, I do believe that we need a better GK, but I appreciate what Moya have done so far
    Maybe he is not Courtois or de Gea, but he is not Leo Franco or Coupet either, and I also believe that he has done much better with us than Asenjo and Abbiati