La Liga: Rayo Vallecano 2 – 4 Atlético

Atlético win Madrid derby despite defensive lapses

Rayo Vallecano Atletico Madrid

Atlético celebrate Arda's goal (MARCA)

Usually Atlético Madrid look to grind out a 0-1 victory in their games on the road, trusting in their impenetrable defence.

On Sunday night the Colchoneros were hardly recognizable in a high scoring affair, although the result – another road win in a Madrid derby – was very much the same.

Rayo this season have been one of La Liga’s most exciting sides to watch with their opportunistic approach, often sacrificing any defensive security as they intend on keeping possession and attacking collectively. After just eight minutes their attempt to play the ball out of defence went horribly wrong, as David Villa picked off the ball on the edge of the box. Diego Costa played the ball back to El Guaje who calmly slotted the ball into the net to score for the second week in a row.

Just a few minutes later Rayo were given the chance to equalize, but Jonathan Viera missed a penalty kick after Javi Manquillo had fouled Alberto Bueno inside the box. Ironically, Manquillo started over Juanfran who sat out a suspension after conceding a penalty last week, which at the time ended a 63 game streak of going without giving up a spot kick.

It was end to end stuff in the opening half as Atleti came incredibly close to doubling their lead only a few moments later. Goalkeeper Rubén pulled off a great save to deny Diego Costa and then got his hand to José Sosa’s rebound to deflect the Argentine’s shot against the crossbar.

Sosa started in place of Koke, but the Spanish midfielder played the full 90 minutes as Tiago dropped out in the warm up. It was Koke’s 100th game in red and white, making him the third youngest player to reach the milestone behind Fernando Torres and Sergio Agüero.

After half an hour of play Atlético scored their second goal through a quick break set up by David Villa, Diego Costa and José Sosa. The latter did well to keep his composure and gifted an easy goal to Arda Turan, who put the ball in from only a couple yards out.

In the five minutes before the break Atleti collectively seemed to forget about their defence, as Rayo created several chances on the break. One counter attack created a 3 on 2 situation for the home side which lead to Jonathan Viera’s goal, helping the winger get some revenge for his penalty miss earlier on.

At the other end David Villa shot just wide, while a Godín mishap nearly cost Atlético the equalizer.

Still before half time, Atlético extended their lead to two again. A Gabi free kick was headed on by Atleti loanee Saúl Ñíguez unintentionally (or not?), which gave Arda Turan a golden opportunity to score his second and his team’s third goal of the night.

The Colchoneros took their foot off the gas and not much happened until things got exciting again in the final fifteen minutes of the game. Before that there was some bad news for Atleti, as Óliver Torres had to be stretchered off just moments after coming on with what appears to be a dislocated shoulder.

In the 75th minute, shortly after Larrivey’s shot went just over the crossbar, it was Diego Costa who decided the game. Or was it? Replays were inconclusive as to whether Diego Costa scored his first goal of 2014 and 20th of the campaign or if Saúl should be credited with an own goal.

But Rayo struck back immediately through Larrivey, who headed in the home side’s second from close range after the Atlético defence stood by without attempting to intervene. In the final minutes Thibaut Courtois was called upon to stop a number of shots, but his team came through unscathed as they held on to their 4-2 lead.

Rayo Vallecano Atlético
Rayo Vallecano 24 Atlético
Viera 40'Villa 8'
Larrivey 76'Arda 31'
 Arda 45'
 Diego Costa 75'
Competition Liga BBVA
Location Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas
Date 26 January 2014
Kick Off 19.00 CET

Team Lineups

Rayo Vallecano
Baena (76')
Lass (57')
Viera (83')
Substitutes used
Rochina (57')
Castillo (76')
Iago (83')
Sosa (61')
Villa (80')
Diego Costa
Substitutes used
Óliver (61')(65')
C. Rodríguez (65')
Raúl García (80')

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Derek : I think it was a dive from Alberto Bueno, I believe Manquillo never touched him

    Oliver tears broke my heart, what a bad luck to get that though injury just 2 minuets of coming into the pitch, after a long time of absence
    but I think he will recover fast, Mel Gibson dislocated his shoulder too many times in Lethal Weapon, and every time he kept fighting and killed the bad guys 🙂

    Seriously though, there was a lot of events tonight, a lot of goals, Simeone’s 50th win in La Liga, Koke’s 100th game in La Liga, Villa’s 182nd goal in La Liga, that made him the 11th top scorer in La Liga in all time, Oli injury
    but all these events must not let us forget the great game Manquillo played tonight
    he was very good, both defensively & offensively .. and again, he didn’t touch Bueno

    Saul was an Atleti player tonight !!
    and that what I’ve talked about in the game preview report
    Loanees should not be allowed to play against their original team, it is prohibited in England, and it should be prohibited in the whole world
    a lot of emotions and mixed feelings, and mixed interests, especially if your original team is playing for something, a title, a European spot, or to escape from relegation, and more especially if you are facing them in the last few weeks of the season
    You can not talk about professionalism here, he is not playing against his old team, or the team he used to support when he was a kid .. he is -literally- playing against his team
    if he scored against them in the last game of the season and cost them the title, then in the very next day he packed his bags and went back to them, then, for me it is the same as scoring an own goal and costing your team the title !

    It was a happy moment when all of our 3 starlets, Manquillo, Saul & Oliver were on the pitch
    but sadly it ended just 2 minutes after it began !

    Animo Oliver

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    By the way, MARCA, the one who give Pichichi (and also Zamora) trophies, gave the 4th goal to Saul as an own goal

    For me, it was very obvious in the replay that Saul was the last one who touched the ball

    So, Cosat is still goalless in 2014 .. after 7 games

    Should we have to worry ?!

  • starvs

    I don’t think we worry to much, he had a quality game today and looked lively and dangerous. He does need a rest though.

    Sosa looked like he may be able to contribute. I like Koke playing deeper if there is a reliable offensive threat to take the place he is vacating further forward. He can provide some very nice passes from deeper, as he displayed vs Athletic. We may lose something defensively with him deeper though, compared to a Mario/Tiago/Josh.

  • Arjit

    Unselfish performance from Costa today, I liked the first half (except the goal). Good link up play, a lot of chances. Second half we looked a little tired especially after about 70 minutes. It was a little worrying to see more Rayo players attacking than our players defending but that’s how they play I suppose and also why it was easy to open them up. Another win in the bag, onward!

  • Pantic#10

    Lethal weapon …ahah Great Ahmad.
    Saul hould have not played against us. There’s a witten contract that doesn’t allow him to play against us (i heard it also by the commenters)
    Maybe rayo was pissed off by the baptistao/betis affair?

  • piserakos

    @Arjit… That was what I was talking about, I got pissed with Costa not because he didn’t scored but cause he was too selfish… Yesterday at last he was passed the ball!! I think that it was Saul’s goal, so yes he is still goalless… I’m sad about Oliver but I believe he will be back at 1-2 months. Sosa had a great game and really helped, that’s good. Villa also was Maravilla, no word for Arda and AT LAST Courtois saved a penalty, I had write the he has only one dissadvantage (penalties), against Sevilla he reacted well (even though Rakitic scored), now it was his time…
    Guys there is a huge rumor that we will give Costa to Chelsea for Courtois and 20mill…

  • Adnan Khan

    Sad news guys, one more of our talents got injured and he will take an operation tomorrow. Hector Hernandez broke his collar bone.
    Animo Hector!
    Anim Oliver torres!

  • Paulo

    Ahmad: I was saying the exact same thing to my friend about Mel Gibson in the lethal weapon 2 when Oliver was being strechered off! And his tears also broke my heart. I have dislocated my shoulder a few times and even when it has healed, it is easy to get it dislocated again, even long after the injury, if it’s not operated.
    I’m glad Oliver is still so young, his body will heal fast and with proper medical care, there won’t be any permanent damage in the ligaments.

    I liked Sosa. Alert, not too hasty, unselfish, found his teammates fast and all-around a good performance from a guy, who has played only a few weeks for Atleti. Villa was great! It was a very lively performance from him. Costa too, he had clearly read some comments from, ahah! And Arda. El Genio TURRRRCO!
    The penalty looked definitely like a dive. It was harsh on Manquillo, but he handled it like a real man. A few times he lost track of who to defend leaving one man free, but the situations were a bit confusing as the whole defense just fell asleep on some of the Rayo Counters. I’m sure Simeone will discuss about it with the whole team.

  • piserakos

    @Paulo, I think he read mine:P I was the one who complaining, he is selfish, he doesn’t play smart etc:P Also you looked too (damn this word) relaxed after our goals that’s why we conceded 2

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Oliver is out from 3 to 4 weeks, according to his twitter account

    well, it could have been worse

    Animo Oli

  • epoy

    i think i can live with Courtois +20 million for Costa..
    Baptistao will be our next “beast”… or who knows, maybe Raul Garcia will change position and play the position he was really born to play… as a striker..

  • kris

    Courtois plus 20 million for Diego Costa? Fucking right I would miss him, and it’d be a gamble for both Chelsea and Atleti but I will take it man.. if we can find a replacement for him that’s as good as him, and someone who isn’t cup-tied. I doubt this move will happen though.. Atleast not in January..

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Courtois + Torres for Costa, and we pay Chelsea a couple of millions,
    that will be the best deal Atleti ever made

    but Courtois + 20 million for Costa ?! .. then what will we do with this 20 million ?!
    with today’s prices, you need to add another 20 million to the 20 million to buy a decent striker !
    today, -thanks to the Arabs & the Russians- 20 million can’t buy you even one-legged striker !
    I mean Tottenham paid 30 M for Soldado, who scored in 19 games in EPL only 5 goals .. 4 from penalties !!

    and with all due to respect to Villa, RG8 & Leo, none of them can score 25+ goals/season

    but anyway, after Chelsea sold an important player like Mata to a direct rival like Man Utd because he was asking for more playing time, I’m very sure they will never mind selling Courtios to Atleti, and for cash only, without involving any player in the deal
    It’s just about how much Thibaut wants to stay at Atleti, and how much the club want to keep him

    By the way,
    Because Petr Cech is playing for Chelsea for a long time (since 2004), some people get confused and think he is old
    He is just 31 ! .. he was born on 20 May 1982
    so he can play at least for 6 more years .. a lot of time for Chelsea to find another GK, and that what makes buying Courtois more possible .. if we really want .. if we are trying hard enough

  • piserakos

    @ahmad… i think we can buy torres for 15mil and lukaku for 20… the best would be courtois+lukaku for costa… I would take Costa and put him at the plane with some flowers and chocolates for gift… If I remember well I was talking to you that personally I would use Villa as a lone striker with a Rakitic behind him.. I think we can buy someone like Chicharito or Osvaldo with 15mil

  • ali_

    if we really sell him, i hope we dont buy neither chicharito or osvaldo. we dont need players who fights with their teammates. and chicharito isnt that good as u think. have some MU fan friends and they all say his ball technique is pretty shit.
    but ofc theres the cholo effect, so who knows what he can do with a shit player.

  • AndersAT

    I think that Courtois is far more important to our team than Diego Costa. This team is build around a strong defensive line with Courtois, the back-four and Gabi (and perhaps Mario, Thiago etc.). In contrary to the team during the recent years which was build around a killer attack (forlan, aguero, simao, falcao etc.) ,and in my opinion we are far stronger now.

    Ahmed i agree that Villa, RG8 or Leo probably can’t score 25+ goals next season, but in all fairness, one year ago who would have thought that Costa could do that? And we don’t need a player to score 25+ goals. We just need two or three players to score 50.

    I think we should do anything to keep Courtois and our defensive line. Cash in on Costa and bye a player like Rakitic and hold on to Adrian, Leo and the rest. And for gods sake use Guilavogui. He could be a wonderful player. (reminds me of Yaya Toure)

  • piserakos

    @ali.. If you read better my comment i don’t want to buy one like them. No I want Villa (and Garcia as a back up) on frond and one great offensive player. The best would be Rakitic (he is merchenary but he is not that expensive and he is too good)…. Personally Courtois for Costa and about 20 mill i would like this. And use those money to buy Rakitic. Then I’m ok!

  • ali_

    piserakos: if you read better my comment i didnt reply to you, i just said in general that i dont want neither osvaldo, nor villa, nor chicharito.

  • Arjit

    If Cortouis + 20 Million happens we should spend that on either a world class playmaker or striker. I don’t think 20 million is a small sum to spend on a good player. If salah can move to chelsea for only 15 million surely we can get a pretty good striker for 20. Benteke/Lukaku come to mind and their price will be a lot lower since they’re not as hyped as in the past. I also don’t think rakitic will improve the team very much. He looks good at Sevilla because he’s the only technically gifted player that’s left there. We already have koke and turan like that. If we buy a playmaker we need someone good enough to change the game at any moment. Diego completely controlled the field when he played, him and Reyes (for like 1 year) were the best I’ve seen in recent years at Atletico perform that role. We need someone like that. I have read that Kroos is looking to leave Bayern, that would be a coup.

  • piserakos

    @ali,,, Ok then:)
    @arjit… you are right about that… I remember that somewhere I read Courtois and Lukaku for Costa (no money)… that would be even better… Yes Kroos is a fantastic player, personally i think that we should bring one like navas or silva here… More speed I mean…

  • jeronamo

    Please stop mentioning Lukaku… I hate how hyped up he is by the english media, the guy isnt that good imo but whatever and btw Leo can become an amazing striker with time and games under his belt don’t write him off

  • piserakos

    @jeronamo… me too I don’t think he is that good, the same Benteke

  • Will

    According to some Spanish news, Arda won’t play against Athletic. :/

  • piserakos

    the line up would be….
    -Juanfran, Godin, Miranda, Felipe-
    -Koke, Gabi-
    -Sosa, Garcia-
    -Villa, Costa-
    That will be the line up (according to Marca)

  • Brad

    “According to Spanish media reports…” seems to be a way for the English-speaking media to say “we’re just guessing and have no clue”. The Daily Mail has been reporting that half of Atletico would go to the EPL in January

  • Brad

    Though if MARCA is reporting it, there might be a grain of truth to it.

  • Adnan Khan

    We should buy Antoine Griezmann, he is such a good player. Technique, dribbling, finishing, set piece skills, play-maker, speed and young age. He got it all. He is doing really well this season with 19 apps and 14 goals in the ligue. But he will be too expensive tho :/

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Brad : as the British say : bloody tabloids !

    But if AS and MARCA don’t respect Atleti, how could we expect that nasty newspapers like The Sun & The Daily Mail to respect us

    Jeronamo : I don’t like Lukaku either, I think he is a good striker, but not a super striker
    but there is something magical in Atleti that makes any striker a goal machine
    Just like Andersat said : “one year ago who would have thought that Costa could do that”

    except Eto’o, in the last decade, Atleti always had the best strikers in La Liga, but despite that, we was not so good, because we used to have one of the worst defenses in La Liga, and a disastrous GKs like Coupet & Leo Franco

    So I agree with Andersat again, the most important is to keep our defensive structure, Courtois, the 4 defenders, and the 3 CM, Gabi, Mario and -especially- Tiago, who renewed for only one season, but although he will turn 33 next May, he is playing one of his best season with Atleti, if not the best season ever

    and I have to say that our defense is not just those 8 (Courtois + the 4 defenders + the 3 CM) but also Koke & Arda are a part of it, these two have a big defensive role, and they should never leave either
    other than that, I don’t mind if any player left, even Costa

    yes, it will hurt, but I guess after Torres, De Gea, Aguero, Forlan & Falcao, we get used to see our stars leaving, and it doesn’t hurt that much anymore !!

    Piserakos : Osvaldo ?! .. are you kidding man !
    we just had a strong and long debate last week about Costa’s behavior, and you was a part of it, with Arjit, Jeronamo, Paulo and others
    well, at least Costa used to make problems with the opponent players, but Osvaldo makes problems with everybody, even with his teammates and his coaches
    just few days ago, he had a fight in one of Southampton’s training sessions with his teammate Jose Fonte, which -according to British media- : “was so bad that it drew blood”
    and the club suspended him for two weeks

    and last season, he insulted Roma manager Aurelio Andreazzoli after he didn’t start Copa Italia final vs Lazio, and because of that he has been booted out of the Italy squad for the rest of World Cup Qualifiers and The Confederation Cup

    we don’t need that garbage at our club,
    these type of players don’t have a place at Atleti
    maybe he can play at Real Madrid, with his type, like Pepe, Di Maria & Ramos
    but he will never step a foot at Vicente Calderon

    Martin Rosenow looks so busy, last make Billy was the one who wrote “The After Math”, and this week there is no After Math at all
    He even said on his twitter that he didn’t watch Rayo-Atleti game on air

    We Miss You Man

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    “last make” ! .. I’m sorry, I meant “last week”

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Adnan : every club in Europe would love to have Griezmann
    what a striker ! and what all these beautiful and magnificent goals he keeps scoring
    and he will just turn 23 next March

    But if only we can afford his price .. I don’t think we can 🙁

    and (although I hate dealing with them), he is not one of Doyen Group’s clients

    He probably will be another great talent that escapes from the hell of La Liga to the heaven of the EPL

  • Adnan Khan

    Yes, Ahmad. His buy-out clause is around 30 mill if i remember correctly, so it gets a little bit out of our reach. But indeed, a fantastic player he is.

  • piserakos

    @ahmad… I never said I want Osvaldo, of course not… If it was on me i would bring Torres to play with villa. But that’s one what i want, cause ‘el nino’ is (still) my favourite player…