La Liga: Málaga 2 – 2 Atlético

Atlético drop two points in the race with Valencia for third place

Griezmann scores a double for Atlético

Griezmann scores a double for Atlético

Atlético Madrid could only come away from La Rosaleda with a point on Saturday evening, after an entertaining game in the south of Spain ended 2-2.

Antoine Griezmann’s second goal of the game was enough to get Atleti back on an equal footing, and in truth Diego Simeone will be happy to take a point after the way the game unfolded.

Atlético have developed a habit of scoring early in recent matches, and this trend would surely have continued if the referee hadn’t waved away penalty claims on Fernando Torres in the opening five minutes.

Torres found himself with the opportunity from close-range, but he was pushed to the floor inside the Málaga penalty area as part of a clumsy challenge from Rosales, but the referee waved away the appeals.

El Niño did get a chance to open the scoring again after ten minutes. Juanfran, back in the side after serving his suspension for yellow cards, managed to chase down the ball on the right wing and cross, but Torres could only volley it high into the stands.

It was Juanfran who set up Fernando Torres again soon after, but Fernando couldn’t get a clean header at goal.

It wasn’t as productive a start to the game for the rojiblanco on the opposite flank. Summer signing Jesús Gámez was being roundly booed by the Málaga fans after spending 15 years playing with Los Boquerones.

However his fortunes changed in the 25th minute, as a long throw in from Gámez was completely fumbled by Carlos Kameni. The throw reached the front post, but instead of catching it cleanly, Kameni dropped the catch and Griezmann was on hand to tap the ball in on the goal line. 1-0 to the visitors, and it’s Griezmann’s 17th league goal of the season.

Atleti weren’t having it all their own way. Málaga were applying some pressure as the first half went on. A dangerous free header from a corner was cleared over the bar by Miranda, whilst Tiago was forced to execute an acrobatic clearance to get the ball away from danger a moment later.

And it was from a corner that Atlético conceded the equaliser. Whipped in from Recio, the ball swung in to the near post where Fernando Torres seemed to get his head on the ball to deceive Oblak. The Slovenian tried to stop the ball but it trickled into the net to end his run of clean sheets in La Liga.

Fernando Torres was not enjoying the best of games up until now. Despite getting into the right positions, his first touch and finishing have both let him down. The first own goal of his career won’t do his confidence any favours.

Málaga were on top straight after the break, and had the majority of the chances. They even had a penalty shout turned down from, at the least, a consistent referee.

The biggest chance for the home side so far came as Amrabat crossed in but Castillejo couldn’t get any part of his body behind the strike, and it bounced harmlessly wide of Oblak’s goal.

Carlos Kameni attoned for his earlier mistake in the 52nd minute, when a Griezmann cross picked out the head of Fernando Torres. El Niño backtracked and played a cushioned header over the top of the defender and into the path of Koke. Kameni managed to do enough to put off our young Spaniard, and Koke headed wide of the gaping goal.

The Cameroonian goalkeeper pulled off another good save just a few minutes later, when another cross in to the Málaga box found the head of Atleti’s number nine. Torres couldn’t guide it away from the goalkeeper.

The 31-year-old had another shot saved shortly after, when he took down a long Arda Turan cross brilliantly. Torres’ shot was from a tight angle and it forced another good save from Kameni.

It was Torres’ last attempt of the evening, as he was eventually substituted and replaced by Saúl.

While Atlético were beginning to dominate, Málaga were looking increasingly dangerous on the counter-attack. Oblak was called upon twice to make a reflex save, and the defensive duo of Giménez and Miranda did well to clear the danger.

However the central defenders were nowhere to be seen just a few minutes later when Samuel Garcia gave the home side the lead.

A through ball, played blind by Amrabat, caught everyone off guard and it went through to Samu. Oblak rushed out and dived at the feet of the unmarked Spaniard, who calmly chipped the ball over him and into the back of the net. 2-1 to Málaga.

Diego Simeone sprung into action, and instantly replaced Gabi with Raúl Jímenez, hoping the Mexican forward could use the remaining 15 minutes to finally make his mark at Atlético. And make a difference he did.

Jesús Gámez crossed the ball in, and Raúl Jiménez jumped up high to head the ball down to Antoine Griezmann, who wasted very little time before smashing it into the back of Carlos Kameni’s net.

Replays showed that Griezmann was perhaps a good yard offside when Jiménez headed it down, but subsequent analysis from the TV analysts show that Griezmann was being played onside by a Málaga defender on the far side.

Jiménez nearly had a second assist in the final ten minutes, when a cross in from Juanfran picked out the Mexican perfectly. He cushioned it down and teed it up to Saúl, who brought an excellent save from Kameni.

Not content to surrender the spotlight to his opposite number, Oblak pulled off a terrific save to stop Amrabat from restoring Málaga’s lead immediately after. The Moroccoan international swivelled on the edge of the Atleti area before firing a low shot to Oblak’s left hand post. The Slovenian was equal to it.

The remainder of the game featured a number of half chances to both sides, but nothing of note, and Atleti drop two points in the race for third place. Valencia are at home to Levante on Monday night.

What did you think of our performance? Was Torres that bad? Didn’t Jiménez do well when he came on?


Málaga Atlético Madrid
Málaga 22 Atlético Madrid
F Torres (o.g.) 37'Griezmann 25'
Samu  71'Griezmann 78'
Competition Liga BBVA
Location La Rosaleda
Date 11 April 2015
Kick Off 18:00 CEST

Team Lineups

Amrabat (90')
Juanmi (75')
Castillejo (84')
Substitutes used
Tissone (75')
Horta (84')
Guerra (90')
Atlético Madrid
Gabi (73')
Arda (79')
Torres (68')
Substitutes used
Saúl (68')
Raúl Jiménez (73')
Cani (79')

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Carpetano

    Just fucking disgraceful act from La Rosaleda crowd today. Isco, for example, spent only two seasons at the club and they cheer him and even gave standing ovation when Isco was sub off for Real Madrid. Gámez however played 266 matches in Málaga dress in nine seasons and they they boo him…

  • 15 years for Gamez including his junior career

    The only explanation I can think of is that it’s “inferiority complex” towards Madrid & Barca,
    It’s like : we hate Gamez for leaving us, but we are very proud of our boy Isco who made it to Real Madrid,
    it’s a big honor for our club ! (although he is not their boy, he is Valencia’s)

    And that what makes La Liga so weak, uncompetitive and pathetic
    I hate Sevilla fans, especially Biris Norte, but I respect them for showing character against “the big two”

  • Speaking of disgraceful acts in La Rosaleda

    This boy’s father should be arrested
    This is dangerous, if he makes this now then he could do much worse things when he is a teenager,
    A football fan has lost his life just few months ago because many kids were raised that way

    And by the way, next game is vs Depor, I wonder what kind of precautions are the authorities going to take, in my opinion :
    No Atletico fans should be allowed to travel to La Coruña

  • Kris

    You are overreacting man.. This has been institutionalized throughout the world. Just because a rival’s kid fan does it on TV doesn’t mean he’s gonna “do much worse things when he is a teenager.” What if the kid isn’t raised by his father?

    Calm down, man. I am pretty pissed about the draw too but doesn’t mean I am gonna be pointing out little details from the rivals. We had Ninety minutes to win the game. We didn’t.

  • This has nothing to do with the draw, which I don’t even see as a bad result, but this is definitely not the age for giving the finger, this is the age of cuteness
    Last week I saw a father covering his kid’s ears when the fans started to curse (in a game in La Liga) and he was about this kid’s age .. this is how it’s done
    And this picture should not have been appeared on the screen on the first place, and that director should be held responsible for that, the one who is hurt the most by this picture is the kid himself, and he is the innocent one here

    Am I overreacting ?! maybe, but that doesn’t mean this is OK, this is wrong, and such actions can not be separated from the fans problems in Spain. it’s all about well raising in my opinion
    But I am not overreacting about Depor’s game, Riazor Blues will never forget what happened in Madrid Rio, and they will seek revenge, and if they couldn’t avenge from El Frente I’m afraid they will try with regular fans
    I am truly terrified .. I don’t want to see more football fans being killed, I have seen enough killings for football fans here in Egypt in the last 3 years

  • About the game :

    The night before I said that I won’t ask for rotation this time, but I’m asking to start with our best XI, but unfortunately that didn’t happen (and I’m not the one who invented ‘Partido A Partido’, it is Simeone)
    Godin was on the bench, so he was fit, and he should have started, we didn’t just lose the best defender in Spain, but we gave the leadership of our defense to Miranda, who is far far away from being a leader, and this season he is not even a good defender, he is always reckless, careless and not concentrating (he started the game wearing the shirt no 24 until Lahoz made him change)
    I’m afraid that we have another case of Perea, once a great defender then became a heavy burden on the team’s shoulder
    Keeping Miranda next season will be a big mistake, not only because of his shaky performance, but also because next season is the last one in his contract, and I think I know Jorge Mendez well enough to say that he will never accept any new deal and will make him leave for free in the summer of 2016

    I can’t be mad or disappointed at Torres even if scored 2 own goals and missed a penalty !
    And to be fair, he did play a good 2nd half and he should have had a goal or at least an assist, but Kameni was also good in the 2nd half after his mistake in the 1st

    As I said before, I don’t see Gamez a better LB than Siqueira, and I didn’t change my mind even after his 2 “throw-in assists”
    I think Siqueira should start vs RM, Mandzukic too if he is fit

    Lately, El Frente have been singing : ” Obi, Oblak, cada dia te quiero mas” [every day I love you more]
    I can say the same thing about Jimenez, he was very good and very active, and he made a great assist and they could have been
    two if Cani manged to score form that easy chance

    I am scared to even just think of where would we have been right now without Grizi !
    He is definitely the best signing this season, not just for Atleti, but in La Liga, maybe even in Europe, he now has 2 more goals than Costa, and he played 39 minutes less

    I think if Godin was there he could have prevented at least one of the 2 goals, and we could have won, but at least we didn’t lose, and this point will keep us 3rd for one more week, despite the result of Valencia-Levante
    This is the stage of the season where all teams drop points, and we all remember very well the last 3 weeks of the last season

  • yuo99

    gabi should not be start…mario and thiago should start against real.. atleti need to buy a CM in the summer

  • Mrtn

    The most ridiculous statement ever made by you.
    Fans like you should be banned from attending football matches, this mentality is the reason why modern football is dying.
    Luckily though, people like you still prefer TV instead of stadiums, and hopefully the Calderon will never be a theathre for pol-correct ladyboys.
    Finally, I don’t fear ultras beating each others ass, I fear people wanting others to be prisoned for their different views.
    That’s the way nazis and communists did it, that’s the way modern day liberals control the world.

  • Αθανάσιος Νικηταράς

    As a hooligan i started to laugh with you post… But about the game at Riazor, i totally agree with you! Two friends of mine will go to Madrid for the games against Real and i adviced them not to go at Riazor… Frente won’t be there, but regular fans would be it can make things bad… Anyway soy uno del Frente y joder los Riazor Blues!!!

  • BlasiusMagnus

    well said, dude.

  • Could agree about Gabi, but Mario, I don’t know, he could play a solid game like the one vs Bayer or he could make a ridiculous penalty like the one vs Celta
    Maybe Tiago & Koke, and that will free a spot for Raul or Saul to play with Arda, Grizi & Mandzu