La Liga: Getafe 0 – 2 Atlético

Atlético Madrid continue winning and survive injury scare

Diego Godin getafe

Diego Godín celebrates the opening goal (AS)

Only four more wins separate Atlético Madrid from their first La Liga title since 1996 after the team picked up its 7th consecutive victory on Sunday night.

The Rojiblancos travelled a small distance to Getafe where they beat the locals 2-0, courtesy of goals by Diego Godín and Diego Costa.

The latter was all everyone was talking about after the game, as the Spanish Brazilian had to come off with a nasty injury shortly before the end. Fans feared for a shin fracture, but the club has confirmed Costa’s cut is only a flash wound.

Diego Costa injured himself as he slid in an Adrián cross, before colliding with the goal post. Despite scoring, the striker was in agonizing pain and screaming as his teammates turned to the medical staff for help. Fortunately it seems he’ll be okay, but the gravity of his injury is not yet known.

With the goal Costa redeemed himself for a penalty miss earlier on, although our topscorer should be excused after being visually distracted by the Getafe crowd.

The penalty was won in the 65th minute, when Ángel Lafita pulled down João Miranda just as the Brazilian was getting ready to shoot. It resulted in Lafita’s second yellow, meaning the home side had to play the final half hour with ten men. From that point on Getafe never threatened Atleti, something they had hardly done even with eleven Azulones on the pitch. Their best opportunity to equalize came just after the break when Juan Rodríguez saw his header saved by the amazing Thibaut Courtois, who reacted spectacularly the single time he was called upon.

Atlético had taken the lead in the first half through Diego Godín. After half an hour the Uruguayan saw one of his headers blocked by Getafe goalie Codina, but the ‘keeper did nothing to prevent a goal shortly before the break. After Geta failed to clear a corner, the ball fell to Juanfran who swung the ball in a second time. Godín caught Codina way out of position and headed the ball into the empty goal for the first of two Atlético goals.

Atlético can now rest for a week while Barcelona and Real fight each other in the Copa del Rey final. Next Friday Atlético host Elche at the Vicente Calderón in search of their 8th consecutive league win.

Getafe Atlético
Getafe 02 Atlético
 Godín 41'
 Costa 85'
Competition Liga BBVA
Location Alfonso Pérez
Date 13 April 2014
Kick Off 19.00 CET

Team Lineups

Lago (80')
Mosquera (68')
Pedro Léon
Castro (58')
Substitutes used
Colunga (58')
Lacen (68')
Sammir (80')
Raúl García (71')
Villa (62')
Diego Costa (86')
Substitutes used
Adrián (62')
Diego (71')
C. Rodríguez (86')

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Kris


  • Colin Jones

    So close

  • Jeronamo

    On to the next one… Glad Costa is ok

  • Dircil this guy can come cheap! I really want him in our side next season!

  • Jelle

    I cannot see why we should buy Taarabt?! He’s not good enough and I don’t see how he’s personality could fit to our style of football.

  • Dircil

    I think he’s a better version of Raul Garcia! This guy can cause a lot of trouble to our opponent’s defense!

  • Ali

    Tarrabt is A BIG FLOP.. If we want to buy someone then we have already bought angel correa and our next target is rakitic and alessio cerci of torino.. Most of you guys didn’t heard his name before but I bet that this guy is better then rakitic a perfect replacement for Rodriguez and he also told on skyports that atleti scouts were watching him during the game and he would love to atletico.. Overall he has 14 goals and 10 assists in serie a this season..

  • Ali

    But in my opinion we should buy both. Rakitic and alessio cerci..

  • Ali

    Rakitic will cost us 15 to 20 million and alessio cerci will cost us absolutely nothing cuz he will be out of contract this summer and he rejected contract extension.. And we should buy him instead of Jeremy menez and he also fits in simeone style…

  • Jeronamo

    Nothing is wrong with taraabt, are u guys blind? He’s an awesome player who has caught some bad breaks that’s all. You’re crazy if you think he wouldn’t be great under Simione heck any player would be great under Simione

  • Kris

    The problem with taraabt is he is not disciplined. If you play for Atletico and can’t get along with the rest of the guys and can’t take constructive criticism from Cholo, you ain’t made for us. Taraabt has had a reputation of what I just described. But, I also agree that he doesn’t fit our style of play just like it’s been hard for both Villa and Diego to gel in.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    That was the 4th missed penalty by Costa this season .. out of 8 he took (50 %)
    and the previous 3 were all at the Calderon, against Celta, Austria Wien & Valencia
    it’s not just that he missed a lot of penalties, but the worst is that his technique is very bad and his self-confidence is very low .. it was very clear on his face today at the moment the ref blown his whistle calling a penalty that he is hesitated
    I was very sure that he will miss

    I believe he should NOT take any more penalties this season,
    if he can’t score them in the early stages of La Liga and in group stage of The Champions League so how could he do so in the semifinal or the final of UCL (either in play time or in a penalty shoot-out) or in the last 5 weeks of La Liga

    I believe it’s not a rule that the striker should be the one who takes the penalties, it should be the best one at this skill whatever his position is,
    he could be a striker, a midfielder, a defender or even a goalkeeper (like Rogerio Ceni)
    he should be a very cool and calm player .. and we all know that Costa is far from that

    If I’m the one who choose, I’ll pick one of these two :

    1- David Villa, the very experienced one, the one who has won every possible trophy, from the Spanish Super Cup to The World Cup
    2- Gabi, our captain, the one who takes most of the set-pieces, and the one who was the first penalty taker with Zaragoza, and in his last season with them (2010-11) he took 6 penalties, and he scored all of them, and two of them were in the same game (against Valencia) which is difficult for any player, and one of them was against Casillas

    come on Cholo .. what do you want more than that ?!!

    I love Simeone and I love Diego Costa, but giving the penalties to him is a big and clear mistake

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    by the way, Atletico Madrid have launched a football club in India, in the city of Kolkata (also spelled Calcuta) under the name : “Atlético de Madrid Calcuta”

    if some of you find that strange, let me tell you that Ajax own a club in South Africa called “Ajax Cape town” since 1999 with the same crest and the same colours of the parent club Ajax Amsterdam
    maybe I’m familiar with that club because I’m Egyptian and I’ve seen them playing against Egyptian clubs in African competitions

    to be honest, Cerezo and -especially- Gil Marin are working very hard and doing all what they can do to find more resources for the club
    maybe I will start to like Gil .. or at least stop hating him !

  • Brad

    They also have some kind of worldwide partnership program with some team in south east asia (I want to say Thailand) and the Chicago Fire in the U.S.

  • Abdullah Karam

    No taarabt plz guys ,, He is a one man show and everything is wrong with TAARABT ,, so plz NOOOOO FOR TAARABT 🙂 ,, Angel Correa + Rakitic + Courtios and a striker if Diego left 4 exmpl ” Chicharito or Icardi ” and i hope a good DM also that is it 🙂
    But Rakitic is a must cuz he fit our style of play like he was born to play under cholo :)))
    Lets see what will happen in market

  • Ali

    Tarrabt is like nani he try to get past entire defence and score goal on his own instead of passing.. He lack decipline and his vision sucks… He only knows how to dribble!!!!

  • Ali

    And in that case we have to fight with bayern munich for alessio cerci..

  • Amir Habib Mukadaffi

    Taraabt will be a big mistake, he has no discipline and motivation. When he played at Queens park Rangers, the coach didin’t put him in the first 11, so he decided not to go.. So he was caught in the tram by some fans van QPR they said to him, hey don’t you need to play today ? Taraabt said, no the coach didin’t put me in the 1st 11 so screw it.

  • Farzad from Iran

    I am so so worry because of costa if you have any news from him please tell if he wont come back ,,., match with valencia will be so so so so difficult

  • Pantic#10

    Sosa is better than him.
    Btw, taarabt will be bought by Milan.
    Where he can party everynight with Balotelli, El Shaarawi and all the others undisciplined players of the squad 😉

  • Pantic#10

    @Farzad: take a look at official website, there’s a pic of him (this morning) with the other players
    He’s sitted on the bench.
    Looks like our panther is made of iron, no serious injury.

  • piserakos

    1. Ahmad… I wrote it at mine Greek game report the night and i notised this statistic (i knew it before his takes the penalty and i was sure he will lose it) and i believe someone should give it to Cholo (i’m sure he knows it) we are so close to La Liga and at quarter finals of CL we can’t afford missed penalties. I don’t care if Costa win pichipichi (or how the hell we write it) i care only for the tittle!
    2. Thank GOD Costa’s injury is not serius and he will probably be fit for Elche
    3. I’m 99% sure we are Champions! 4 wins to win it!
    4. Cerci would be a great choise! I watch him all the season and i was sure that the summer he would transfered for many millions at a big club. Now i read he would be on free! Take him

  • Pantic#10

    Cerci still has 2 years of contract (2016) with Torino, but probably he signed a pre-contract with Roma (rumours said so)

  • Ali

    He hasn’t sign any contract with anyone watch his interview before genoa game on skysports..

  • pantic#10

    It’s Obvious that he said those words.
    It’s illegal to sign pre-contract..he can’t say it on microphones.

    Btw there’s the world cup and he’ll wait for sure the end of the games, when his price will be higher, before close any deal.
    Cairo will close the deal with the best bidder (> 20 mil.) or he’ll keep him.

  • Kris

    Kolkata?? India?? Revenues.. Viewers. New sponsorships. Better deals. Going in the right path, Gil, right path.

  • Ali

    Happy birthday martin!!! He’s celebrating his birthday in London… @pantic why on earth he will go to roma when clubs like atletico , arsenal , chelsea and bayern munich are after him…

  • Jose

    Is Diego Costas release clause really only 32 million? If chelsea is willing to splash some cash, then we really should be cashing out closer to 50 million imo.

  • Chewie

    @Ali Because he’s Italian and Roma’s Italian and also second in the league with good players and solid performances.

  • piserakos

    @jose… it is at least 38… According to rumors it’s may bigger

  • Brad

    I saw $84 mil on an article earlier, but I don’t know if I believe it.

  • Brad

    Also, it appears Costa’s injury is just a flesh wound. But it hurts when you slice open your shin

  • Pantic#10

    @ali: here in Italy all know that he’s a supporter of Roma.
    was born in Velletri. Near Roma. Played with Roma since a young boy (cantera)
    And always said that he want come back and play for his first club.

    Next year Roma will play in champions and have a big project and ambitions (more than juve).
    It’s the club that is investing more money (with Napoli) in italy.

  • piserakos

    @pantic… everyone knows Cerci is Roma fan, even i know it! From what a friend of mine told me (Roma fan) he is probably will go to Juve. Roma can’t afford him financialy

  • pantic#10

    Roma spent and is spending a lot; Juve is more oriented to find players at the end of their contract (they even waited Llorente 1 year to grab him free).
    But who knows? maybe after Ogbonna, another Torino player will join Juve.
    i really hope our former player Toto Salvio will score an hattrick to juve in the Europa-League semi-finals 🙂

  • Özgün

    Guys i don’t want to be pessimistic but i’m afraid remaining fixtures does not favor us that much. We will play 3 of 5 our games away while Real and Barca will play the same amount at home. Also while we and Barca will face 3 serious opponents, Real will not face a real challange other than Valencia and they will be at home in that game. When we combine this fixture with the CL games we also may not be able to rest our squad. I hope we don’t face anymore injuries for the remaining games and be able to fight till the end.. (and eventually win both of course:))