La Liga: Getafe 0 – 1 Atlético

Atleti scrap to a 1-0 win over Madrid neighbours

Mandzukic got the only goal v Getafe

Mandzukic got the only goal v Getafe

Atlético managed to grab a 1-0 victory over Getafe on Sunday evening, after a goal from our Croatian striker early in the second half. 

Mario Mandzukic scored the winner for Atlético against Getafe in the 40th minute. Guaita blocked Griezmann’s half-volley attempt and the ball spilled over for Mandzukic to send it into the back of the net.

However, the game will be marred by the ugly actions committed by Getafe players, specifically, Alexis and Juan Rodríguez. Alexis aimed for Mandzukic’s nose with his fist and made impact on the Croat’s cheek; he was given a straight red.

While on the floor, Mandzukic was intentionally stepped on by Juan Rodríguez – Miranda witnessed the action and was quick to react; he shoved Rodríguez away and earned a yellow while Rodríguez was shown nothing.

The game was gritty, bleak and definitely one of the worst performances shown by Atleti in recent years—reminiscent of the Getafe Atleti match under Manzano in which Atlético lost 3-2 after being a man up the majority of the match.

Siqueira started the match off quite poorly after losing the ball on two occasions in the early minutes, but was quick to give a magnificent turn around to his performance.

The Brazilian was constantly running down left flank causing problems for the Getafe defense, most notably Emiliano Velázquez, the young Uruguayan center back playing for los azulones on loan.

The first shot of the match came after a great pass from Mario Mandzukic to Mario Suárez, but the Spaniard’s shot went wide.

The next chance came after a low driven shot by Griezmann in which Raúl García tried to flick over Guiata, however the Getafe keeper was quick to react.

Mandzukic’s goal came five minutes before the half ended and it was a well-deserved lead. Atlético had been pressing and looking for the goal constantly the whole half.

Melero López blew the whistle to start the second half and it seemed as if the Atleti players were still in the locker room.

Getafe started the half with an excellent barrage of attacks forcing Moyá to make three spectacular saves.

A few minutes after Moyá’s saves, Alexis punched Mandzukic and got sent off – instead of the game getting better for Atleti, it got worse.

Moyá was once again called into action after his reflexes allowed him to prevent Getafe scoring an world class goal.

Griezmann made way for Alessio Cerci in the 66th minute. The Italian was once again eligible to play after serving suspension in the match against Espanyol.

A succulent through ball towards Mandzukic was all Cerci could offer this match, as the team did not have much possession in the second half.

The final minutes of the match were met with various tackles made by the Getafe players and the colossal surges made by Siqueira, who looked keen to help create the second goal.

López blew the whistle and Atleti went home with three points. Whether they deserved the win or not is quite debatable.

Since Cholo took over as coach, Atlético has scored 18 goals against Getafe while conceding 0, a breath of fresh air considering the terrible record at the Coliseum before Simeone arrived.

After nine matches, the team is sitting in the 5th spot with 20 points tied with Valencia and just two below league leaders, Barcelona and Sevilla. Real Madrid is sitting in third with 21 points.

Atlético de Madrid take on 18th place Córdoba at the Vicente Calderón next week, with kickoff set for 18:00 CEST.

Getafe Atlético Madrid
Getafe 01 Atlético Madrid
 Mandzukic 40'
Competition Liga BBVA
Location Coliseum Alfonso Pérez
Date 26 October 2014
Kick Off 20:00

Team Lineups

Valera (43')
Sammir (66')
Hinestroza (77')
Substitutes used
Naldo (43')
Diawara (66')
Sarabia (77')
Atlético Madrid
Arda Turan
Mario Suarez
Griezmann (66')
Raul Garcia
Mandzukic (83')
Substitutes used
Cerci (66')
Saul (83')

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Urban

    Best Atletico player on the pirtch – Velazquez.

  • I actually forgot that he is ours until the commentator reminded me of that
    I even didn’t remember what does he look like, so I couldn’t tell which one he is if I didn’t see the name on his back !

  • I think that was was the worst 2nd half for Simeone in his 106 games with Atleti
    He looked helpless and had no idea what to do
    Gabi was on the bench, which means he is fine, so he should have come on in the start of the 2nd half and replace RG8 to control the midfield and to free Koke
    Getafe players kept provoking Mandzukic who was on yellow and could have seen another one and sent off, he should have been replaced much earlier,
    We needed Raul Jimenez’s speed in the counters, and his strength in air balls, does Simeone have something against him ?!
    And are we back to NOT using all the 3 subs after spending more than 100 million on players in the summer ?!!

    I love El Cholo, and I’m very grateful for all what he did, but I’m sorry, making a fist to celebrate a 1-0 win against 10-men Getafe side is pathetic

    On the bright side :
    Moya made a couple of crucial saves again and saved the 3 points
    He will never be Courtois, for some people maybe just because he is 30 ! .. but until now he is doing what Courtois used to do, against small teams and big teams

    Siqueira played his best game so far with us
    I had no doubt since day one that he is much more skillful than Filipe, but it didn’t mean that he is better than him overall, because he lacked some other features, but he is working on them and getting improved very quickly, especially in defense

  • Luis

    I agree with you about Simeone – it seemed he didn’t know what to do in the second half. Also, Gabi should’ve have started or at least been brought on. His leadership was needed in that second half. Another disappointing performance by Mandzukic who should have been subbed off for Jimenez. We’ll take the three points but after seeing how Valencia dominated an 11 man Getafe it shows that there is a lot of work to be done on and off the pitch.

  • David in sf

    I think that is harsh on el cholo. Any way you look at it.

  • It was fine for me to finish 3rd this season, but after La Liga awards last night I will be too mad if we didn’t win the title again, and this should be a motive for the players as well, although I’m afraid that it could cause the opposite effect, making them feel that nobody will ever get the recognition he deserves in Spain as long he doesn’t play for los dos putas

    And I believe El Cholo should have defended his players in his speech much harder than he did (he did receive his trophy after all the players categories were announced, didn’t he ?)
    Off pitch, Simoene is very polite and too nice, but in some occasions he shouldn’t be .. like last night

    And I can’t ignore the stupid system of La Liga Awards, which is the votes of the 3 captains of each team in la Liga
    It’s as ridiculous as FIFA awards, where the votes are for the captain and the manager of each national team who are members in FIFA, including too many countries who do not play or even watch football, I won’t name any country -out of respect- , but you can imagine
    2 years ago, one of them voted for Busquets as no 1 in Ballon d’Or category !

    La Liga Awards not only showed us how stupid those players are, but how jealous and hateful they are as well
    it should have made them happy to see a third team win La Liga, but it hurt them to see Atleti do it !

    Now I can understand why Atleti are 4th on fouls received list in la Liga, Valencia are 1st, while Madrid & Barca are on the bottom

  • it’s not harsh .. it’s simply a fact
    He had a very bad game .. and we are not some glory hunters like most of Madrid or Barca fans, we are the true football fans, we are the Rojiblancos, and we don’t praise our coach and players if they had a bad game, or at least ignore it and not mention it
    But at the end of the day, we have a great love and appreciation for them, especially this particular group of players and coaching staff .. the best in our 111-years history

  • david in sf

    Ahmad- while I agree with jyou most of the time as you are very insightful and a true rojiblanco-

    I think it is a bit harsh to criticize Cholo in what you said: Cholo had no idea what he was doing.

    What I mean is:

    I don’t think Gabi is ‘okay’ just because he’s on the bench- I think there’s something still off- (overused the last 2 years so is suffering from overexertion so Cholo didn’t want to risk putting him in-

    When you say say- putting RG8 in to control the midfield is a bit of an overstatement in my opinion. Yes Raul plays his socks off (he is my favorite Atleti player) he doesn’t have the skill or tactical understanding/brains to operate in CM.

    Yes I agree we needed RJ’s speed on counters and strength to win aeriel balls- but he simply hasn’t learned Simeone’s style of pressing as of yet and also Raul Jimenez has not done well all year- so it’s not as easy as we may make it out to be.

    All in all- yes we should give Cholo some flack but to say he had no idea what he was doing- in my opinion is a bit harsh.

  • Thank you for your nice words
    Maybe I should have used a less harsh expression than “had no idea”, maybe I was angry, but it’s because I always expect the best from the best coach in our history, and the best coach in La Liga in the last 2 seasons