La Liga: Espanyol 0 – 0 Atlético

Atleti now winless in four as Miranda sent off for elbow

Miranda shown the red card by the referee

Miranda shown the red card by the referee

Atlético Madrid surrendered fourth place to Valencia on Saturday afternoon after a 0-0 draw with Espanyol meant they only took a single point back to the capital. 

Despite only having ten men for for the second half following Miranda’s dismissal for elbowing an opponent, Atleti created the best of the chances. Failure to convert and a dubious refereeing decision means Atleti are even further away from retaining the Liga title.

With the Champions League return leg against Bayer Leverkusen on Tuesday, Diego Simeone decided to rest Arda Turan for this afternoon’s match.

Cholo also decided to start Fernando Torres up-front for the second game in a row, although the coach had less options this weekend as Mandzukic was suspended following his fifth booking of the season against Valencia.

It was Torres who the first chance of the game fell to, and it took a good save from Kiko Casilla in the Espanyol goal to deny the Spaniard his first goal in the league since returning to the Calderón.

Koke was brought down midway through the Espanyol half, and it was maestro himself who put in the cross for Torres to get his head on. Casilla showed good reflexes to palm it over the crossbar and out for a corner.

It was Koke himself who had a chance to make it 1-0 soon after, and had two bites of the cherry after his first attempt was blocked. However a bouncing shot went just wide of the goal.

For the first half, Atleti were happy to let Espanyol shoot from distance, and they failed to register a shot on target in the first 45.

Atleti were intent on testing Kiko Casilla though, and a sweetly struck volley from Gabi after a Koke corner made sure the Espanyol goalkeeper was on his toes.

Espanyol’s biggest chance of the half came after Juanfran misplaced a back-pass to an Espanyol player – however Miranda and Tiago were on hand to clean up.

The biggest talking point of the first half came right at the end of it, as Miranda, in an attempt to win a ball in the air, led with his elbow into the side of Abraham’s head. It was a nasty challenge, and whether Miranda meant it or not, it caused enough damage for the Espanyol player to come off at half time.

Miranda got hurt in the collision too, but the only thing waiting for the Brazilian when he got to his feet was the referee waving the red card. It was a deserved red.

Fernando Torres had to be sacrificed, and it was Giménez who came on to fill the gap at the back, leaving Antoine Griezmann up top on his own.

However it was the Frenchman who had the ball in the back of the net just after the restart. After a great volleyed finish from Griezmann put the ball into the back of the net, the referee ruled that Godín had committed a foul after climbing on Álvaro. Replays showed that there wasn’t much in the tackle, and Atleti have a right to feel hard done by.

Espanyol came more into the game in the second half, and had their first shot on target when Caicedo curled a fierce strike into the arms of Moyá. Our goalkeeper didn’t have a lot to worry him throughout the 90 minutes.

Arda came on for the booked Gabi midway through the second half and this injected a little bit of life into Atleti’s attack. Some nice team play gave the ball to Griezmann, who under pressure threaded a dangerous through ball to Raúl García.

The Spaniard fired hard and low but Kiko Casilla pulled off the best save of the night to deny Atleti and put the ball out for a corner.

It was another opportunity for Atleti shortly after, and a goalmouth scramble was unfortunate to not end in a goal for the away side. Raúl García couldn’t get a clean shot away and despite chaos in the Espanyol box, the home side held on for a point.

It was an extremely busy game for the referee, who awarded 51 fouls throughout the 90 minutes. Some of them justified, but we still can’t see why he disallowed Griezmann’s goal.

Atleti now occupy fourth place outright, and sit a point behind Valencia now having played the same amount of matches.

Despite a disappointing result this afternoon, attention must turn to the Champions League on Tuesday night, as Atleti, winless in four, welcome Bayer Leverkusen to Madrid, a goal down from the first-leg.

Make sure you check out our player ratings, from our assistant editor Billy Edwards.

What did you make of Miranda’s red card – was it deserved? Why have we been playing so bad recently?

Espanyol Atlético Madrid
Espanyol 0 0 Atlético Madrid
Competition Liga BBVA
Location Estadi Cornellà-El Prat
Date 14 March 2015
Kick Off 16:00 CET

Team Lineups

Javi Lopez
Abraham (45')
Sanchez (79')
Sergio Garcia
Caicedo (63')
Substitutes used
Canas (45')
Stuani (63')
Sevilla (79')
Atlético Madrid
Gabi (66')
Raul Garcia
Griezmann (82')
F Torres (45')
Substitutes used
Gimenez (45')
Arda Turan (66')
Raul Jimenez (82')

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • AndersAT

    After reading the comments on the match thread, i think many of you have a somewhat short memory. This match looked just like the awaygames from last season. Last season we also played alot of long balls vombined with great defence and a couple of great conter-attacks.
    The main difference between this season and the last season is: 1) our defence is weaker and our golie is not world class (courtois saved us more than once, except for the game against Zaragoza…). 2) we were a bit more lucky. RG8 would have scored and griezmanns goal wouldent have been wrongly disalowed. 3) a team like Espanyol played more offensive against us, opening up for counterattacks.

    I agree that next season Giménez should partner up with Godin. We should use him the rest of this season to get him ready. Next season i would like Koke in the CM with Saul and perhaps Camacho. This could give more play through the midfield. Keep arda, griezmann and Oliver. And for gods sake a new left back. And give Oblak the chance. We need some X-Factor in the goal.

  • atleti10

    Well said

  • Carpetano
  • Parsa1903

    More than a year ago :

    “I always think they are going to fire me tomorrow, so I only focus on winning on Sunday. I live that way.”

    – Diego Simeone

    We all want that Cholo, We all want that atitude again … Not to play for a draw in several matches ….

  • Max Huber

    I just read that Simeone was happy with his squad today and that they did a great job – how can he be happy? I don´t understand that! How can he be happy with Miranda? And with his decisions? I´m sure he knows that his team can play better and I hope he demands more from them! Especially against Bayer they have to change a lot. Bayer has a good run in the moment and they will play will confidence on Tuesday. I really hope that our team can push themselves like they did against Real!

  • After being disagreed with, attacked, and sometimes insulted for my opinions about the club and Simeone since the 2 yellow cards for Arda & RG8 vs Real Madrid, now it looks like most of you agrees with me

    Well, let me shock you again and start a new controversy :

    Quique Flores also won the Europa League and UEFA Super Cup, and he almost won Copa del Rey in 2010
    Wining those 3 trophies isn’t very special, many coaches have won them with other clubs with not so very strong squads
    The special thing Simeone did was wining the league and reaching UCL final, and that was just one season
    And he gave the club stability and character, but both are starting to fade away
    For me, it is not acceptable to return to finishing 4th or 5th and suffering in every away game no matter who the opponent is
    I will never take that after being the 15th richest club in Europe, having a multi-billionaire investor, building a new stadium with about 20,000 more seats than the Calderon, and with a new TV money distribution model is about to be agreed

    We all are grateful for Simoene, there is no need to keep repeating that, and he totally earned the right to have one bad season
    But there is no one bigger than Atletico, not Simone and not even Aragones, and the club have a lot of catching up to do after the Gil family disastrous management created a huge gap between us and the big two (before they took control of the club in 1987 we had just 2 league titles less than Barca and 1 less European title), but now Gil Marin is staring to make up for his and his father’s mistakes (or sins) and we are not a poor club anymore, not very rich, but not poor, most of what I’ve mentioned plus Atletico de Kolkata that is starting to create a big fan base in the 1.25 billion-people-India is thanks to him, but for what he has done with his father and Cerezo in 20 years, he doesn’t deserve to be thanked or appreciated
    So, starting from next season, if El Cholo couldn’t take us much further, if he is out of ideas, if he is not going to learn from his outrageously-repeated mistakes, if he repeated what he said this season after the defeat in Anoeta “it’s a good day because both Valencia & Sevilla have drawn”, if he kept praising his team’s performance after every horrible game, and if his goal with Atleti is just to beat Real Madrid and keep taking revenge for what happened in Lisbon, then, and with a lot of pain, I will be the first to say :
    ” Simeone out ”

    Because this is not the Simeone we all loved and supported .. this is somebody else

  • Carpetano

    “I just read that Simeone was happy with his squad today and that they did a great job – how can he be happy?”

    With all respect but are you serious dude? Of course Simeone has right, especially when we were down to 10 mens and created good chances to score.

  • diego_carp

    About the match, the team seems to be tired despite that they have played only one match each week for some time. My guess is that they have been so out of form because of the “form cycles”. A professional athlete can’t peak form during 9 months straight, so the fitness trainers force periods of “high form” and “low form” looking at the schedule. Atlético usually have the lowest form around the Winter break to take advantage of the break. As there were many important matches just after last Winter break, Profe Ortega perhaps decided to postpone it a little. Luckily, the players seem to be improving their form more and more, and I guess (I hope) that they will be fine soon.

    Also, does anybody know when was the last time that Atlético scored a set-piece goal? (penalties aside). It seems that every team has studied our moves and corner kicks don’t look so dangerous now

  • Mithas

    no, we were bad, stop sugercoating atletis performance. some (about 2/3 chances) isnt enough if youre playing against a team like espanyol. you really gonna ignore all these basic mistakes? simeone should be thankful for espanyols poor finishing lmao

  • The heroic 10-men performance was what we have seen few days ago from PSG in Stamford Bridge
    I can’t consider 0-0 in Cornella a good performance even with 10 men

  • Guess what is the perfect solution for the “normal” drop of form of the players : Rotation
    Something Simeone doesn’t believe in

    Last set-piece goal was that of Gimenez vs Real Madrid

  • Billy

    Jeez, take a look at the bigger picture. We are not a club with endless resources, Cholo has spoiled us. We are not Madridistas, support the team, the manager, trust them to put this right. I’ve no doubts we’ll turn run of bad form (well, three successive draws) around.

  • I truly wish that Miranda gets a 3 or 4-games ban, because with Simeone, this is the only way the ass of this jerk will be on the bench
    While if it’s just one game, he will be back vs Cordoba and Gimenez will be the one on the bench

    Very earlier this season, I tweeted that Miranda’s injury is a good news, and I received several angry replies, I wonder what will they say now

  • I would trust him if I’ve seen a single good sign, but I don’t

  • starvs

    I know you are looking to the future when you say this, but still, it is much to early to start with this. We’ve had a bad two months or so, but Cholo has a ton of good will left (years), deservedly. But I do understand your general sentiment (no one bigger than club), and you are right, he does have to learn from these mistakes he is making, especially regarding rotation.

    I don’t think we were as bad toady as some are saying, agree with Anders, somewhat unlucky, compared to last year at least. Raul Garcia does not offer enough going forward though, if he doesn’t get a, usually crazy looping, headed goal he doesn’t contribute anything.

    Sure could have used that Griezmann cutting edge we had gotten used to recently…

  • Nestor7

    The selfconfidence is one of the most important things not just in football but also in life to..
    I am a football player and when your coach keep telling you that he has confindence in you
    that you are doing just great that you can beat even teams who are ten times better the you
    are, you starting to belive in all that stories and your selfconfidence is very high and you are
    not making some stupid mistakes caus you believe in your self and in your team also..

    But on the other hand if he tells you constantly that you are fighting for the third or fourth place
    and even if you manage to beat the first place team with 4-0 he continue to keep saying the
    same thing over and over then you poot down your selfbeliefe and accept what he was talking to
    you… Then you stop to belive in your ability and there is a problem…
    We are far above Valencia and Sevilla and we are much closer to Real and Barca then ever
    BUT if Simeone continue to saying that our place is a fight with Valencia and Sevilla then he will
    create that team who will have problems even to keep a third place..
    And I think we have a serious problem then…

    This is already happinig!!!
    Maybe iam sounding a bit pesimistic but i think that we will be kicked out of CL this week cause
    there is nothing to convince me wrong!!!

  • It maybe still too early, but if I didn’t say it right now I will not be able to say “told you so” when the worse happen, and people will not call me “a prophet” like some just did tonight 😉

  • Nestor7

    Maybe the biggest problem of all is that Simeone isnt already with us anymore… i dont see that love, that enthusiasm, that
    willignes in his eays like last year.. and all stories about his contract and he didnt sign yet.. maybe he already thinking about leaving

  • Billy

    As Cholo said, the worry would be if we’re not creating chances.

    You said he can’t force order? Simeone? The same guy who manages our club? Wow…

    Not afraid to bench his big names… have you missed Mandzukic-gate? He benched Diego last year, the biggest ego at the club. He had no problem benching big money signings because they weren’t puting in the required effort. Cholo always goes with the 11 he trusts the most, and there are no politics behind his selections.

    And if you take everything he says in his press conferences literally, you must seriously believe anything. Feet on the ground at all times, it’s more or less his whole philosophy.

    Sure, he’s made the odd decision I might not agree with. But you act as if being able to compete with teams who have 20 times the resources you have is a walk in the park.

    The fact I’m even reading the words “Simeone out” from an Atleti fan, even hypothetically, is incomprehensible. I don’t bear try and think where we would be right now without him.

  • Billy


  • Carpetano

    What kind of basic mistakes do you mean? And please, those three chances or more were dangerous and we shouldn’t forget that Griezmann even scored a goal but it was unfairly called for offside…

  • He didn’t bench Miranda

    I’m not naive, his statements last season were obviously humbleness and mind games because the results and the performance said the opposite, but now they are saying the same thing

    Valencia do not have 20 times our resources, While Madrid & Barca just have 3 times more

    Asking for any one -no matter how big he is- to be out of the club if he is dragging it down is -at least in my opinion- the very definition of “Atleti Fan”

  • Mithas

    really poor passing mostly coming from the defense

  • I’ve also thought about that, and if it’s true then it will be the worst of all,
    I’m not talking about his departure, because it’s his right to leave if he wants, and because I don’t believe in Cholo-dependency, I think there is still life after him, it will be more difficult, and it will take some time, but it will never be the end of the world for Atleti
    What I mean is that he doesn’t have the right to ruin the club because his mind is not clear due to thinking of leaving and searching for better options

    I really don’t believe that Simoene would do that, but sometimes I just can’t find another explanation

  • Carpetano

    Ehh… It’s not fair to compare today’s match with a match where PSG managed to qualify for a quarter final via draw…

  • a draw against Chelsea, not Espanyol .. seems very fair to me

  • Koke6

    Guys, chill it. Before we were down to 10 we played some really free flowing and attacking football especially during the first 25mins. Our build up play from the back was really good. This has not been the case in the last few games. Our midfield was nonexistent in the game against bayer and sevilla. This was a well controlled performance from a midfield which has failed to replicate last year’s form. This was just cuz simeone got his right. Although a lil late but nevertheless just in time for the close of the season. Just wait and watch the game against bayer, there is definitely an amazing performance waiting for us.So i’m just gonna relax, sit back and njoy the last few games as i believe that they are gonna be njoyable.

  • Koke6

    * simeone got his tactics right.

  • Kris

    I agree but the Raul Garcia finishing for those clear cut chances? Oh my.. Why does the guy keep on starting even when he’s so shit? There has to be a reason behind that,, I want to know what it is. Same with Miranda, he’s been consistently shit the whole season, but he keeps on starting even after mistakes after mistakes, especially when we have a YOUNG, STRONG, FAST, defender like Gimenez on the bench?? I what to know.

  • Kris

    I hate those stats.

  • Kris

    That’s poor man, you shouldn’t wish bad upon someone even if they are shitty players. I would just like answers from the managers as to why the same mistakes over and over again? Not once, not twice, not three times, but OVER and OVER again..

  • I didn’t wish him injury, I would never wish it for anybody, but I was relieved when it happened, to have a bad player sidelined and a very promising one finally taking his chance

    But I do wish him a long ban, and I don’t call that “wishing bad upon someone” .. I call it justice,
    because that elbow was very nasty and could have caused a serious harm to that Espanyol player
    Miranda was the one who did bad to someone, not just wishing it

  • It’s not fair to add the 65 minutes after the 3rd goal vs Eibar, you just can not add some minutes from a game in which we scored 3 goals to a “goal drought”
    for me, it’s 360 minutes (4 games), but still, this is the worst record for the club in 10 years, according to article in AS

  • nitesh

    ahmad hossainy , you really are a stupid person for calling others stupid. you are losing your mind, go and get a check up from a good doctor . your current medications arent good enough.
    learn from dortmund, who were at bottom of the table and in relegation zone for 5 months but still never once asked for klopp to resign, they were booing but were supporting klopp to continue after having last 3 glorious years with him,
    and you want simeone to leave now for having 4 difficult games (3 of them away) after 3 glorious years with him
    please do one favor start supporting real or barca ,they have all the money ,will win games every week and make you happy, and buy any player or coach they want at will . we dont need fans like you .i am sure if we were battling relegation like dortmund you would not only want simeone out but also start supporting real or barca
    thank you for showing your true character by calling other atletico fans stupid and dont bother replying @@shole because i wont be visiting this site ever again to read your stupid comments beacuse your are the like virus in this site

  • Please don’t characterise the entire website based on one person’s opinion! 🙁

    We put a lot of work in writing all of these articles, reports and opinion pieces. I would hate to think you wouldn’t bother reading any of them again based on what one person thinks!

  • AndersAT

    Well Said!

  • Carpetano

    Ok, if you think so…

    But anyway, you must learn to understand what I write better. Espanyol barely created a single clear chance to score durintg 90 min against us even though we played during the second half with 10 men. Atlético also had six clear scoring opportunities that we didn’t took advantage of. If this isn’t a good performance in terms of preconditions, then I don’t know what kind of expectations you have for the team.

    But that the results don’t reflect our gameplay are another matter. If we can’t take advantage of our scoring opportunities, then it’s only our fault. That was what happened yesterday.

    You must keep in mind that Atlético have a bad history on Cornellà-El Prat ever since Espanyol inaugurated the stadium and we have only won there once. Considering the results, it is actually a step forward compared to last year, when Atlético lost.

    I think rather the fact that Atlético lost the third place yesterday that hurts more for many than the result itself. Unfortunately ..

  • Max Huber

    I just read all the comments and I really have to disagree with you! Even if you´re right that Ahmad sound a bit arrogant sometimes and of course it´s not nice to call others “stupid”, but I have to agree with his opinion!! He is the one who understands most of the backgrounds of football and Atletico! He is a great fan because he looks deaper and is honest. For me it´s always very interesting to read comments like that and discuss several areas of a football match. And like yesterday, when you are really angry about very stupid mistakes – and we were just angry because we support the team – it´s a good thing to share that with others. At least I`m also happy that Gimenez will get more chances and I hope the same for Saul (when he´s back) and Jimenez as well, because this guy didn´t get any chance to show his quality – but he is in an age where he really should get this chance. Maybe he´ll be a surprise? Let´s look forward with optimism, but also realism!

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    First let me say that I was angry yesterday, heck I’ve been angry for the past 5 or so games or even before, I always demand more and I refuse to settle for mediocrity regardless of what good things Simione has done in the PAST… You see that word? PAST. I’m living in the present.

    Secondly even last season he’s showed us he has a major flaw in his substitutions and rotations but now he’s not even showing his fangs or giving that “never die” attitude we’re accustomed to. Again I ask what happened to our game by game approach? Get it together Simione and let the players who deserve to play play and learn from your repeated mistakes or I’m going to continue to criticise and curse and demand what we as Atletico fans deserve

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Also, Ahmad and i may have different views sometimes but he is a long time supporter of this club and I respect his opinions (he shouldn’t have called some fans stupid tho) but for someone to even say they won’t come here anymore because of his comments is just completely weird to me, for heavens sake it’s impossible for all of us to have the same views

  • Adi Harper

    Ahmad – why are you condemning Simeone? 3 successive draws and you talk of all these “if” scenarios of doom for next season? You’re not only jumping the gun but jumping the hand that is supposedly reaching the gun!

  • Ringo

    “just” three times more?
    let’s say we have 100 million, then they’ll have 300 million, that’s 200 million more, and the way I see it, that’s not a difference where ‘”just” ___ more’ would be fitting.

    I agree that Simeone makes some mistakes, sometimes sticking with a player a little too much. But with Miranda vs Gimenez, Miranda is way more experienced and calmer, usually.
    Maybe Gimenez has been better in the direct duels so far, but I wouldn’t judge too soon on the other aspects.
    Miranda has more experience with working with Tiago and Gabi, two of Cholo’s other favorites and the whole organisation is more trustworthy to him, when put down like this.
    And with the whole change up front and on the bench (and left back), I get why Simeone is a little reluctant with changing another part of the team, too. The potential Mandzukic issue won’t help, either.

    I think that’s also a reason why Koke hasn’t replaced Gabi yet, while Gabi hasn’t been that great, either. Same for Saúl and Tiago. That’s not even mentioning the difference in experience there (the experience part might also be why the Oblak change might take a little longer than some of us hoped for).

    Of course some changes will have to come soon, for one, looking at the ages of the players, but change is tough and some time needs to be given. Maybe pushes like injuries and suspensions will aid Simeone in making these changes, but it’s still a process.

    Main point I’m trying to make: give the team some time.
    Just having more money than we used to, doesn’t make us a strong(er) fighting machine right away.
    Griezmann took some time to adjust and still has some room to grow, Mandzukic scored his goals, but sometimes his part in the overall game was lacking. Before he scored his hattrick in the CL I was actually feeling annoyed by his play. Yet sometimes he does add quite some depth up front.
    Maybe with some more time, Cholo feels faith in putting more offense (the footballing kind) into the team, giving Griezmann more space, Koke more passing opportunities, etc.

    Main point 2: it (probably) will get better
    Maybe one day the Simeone effect will be over, that’s true, but so far I think it hasn’t and in some games some signs of hope could have been seen for improvement in the passing game.

    As for Leverkusen, I think we’re ready for the game, just hope we’re not going through a slump too much. It has been a while since the team has scored, but with Koke seemingly “really” back, Griezmann back, us possibly playing with 11 players for more than 45 minutes, the team with another game of more experience, more training days past us, things might as well be different than last time in Germany, plus I’m pretty sure our players are qualified to beat Leverkusen by at least 1-0. Qualifications do not always suffice, but I have faith, and before the season began I considered 3rd place a good position, and with the rise of Valencia, I could accept 4th, with next season beginning a potential era of a stronger Atlético, hence there not being too many changes.

    Hope any of this made sense

  • According to the famous Deloitte Football Money League, our revenue in 2013/14 was almost 170 M
    Real got 550 M, while Barca got 484 M
    170 to 550 is 1 to 3.2 and 170 to 484 is 1 to 2.8

    It’s still a big difference, and “just” doesn’t seem fitting as you said
    But I didn’t use “just” to compare between the 170 and the 550 & 484, I used it to compare between the 3 times and the 20 times that Billy claimed

    Here is a link for the complete Deloitte report of last season .. very interesting stuff

  • After their bookings yesterday, Gabi became the second most booked player in Atleti history with 92 yellow cards, tying with Perea and behind Santiago Sanchez “Santi” who has 106, while Raul Garcia became the 4th with 88 cards

    But despite that Gabi has played less games than Raul (and also Perea), I have no problem with his many cards, in fact,
    I appreciate them, because he received most of them while trying to kill dangerous attacks against us, while most of Raul cards are just annoying, too many unnecessary cards for unnecessary tackles, and worse, protesting

    But the one who really should be appreciated is Tiago, who does what Gabi does but more cleanly, just 7 cards this season in 26 games in all competition, not too much in a physically team like us
    Too bad that 2 of those 7 came against Bayer, which really isn’t like him, he very was unlucky in the tackle that cost him the red

    By the way, Simeone also used to get many cards when he played for us, 59 in 172 games, while his partner in the midfield and his current second assistant Juan Vizcaino got much less, 57 in 316 games
    They were Gabi and Tiago of that time, or to be more accurate, Gabi and Tiago are the new Simeone and Vizcaino

  • Carpetano

    I would really appreciate if you can answer my post below this 🙂


  • I’m afraid that I didn’t learn to understand what you write better yet, and I don’t want another misunderstanding
    It seems that I’ve made many enemies here just because I said I would not accept to finish 5th for 3 or 4 seasons in a row while having the 3rd biggest budget after Madrid and Barca and that I would ask Simeone to leave
    O.K I didn’t say that literally in my comment in this post, but I made it very clear in other comments and I’m very sure most of you understood what I meant, but you were scared of thinking of that horrible scenario, well, me too, but someone had to bring it up

    So, I don’t want to make an enemy of you too, because I really respect, enjoy and sometimes learn from your opinions, and I think I’ve said that several times and I asked you to comment here more often
    I wish we keep discussing with each other, but maybe not today, in another day and in a different topic, because the anger level seems very high for everyone
    Thanks a lot Simeone 🙂

  • pahas

    Stop arguing and fighting..Atletico will beat leverkusen this week with 3-0 and I am very sure of stop complaining and believe in winning 3rd place and champions league

  • Urban

    I could not watch the game but I am happy about it.

  • Carpetano

    For god sake dude, I’ve the same opinions as you when it comes Atléticos ambitions. Personally, Iwant people to say something about my posts so I can have some discussion. It’s quite boring if everyone should hold back of their opinions just because it would scare off other to write on this site.

  • Kris

    I don’t think they are your enemies man, just because they disagree with your opinions. If they do consider you their enemy, then they are pathetic because this is a football club’s discussion form on the INTERNET(emphasis on internet).We should have different opinions about the club and not just say Aupa Atleti in a forum because that would be quite boring. Go on with your long, controversial opinions man, I love them and I’m sure the writers here do as well. I just hope we can go back to winning ways against Leverkusen and progress to the next stage as well. Its worth a shit ton of money, which we need.

  • I believe many people don’t want me here, they made it very clear among the 2 past years, and I really almost stopped commenting here, not because of them, since I never cared about what people think of me my whole life as long as I believe I’m doing the right thing, and I will not start now after being 32 and becoming more mature
    I almost stopped because the quality of the articles dropped drastically after Martin and Sussane and some other great writers stopped writing here
    But what kept me going on is the great people who read every single word of each of my long comments and give me a vote up if they agree or have a great and respectful discussion if they don’t,
    They are just less than 10, and they know themselves very well, and as long some of them are still here, even just one person, I will never stop

    But I really don’t believe that the current writers love my opinions or like me, one of them was all what he did with that kid who insulted me (wasn’t the first time) is to beg him to not stop visiting the website
    While another one took a snap shot of my comment and post it on his twitter page and started with some of his more than 4,000 followers to attack and insult me, and didn’t have the courtesy or the courage to mention me so I could have a chance to explain my point and defend myself, and he does know my twitter account, it’s in my Disqus account, and he follows me on twitter since a long time

    Finally, and I know this is too late, but better late than never :
    If anyone was insulted when I said :
    “people who are Simoene fans and not Atleti fans are stupid”, I am very sorry
    But if you are Simeone fans and not Atleti fans, then it’s very wrong, this is not tennis, football is a team sport