La Liga: Deportivo 1 – 1 Atlético

Costly from Giménez mistake deprives Atleti of all three points

Lucas slots home the equaliser

Lucas slots home the equaliser

Atlético de Madrid faced a trip to the Riazor, home of Deportivo de la Coruña, after what many regarded as the standout performance of the season thus far in the 2-1 triumph over Valencia the previous weekend.

The Friday fixture signified a clash between this season’s two fiercest la Liga defences. The difficulty of the encounter was highlighted by Simeone during the week, who chose to trust in the same starting eleven he had presented against Valencia.

Both teams understood that a single mistake could be costly; leading to a tentative approach by either side that saw few chances in the initial thirty minutes. Jackson Martínez found himself in two dangerous situations but was disappointed to have both of these extinguished by alert centre back Sidnei.

On the 33rd minute a cross by Carrasco generated chaos that the Deportivo defence failed to clear, the ball found his way to the right foot of Tiago on the edge of the box that sent a bullet towards the bottom right hand corner; outstretched Deportivo keeper Germán Lux had no chance.

Tiago’s opener meant that eleven players have scored for the rojiblancos so far this season. In previous campaigns Atlético had been accused of relying heavily on their top strikers; a problem which seems to be a thing of the past with the squad bolstering an abundance of attacking possibilities.

Five minutes later, a well delivered corner by Koke found an unmarked Diego Godín in the penalty box; his header hitting the post. The rebound struck Antoine Griezmann who tried his best to direct it at goal but the ball found his way into the keeper’s hands.

The last kick of the first half was actually a diving header by Griezmann. A searching cross found the young Frenchman free on the far post but could not force the keeper to work before the teams made their way into the dugout.

The first half saw Atleti hold a 72% possession in what were a very calm first 45 minutes for the visitors. The second half began with Deportivo unable to creat any real danger and Atleti happy to sit back and attempt to pounce on the counter via de speed of Griezmann and Carrasco.

The 60th minute saw Cholo Simeone make his first substitution, introducing the daring Correa, in a like for like move, for Ferreira Carrasco. The Belgian had not found the same level of performance that he displayed against Valencia but remained a constant thorn for Deportivo down the left side, always eager to dribble past his marker.

On the 71st minute Jackson Martínez made way for Saúl Ñíguez in an attempt to regain possession and control over the game. The Colombian struggled to make an impact while he was on the field, his adaptation to the side continues and this performance should not cast a shadow over what have been clear improvements over the last weeks.

Five minutes had passed when disaster struck, what should have been a routine piece of defending by Giménez by sheltering the ball out of play or clearing, turned into a nightmare. Lucas Pérez was able to snatch the ball away from him close to the by line, calmly move away from the rushing Oblak and slot in the equaliser for the hosts. The young Uruguayan appeared distraught after his mistake.

Ten minutes to go before the final whistle and Simeone attempted to encourage his men to find the winner. The Argentinian chose to play his last card in an effort to obtain this on the 82nd minute by bringing in Torres in place of goalscorer Tiago.

On the 87th minute Deportivo came closest to going in front when Fajr attempted a curling shot to the top right hand corner of Jan Oblak’s goal; the shot had the Slovenian beaten but struck the woodwork to the delight of the players in red and white.

Deportivo chose at this point to sit back and attempt to repel the pressure from the rojiblancos until the referee brought the game to a conclusion.

Simeone dashed for the changing rooms with a disappointed look that was shared by all atleti fans. What seemed like a comfortable encounter during the first half turned more and more dangerous as the second half went on.

Giménez’s uncharacteristic mistake cost the colchoneros 2 points and being able to sleep at the top of la Liga table tonight. Because of his usual veteran-like performances we could be fooled into overly criticising his mistake, the reality is he is still developing and the surprise should be how few errors he commits at his age. He will only learn from this.

While there were some good performances from Tiago or Carrasco, it was a sub par showing from most players. The substitutions failed to improve this with Correa, Saúl and Torres having little to no impact once they were introduced.

Atletico could fall back to four points behind rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid by the end of the weekend. However, considering the fact that we have already faced last season’s top 6 this is not the worst situation to be in, a series of wins over the next couple of weeks would see our title contention efforts as strong as ever.

Next up the squad faces a long trip to Kazakhstan for the fourth game of this season’s Champions League group stages against Astana. Cholo Simeone will be looking for a strong response from his men and a return to Madrid full of momentum and energy for the next la Liga clash against Sporting de Gijón at the Calderón.

Deportivo Atlético Madrid
Deportivo 11 Atlético Madrid
Lucas Pérez 77'Tiago 34'
Competition Liga BBVA
Location Riazor
Date 30 October 2015
Kick Off 20:30

Team Lineups

Lucas Pérez
Substitutes used
Luis Alberto (69')
Juanfran (76')
Atlético Madrid
Substitutes used
Correa (61')
Saúl (72')
Torres (82')

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Ahmad Hossainy

    At some level, I’m kind of happy that Gimenez made that mistake, because if he didn’t and we won then the coaching staff, the players and most of the fans would have been talking about sleeping as leaders and convinced that we are doing great and we have a great defense so when we score first we will definitely win and all that crap .

    We are doing horrible, getting outplayed by Sociedad, Villarreal and Deportivo who didn’t spend 10% of what we did and don’t have world class players in every position as we do .
    I don’t know any other team in the whole world who have 70% possession before they score then 30% after they do, this is just fucking frustrating, give our players to Paco Jemez and they will score at least 3 goal every single game, I’m not exaggerating, he is really a great and a BRAVE coach, and right now he is the number one favorite to take over La Roja after del Bosque .

    This is what everybody needs to know, starting with Simeone : Atleti have a very great group of players, a group that make them able to play as big team, a very big one, but as Rummenigge and many others said before : we are playing as a very small one .
    “The last thing I wanted was to have played against Atletico Madrid, because football is about joy and entertainment and that is something they do not believe in” those were Rummenigge’s exact words, and unfortunately, he wasn’t wrong .

    Some reports suggested that one of the reasons that made Arda leave was Simeone’s style of play, he may push Grizi out too, or Oliver, a player I said few weeks ago that he should start each and every game because he is probably the only who is able to organize the team, to build up the attack, to keep possession under pressure, and he needs too many minutes to get confidence and experience, but tonight he got none, when we were searching for the second goal, Simeone brought on Saul !!

    This bullshit needs to stop .. immediately .

  • Mrtn

    I agree 100%
    For me finishing lower in the league isn’t a problem, playing counter attacking game isn’t a problem but spending 100s of millions on players and playing like Simeone does is a problem and really frustrating.
    The moment that truly described the mentality of Cholo came a few minutes before Jackson’s substitution when he had received the ball but was unable to pass the ball to anyone as literally ALL of our players sat back on our own half like they were told to avoid any attacking move.
    That moment was frustrating and angering but I also felt really sorry for Jackson as this is really not his fault.
    I just can’t figure out why we made these signings in the last 2 years. Last year Cerci, Jimenez: a total waste of 30 M euros. This year we sign strikers for 70 M euros although Simeone has no intention of playing football and never will.
    Again: I could accept this kind of play if we didn’t spend money on transfers. This kind of play is totally acceptable if you only got players like Mario Suarez, RG, Costa, Torres, Gabi just like we did in the Liga winning year.
    But this year we got all the talent , skill, speed and we just don’t use them.
    Cholo can not play attacking football that’s sure. But why do we sign players he doesn’t need for a fortune and release players like RG who he really needs?
    IMO we got 2 choices to achieve success: we either stick to Simeone and his style and sign players accordingly or we keep signing high profile players and look for another coach like Jemez, Emery who can play attacking game and probably could archive great success with a squad like ours.
    300+ M euros spent in 3 years. We are one of Europe’s heaviest spenders, outspending Barca & Real… Playing like this alone is already a defeat. Aiming 3rd place is unacceptable.
    Vamos Atleti!

  • 007

    Yes i agree with you.I think with players like oliver , koke, Griezmann, Carrasco we are much more suited for attacking based tactics.I think Simeone should change to 433/4231 and play oliver as attacking midfielder alongside Koke and Tiago.I think this would help us to get best out of our midfield.I think Koke-Oliver can be the new Xavi-Iniesta.With a front 3 of Griezmann-Correa/Vietto-Carrsco.And i think we should start Correa/Vietto over jackson who has been a flop so far.Also by playing a ultra defensive approach after we are 1-0 up will not take us very far like last year.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    We are now 4th behind Celta Vigo, who also have already played against Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and Villarreal .
    Good luck catching them soon ! .. I think their chances of increasing the gap to more than one point is bigger than our chances of catching them .
    Maybe we should have signed Nolito in the summer !!

    I’m not bragging, and there is nothing to brag about, it actually hurts me, but I think I was the first one here to criticize Simeone too harshly and be brave enough to say that if he didn’t stop doing his very obvious mistakes I will say “Simeone out” .
    Remember that long comment that most of you didn’t like and many of you attacked me because of it, now almost all of you see what I saw then .
    Everybody knows those mistakes and those problems very well, we have talked about them many times and there is no need to repeat them, but let me repeat one thing I said then :
    I love Simeone so much, as a person and as a coach, just like I loved him as a player, we owe him too much, and we are very thankful for all what he did, BUT : he didn’t make history with us, he is not the one who made Atleti a big club, that’s Mourinho with Chelsea, but Atleti was always a big club, we just had a bad decade, from 2000 to 2009, because of Gil family mismanagement .
    Simeone has one league title out of 10 and one cup title out of 10, this is not history, not even close, I admit that he made the coaching job of the millennium winning that La Liga title, but it’s still one title .

    People should take that in consideration, and they should stop treating Simeone as our savior and like we can never survive without him, because it’s a really big insult to a very big club like Atletico Madrid .

    I wish Simeone becomes our Ferguson, I really do, but he has to earn that, and in my opinion, ha hasn’t yet .
    It seems that he has only one weapon and it’s not working anymore, he needs to look for different weapons, and he does have them, and he should know how to use them, he was a veteran player with a huge experience and he is a very smart person with a very strong personality, he should be better than Rudi Garcia and Thomas Tuchel who are doing a very great job and playing a very beautiful football with Roma & Dortmund and fighting for the league title in two competitions as difficult as La Liga -if not even more- with two group of players very similar to what Simeone has, except that he has much stronger defenders and goalkeeper (which actually could be his problem !!) .

    I wish he figures it out very soon, and I wish he finds his “cojones” back, because he has lost them .