Copa del Rey: Real Madrid 3 – 0 Atlético

Atlético crushed at the Bernabeu in semi final first leg

Jesé scores Real's second (pic

Jesé scores Real's second (pic

Lady luck was smiling favourably on Real Madrid at the Bernabeu on Wednesday evening, as two deflections sent our bitter rivals on their way to a 3-0 lead over Atleti in the Copa del Rey semi-final first leg.

Atleti were tested from the off, and had to resist numerous attempts on goal from the Real Madrid front line. Benzema came close with a header, and Modric fired a shot just wide after a clever free kick from Di Maria.

The opening goal came in the 17th minute, and it had more than just a touch of good fortune about it. The ball dropped to Pepe on the edge of the area, who powered towards the edge of the Atleti area. His shot took a massive deflection off of Emiliano Insua, and wrong-footed Courtois, who could do nothing about the change of direction.

The game then took a bit of a nasty turn, with a lot happening off the ball. Arbeloa should perhaps have been sent off twice for skirmishes with Diego Costa, while our Brazilian had more than one argument with his compatriot Pepe in the Real Madrid defence.

Real’s attack wasn’t an innocent party either, and on more than once occasion left their leg in. Benzema stamped all over Courtois during one attack and it was lucky for los Blancos that the referees didn’t pick up on it.

If Atleti went in with some hope at half-time, it was quickly extinguished in the minutes after the restart. The young starlet Jesé made his mark on the game as he bagged the second goal of the match in the 57th minute.

Following an excellent through ball from Di Maria, which nutmegged Cebolla, Jesé ran onto the ball and managed to get his toe on it. Courtois couldn’t get his big frame down quick enough and let the ball slide under him, handing Real Madrid a two-goal lead.

Real Madrid almost added to their lead a few minutes later, after Pepe managed to stick his leg out and get on the end of a Di Maria cross – however he couldn’t steer the ball on target.

Los Rojiblancos almost got the away goal they so dearly coveted a few minutes after, with Diego Costa doing brilliantly to win a corner at the expense of Coentrao.

The corner was whipped in with some pace, and Godín got a beautiful head on the cross, only for Modric to clear the ball off the line, sparing the blushes of a beaten Iker Casillas. This was the best chance of the game for Atleti.

Things went from bad to worse a few minutes later, after the Real Madrid substitute Moratta picked up the ball outside the Atleti box. He fired an attempt towards goal, which was blocked by the Atleti defence, only for the ball to drop for Di Maria even further out.

The Argentinean took a mad swipe at the ball, which again took a massive deflection off of Miranda, wrong-footing Courtois again in the process, and nestling in the back of the net to make it 3-0. Another goal that had more than just a touch of fortune about it, and another that our Belgian superkeeper could do very little about.

Atleti were lucky to not fall even further behind, with attempts from Ronaldo and Di Maria firing just wide in the closing stages.

Real Madrid will visit the Vicente Calderón on Tuesday with a healthy lead, and Atleti will need to do something that no team has done so far this season – score against Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey. Three times.


Real Madrid Atlético
Real Madrid 30 Atlético
Insua (o.g.) 17' 
Jesé 57' 
Miranda (o.g.) 73' 
Competition Copa del Rey
Location Santiago Bernabeú
Date 05 February 2014
Kick Off 20:00 CET

Team Lineups

Real Madrid
Xabi Alonso
Di Maria (81')
C Ronaldo
Substitutes used
Morata (73')
Illarramendi (81')
Isco (84')
Arda (61')
Diego (46')
Raul Garcia (70')
Diego Costa
Substitutes used
C Rodriguez (46')
Adrian (61')
Sosa (70')

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Yon


  • Ahmad Hossainy

    The game ended when Cebolla, Adrian & Sosa were the 3 behind Costa !

    This one is on Simeone, but it’s a good lesson for him, especially for Milan game

    Imagine if the game ended 1-0, and with Villa’s injury,
    how would you feel about Costa’s 3rd booking in the cup and suspension
    when I talked about that few weeks ago some of you attacked me
    yeah, maybe tonight’s yellow was undeserved, but Real players were trying to make him have one,
    and they succeeded
    and the previous 2 were totally deserved .. and totally unnecessary

    let’s go to Almeria to secure our leadership ..
    and with Barca facing Sevilla & Real facing Villareal, who knows, maybe we can even increase the 3 points gap

    Aupa Atleti

  • Jeronamo

    Ah well on to the next one

  • Zakaria

    I just can’t believe how we played tonight. We did nothing right offensively and defensively. Where is the spirit, we did not fight, we did not look like we are going to do anything about the bullying we faced, about the league we lead, about the cup we defend!!!!
    I saw the Old Atleti this game, the Atleti that does not fight, the Atleti that is scared, the Atleti of Q Flores and not simeone.
    It’s a good slap on the face, we needed it to get back to reality and start working hard on both la liga and cl.
    Good night comrades, we had better nights.
    Aura atleti

  • Adnan Khan

    Honestly, i don’t think we can compete or win the treble. Not with our squad. So i am not mad at the team, i understand how tough it is for these players to play almost every game in every competition. We don’t have class players like barca and real on the bench, so let’s forget the loss today and focus on the champions league and La Liga. Even the commentator was amazed at our players fitness. “this team must have a incredible fitness coach”

  • Will

    The few I watched I didn’t really feel that “intensity” that Simeone always talks about. We played different from our style we usually play against the Money-Duo.. Having the ball and giving the counter-attacks to them – probably what Ancelotti exactly wanted.
    Lessons learned, move on..

  • Amr Habib Mukadaffi

    The Diego Costa & Pepe show

  • anshary

    It’s alright. Just a minor setback. Let’s focus on winning the La Liga!

  • AaX

    Lets put things into PERSPECTIVE. We HAVE already burn ourselves bit much more going through Sevilla, Valencia and Ath Bilbao with an ALREADY LIMITED Reserves. Let off the Copa. They won’t win against Barcelona in the final ANYWays. WHat’s more important is staying and FINISH ABOVE them in the Liga.

  • Kris

    Horrible defeat. Let’s move on….

  • Ash

    What if Simone was deliberately leaving the Cup trophy to Real and Barca, since we may have a good chance to win the league title from them.

  • Pantic#10

    Pepe is a very unfair player. He and the others provoked Diego Costa all time. He even “blow his nose” on Diego’s face. Shame on you Pepe.

    Anyway we still have 90 minutes + eventually extra time. We can qualify for the final, even without Costa.

  • valinia

    The absence of filipe n a DMF is fatal, its kinda waste to use koke as a DMF instead of AMF, n he didnt do well. Also, the referee was unfair to us. Many fouls committed by madrid player were ignored, n a number of yellow cards were not/wrongly given. Even the commendator said several madrid players like di maria, pepe n arbeloa should have been sent off by committing fouls on costa, n atleti should have been given a penalty. Anyways, we must focus on CL n the league n let the copa off, hopefully players like cabello, alderweireld n manquillo would be in the starting lineup next leg.

  • valinia


  • valinia

    The absence of filipe n a DMF is fatal, its kinda waste to use koke as a DMF instead of AMF, n he didnt do well. Also, the referee was unfair to us. Many fouls committed by madrid player were ignored, n a number of yellow cards were not/wrongly given. Even the commentator said several madrid players like di maria, pepe n arbeloa should have been sent off by committing fouls on costa, n atleti should have been given a penalty. Anyways, we must focus on CL n the league n let the copa off, hopefully players like cebolla, alderweireld n manquillo would be in the starting lineup next leg.

    Sorry i just discovered the typos i made.

  • Zakaria

    We don’t judge @valinia ;p


  • piserakos

    ok i’m not happy after that result… probably i’m sad but.. I’m ok it was just a cup game, we have bigger goals this year… Real won the unfair trophy of the season, i really want to kick their usses at Calderon (for La Liga)… Let’s say about the game.
    1) No passion, it was obvius even our players don’t really wanted the cup.
    2) Koke is not a DM, he can play against teams like Almeria, Elche etc but not at such a difficult game
    3) Garcia again on right??? He never helps there…
    4) Diego Costa lost his temper (again) and that destroyed our offencieve game.
    5) Poor game by Arda, I expected more
    6) Insua wan’t that bad, Ok he is not Felipe but he is good enough
    7) We are a huge team… After 3-0 I listen Frente Atleti singing!! And we have the quality to say goodbay at the cup.
    8) The referre destroyed us.
    9) It would be stupid not to use the ‘2nd’ team at the second match
    and final again we lost (or draw) with an own goal:S what’s going on all our games we lost (or draw) was from an own goal (except Sevilla, there Juanfran gave a silly penalty

  • jeronamo

    On another note I read that Marcelo was on the end of racial abuse from our fans. Things like that really piss me off and need to stamped out

  • starvs

    I think Piserakos hit the nail on the head with:

    2) Koke is not a DM, he can play against teams like Almeria, Elche etc but not at such a difficult game
    3) Garcia again on right??? He never helps there…

    I would love to see Koke eventually play DM more as I think his longer range passing and vision can be a real asset from there, but he’s not quite there yet against a team like Madrid. Would have liked to see Tiago where he started and Koke where Raul was. Because as Piserakos also said, Raul on the right just don’t work.

  • Valinia

    btw im a bit worried about diego costa.. look at the number of dirty fouls that he suffered during the match, hopefully hes not injured

  • Andres (lolaya)

    Both teams played dirty. It was destined to be like that from the start.

    I am not really disappointed in their performance. Real played a really good game like Simeone said and it was always going to be hard to beat Real 3 times in a row (Especially as visitors three times in a row).

    Sometimes it just isn’t the day or some luck influences.

    The game was never destined to end 3-0 and that was very unlucky due to 2 deflections. It could’ve easily ended 1-0 or even 0-0

  • piserakos

    Anyone can notice them… I wrote at the pre-match that i’m worrying about those things…
    Any way yes there was a rascist episode with marcelo. They called him monkey (they are not mistaked he looks like one) and the made some sounds. After that they shouted at his son that “marcelo isn’t your father”… Hehehe that’s a little nice:P I don’t judje:P

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I think after all these games this season, many will agree with Piserakos, and I’m one of them :
    Koke is much more better attacking midfielder than a defensive midfielder
    & RG8 is much more better striker than a winger

    Honestly, when I saw the line-up I said : this is never gonna work,
    and I commented that Tiago must go on for RG8 in the 2nd half .. but that never happened

    it’s not just that we lost a great AM like Koke, but we also lost a great DM like Tiago, who has a huge experience in such big games,
    Tiago, without any single doubt is our most experienced player, he played in many big leagues with many big clubs like Benfica, Chelsea, Lyon & Juventus .. he played 2 world cups and 1 European Championship
    (maybe Villa has more trophies and better numbers, but he never played outside Spain, beside, Villa’s position doesn’t need that experience that is needed in the midfield)
    I just can’t understand why Tiago didn’t play last night !

    anyway, on another topic :
    we just sold our GK Roberto Jiménez to Olympiacos, with which he was playing on loan this season,
    so, does that mean we are close to sign Courtois ?! .. since Roberto was his 1st replacement if we we failed ?!
    or did we just lose a great GK without any guarantee that we can keep Thibaut ?!

    among all the names I read in the press, Roberto is the only one like to be our next GK,
    especially if you compared him to two names who been mentioned in several occasions, and who are famous of making silly and fatal mistakes, and I just can’t believe that Simeone & Caminero are considering them :
    Pepe Reina & Steve Mandanda .. especially the last one !

    let’s wait and see .. maybe the genius Caminero is preparing another surprise for us .. just like the one of Diego !

  • Kris

    I can’t believe you wrote that about Marcelo, piserakos. That is disgusting in so many different levels and I believe all those racists out there(including the Atleti fans yesterday) should be banned from attending any football game at all. We are in the 21st century, why are they still judging based on the color of skin?

    But I agree with piserakos and Ahmad on the
    Koke and RG8 positions as I have commented so many times about. Koke is not a DM. Stop playing him there! RG8 is nowhere near a winger, he’s not a good dribbler of the ball and he’s a horrible passer!! Play them where they most know how to play win which is Koke RM, who operates all throughout the midfield and RG8 as a gpalscoring false 9.

  • farhan

    it is hard to comeback but not immposible…..

  • anshary

    Lets not forget how far Atleti have come. Its only one defeat. This article puts things in perspective.

  • anshary

    Btw @Kris, i was looking for a Like button to click on your last comment, but i couldn’t find any 😛 so here goes ^.^ b

  • jeronamo

    Thank you @Kris I can’t believe i just read that comment from Piserakos, I’m trying not to get angry but thats hard not to do. That is just ignorance all around man, how can anyone applaud or chuckle at such a thing?

  • piserakos

    I don’t judge by the colour skin… Probably those who have problem to call the black guys ‘monkeys’ judge… For me it’s the same call a black or a white ‘monkey’… It’s not nice… But i believe it is much better than calling on son of a whore or gay or whatever… I also believe (not because of his colour) but from his gamestyle tha Marcelo looks like a little with a monkey… I just don’t think it’s such a bad thing! It’s football! Not theatre! Perhaps we grown up at different countries… I’m Greek, here at the stadium we do whatever we want. We even say ‘f*ck you’ at the dead people of a club… Imagine Real Madrid fans calling Aragones hijo de puta at the moment of sillence…. Well that’s what happening here, so maybe I find this really funny… Anyway… I don’t judge anyone from the colour or his nation. Even though I believe we are not the same! There are countries and there are different colours! We can leave together and we can be friends but we are not the same! It’s opinion of course!
    Anyway @ahmad about Roberto… Greek media say that Olympiakos gave us 6 mill. I don’t really believe Greek media and the apparance of Mendes at the deal makes me think that something ‘bad’ happened again… Anyway if that it is truth and if we sell Asenjo (for 3-4 mil) we will have about 10 mil… I think we can find 10 more and buy Courtois. If not. With 10 mil we can get a world class GK…

  • marcelo

    ^ ……..I did not just read that

  • palestine-atletico

    I told you before dont use diago instead of koke and put koke as DM. That was the main reason we lost the battle of midfield.
    Mario, tiago and gabi MUST use two of them in away games while choose between koke and diego as playmaker.

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