Copa del Rey: Atlético 2 – 0 Valencia

Atlético advance to quarter finals of Copa del Rey

Diego godin atletico valencia

Guaita misses the ball and Godín scores (MARCA)

Atlético Madrid have qualified for the quarter finals of the Copa del Rey after seeing off Valencia on Tuesday night.

Los Che had salvaged a draw the week before, but were no match for the Colchoneros at the Vicente Calderón.

Second half goals by Diego Godín and Raúl García made the difference, as Atleti made the most of their set pieces.

Diego Simeone made only two changes to the team that faced Barcelona three days prior and handed Sosa his debut. The Argentine did well in his first start, but it was the man on the opposite wing who once again showed his class with an excellent performance. Arda Turan was everywhere on the pitch and created the first opportunities of the game, for teammates Diego Costa and Raúl García.

After half an hour of play Sosa played a nice ball in to Diego Costa, whose shot only missed the goal because of a minor deflection. At the other end Valencia mostly tried their luck from distance, on one occasion nearly leading to a goal when Juan Bernat forced Thibaut Courtois to a save.

In the 52nd minute Atlético controversially earned a corner for a Godín header, but replays seemed to suggest ‘keeper Vicente Guaita never got a hand on it. The ensuing corner kick was then headed in by the same Godín, who scored after another howler by Guaita, who had already cost his team a goal in the first leg at the Mestalla.

It was Godín’s third goal of the season and the Uruguayan – like Arda and Raúl García – has now scored in all three competitions. Gabi, who delivered the corner kick, notched his 9th assist of the season, tying Koke’s team high.

Valencia needed a goal to tie things up and Pizzi brought on a second striker by introducing Paco Alcácer, who could have done his coach a huge favor had he not failed to control a Barragán cross from the right side.

A few moments later Thibaut Courtois demonstrated once again why he is once of the top goalkeepers around by denying Valencia with two saves in the spaces of thirty seconds. He first blocked Hélder Postiga before swatting away Míchel’s attempt.

In the 70th minute Diego Costa missed an incredible chance to double our lead, but the striker couldn’t get his header on target. The Brazilian worked tirelessly but was unfortunate with his finishing and remained without a goal in 2014.

The visitors escaped when Raúl García hit the post with a drive from outside the box after Sosa rifled a cross towards RG8.

A late push by Valencia was expected to send the game to extra time, but instead Atlético dominated the final minutes of the game. First Cebolla fired a shot at goal and a minute later Atleti earned another corner, which was headed in by Raúl García. The midfielder scored his second goal in seven days against Valencia and now has twelve goals on the season.

The game ended with a red card for the frustrated Dani Parejo and with another miss by Costa. Atleti can now look ahead to the quarter final in which they will face one of Athletic Club and Real Betis.

Atlético Valencia
Atlético 2 0 Valencia
Godín 52' 
Raúl García 90' 
Competition Copa del Rey
Location Estadio Vicente Calderón
Date 14 January 2014
Kick Off 21.30 CET

Team Lineups

Sosa (58')
Raúl García
Arda (82')
Diego Costa
Substitutes used
Koke (58')
C. Rodríguez (82')
Ricardo Costa
Javi Fuego
Feghouli (67')
Fede (55')
Postiga (78')
Substitutes used
Alcácer (55')
Piatti (67')
Pabon (78')

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Will

    Facing Athletic will be tough as well, they improved a lot during the season.

  • Adnan Khan

    i was really impressed by Felipe this match, and i can’t figure out why he is not in the Brazil squad. He is performing ten times better than Marcelo. Ahh maybe he should have chosen Poland instead of Brazil. I hope he is in the Brazil squad when the World Cup comes because he deserve it!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    *A surgical win, by a team who have the best football surgeon in the world, Diego Simeone

    *Last season, Miranda was one of our best 3 players .. this season, Godin has took his place

    *Costa still hasn’t scored yet in 2014, after 360 minutes of play ..
    I wish he goes back to scoring soon, we already have one Villa !

    *Koke also is not in his best shape .. but Arda is getting back to his great form

    *I can’t say that Sosa is good, but I can’t say he is bad either .. he needs more time to be judged

    *I don’t know any more English words to say about Raul Garcia

    *I wish Betis knock Athletic out tomorrow,
    I don’t know if we can handle another 2 tough games against a tough team like Bilbao in this very difficult stage of the season
    The players need and deserve a little rest to catch their breaths

  • Pantic#10

    Trying to score to Atleti is like playing a videogame:

    stage 1: Forwards pressing
    Good work my hero you survived from the pressing of the beast of Manzanares

    Stage 2: the gate of hell
    You are skilled, Gabi & co. didn’t stop you but terrible dangers awaits you….

    Stage 3: You shall not pass!!!
    If you are here you are a top player, my compliments…now let’s face the final boss

    Final stage: the Dungeon Master
    Your adventures ends here. Try again from stage 1 and good luck.

    Now repeat it for 90 minutes…that’s like playing against us 😉

  • Pantic#10

    Now back to be serious 😉
    Sosa didn’t played bad, he also hit a post with a great shot.
    Let’s give him a couple of matches….not easy play with metalist for 2 years and then face Valencia as 1st opponent.
    La Liga is 10 times difficult than his previous league.

  • Will

    HAHAHAHAHAHA… Excellent, PANTIC#10, simply excellent! 🙂

  • Brad

    This site really needs a like button for the comments section!

  • palestine-atletico

    Excellent control of the game yesterday.
    The only thing annoying me is that sosa is taking the place of Oliver Torres and i domt want to judge from the first game but i doubt he is better than oliver!
    At least oliver is our product and he is still very young not like sosa who is 28 now.

  • piserakos

    Ahmad I totally agree with you, I was ready to write the same think! Haha Pantic hilarious!!!
    Derek Gabi has 10 assist (the 2nd goal was with his assist) right?
    Anyway I will mention some things
    *Costa is out of form, out of his mind and selphish. I don’t know why but I don’t see at the last games that guy, he never pass the ball, he don’t really press and he lose a lot of chances. For me Villa right now is better. Anyway I’m sure the beast and el guaje will get back to their form, hope soon.
    *Koke has a lot of bad games latter, what is bad is that he lose easilly the ball. I think Cholo will find a solution.
    *Arda is back, I remember you guys before 2-3 week say ‘i want the old Arda back’ well he just listen to you and he is great he is fantastic!!!
    *Godin also is better this year than Miranda. Hehe I had an argue with a friend of mine telling that Godin is for a team like Levante, hehe well done Godin.
    *No one can understand why Felipe is not at Brazil nation, personally I’m sure he is one of the 2-3 best left backs.
    *Sosa was ok, but I was shouting Gabi at the corners not him. If I counted well he took 7 corners, all of them were bad. Gabi took 3 and we scored 2 goals.
    Hope Betis will progress cause I don’t want Bilbao.

  • Erik

    Atletico de Madrid starts out slow but ended strong. When watching the game, you figured out quickly why Simeone wanted Sosa on the team. Sosa was made for this style of play and is the help that Atletico needs to finish out the second half of the season. It is always an added bonus when a defender scores and there was Godin, doing it right. To give credit where credit is due, Valencia’s ball handling skills were superior to Atletico’s but psychologically they fell apart. This was evident when after both scores they complained so much that yellow cards came out. What? That is a waste.

  • starvs

    It’s fucking absurd Gabi does not take all of our free kicks that are crosses/corners (there may be a better direct FK shooter, not sure).

    That is a big failing of Cholo, because Gabi is better than Koke who has taken most recently, and certainly this new Sosa guy. It was quite frankly very disrespectful he was taking them over Gabi, in his first game, to begin with, who’s fucking idea was that?

  • Chewie

    From what I’ve seen, Sosa may be a better direct free-kick taker and about as skilled at corners as Gabi or Koke, he just doesn’t know the standard combinatons the team is preparing during the training sessions yet. He’s surely better in terms of psychology then this moron Diego Ribas who’s still demanding huge salary from every club that offers him a contract. Oliver still has to grow some cojones and play against less fearful opponents to start with, but he is undoubtedly more talented.

    I have plenty of words to say about Raul. Russian media called him “the musketeer and executor of Valencia”. Quite poetic, I should say. His precise, straight-as-an-arrow shots have been described as “billiard shots”. He is a Ghost Striker, King of the Air, Flying Pamplonaman and so many other things. All thanks to the black clothes head-to-toes mastermind.

  • piserakos

    I think Sosa is the best at direct free kick and Gabi the second, Villa also is a decent free kick sooter. From what I’ve seen Koke isn’t really good at this. About corners, well Koke right now is the best but I think Gabi should take more because we need variety at our corners. Agree with Chewie (even though most of them weren’t cause he didn’t knew the training sessions) about Sosa.
    by the way take a look at a wornderfull dribble of Leo

  • Lubo

    Gabi was taking free kicks when he arrived (or maybe my memory just betrays me) and did it until Simeone arrived. Simeone immediatly switched to Koke as the primary free-kick taker, with Gabi as the secondary one.
    From my point of view, this was tactically good decision. Even if Gabi is better free-kick and corner taker than Koke, seems that he also has much better game-reading abilities and therefore, when we take corners or free kicks, Gabi is guarding our backline against counter attacks (maybe with Filipe or Juanfran), because both centre backs are in the penalty area attempting to headers.
    And, at the same time, Koke can be improving his free-kick abilities on the training, so we can rely on him in the far future too 🙂

  • AaX

    Gabi is currently the best crosser of the team but what is not known generally is that Gabi is a also a good long range shooter. He had scored some long range goals. We need those in the latter part of the competitions. Sosa is a Class. I can already see his quick mind to score or pass quickly and precisely. Hopefully he just needs few more opportunity to adept to be more focus and aggressive as an Atletico. God Willing.

  • Vlad

    So De Bruyne has signed for Wolfsburg..
    Maybe that means Diego is no longer needed there?

  • kris

    Doesn’t mean anything Vlad. You should stop worrying about Diego. That greedy sumbitch won’t want to join us anyways. I don’t think World Cup or anything else like that matters to him. LOL Why am I so pissed? It’s his decision…

  • Vlad

    If you’re right than you have every reason to be pissed! Diego will not see the love he got at Atleti anywhere else..

  • kris

    I hope I am not right, and I hope he joins us for free in the summer and gives us the attacking option we’ve been needing for a long long time.

  • Chewie

    Yeah, we’ve been doing soo bad without him.

  • kris

    I believe he’d only make us better, Chewie.

  • Adnan Khan

    Guys, sometimes we need to understand why football players take the choices they make.
    For some players, football is just a “job”. And we work to earn money, where we earn the most is where we usually decide to work. And I guess Diego is such a player. Soccer players who play primarily for the pleasure of playing football is a rare sight. We all want to earn more on what we are good at. so I don’t care if he chooses to play in a team that gives him a higher salary. It’s just the way it is, and I understand his choice.

    Btw I saw Salah’s video yesterday, the guy you all have been talking a lot about lately, and damn that boy is really good and FAST.