Copa del Rey: Atlético 2 – 1 Sant Andreu

Atleti through to the round of 16 after salvaging perfect home record

Héctor debuts with a goal  (

Héctor debuts with a goal

The night was set up to be Adrian´s night, with the announcement of his contract extension the evening before and what was expected to be an easy match against modest Sant Andreu.

However, the Asturian did not make the most of the game, which ended up being somewhat of a nightmare for him. Nothing went his way.

‘Cholo’ presented the following 11 players for the match against the Catalan side: Aranzubia, Manquillo, Alderweireld, Giménez, Insua, Carlos Ramos, Guilavogui, Cebolla, Oliver, Adrián and Léo Baptistao.

The match started off well for the Rojiblancos. Cebolla, the captain of the match, made a brilliant run into the box, but managed to sky his shot over. Replays show that the shot may have in fact been blocked by the Sant Andreu keeper.

Along came the 14th minute and Ibón placed his free kick directly to the bottom right of Aranzubia’s post, the rebound landed directly to Carroza who pushed the ball in and celebrated wildly. The players pointed to the Sant Andreu fans that had made the trek from just outside Barcelona to Madrid. If our math is correct, we counted more Sant Andreu fans in attendance than the infamous Marea Azul Getafe supporter group that graced the Calderón with their presence last month.

Chants such as “Sant Andreu is Spanish” could be heard throughout the stadium, most likely as a response to the anti-Spain and anti-Diego Costa chants heard in the previous leg.

Giménez scored a goal in the 25th minute, but the linesman ruled it offside.

In the 28th minute, Adrián was taken down by goalkeeper Morales. The spotlight was on our No. 7, the man with the new contract. He prepared his shot, managed to send the keeper the other way, but skied it over Ramos-esque. So far, the three penalties that Adrián has missed have not been due to good goalkeeping, but to terrible placement.

It wasn’t his night.

The half ended with a few more good chances for Atleti, but Sant Andreu managed to contain the Atlético offensive front.

The second half kicked off, and it began worse than the first. Léo had a few chances to convert, but his shots were all aimed directly at our opponents’ goalie. Guilavogui had several shots from afar, yet none caused any danger to the Catalán goal.

In the 67th minute, Quim Araujo, the Atlético fan/Sant Andreu player was subbed off. His dream must have surely come true.

Cholo wanted more control in the midfield, and Gabi was the man for the job, replacing Carlos Ramos. The substitution happened immediately after Francis from Sant Andreu misplaced his shot on a one-on-one with Aranzubia.

Baptistão is taken off in the 77th minute for canterano Héctor, who was making his debut for his lifelong favourite club.

It took Héctor two minutes to score his first goal. He was ecstatic, celebrating by kissing the crest until eventually falling on the floor. It was quite a night for the youngster–one he will surely never forget.

Óliver, arguably the best player on pitch, got to test Morales in the 90th minute after some great maneuvering in the area. The score remained 1-1 and it was sure to end that way. That was, until Alderweireld had something to say about it.

In the 93rd minute, Gabi crossed in a free kick and Toby headed it home for the last gasp triumph.

‘Cholo Castle’ cannot be beaten.

Atlético Sant Andreu
Atlético 21 Sant Andreu
Héctor 78Carroza  15
Alderweireld 93 
Competition Copa del Rey
Location Vicente Calderón
Date 18 December 2013
Kick Off TBC
  • Jimbo_With_the_Dancingshoes

    Hey Nick,
    not that it matters much now, but when they got their freekick (the one they would eventually score from) the ref signalled that it was a indirect freekick. Apparently neither the sankt Andreu players nor our own noticed anything, so the freekick was taken as usual, but if Aranzubia had been following the ref’s signal (and had a pretty big pair of balls) he would know that he should had let the ball go in and from that earn a goalkick. But(!) he didn’t so the rule of indirect freekick (saying that two players have to touch the ball before you can score) was misspelled. Anyhow we got the win so who really cares now? except of course Cholo

  • piserakos

    fisrt game this season I didn’t watched 🙁 thank god tha wasn’t an important one:) any one can tell me about Hector… From converstatinons and from his biografy I knew he was a great talent, his goal also convised me for that

  • Pantic#10

    Hector (and Gabi) changed the match.
    Hector scored on a beautiful assist from the left by Adrian (best and only good thing by the perfect7)
    He brought depth and intensity. Wanna see more from him.

    Good things:
    Josuha played on every ball.
    Oliver showed a good vision of the game, tried always to open on the wings or verticalizations; and was very close to score.
    Gabi (very weird see him without the Captain band, Cebolla was the captain) turned a chaotic and imprecise team in a ordered one.
    Bad things:
    Cebolla again played out of his position. Sometimes he was in the centre of the attack…and for one who’s called Cebolla didn’t do a dribbling to 3rd category player…..
    Leo didn’t impress me.
    We had also some bad luck.
    Adrian again on the left…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    *it was a mistake from Simeone to put in the middle a new signing who just had played 136 minutes before this game, and a youth team player
    and when he corrected his mistake and brought on Gabi, we scored 2 goals

    *Cebolla & Adrian need to leave in January,
    the first should be sold, and the 2 or 3 million (which I guess is his price) could help us even a little to sign a good playmaker
    and the second should be loaned to a big team, and I don’t mind if he goes to Villareal, Athletic, Valencia or Sociedad .. those are not anymore rivals for us this season
    and if Monaco are still interested in him it won’t be a bad move

    *I can’t believe what Aranzubia did (as Jimbo explained above)
    come on man !! you are too old and too experienced to make such a silly mistake !

  • kris

    Obviously, we were lacking first team experience from this match. None of the starters for this match are regular starters in our initial XI. This is the reason why coaches always play with atleast one or two players who are in the initial 11… I wanted to play with Bono for this match anyways.. Can’t believe Dani made that mistake… Oh well the the thing that matters is we won but need to improve more:.

  • piserakos

    @ahmad… I dissagree about you for Leo. I didn’t seen the game but he has to play, better to play at this game. If not yesterday then when? Also why not to see a guy from our 2nd team? why not Carlos has his chance? if we had lose nothing would happen. Agree Cebolla has to leave I say that all year he is not good enough for Atleti even for the bench and if there is an offer for 2-3 millions then we should sell him. Adrian was great at the last games so I don’t think we should let him leave, only if we buy a player at his place then maybe loan him at a big team to regein his form and improve his value

  • kris

    We are facing Valencia in the Round of 16 of Copa del Rey.

  • Shai

    That means we have Valencia-Barca-Valencia in one week.. Bring it!

  • Dircil

    this Japanese dude can be a real bargain for Atletico considering his ridiculously low price tag!

  • pantic#10

    Dircil, the video about Koke on this youtube channel…it’s AWESOME.

  • kris

    Goddamn! Osaku is great. The kid is such a powerful and skillful finisher of the ball. He’d be a bargain in terms of marketing and on the field.. Brilliant player. But I don’t believe the Atleti scouts have ever even heard of him.

  • kris

    Koke is such a brilliant and important player to our team.. We shall never let go of him and Costa,, the way they have been pairing up so beautifully.

  • piserakos

    I saw Osaku, he looks like a great talent, trust me this is my hobbie (scouting prospects) and we can easilly find talents like him… I don’t know why but I think Atletico scouting at latin America and at other countries is almost useless. We should spend some money (it’s not much) to have some scouters and bring talents, try them and if they are ok join at Atleti B-C or even Juvenil, if not then send him back. I think we should spend some time to scout further players like osaku and if we think they can help take them for trials.

  • Adnan Khan

    Talking about talents, this one here is hidden gem “luciano vietto”. And he is already familiar with simeone. The next aguero??

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Simeone : “No loaning for any of our players in January until we sign a replacement,
    but if no one comes, no one probably can not get out”

    now that’s what I needed to hear

  • kris

    I’m happy about that Ahmad…

    No match preview for today’s match???

  • Kulan

    Luciano Vietto is one of three young talents from Argentina that’s been heavily linked with Atleti. The roumor is that Mendes will bring one of them to the club this winter or summer…

  • kris

    Horrible start……

  • AndersAT

    Great pressure, and great Goal… now we need a couple more.

  • kris

    GOOOOLAZOO!!!! YES! YES! YES! 1-1. now. much better play.. How did Godin get there??

  • kris

    Bad mistake by Miranda again… Not his best game today,, Miranda..

  • Jeronamo

    It’s obvious what Levante are trying to do which is break up oyr play by influencing the referee but we’ve been wasteful so far

  • kris

    Levante are the type of team that makes La Liga teams look bad.. There’s so much diving,, and play acting.. Unbelievable… I admit we do it as well, but not as much as them..

  • Adnan Khan

    i agree kris…even their defence is diving 😛

  • kris

    But Tiago’s unprofessional knock was not needed at all. That was beyond pathetic and unsportsmanlike. He would have killed the game already for us had he received a red card from such an immature foul.. I don’t see how that helped him,, Once you get on the field,, you forget all your frustration and everything and only play to win.. That was so immature of Tiago.. smh.

  • kris


  • Jeronamo

    Lol yup nice goal indeed

  • kris

    Oh my god!! Bad mistake!! and what an equalizer too.. :(.. We have to score now… 2 goals conceded. not like us..

  • AndersAT

    Horrible… Why do they play with such risk when we are up 2-1??

  • Jeronamo

    Why take off koke and not tiago?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    *I wish Koke is not injured .. cause it was a strange decision to take him off

    *Arda this season is not Arda of the last two seasons .. I want the old Arda back

    *Although I wanted and anticipated a big win that will be difficult for Barca to overcome it tomorrow,
    but I’m kind of happy for tonight’s scenario
    it should us and the whole world that we can also win complicated games, we can also win when we are late in the score
    and we can win when our opponent park the bus

    *I’m relived that Gabi took his 5th yellow tonight
    we can lose him vs Malaga .. but we can’t afford to face Barca without our Captian .. our team’s heart & lungs
    especially with Mario still can’t recover from his injury

    *We suffered a lot of pressure tonight .. and this is actually a good thing,
    it means that we are serious candidate for the title

    now the pressure will be on Barca .. and also on Real

    Happy Holidays .. Gracias Cholo .. Aupa Atleti

  • ali_

    i think koke was s veeery weak on this match, and it was the right decision to take him off. he carried the ball way too much, not to mention that silly mistake.