Copa del Rey: Atlético 0 – 2 Real Madrid

Two early Ronaldo penalties see Real past Atlético

Javi Manquillo and Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo checking on Manquillo (MARCA)

Real Madrid confirmed their passage to the final of the Copa del Rey with a 2-0 victory over the reigning champions.

After the 3-0 score at the Santiago Bernabeú, the result was more than enough to qualify for the cup final, in which Real will face one of FC Barcelona and Real Sociedad.

The return leg at the Vicente Calderón was decided after only a quarter-hour when Cristiano Ronaldo had already completed a brace. The Portuguese winger twice converted from the penalty spot.

In the 7th minute Javi Manquillo tripped Ronaldo inside the box – a foul nearly identical to the penalty the youngster conceded at Rayo. And a few moments after the opening goal, it was Emiliano Insúa who brought Gareth Bale down inside the area to concede a second penalty.

In between the goals, Atleti nearly equalized when Raúl García’s blast came back off the post, while Ronaldo missed a header to complete his hat-trick.

Real Madrid, unlike Atleti, had started with their strongest available eleven, but took their foot off the gas after the early goals. Shortly before the break Cebolla Rodríguez shot wide, but other than that the derby was a dull affair.

In the final minute of the half Javi Manquillo took a nasty tumble when he was brought off balance by Ronaldo in mid-air, collapsing his entire body on his neck. The right back was brought to the hospital at half time where he was diagnosed with a cervical sprain, but thankfully he appears to be okay.

Little happened in the second half, but Aranzubia did show to be a capable stand-in for Courtois by stopping a Bale free kick and later denying Cristiano Ronaldo from close range.

At the other end Mario Suárez headed just wide and record breaking Iker Casillas pulled off a great save to deflect José Sosa’s fantastic strike, as the Real Madrid goalkeeper continued his unbeaten streak against Atleti. Meanwhile the Rojiblancos have now lost three consecutive games in which they’ve failed to score.

Atlético Real Madrid
Atlético 02 Real Madrid
 Ronaldo p.k. 7'
 Ronaldo p.k. 16'
Competition Copa del Rey
Location Estadio Vicente Calderón
Date 11 February 2014
Kick Off 21:00 CET

Team Lineups

Manquillo (46')
Diego (46')
C. Rodríguez
Raúl García (61')
Substitutes used
Juanfran (46')
Adrián (46')
Gabi (61')
Real Madrid
Ramos (46')
Modric (67')
Ronaldo (75')
Substitutes used
Nacho (46')
Casemiro (67')
Jesé (75')

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • anshary

    Im glad manquillo is okay. That was a nasty fall.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    well, I hope Simeone learned his lesson, which is :
    you gotta trust your subs, because eventually, you will use them, either you liked or not, because injuries and suspensions are part of the game .. they will just keep happening

    and our bench is not that bad, it’s way better than our bench last season, which had only 2 players who are at the same level with the 11 starters : Tiago & RG8
    now, beside those 2, we have Toby, Manqui and we brought Diego back (too shame that I can’t put Adrian with them)
    and if El Cholo gave Gimenez a chance, he would discover that he has a 4th great CD

    with our 11 starters, those 5, and when Oli and Joshua come back next season (and we should bring them back, we really really should) we will have 18 players almost at the same level
    so we will need only 4 players, a GK (maybe 2, according to Courtois situation) a LB, another AM (maybe Angel Correa) and a 3rd striker (could be Leo)
    while the departure list is known for almost everyone :
    Aranzubia, Insua, Cebolla, Adrian & Sosa

    so, we are OK ..
    we have a great team that we can be proud of ..
    and we have a great coach, who just needs to trust his players a little more
    and in 2 years, we will have a new stadium, with 15.000 more seats (at least 10 million euros more every season, and maybe another 10 million for the naming rights)

    a great future is waiting for us

    thank you Simeone and your men for making us feel sad for being relegated from the cup semifinal by Real Madrid, and for being 3rd in Liga after 23 weeks, not by 25 points or by 12 points .. but by goal difference

    to the Calderon next Saturday to take back our lead,
    8-0 could do it .. why not ?! .. playing against a team in the relegation zone, and we already won 7-0 this season
    or at least, 3-0 could be enough to put us second, above those sons of bitches

    if you stopped being crazy so you are not really a rojiblanco !

  • piserakos

    @ahmad… Are you drunk?? Too much optimistic isn’t your style… Anyway I agree at all with you, I would give Insua a chance (if we can not sell him for a lot of money)
    We need at least one GK, as a second maybe we will have Bono. Maybe one LB (Siqueira would be a great choice) if we can sell Insua, or Insua can do the job. If we keep Diego then we need no one else. Maybe if both Cebolla and Adrian leave (i don’t think we will renew Sosa) we will have to bring one more mid.. Yes Correa would be a great choise… Also with Josuha, Ruben Perez, Oliver and Saul coming back some of them would have to leave, or maybe Tiago. It is useless to talk about referees again. It’s a same that we didn’t injuried any of their players… Thank god Manquillo is ok!

  • pantic#10

    I’m reading (on newspaper and websites) everything…
    Crisis.. Atletico in the downward spiral….
    Diego is a flop…
    Atletico not anymore a danger for Milan…
    bla bla stuff like these.

    No way.
    We’re out of Copa del Rey, because we took 2 owngoals, 2 penalties an 1 great goal by Jese. and we didn’t score….
    Overall, we fought. (one of ours was almost killed by the super soldier on steroids). we tried. but we didn’t.
    no problem. end of this terrible week. Aupa Atleti 4 ever. now let’s restart again, partido por partido, we have still 2 targets available.

    Yesterday RG8 was a warrior. he showed his teeth to real defenders/midfielders and hit also a post. we can’t ask him more. he played like a lion.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Pantic : being underdogs and least favorites just suits us perfectly

    we were like that in the last 5 trophies we won, not just against Inter, Chelsea & Real, but also against Fulham and Athletic, just because Fulham knocked out Hamburg, who had the final that year on their stadium (so what ?!!), and because Bilbao knocked out Man Utd, but nobody noticed that Atleti achieved 11 consecutive wins to reach the final, including all the knock-out stage games (then with wining the final, the Super Cup, and the first 3 games of the group stage next season, Atleti made it 16 consecutive European wins, a record needs a miracle to be broken, and a record nobody likes to talk about, because it does not belong to Real or Barca, Bayern or Man Utd, Milan or Juve )
    Just like Europa League was minor trophy when Atleti won it, but when Chelsea did, suddenly it’s the biggest trophy in the world !!

    There is something that makes Atleti not so likable .. not “cool enough”, I don’t know what or why, and I don’t care

    again, that suits us .. that’s what makes us unique,
    and that’s why we don’t have fake fans, just like many other clubs,
    in fact, I was so afraid that after the 5 cups in the last 3 years we will have some of those, the fans who only support a club as long as they are wining, but when they start losing, the simply push a button and switch to another one, and it even could be a rival,
    just search for Man Utd on twitter or facebook and read what are the “fake” fans saying,
    some of them switched to Arsenal, who are back on the right way ! .. but at least they are better than those who switched to Man City !!

    Atleti are immune against those assholes, again : I don’t know why !

    That’s what Atleti are really about, we are different .. good different, we are unique

    We were proud rojiblancos when we won those 5 trophies, and when we won the doblete,
    and we were proud rojiblancos when we been relegated to Segunda

    You are mad my friend because they are talking about Atleti crisis ?!
    well, at least Atleti found a space on their pages beside the gays athletes in the winter Olympics
    and at least they started to spell Atletico correctly, without an “h” after the first “t” !!

    Fuck them all

    maybe we will not win La Liga or the champions leagues this season, but we will fight until the very last second,
    we will give the world a hell of a show to watch and enjoy ..

    and we will sweep the floor with Milan.

  • piserakos

    @ahmad… Ok it’s official.. You are drunk! The less passionate speaker here and the most “realistic” one has changed!!! Claps!!! Haha… Great speach… I’m also getting crazy when they write Atletico with “h”… Here the magazines, tv and etc write atleti with “h”… Only 1-2 write us correct!! How many of us became Atleti when we were playing at Segunda?? I’m one of them!! Somos Atletico De Madrid la mejor equipo!!

  • marcelo


    If that’s true then good. We are the underdogs and we have proven everyone wrong time and time again. We will rise from this slump. Aupa Atletiiii!


    I agree with u all.. but i also agree with ahmad about simeone’s rotations, he must had do it more and more, becouse the 11 or 13-14 players can’t last for a long season.. and if u do like that ( like simeone did) then it will start with injuris. for me Josuha was good enough to play it more. Ok maybe he is not so good with the ball, but defensively he is great. He is like patrick vieira 🙂 similar style of play. And Oliver also should play more.. last two games against real was so bad ( even though we had problems with injuris) bu our players was wery slow in compare with Real players. They kill us with one on one situations, and that’ been our bigger weapon all season long, strong play, with a smart agression,and a concrete counter attack. My opinion is that our opponents reading us like book ( i mean our steal of playing) and we are still good at back, but we need more speed offensively.. diego costa must play with more desire, like he was playing when Radamel was our main star. i think our players are already tired ( they look so) sorry for my english.. iam a big fan of atleti. and i love them back in 96 when my countrymen Radomir Antic was a manager and Milinko was one of the key player. atleti 4ever!!!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Competition committee removed the red card Aranzubía recieved vs Almería
    if it wasn’t a red, so it wasn’t a penalty .. then Texeira made a big mistake,
    are they going to put him in the cooler ?! .. let’s wait and see, although I seriously doubt it

  • We were just unfortunate in both legs of the tie
    2 unlucky deflections, 2 pks, 1 header cleared of the line and great goal from jese.
    But its okay that we’ve been knocked out of the CDR. Now we can focus of UCL and la liga.
    We shall destroy AC Milan at san siro! Muntari’s words will prove him wrong!
    Any I’ve been supporting atleti for about 5 years now,
    Ever since i saw the game vs liverpool in the Champions league, So yeah…
    At first i saw the barca game with torres and i believed we lost 6-0 or something and i was like, that team is shit (atletico) then i realized everyone was supporting Real and Barca and i didnt want to “jump pon the bandwagon” So i chose atleti
    I am so glad i did too 😀 🙂 Look where we are today, one of the best football clubs in the world at the moment

  • Jeronamo

    Wait a minute hold up… I’m not hating on Ahmad lol but I’m the first one to talk about rotations and subs etc…. But as I’ve said after each game; On to the next one.

    P.S @ Kris you’re my atleti brother but please don’t make any predictions this weekend lmao

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    nope .. he is not in the cooler
    Teixeira is refereeing tonight’s game between Sociedad & Barca

    well, god luck with that txuri-urdin !

  • Arjit

    Nice to see the real fans are here, sharing similar feelings as myself, regardless of current form. You all make me very proud

  • jeronamo

    Hey we all enjoy our wins because of how much we hate losing but at the end of the day ATLETICO DE MADRID is what we all bleed… Go ahead, cut me and watch me bleed red and white

  • Ali

    We should buy hugo llotis if we can’t afford courtois. Llotis is a perfect replacement better then pepe retina and still young!!

  • Ali


  • Ali

    Pepe reina *

  • Chewie

    Honestly, I wasn’t really disappointed that my prediction was 100% correct. As many have said, two penalties and two deflections made the game, but they didn’t came from nowhere. Lack of concentration, physical and emotional exhaustion, forced line-up changes – all this piled up to turn these two games in a disaster. Sometimes you just can’t win, and to stop supporting the club because of a losing streak is foolish. You don’t stop supporting Murray or Sharapove just because the had some health problems and haven’t been performing too well lately. You support some tennis players because you know that they will leave everything in the court and fight till the last point. Same thing with Atleti – maybe we didn’t stand a chance but the players did their best under curcumstances.

  • pantic#10

    fractura de lamina de vértebra C7 sin desplazamiento
    4-6 weeks at least.

    this could have been a terrible and serious injury.
    Animo Manquillo!

  • Kris

    Animo Manquillo!! And Jeronamo,, I won’t make any predictions this weekend just cause you said so.. Lmfao.. I seriously won’t though.. These losses?? These don’t hurt at all after how much I have seen us endure in the past 11 years I have loved this club.. I think Cholo has realized now,, no matter what the substitutes will most likely have to play too,, so I think he will start rotating more now!! We all support you Cholo !! Forza Atleti till I die!!

  • Jeronamo

    Thanks Kris lol.

    Animo Manquillo!!!

  • pantic#10

    Simeone was interviewd by Rai Sport (Italian channel) / Gazzetta.
    He spoked in italian and talked about past, present, future.
    He said that Atleti is tired (because he wanna play with a tried team, but not worried.
    And that La Liga is basic for the club. and if should must choose between liga and champions he choose Liga.
    About Milan he said that Balotelli can make the difference and resurrect the matches.

    well… we have a resurrection too! Koke 😉

    There’s the interview on Gazzetta website (in italian).

  • ali_

    balotelli to resurrect milan… hahahah 😀 the most overrated player ever i think.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Finally, good news :
    Villa is back, he trained with the group today, and could enter the list for Valladolid game
    also, Filipe jumped to the pitch and touched the ball, he is recovering very fast .. faster than it usually takes for similar cases of his injury .. such a fighter, just like all Atleti players

    Ali : don’t underestimate Balotelli, he is a great player, but he is mentally ill !
    when he is in the mood -which happens very rarely- he is very dangerous and very decisive, he can change any game’s result
    so let’s hope his mood doesn’t adjust in the day of our game !

  • Valinia

    I believe loaning oliver out is the right decision for both oli n the club. Undoubtedly oli is a great talent, but hes too weak physically. He is knocked down by other players so easily n frequently, which doesnt fit in atleti as ppl all know were a very physical team. Playing in villarreals gonna give him a great opportunity to improve his physicality since he would be given much more chances to play.

  • Jeronamo

    You talking about the same Oli of this season???

  • piserakos
  • Ali

    Anyone heard about the rumor that atletico are ready to offer 16 m and koke to get courtois. Koke is worth 50 m and courtois is hardly 20. These rumors make me sick.i think we should pay 20 for courtois and 8 for torres

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Ali : if all the rumors in the last summer and this winter became true, we would have only Gabi & Tiago from our starters,
    and Villa & Diego would never came, the first would be in England, and the second would be in Brasil !

    We all sick of this rumors, so please .. we don’t need to read them here
    we already read them every day in every single sports website and every single sports newspaper

    what about forgetting the rumors and talking about some facts :

    1- When an Atleti player is leaving, we know about it 3 or 4 months before, maybe more

    it happened with Torres, El Rata Aguero, De Gea & Falcao
    I remember that Gil Marin kept saying for several months somethings like “if we sold Falcao, our debt will be history”
    of course that debt thing was a lie, our debt is something between 200 & 300 million, but the point is we knew he is leaving, and although our debt did not become “history”, we did pay 50 million of our debt to the taxes authorities this season, big part of it was from Falcao’s money

    2- Atleti always suffering to keep their stars, but when they say a certain player is staying, so he definitely is

    that happened with Forlan, when every club in Europe was after him, including Real & Barca, but we were clear :
    “Forlan is untouchable” .. he was more than a good player, he was our leader and our soul, beside, we can’t and we don’t need to sell all our stars at once, only one can give us a decent amount of money to keep us alive for a season or two, and at that time, we choose to sell Aguero

    and that happened again last season, El Cholo was very clear :
    “sell Falcao, but don’t you dare touch any of the other 13 starters” .. and that what happened

    and it will happen again next season,
    “nobody is leaving, Atleti will keep all their important players, at least for one more season, including Diego Costa”
    Andrea Berta, the club director and Caminero’s right hand said that few months ago, and it will happen

    and speaking of Caminero, it leads me to the next fact ..

    3- Caminero is one of the toughest negotiators in Europe,

    The latest proof of that is Diego deal,
    so no one can force him to switch Courtois for any other player, especially not for our top assistant Koke, or our top scorer Costa
    what is the point of having a good GK if you can’t score goals ?!
    Caminero was a footballer, a great one, and he knows that very well

    4- Atleti are not anymore a club who finish 7th in La Liga and play in Europa League every other season
    they are back again to their original place, a serious competitor for La Liga and The Champions League

    and while many footballers are after money, there are still few “crazy ones” who are after glory,
    those who refuse to leave a club and get their salaries doubled or tripled because they belong there, because they are comfortable there, because they believe they can achieve something great for their club, their beloved coach and for themselves
    Arda, Filipe & Juanfran did that, and those are not our Canteranos, so how about those who are like Koke, Mario, Oli, Manqui and even Costa who despite playing on loan for 4 different clubs, he signed and wore Atleti shirt since he was only 18 year old

    5-despite the fact number 4, Atleti still need to sell some players every couple of seasons to bring in some cash,
    BUT we do not need to do that next season,

    we will have a big amount of cash from UCL, and from Azerbaijan (whom I can not thank enough)
    plus : we stopped spending big money on some ordinary players as we used to do few seasons ago, maybe it wasn’t a wise decision from the board more than they were forced to do that because the spending ceiling put for us by LFP,
    either way, it was a good thing

    Last Fact, and perhaps the most important one :
    6- The Project

    Atleti have a very big chance to win La Liga or UCL in the next few seasons,

    Atleti have a coach who is a club icon, who knows that he is staying for too many years, and unlike other coaches who don’t care too much (and we had some of those), he will never let any player leave unless the club really really really need to sell him, or the player really wants to leave

    Atleti will have one of the biggest and most beautiful Stadiums in the world in 2 years, and I think all players want to wait until they play at least one season in that brand new stadium

    The fact that you could be a part of the team that clinch La Liga title from the super rich big two simply drives everybody crazy,
    it will be a historical day, it will an epic victory that the whole world will talk about it, and every single player wants to be there when that happens (and that’s why I didn’t want Oliver to leave, because I wanted him to be there in case it happened this season)

    Now who would just think of jumping of that ship ?!!

    so let them making rumors .. let them say whatever they want

    In Arab countries we say : “The Dogs Bark, But The Caravan Moves On”

    Let them bark.

  • Roiblancos_Indico

    Simeone is one intelligent manager and composed too. I hope 2nd march is when the revenge gets taken and for good.
    La-liga home has been a longstanding dream!

  • ali_

    damn it just so good that theres a 2nd ali here…

  • Ali

    I think next season We will be free scoring team if we keep our squad and buy correa ,firmino , torres and a new LB. Only if insua doesn’t play well. I would love to see torres coming back.

  • Ali

    And Ahmed you rock (y)

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Finally !
    Atleti just opened their official English twitter account @AtletiEnglish few minutes ago

    I’ve been asking for that for almost two years !!

    but we should never stop here, we must have other accounts in French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic
    those with Spanish & English are the 6 most spoken languages in the world

    we are no less than Real, Barca Man Utd, Liverpool and many other big clubs who have accounts (and websites) in all these languages

    after all, how much it will cost ?! .. not too much
    but how much money will they bring us ?! .. a lot, maybe not in short term, but in long term for sure

  • Ali

    Roberto firmino stats: He averages more tackles per game (2.3) than Schalke defensive midfielder Roman Neustadter (2.1), scored more goals (nine) than Bayern Munich right winger Thomas Muller (eight) and registered more assists (seven) than Borussia Dortmund central attacking midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan (five

  • piserakos

    And we have more than 2.000.000 followers at facebook!!! This is good:) It’s will for sure bring us money… And it will for sure doesn’t need money.. How difficult is to have someone who knows arab and spanish see what they write at the spanish acount and translate is at the arab??? I could do it even for free! (at greek, i don’t know arab:P)

  • farhan

    am from india…

  • valinia

    @ahmad atleti opened an official chinese account in weibo (which is kinda like chinas twitter since twitter is blocked in china). For other chinese speaking countries like malaysia, singapore(?) n hong kong, most citizens can read english so i dun think opening a chinese twitter is necessary.