Copa del Rey: Atlético 1 – 0 Athletic

Diego Godín gives Atlético lead in Copa quarters

Diego Godin atletico madrid

Diego Godín celebrates the winning goal (MARCA)

Atlético Madrid will go into the return leg of the quarter finals of the Copa del Rey with a 1-0 advantage over Athletic Club after a Diego Godín goal separated the sides on Thursday night.

The Uruguayan powerfully headed a Koke cross past former Atlético B-goalie Iago Herrerín and was key in shutting out the Basques for the 4th consecutive time in their visits of Cholo Castle.

Koke’s deliveries were extremely dangerous all night. The young midfielder is able of putting his corner kicks close to the goal line without giving the goalkeeper a chance, but on multiple occasions none of his teammates were able to connect with one of Koke’s curlers.

Athletic Club have been in fine form as of late and enjoyed most of the possession at the Vicente Calderón, which lead to a huge opportunity for Ánder Herrera after just ten minutes, but the playmaker’s wild strike was off target.

A few moments later Ibai Gómez hit the side netting, while at the other end Iago Herrerín had to stretch to keep Diego Costa from scoring. The ‘keeper again came out victorious when taking on another Atleti forward, this time denying Adrián in a 1-on-1 situation.

Shortly before the break Athletic tried to clear a corner, but through Juanfran the ball ended up back with Koke on the right wing. The Spain international, who again played as a holding midfielder in Simeone’s formation, delivered a perfect cross to Diego Godín, who headed home with an unstoppable strike which gave Iago no chance.

The second half wasn’t as eventful, despite the introductions of Gabi, Arda and David Villa, who Cholo initially had kept on the bench to rest their legs. Athletic continued to play the ball around without creating any chances other than strikes by De Marcos and Mikel Rico from far out.

In the added time of the game, Atleti’s other centre back nearly doubled our lead which surely would’ve decided the quarter final clash. But Toby Alderweireld’s shot went wide as the game finished 1-0, a result both teams will take into the next game which is played next Wednesday at 20.00 CET in Bilbao.

Atlético Athletic
Atlético 1 0 Athletic
Godín 42' 
Competition Copa del Rey
Location Estadio Vicente Calderón
Date 23 January 2014
Kick Off 21.00 CET

Team Lineups

Guilavogui (46')
Adrián (59')
Raúl García
C. Rodríguez (78')
Diego Costa
Substitutes used
Gabi (46')
Arda (59')
Villa (78')
Mikel Rico
Ander Herrera (82')
De Marcos
Kike Sola (61')
Ibai Gómez (46')
Substitutes used
Susaeta (46')
Aduriz (61')
Beñat (82')

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Ahmad Hossainy

    in cup games, 1-0 at home is a perfect result,
    although it should be at least 2-0 with the weak performance and the lots of absences at Athletic due to rotations & injuries

    I will concentrate on only one point : DISCIPLINE

    Diego Costa has stopped playing football, instead he is playing Greco-Roman Wrestling
    Fighting with Sevilla players, fighting with Athletic players, picking up yellows,
    He now is one yellow away from suspension in La Liga (has 4 yellows)
    and one yellow away from suspension in the cup (has 2 yellows)

    Godin picked up a fight after the end of the game that cost him a yellow, and did the same thing after Sevilla game, and it was with the ref, and if Mono Burgos hasn’t stopped him it could have been worse, and he could have been suspended

    Arda making a totally unnecessary foul and having an unnecessary booking

    It’s very obvious that the players are under a lot of pressure because they want to win at least one trophy this season
    Where is Simeone of all of that ?! .. Is he gonna do something about it ?!

    Off Topic :
    Salah to Chelsea and Mata -probably- to Man Utd
    I believe -with some efforts- we could have bought Salah or loaned Mata
    I wish we are saving the money to buy Courtois !

    and about Salah move to Chelsea, as an Egyptian : I’m very upset
    I’m very sure he will be benched a lot, or will be loaned to one of the middle-table teams in EPL
    very bad choice from Salah, and very very bad business from Liverpool

    Chelsea have become not just one of the richest clubs, but also one of the smartest in the transfer market
    what they did with Salah is just the same of what they did with Courtios,
    Atleti tried to sign him in 2011, but they bid more money than us
    How much ?! .. 9 million !
    now we are trying to buy him from them with 25 million !
    we lost money in many Jorge Mendes’s Doyen Group deals .. so why didn’t we take that risk with Courtios ?!

    About Falcao injury, I blame the asshole Claudio Ranieri,
    the man who was responsible about Atleti relegation to Segunda, after only 4 years of the historical doblete
    The team who played against Monaco “Monts Or Azergues” are an amateur team, who play in the 4th division
    so why the fu** do you need your 60-million-super-star against them ?!

    the man who caused the injury is a school teacher for God sake !!

    I’m sorry, but I can’t stop thinking that if Falcao have stayed with us or moved to England he maybe could not have this injury
    He chose money over football .. and that’s what he have got
    I don’t think Colombia have lost him just today .. they lost him the day when he decided to play in a weak competition like Ligue1, where he become a different player than the unleashed tiger we used to know

    I feel so sad for him


  • Arjit

    Ahmad I don’t think going to Monaco was entirely Falcao’s decision, and unfortunately neither was coming to Atletico. He signed his rights away as a young player a there’s not much he can do at this point. He gave us his all and then got pushed away by his agent. I feel very sorry for his injury.

    About todays game, I think we played well in most aspects other than controlling the ball. We created a lot more chances than our recent games and we were never really defensively troubled. I do think Diego Costa needs a game off though, I thought he played well today, created space and chances. Ahmad I don’t know who you think Diego Costa is but he’s a player who will always do everything he can to win. He will dive, he will argue every decision. Not accepting that would be naive. However his yellow in today’s game was undeserving.

  • starvs

    Koke is def back at least, very good game from him after a few quite performances.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    This is odd thing to say Arjit !!
    of course I can not accept Costa’s bad behavior,
    yeah, maybe I can accept the aggressiveness as it’s his style of play
    but I can never accept the diving, the arguing with the refs, hitting the opponents (like that elbow he gave to Athletic defender tonight) .. and everybody should never accept that either .. and I believe they don’t

    you make it sounds like he can never change, but he can .. and it’s Simeone’s job

    I’m 31, so I have seen Simeone plays for a long time,
    and he also was aggressive, tough and sometimes nervous, but he was never stupid aor reckless
    he didn’t receive many yellow or red cards, although he was a defensive midfielder
    in fact, he was the opposite of stupid, he was very smart
    I still remember Argentina vs England in France 98, when he provoked Beckham several times until Beckham kicked him and seen a direct red

    but Costa is not like that, in many occasions he is the Beckham,
    he is the one who gets the yellow or the red,
    like that one against Viktoria Plzeň which got him suspended for 4 games in Europe
    now why should I accept that ?!
    why should any fan of any club accept that from their best player, from their top scorer ?!

    will you still defend him if he saw a 3rd yellow in the 2nd leg and missed the semifinal vs Real Madrid, (if we both qualified), which will be his 3rd in 5 games in the cup, for a striker ?!!
    I don’t think so

    And by the way, I believe his yellow today was totally deserved

    Costa needs some discipline .. It’s very obvious
    I can’t even believe that some people don’t see it ! .. or see it but believe that he can not change !!

    Yes, He Can

  • Arjit

    I agree with starvs, koke had a great game today. Also alderweireld passes really well out of the back.

    Back to Ahmed, the thing is, he has already changed and for the better, it’s mainly maturity rather than a change of mindset. He used to be a lot worse for these things however he has toned it down immensely this season. What I’m saying that it’s in his nature to play in the manner that he does. Yes, he has a few yellow cards, but I’m sure there’s a lot more yellow cards that have come out against opponents who fouled Diego Costa. DIego Costa has a style of play, a way of getting into opponents heads, regardless of whether he’s playing well or not. This is something that usually benefits the team, opponents get edgy, they make mistakes etc. Suarez is another player that is similar, very talented but uses these types of methods to get any kind of advantage he can. I’m not saying it’s ok because saurez does it, I’m saying whatever they are doing obviously works. You can catch a kid at a young age and help him change, but you can’t do that to a grown man, especially if he’s at the top of his game.

  • pantic#10

    I’m not worried about Godin, he received two kicks near his “precious diamonds”…so i totally understand why he was so upset 😉
    Diego Costa is nervous only because he hasn’t scored yet in 2014. Cholo and the team can help him to contain his aggressiveness…but can’t change Diego Costa feline DNA 🙂
    The problem is that our opponents know his “weak point” and it’s easy for them to provoke him to do stupid things.

    I wanna talk about Josuha.
    only 45 minutes. Cholo does subs rarely…but right after the 1st half…even more rarely (last was probably Oliver…and he didn’t played anymore since that subs).
    I think it’s obvious that Simeone doesn’t trust Guilavogui.
    Unless….Cholo wanted to keep high the center of gravity of the team; josuha was too near the defense.
    With Gabi in the 2nd half we were more offensive and he started some good counter-attacks.

    But i’m afraid that with the return of Mario, Josuha will see rarely the bench.

    Toby didn’t impress me yesterday. After his complaints i expected a super performance…but he was ok.
    a couple of insecurities.

    Adrian and Cebolla: again a missed chance.

    Villa: wow he did a wonderful long pass to Diego Costa (if i remember it correctly). and he looked active and fast.

    Koke did a great match, with some marvelous assists.

  • Vlad

    I thought Toby was very good (for a regular sub). He is one of our best subs in general.
    Adrian… Oh Adrian.. I think we are all out of patience. Thank you for everything but you gotta go.. The Bar is way higher than before and its just not enough

  • Lubo

    One thing that has almost driven me crazy yesterday, and will drive me even more in the foreseeable future is Cholo’s substitution system.
    On one hand, he keeps playing Adrián, and tells us we should give him our support and trust. In fact, this lad brings nothing to our play, except Adrián is an excellent finishing player by means, any play linked with him has the end at his feet.
    On the other hand, and while I understand the teams integrity and unity is much needed, he never plays subs even if we’re leading. All of us agree, that Oli, Cebolla or Manquillo need to have more playtime.
    He crowned himself as an idiot (just by means of using subs) yesterday, when he pulled Guilavogui out of action after 45 mins and going into 2nd half leading on goals, after Josuha didn’t put a foot wrong. Even if he’s Mendes babydoll, we have him at the team and against physical opponents (just like Athletic or Sevilla), this guy should simply play. I feel bad for Guilavogui. He chose wrong team and fell out of French national team. He didn’t get minutes even if Mario was injured, now he’s almost back and Guilavogui can sit on couch at home and watch our games with beer at his hand.
    You can bet we’ll run at Rayo with this line-up:
    Courtois, Juanfran, Godín, Miranda, Filipe, Koke, Tiago, Gabi, Arda, Villa and Costa. And then, at San Mamés again this same line-up, maybe Adrián and RG will play ahead of Villa and Arda.
    That’s it, I was angry yesterday, and I actually turned off the stream when I saw Gabi on the field. Not that anyone should care, I’m just writing my own expressions.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @Arjit & @Pantic :
    I insist that Costa can change, you said yourself Arjit that he already changed, and I believe he can change even more
    You gave an example of Luis Suarez, well, he also have changed this season, but after what ?!
    a bite in Netherlands with Ajax and a 7-games ban, a racist incident and a 10-games ban, then another bite in England and a 9-games ban
    I just wish Costa changes without that high price, nobody wants to see him having another long ban again, like the 4-games ban he had in Europe, and served the last 2 of them in UCL this season
    I can’t see why not he be both aggressive and disciplined ?!

    @Lubo :
    actually Juanfran can’t play against Rayo, he picked up his 5th yellow vs Sevilla,
    How could you forget this man ?! .. it was because that “tonto” mistake that cost us a penalty and 2 points
    Manquillo should be the one who plays, unless Simeone decided to break all our hearts and play with Toby as a RB, and with his very obvious lack of confidence in the subs, this will not be unlikely to happen !

    speaking of Toby, last night he passed Mario in number of minutes of play
    now he has 906 min, while Mario has 843 min
    this is how long Mario has been absent, a substitute and a new signing has played more than him
    I’m so glad he is back .. we desperately need him in this critical time of the season
    we don’t have many attacking options to put our best assistant, Koke in the center midfield !

  • jeronamo

    AHMAD I completely agree with you over the Costa issue, He has pissed me off for all of 2014 so far, its like over the holidays the hype has gotten to his head and he’s running with the ball more and doing a lot of silly off the ball things as well that can cost us.

    LUBO you have every right to voice your opinion and i understand because i share the same view. Adrian continues to get more play than Oli in that position even tho he hasn’t played well for two seasons now. When will Oli get his just deserve? When someone buys him from us and he lights up the field like we know he can after a run of games under his belt and then gets a high price tag on his head? This is a ridiculous way of using one or two step ups we have sitting on the bench, Josuha deserves and deserved (yesterday) better. For heavens sake we have players that can hold the ball and pass just as well as so called top players in the world but we hardly use them because of a silly excuse as towards them being young. Cholo did take us to where we are and I for one am grateful, HOWEVER i refuse to settle, we all should always want better.

  • Paulo

    I think Costa has toned down his aggressive behavior a bit. It’s just the defenders, who know his shenanigans better and the referees, who see Diego diving even when he’s fouled.
    And it’s the reputation he has made for himself, that’s causing most of this. In my opinion, he should start to keep his balance and try to keep on his feet more to show some spirit..
    We all know he goes into lots of the tackles ready to fall theatrically if the defender touches him and if he loses the ball or fucks up a good opportunity, he starts complaining, when the ball is still in the play and he could even be in a position to score if he would just pick himself up and start to play.
    I agree with Ahmad, it is a major problem with discipline and should be dealt with fast before it gets out of hands.
    Btw. Filipe played absolutely great!
    Adrian needs to train 1-on-1 situations, ’cause he just doens’t have the confidence and drives himself out of choices, when he could CHALLENGE the player he’s facing with his speed and technique, but no, the guy just opts to do the most obvious of all choices.
    Most of other things have been said here, but there was one thing that was driving me NUTS:
    Why was RG8 giving all those misspasses?
    He was all over the field and numerous times ended up giving the ball to the Basques.
    He should be instructed by “Play the ball to your nearest man and run to the opposition box. Jog a circle or two in the box and position yourself for the pass that’s coming soon!”
    Somebody else with passing talent, good eye and situational awareness (Koke, Gabi, Oliver) should be making those chips, not “My man Raul Golcia”.
    I’m sure they were playing by Simeones instructions, it’s just that Raul G rarely looked before he tried those chips and sudden long balls to nowhere and there was nobody at the end of his “defense-breaking-long-passes” except Iago Herrera and for me that was the main reason why we lost possession all the time. In the Calderon it’s not acceptable, when we’re winning. We should dominating. Not by blindly passing to somewhere in the vicinity of D. Costa and hope he can do magic.

  • piserakos

    Well most of you guys said many great things (of course at some i dissagree). I will try not to tell much
    1) Diego Costa is complety out of him mind, I started noticed from the 1st game against Valencia (at the cup) and I wrote it. I also said that I’m worried about him cause to tell the truth I don’t really believe he will find this form again. He and Koke were bad those weeks but I was sure Koke will find himself at one game. Costa is not concetrated at the game, he is the old ‘bad’ Costa and maybe worst cause he is just too selphish. Yesterday the cameraman all time was showing is Costa, Villa (at the bench) and Simeone talking with Mono. It was obvius that he should had go off… 3 solutions, i) sell him NOW, it’s the best time cause still he has a big price. ii) bench him more Cholo and show him that it’s not only him, i’m damn sure Maravilla and RG8 would be much better. iii) try to put the pressure away from him, he is to nervus, he just want to do all the staff and of course he can’t
    2) Guilavogui, I really don’t know why Cholo benched him. He said after the match the he wanted to find other solutions. I dissagree at this staff, I read that Saint-Etienne want him back (on loan), i agree with that. Send him on loan. Mario and Tiago are coming back, he will not play any more. As Ahmad (if I remember well) said the last one Cholo changed someone at the break was against Malaga and it was Oliver, now Oli has still to play…
    3) Dissagree with some of you say that Cebolla lost his chance… He had an ok game. Instead Adrian for one more game lost one more 1 vs 1… How much he has lost those 3 years?? 40??? I’m sure I would have lost less!
    4) I can’t say I’m sad about Falcao’s injury… He left us for money (even though Mendes is behind this) and playing for a weaker team which has that stupid Raniery for coach.. I’m sure it would happen some day… Also as a Greek I’m happy that he won’t play at Mundial against us.
    5) For one more time!! CHOLO DO NOT USE RG8 AS A RIGHT MID…. He can not help at this place…

  • Arjit

    And fans wonder why football players aren’t always loyal….they have a few bad games and everybody is against them. Piserakos how can you say such things about falcao and then literally on the same post bash Diego Costa and call for his sale after a few bad games? He’s scoresd twice as many league goals as last season in half the amount of time!

  • piserakos

    @Arjit…. Well I never been a really fan of Costa and I believe that he is at the best time that he would ever been. I don’t like selfish players and unfortunatelly except the bad games he is selfish also. I said that maybe it will be the right chance to sell him, probably we will get 40mil, as you said he had the best season of his life… They is of course a gamble, maybe he will be better and maybe not, maybe at the summer his price would be a lot less. Of course I want him to succed at Atleti and become better, find his form and beat em all… Falcao, well except from Forlan I have the best opinion for him. Aguero did everything he could to leave, even Torres wanted to leave. But, I don’t like players leaving for money, I allways want them to fail (the same I do for Ibrahimovic, Cavani etc), so even that I still want him back….

  • kris

    Guys, just stop with the Falcao transfer to Monaco now. please… Football is a business, and the players are the employees. Just think of it that way. I have even managed to keep myself to prevent talking about Sergio “The Rat” Aguero also even though, there’s noway, I as an Atleti fan will forgive him of his fake promises.Just pray for Falcao’s recovery now, as Atleti fans, we owe him a lot. Let’s pray and hope he makes it to the World Cup!!

    About the Costa situation, he’s soon going to regain his incredible form. Don’t worry. The next game, goals will most likely come from him. But, I still don’t like how we only scored 1 goal in this very important home game. Stop starting RG8 as a winger, WON’T work!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I don’t think PISERAKOS really mean what he said about Falcao,
    I’m sure that deep down, he feels sad for him
    He is just angry, but he shouldn’t ..

    You can feel angry at El Rata Aguero, you can hate him as you want,
    I do hate him, and if he got an injury that ends his career I will not give a shit
    He disrespected the club who made him, he kept saying :
    “I want to move to a big club”, as he was playing for Malaga or Villareal !!
    He said to his teammate (while he was wearing Atleti shirt and training at Majadahonda) :
    “I want to play for Real Madrid” .. Ujfalusi was there and told that story
    That was a son of a bitch

    But Falcao is different, he made a mistake when he was a kid by signing for Doyen group, and became a kind of a “slave” for them, butting him in any club they want
    I believe that he wanted to stay at Atleti, and I believed his tears at his farewell speech

    You can’t feel angry at Falcao,
    you should feel grateful for what he gave us ..
    and you should feel pity for him for ending up (maybe against his will) at a crappy club in a crappy league

    And Arjit, I disagree with you
    It’s our right to criticize or even attack the players,
    and it’s their job to accept the criticism and to be patient about the attacks

    It’s our right because we are the ones who pay their salaries ..
    not just those who buy the tickets, but even those who watch on TV,
    these days, there is no free football games anymore
    we all pay to watch, here in the middle east, I pay for beIN Sports, others of you pay for Sky, and some for Fox
    Even the sponsorship is because of us, no company will sponsor a club who have no fans

    And it’s the players job to accept that because we are not in the seventies or the eighties anymore where many footballers were playing -almost- for free
    Today, all football players salaries are in millions, even the worst players in the worst leagues

    The loyalty is not to stay at a club where everybody love you and cheer your name
    The loyalty is to stay despite some or many of them are against you, until you prove them wrong

    Or that’s what I think at least

  • Chewie

    Falcao is such a nice and humble guy, how can anyone hate him? Nobody deserves what he got.

  • palc

    Yeah, leave Falcao alone. Stop badmouthing him, talk shit about Kun instead. Falcao is such a professional. Animo Falcao!

  • piserakos

    Guys about Falcao staff, of course I don’t hate him… But I don’t like all the players who go at multi-billion teams and also I’m happy my national team won’t play against him at the world cup. I feel this was the price for leaving Atleti, this is an example for what the players going to become if they leave our lovely team:)…. I don’t even care about Agouero, before 2 week at (newcastle vs city) nasri had a bad chalange and ingured, I was sad cause damn he wasn’t Agouero

  • Jeronamo

    Apparently Josuha has a muscle strain and he misses the match against rayo…. was this the reason he was subbed?

  • piserakos

    @jeronemo… I don’t know, they asked Cholo why he subbed him and he didn’t said something like that….

  • jeronamo

    Well i hope its true and not just a cover up or something

  • Arjit

    Once again Ahmed I feel you have double standards for football players. They are human just like us, they simply are either born with and/or worked harder than us to reach a level of excellence within the sport of Football. Outside of their skill they are just like anybody else. You say it is ok to criticize the Diego Costa because you are “paying him” but it’s not ok that aguero left for a club that will pay him more. I don’t understand your hate and negativity. Also no, not all football players salaries are in the millions, get your facts straight. “They worst players, in the worst leagues” are you serious? Outside of the top 4/5 leagues (out of ~150 official leagues), only the successful teams will have players that make millions. There’s only a few exceptions with billionaires taking over clubs. Most players make enough to have a comfortable life until they retire, but we only see and hear of the famous ones.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Arjit :
    I never said footballer are not humans, what I meant to say is that they are performers in front of thousands of fans in the stadiums, and millions of fans on TV, just like actors, singers, stand-up comedians .. etc
    so, they know what they signed up for, there will be always criticism, jokes and sometimes insults (and I totally refuse that last one)

    and about Aguero, I never said that I’m mad at him because he left, either he left for money or for trophies
    many players have left among the years, Torres, Forlan, De Gea, Maxi, Falcao
    and many will leave in the next years, and I don’t have any problem with them

    I was very clear,
    I’m angry at Aguero because the way he left,
    because he disrespected the club,
    because he said he wants to play at a bigger club, and ended up at Man City, which -at that time- had 2 league titles, 4 FA Cups and 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (beside other lesser trophies, 2 League Cups & 4 Community Shields)
    while Atleti had 26 titles, of all the competitions they participated in except The Champions League, and including Intercontinental Cup
    I hate him because he kept saying (while he was still wearing Atleti shirt) that he wants to go to Real Madrid, our nemesis
    and after 5 years he spent with us, I’m pretty sure he know what does it mean to move from one of those teams to the other
    even the managements of the 2 clubs know what does it mean to the fans and few years ago they had an unwritten agreement (but everybody knows about it) that no big player shall transfer from one of the 2 clubs to the other

    I don’t even know why I’m saying that ??!!
    every single Atleti fan knows what Aguero did, and they all have the same feeling about him

    maybe the problem is not that I don’t think the players are humans just like us,
    maybe the problem is that you are the one who doesn’t think they are human, and treating them as a superior species !!

    And about that “salaries in millions” thing :
    I repeat what I said, they all have salaries in millions, even worst players in worst leagues

    of course not in all leagues, obviously I’m not talking about countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Andorra, Bahamas, Eritrea … (with all due respect to all these countries, I’m just talking football)
    but the countries which really play football, and they are a lot, not just 4 or 5 as you said
    I’m talking about most of Europe, USA, South America, all the middle east except 3 or 4 countries, the 6 or 7 richest countries in east Asia
    in these countries, most footballers receive millions, not 10 or 20 millions per season, but one or two millions
    and not in USD or EUROS, but in their local currencies
    but it still too much

    I could be wrong about some these countries, but here in Egypt and in all Arab countries in the region (Sudan, Libya, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria and others) this is the case,
    I know the clubs, I know the players and I know their salaries
    The average is between 500,000 and 4 million in their currencies .. and for some players it could reach 10 million

    and this is a lot of money comparing to what doctors, teachers and engineers make in these countries

    I am a pharmacist, and I make 60.000 (sixty thousands) Egyptian Pounds a year
    while an average footballer makes 1 million .. 20 times more than me

    That why I meant by the millions, Arjit

    My friend, we are the fans, we are the heart and the soul of football
    we are its customers .. and the customer is always right

    and finally, Fuck Aguero 😉

  • Arjit

    Just one statistic to maybe put things into perspective. Average yearly salary for a player in the US is $50,000/year. A lot of football players are overpaid yes, I completely agree but there is a HUGE difference between those superstars we see, plus a few rich teams around the world and the rest of the leagues.

    Ok Aguero’s departure was rough, he didn’t say anything, there was no sending off, it was quite unthoughtful behavior. He just took his quickest ticket out. However, he came to Atletico not because he loved Atletico, because it was his ticket to make it big. The fans as accepted him as a jewel of the club and idolized him. It’s not something that he asked for, it was something his performances merited. If you really look at the whole Aguero saga, he came in for ~23 million, gave us some good years and then left for ~50. Is that really such a bad thing? Yet there’s people here wishing for his injury and things that would taint his successful career so far. Why? He gave his all, made a decision and moved on with his career. All the while doubling the investment the club made on him.

    Also I’m asking for a little respect for the players, not thinking they are super human. I clearly said they are just like us except they excel at what they do thus why they are famous for it. However they have a camera on them all the time and they media constantly starting rumors about them to sell papers. I’m sure all of us would have very well documented mistakes we’ve made on camera and I’m certain that we would all appreciate if the rest of the world didn’t keep reminding us constantly about the mistakes we’ve made.

    You can be like the rest of world or you can sit back and appreciate the work they’ve done thus far in this incredible season and wish them the best of luck going forward.

  • piserakos

    @argit…. First of all you are right about all you said, but probably not everyone has the same ideas, me and ahmad maybe are more cruel about footballers. It’s opinion, not a fact.
    @ahmad… I agree with you:P

  • Jeronamo

    I can never hate Aguero… And I get that people should never wish injury on any player (unless its Pepe) but everyone is entitled to an opinion amd sometimes even our opinions differ. Lets just agree to disagree guys 🙂

  • Kris

    One should never hate anybody, but Aguero is basically a cunt, and 99.5% of other Atleti fans will agree with me, but that doesn’t mean I’ll ever wish an injury for him. Nope. But not many leagues players earn in the “millions”. In the USA like Arijit pointed out, the average salary is 50,000 dollars. Worst teams in Spain don’t earn in the millions except for one or two players. Same goes with Serie A, even in the mid table clubs. But I see what you are trying to say, and if you take a “job” as a footballer that performs live on T.V like many singers, actors, celebrities, whatever, you best learn to handle criticism at ALL times.

  • Adnan Khan

    @Jeronamo, you could not have said it better. Aguero used to be my favorite player, i used to be like all those Cristiano ronaldo fanboys, i loved Aguero. But he left for a club like Manchester city. I don’t hate him for that, but i don’t care about him anymore. i don’t wish that he get injuries, no one should wish something like that for anyone….except Pepe, because he gives injuries to other players 😛
    Time heals everything.

    Btw in Norway the average salary in the top flight is 900 000-1million Norske kroner, approximately 100 000 euros