Copa del Rey: CE L’Hospitalet 0 – 3 Atlético

Atleti take control of the tie with 3-0 win in Catalonia

Atleti players celebrate second goal versus L'Hospitalet

Atleti players celebrate second goal versus L'Hospitalet

Atlético are in a strong position to qualify for the next round of the Copa del Rey after a 3-0 win over Segunda B side CE L’Hospitalet in Catalonia on Wednesday night.

It was a game played on a miserable pitch on a miserable night in northern Spain, and the result somewhat flatters the visitors after a very dull first half.

It was only when Antoine Griezmann was brought into the fray in the second half that things started to pick up.

This match provided the perfect opportunity to rest some of our key players, and give some of our fringe players their chance to shine. And Simeone certainly took the chance.

Jan Oblak, Alessio Cerci, Raúl Jimínez, Jesús Gámez, Cristian Rodriguez and Lucas all started for Atlético. Koke sat out his first match of the season, whilst it was an unfamiliar back line for the Spanish champions.

The first opportunity of the night fell to Saúl in the fourth minute, but the youngster smashed the ball wide of the L’Hospitalet goalkeeper’s right hand post.

The next half chance fell to the player on whom the spotlight was on tonight, Alessio Cerci, but the Italian was denied the opening goal after a great stop from the opposing keeper.

The ex-Torino man did look promising though, and set up a number of opportunities, despite them being few and far between in the first half.

Six minutes before half time he found himself on the edge of the area. Cerci cut in and tried to curl one into the far corner, but couldn’t quite get enough bend on it and it went out for a goal kick.

The best chance of the first half fell to Raúl Jiménez, who was also hoping for a positive performance. A lovely first touch by Cerci set up a cross on the half-volley, but Jiménez saw his header crash into the crossbar and go behind.

The game changed when Griezmann replaced Saúl, and the Frenchman had an immediate impact. A little interplay with Gabi found Griezmann outside the area on the left wing. He turned and fired a ferocious cross into the area – one with so much pace it curled up over the goalkeeper and slammed into the crossbar. It would have been the goal of the evening – but not by much.

Atleti were made to wait for the opening goal – much longer than they should have been. A dangerous Atleti corner was whipped in and after some pinball in the area, found its way to Griezmann, who passed across goal. José Giménez turned the ball in from close range, but it was wrongfully ruled as offside. A ridiculous decision considering there were at least 2 L’Hospitalet players defending on the goal-line.

Alessio Cerci had a couple of good touches in the second half, and his most impressive moment when he picked up the ball in his own half and showed some incredible speed with the ball to sprint to the other end of the pitch. However there were no Atleti players who made the trip with him, and the attack fizzled out.

The Italian was outdone by the talent of a certain Frenchman, and it was only ever going to be one person that opened the scoring.

A pinpoint cross in the 67th minute from the impressive Jesus Gamez found a leaping Antoine Griezmann, who steered a glancing header into the far corner. Finally Atleti had the lead.

What followed was a couple of L’Hospitalet attacks – none that forced Oblak into any difficult saves – and they never really looked like equalising.

It was a silly decision from the defender Fernandez that handed Atleti their second, after he pulled down Cerci in the penalty area. Gabi stepped up and confidently dispatched the spot kick to confirm the win for Atleti.

This seemed to give los rojiblancos a little bit of a spark, and they had the ball in the net again not a minute later.

A cross into the area from Cristian Rodriguez was slammed into the back of the net by Raúl Jiménez, who connected brilliantly with the ball with a fantastic volley. However because the ball flew by Cerci, who was judged to be in an offside position, it was disallowed.

Extremely disappointing for the Mexican, and it was another legit goal chalked off for Atlético.

Griezmann should have made it 3-0 in stoppage time, but a wondersave from the goalkeeper Oliver did enough to keep the ball out of the goal. I’m not sure how much he knew about it.

But despite the good work of the Frenchman, it was Cristian Rodriguez who got the last word of the night, after he scored a screamer with the last kick of the match. 25 yards out, it flew past Oliver with such venom that it would have took Raúl Jiménez head off had he not managed to move out of the way.

A victory in the end, but not the match we were all hoping for. It’s likely we will see the same starting lineup for the return leg at the Vicente Calderón, and we’ll be able to see just how good our backup players are under the lights in Madrid.

What did you make of our performance? Who was our best player? (Apart from Griezmann)

CE L'Hospitalet Atlético Madrid
CE L'Hospitalet 0 3 Atlético Madrid
 Griezmann 67'
 Gabi (pen) 81'
 C Rodriguez 90'
Competition Copa del Rey
Location Estadi La Feixa Llarga
Date 03 December 2014
Kick Off 20:00 CEST

Team Lineups

CE L'Hospitalet
Hammouch (50')
Blanco (74')
Vivancos (55')
Eric Via
Substitutes used
Peque (50')
Luque (55')
Mendez (74')
Atlético Madrid
Jesús Gamez
José Giménez
Mario Suárez
Saúl (45')
C Rodriguez
Raul Jiménez
Substitutes used
Griezmann (45')

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Thanks for the post-match, Nick!
    Second time Gaméz plays, right? He seems to be a very good replacement for Juanfran which might get a rest more often.
    And I really really hope Cerci gets on track. I think we can try some different approaches against some rivals with ‘our Ferrari’. 🙂

  • Chewie

    I only watched the second half but now, after watching the highlights, I am puzzled. Cerci is such a skilled, fast and clever player that I don’t quite get why he doesn’t play more often. I mean, he earned the penalty, he had some decent attempts and was extremely active throughout the game. His quality just shines through. It’d be a loss to let him go.

  • Kris

    I’m glad Koke finally didn’t need to play..!

  • I was (almost) sure that Simeone will FINALLY give Koke some rest, but I wasn’t sure about Godin, the other player who played all the minutes before this game, if Gimenez wasn’t given the all-clear after the little concussion vs Depor, Godin would have played this game too

  • Urban

    I watched the game to see Oblak, Lucas and Cerci, and they all provided yesterday. If Cholo uses them in a smart manner they can all give us much joy.

    We have so many great CB options, both in world class players as top young talents: Godin, Miranda, Toby, Gimenez, Velasquez, Lucas…

    I wonder how this will be addressed in the future and it is a hard call. I would probably sell Miranda and keep loaning Velasquez and Lucas out until we sell Toby as well.

  • The answer is easy. He is lazy at practice. And any good coach will never reward bad behavior. If the coach does that, then the players are running the show. I am not disagreeing with you. I want to see him on the field starting at least every other game. Otherwise he should be a super sub and put in at the 60 minute mark almost every game.

  • It would be brilliant if Cerci started when we play Juventus in the Champions League match.

  • The ones that rested yesterday were in need of it. Glad that happened.

  • The first half was a pinball match. No one could control the ball. The second half got better. Too bad about the 2 disallowed goals. 5 to 0 would have looked better around the league. Other than Cerci, Griezmann, Gabi and Oblak, it was proven why the others are on the bench. Jimenez and Mario were horrible. I would sell Mario and keep working with Jimenez. I was glad to see Rodriguez finally score a goal. And what a blast of a goal it was.

  • I really hate that there is what seems like a general opinion that we should forget about Copa del Rey this season
    WHY ??!!
    Because of the draw ?! .. guess what, we will always face Real or Barca or both in the cup,
    since 2011 one or both of them are always in the final, and this will keep going on with all the 100s of millions they both are spending in every transfer market, and with the crazy and unhealthy competition between the big two and between Missi & Cristiano
    so should we forget about the cup forever ?!
    and didn’t we win the cup against Real Madrid and in the Bernabeu itself less than 2 years ago, and didn’t we win the super cup against them few months ago, and who knocked-out Barca from UCL last season, and who won La Liga in the Camp Nou ?!

    or is it because we got to face them in the early stages ?! .. does it really make a difference ?!
    and if there is a difference, I think it’s on our favor ; Copa del Rey is not UCL where you get a big fat check for every round you pass, no, it’s just a title and a trophy, so, being knocked-out in the round of 32 or 16 is actually better than losing the final,
    it saves a lot of unnecessary effort

    The strange thing is that the same people who don’t consider the cup a priority are asking to win or at least reach the final of UCL
    here is a surprise for you : we could also face both Real & Barca in that competition .. we already did last season !

    And let’s be clear, what happened in the cup last season was one of those odd games where we shoot ourselves in the foot, and I don’t think it will happen again
    let’s put a great fight on this .. and even if we lost, at least we should make them suffer

    One last point :
    This is the first Copa del Rey in the reign of Filipe VI, a Rojiblanco king .. so it should be a Rojiblanco cup, an inauguration gift from Atleti to the new king

  • Urban

    Just one question to you Ahmad: does what you just wrote mean that you would field once de gala in the upcoming games with RM or would you still use them as other CdR matches as a chance for the fringe players like Cerci or Oblak to prove their worth?

  • of course I would start with my best 11
    according to our results vs Madrid since the cup final, this is a 50/50 tie
    beside, playing with the subs could cost us a heavy defeat, and this is the last thing we need at this point
    I’m sure Ancelotti will put on his best team as well, maybe will rest Casillas and one or two other players, but Cristiano will play, even if Ancelotti didn’t want to, Cristiano is a maniac and will insist to play, and at least one of Bale & James will play too

    if we are afraid from the fatigue, then there are many other games that we can rotate in
    Gimenez proved that we don’t need Miranda to beat teams from the bottom half of the table in the Calderon
    Griezmann & RG8 are both keep scoring goals and rotation between them creates a very healthy competition, just like the one that was between Villa & RG8 last season
    Saul started only 2 games in La Liga this season .. and scored in both of them, and he had 3 other line-ups, 2 of them were against 2 very big teams, Real & Juve, and he was great

    I wouldn’t start with Oblak & Cerci against Real Madrid .. but I would start with them against Juve, since we already secured our qualification, and a draw or even a defeat with one goal margin will give us the lead, and since Cerci is used to play against Juve, while Oblak played a great game against them last season

  • Chewie

    I’d like to take the opportunity and compare Ansaldi and Siqueira.
    Ansaldi: 874 minutes, 2 assists, 3 yellow cards (plus a goal for Argentina)
    Siqueira: 1016 minutes, 0 goals, 0 assists, 5 yellow cards, 1 red card.

  • Neptune’s Aya

    Well Atletico Fans, now you’ve done it!…The frente atletico has been expelled from the Calderon, well only 88 members, and any reference or merchandise prohibited, so they had to change the name, and I can see Chewie’s hand here…, to Atletico Fans South Stand!!!!. Mind you, some people don’t seem to like it as in Spanish the word fan can be used in a derogative way. I’d like to know what do you think, inorder to pass the comments to members of Colchonero, which is the greatest forum in Spanish of Atletico. All right Chewie and Ahmad? sorry about all the confrontational stuff from previous times. You both have proved to be proper supporters, and my regard for you is as high as for any other Atletico hincha. ( though i stand with Mario and any other player from the academies. They all should finish their careers at Atletico. Full-stop. “An academy player is worth four new signings”. I’m struggling nowadays in my crusade for Hector, who will be Spain’s centre forward soon. ) Let me know what you think. Aupa Atleti!!!!.

  • Neptune’s Aya
  • Neptune’s Aya

    Hi Chewie, from my point of view, Siqueira with the ball and offensively is better than Filipe. His problem has been, obviously, the penalty at Valencia: due to his lack of discipline and common sense. It had been agreed that Mandzukic is in charge of shooting the penalties. Had the game being played at the Calderon and with a two goal cushion, it’d have been still understandable, but the fact that Atletico were two goals down and away, it really played against him. Had Mandzukic score that penalty, with 3-2 Atletico’d had won the game. The second card in Anoeta didn’t help either though i don’t think it was completely his fault. But if Siqueira had all the time and confidence that Filipe had he’d be irreplaceable on the Brazil national squad.

  • I was only annoyed because we play RM so early in the cup. My opinion is that the 4 best teams from the year before should be in the four corners of the bracket. And since RM and Barca are “always” the top two teams, then should never be on the same side of the bracket. La Liga should structure it so it is more interesting instead of just having random draws. But as I said, that is just my opinion.

  • Chewie

    What you’re saying makes sense and I have to confess that I don’t really care about the statistics, I just personally prefer Ansaldi over SIqueira. I feel like Siqueira has more talent but the emotions often get in the way. Plus Ansaldi may be just smarter.

  • and 1 crucial missed penalty that wasn’t his right to take

    Simeone did talk about him today, and he said : ” in some specific situations he didn’t make ​​good decisions ”

    I think this is his polite way to say he is an idiot !

    I only count 2 yellows for Ansaldi .. but the problem is that they both were in UCL, one more and he will be suspended

  • I totally agree with you about Siqueira being offensively better than Filipe, and I’m really happy to hear it from another person, because I thought I’m the only one who thinks that !
    And I also agree with you that he could replace him in Brazil national team, especially if Filipe kept sitting on the bench (both Siqueira & Ansakdi have played more minutes than him this season, and I can’t deny that I’m happy for that)
    In fact, after his good performances against Malmo, Getafe and -especially- Cordoba, I was about to tweet :
    “if Donga is any different than Scolari, then Siqueira will take Filipe’s spot very soon”
    but then I said to myself : just wait to see how good will he be against Sociedad, and thank God I did, because I would have looked ridiculous if I posted that tweet before that game !!

    BUT Siqueira’s problem is not just the penalty, it’s much bigger than that
    Chewie was the first one to talk about it here, and he did that in the very early stages of the season,
    I remember him saying in the first 2 or 3 weeks : “Siqueira just can not steal any ball cleanly .. he must make a foul ”
    That is his problem .. and that’s why the 2 yellows in Anoeta wasn’t his first or second time he have done that
    it was his 8th time in the last 4 seasons and this season .. very big number

    But I still believe that improving defensively is easier than improving offensively
    so, I think Siqueira has a better chance to be a more complete LB than Ansaldi
    He needs a lot of work and a lot of time and patience .. but with Simeone, I think he will get there
    Juanfran-Godin-Miranda-Filipe were not always the fantastic four .. all of them used to make terrible mistakes
    some sick people still can not forget the one Juanfran did against France in the Calderon !

  • it’s all right man
    I had many misunderstandings with some people in this website, even with some of the writers, but we always end up apologizing to each other .. I consider everybody here a friend

    people form the Mediterranean countries share a lot of similar features, I think one of them is the short temper !!

    But I never disagreed with you about the canteranos, especially Mario, although some times he just make it very difficult to defend him !
    There is a phrase that I repeated many times here :
    ” Even if they were less skillful than the outsiders, los canteranos will always give us something more ”

    but I think Chewie hates Mario very much though !

    About El Frente, I put on some thoughts on my comment on the ban decision

  • Chewie

    Yep, I think I counted the card from the Argentina game as well. So he seems like a UCL man – both his assists and yellows are from the European cup.

    I don’t say we use only Ansaldi and I agree that Siqueira looks more promising. But when you need results, you need someone who can produce them.

    About the Brazilian’s offensive skills – indeed, he seems more capable than Filipe but for some reason he fails to deliver quality balls into the box. I remember him attacking a lot, dribbling past defenders and making awful – or poorly timed – crosses, whereas Ansaldi’s crosses are well placed most of the time. Maybe it’s only my impression.

    Anyway, I’d give both of them a chance and would certainly buy the Argentinian. Last year without Filipe we sucked. Insua? No, thank you. This year we have two players of same caliber.