Super Cup: Barcelona 0 – 0 Atlético

Barcelona win Super Cup on away goals

Barcelona win Spanish Super Cup

Barcelona win Super Cup (Marca)

Atlético Madrid have lost the Spanish Super Cup to Barcelona after a hectic game at the Camp Nou.

Over two games both teams were equal, but last week’s away goal was sufficient for Barcelona to win on aggregate. After a 1-1 at the Vicente Calderón, the teams played to a goalless draw on Wednesday night.

Despite the scoreline, there was plenty going on in the return leg of the Super Cup, which Barcelona dominated in the early goings. Atleti just about managed to hang on, with Filipe blocking Messi, and Alexis Sánchez coming up just short to volley in a cross from the left.

Atleti managed to get through the opening stages and established their Plan D. The Rojiblancos tried to break out quickly, and recorded the first attempt on target in the 35th minute, when Koke was at the end of a quick break involving David Villa, Diego Costa, and Gabi. Perhaps the latter should have taken the shot himself instead of laying it off, as Koke’s shot lacked power and accuracy.

At the other end, Arda Turan did well to give Messi a little shove just before the Argentine could take a shot, and Thibaut Courtois was able to comfortably catch Cesc Fabregas’ rebound.

Arda Turan then had the biggest opportunity to open the scoring and, possibly, bring us Super Cup glory. After a fantastic Barcelona-esque series of short passes, the Turk found himself inside Barcelona’s box, where he cut past Piqué before firing a shot towards the top corner from close range. But Victor Valdés responded spectacularly and pulled off an incredible save to prevent what seemed to be a certain goal.

The first half came to an end as Diego Costa and Alexis Sánchez both missed the target with their headers.

Atlético started the second half strongly and dominated at Camp Nou in the first 15 minutes after the break. Victor Valdés again saved the day, and the cup, for Barcelona with a fantastic effort to stop David Villa’s curler from outside the box.

With half an hour left Atlético seemed to run out of gas as Barcelona took over, which lead to opportunities for Neymar, and later for Lionel Messi, who was again denied by Filipe. The latter exchanged some words with the Argentine after a number of challenges. The left back, who played a great game up until that point, was shown a red card in the 80th minute, when he got into an altercation with Dani Alves.

The sending off was highly debatable, and was another controversial decision by referee Borbalán, who made a series of awful decisions on both ends. The growing frustration on Atlético’s side led to yellow cards for Gabi and Juanfran, and Arda Turan, who had been subbed off ten minutes earlier, also received a red card for criticizing the referee from the sidelines.

In the final minute another decision by Borbalán went against Atleti, as he awarded a penalty kick to Pedro Rodríguez. The tricky winger went down after minimal contact with João Miranda. Perhaps justice was served, as Messi missed from the spot, smashing the ball against the crossbar.

Atlético needed a goal to win, but thanks to a fantastic Victor Valdés, the game ended the way it began. Simeone’s men will be proud, however, after twice keeping up with Barcelona and showing that they are up for the challenge of competing for the prizes in Spain this year.

Barcelona Atlético
Barcelona 00 Atlético
Competition Super Cup
Location Camp Nou
Date 28 August 2013
Kick Off 22:00 CET

Team Lineups

V Valdes
Dani Alves
J Alba
Fabregas (77')
Alexis Sanchez (64')
Substitutes used
Pedro (64')
Iniesta (77')
Thibaut Courtois
Filipe Luis
Mario Suarez
Koke (88')
Arda Turan (71')
Diego Costa
David Villa (83')
Substitutes used
Adrian (71')
C Rodriguez (83')
L Baptistao (88')

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Will_504

    So proud of our boys. Wack ref again! i thought the beast was gonna head but the ref whren he got booked! We are gonna crush la liga and CL this year! Aupa Atletì!!!

  • Simeone is really impressive. Amazing effort and I’m really proud of my team.

  • starvs

    Obviously super frustrating to play so well and execute the plan to near perfect and come away with a loss (or a draw…); but clearly encouraging going forward. Who cannot we compete with?

  • King Gerard Piqué

    Hahaha, we owned you guys again! Gave you hope until the end but crushed it by allowing no goals against.

    You are small time. Atlético and Real are much smaller than Barcelona. Both you Madrid clubs will be lucky to even score a goal against us in the league this season. Tata has sorted the defense.

    Enjoy finishing 3rd David ‘FLOP’ Villa while playing for Simeone the thug. Hate your club really – you always give those Real clowns six easy points in the league and if you think signing Villa is a masterstroke well prepare to look foolish as he struggles to reach 12 league goals.

    Visca el Barça i visca Catalunya

  • King Gerard Piqué

    ” Will_504 at 12:06 am on August 29, 2013

    So proud of our boys. Wack ref again! ”

    Yeah yeah yeah – your thuggish team should have been down to 10 long before the red card. You can not complain.

  • Kabir

    i understand trolling on reddit but who has the time to go troll on a “small time” team news page.

  • kris

    What the hell, man?? Get a life,, if it’s not your team’s website,, why comment on it.. Go to or frikking Reddit or something and troll. Not on a website of like Kabir said,, a “small time” team.. I really don’t care if we lost today.. Now, I can see that people fear us and won’t take us like a joke anymore.. We are a top team and will continue to be for years to come.. You better be aware,,, because you didn’t beat us.. You only DREW against us in both legs,, couldn’t even score one against us at your own home, when you were being egoistic and saying, you would score five goals against us.. I know you fear us and all teams fear us now.. Forza Atleti!

  • kris

    Don’t mind that *centuries to come..

  • starvs

    I personally enjoy being trolled.

    But what can I say, I suppose when your goalie is consensus MOTM your defense is all sorted…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    just read an article yesterday in AS under the title :
    “Atletico has become a rival”

    the writer “Iñako Díaz-Guerra” talked about Barcelona behavior after the first leg : Xavi complaining about the lawn, the fans blaming the luck and complaining about “Atleti aggressiveness” forgetting that Busquets was the one who must have seen the red
    then he said :
    “The reason is that Atletico is no longer an amusing opponent, it is an enemy, a real one”

    well, the fact that a Barca fan comes to our page and try to insult us proves that Mr.Guerra is absolutely right,
    Atleti has become a rival .. just as they used to be

    so Mr. “King Gerard Piqué” , you are very welcome to our page, and please invite your friends 😛

  • farhan

    we lost the supercup but we won the game and heart.we show that how better we are now and this is good for UCL
    Villa may not look as good as he was in valencia but it is okay he recoverd from leg injury and how he was treated by tito we all know .it take him some time to regain is original form and when he get his form the opposite defence will cry for sure …
    nice game by coasta and others .and we have to praise DS for his brilliant effort

  • farhan

    and mr gerard i dont know why you hate Villa but mind it he is much better than messi and neymar
    as he never backs down any challenge put in front of him like messi and xavi iniesta back off against bayern and you are saying he will not reach 12… he will cross 20 this is just start not end … duffer

  • Will

    Nice point by Ahmad.

    All Barcelona fans are welcome but less whining, please! We are not too aggressive or the pitch is not too dry or the air too smelly and the grass is too green.. come on! Be a man!

  • farhan

    well mr gerard it seems you jealoua of not having villa in barca squad ….
    but you know he is much better than messi and neymar as he never back down any challenge put in front of him likr messi xavi and iniesta who back off against bayern … GROW UP BARCA FANS

  • marcelo

    King Gerard Pique? LOL

    Your comments are as shit as your name.

  • Fred

    Aupa Atleti!

    We played really well today. We had the better chances. Barca was flustered…Again. Messi missed a penalty 🙂

    They were scared. Teams should be scared.
    I read an article today talking about the CL draw and it mentioned Atleti multiple times as one of the teams u don’t want in ur group.

    We can beat anyone on an AVERAGE day. Cholo has the team playing at their full potential.

    We could have easily won and will win next time.
    We’re looking good enough to have haters coming here to comment. Love it.

    I love Atleti!

  • Ursa Major

    Did you guys notice, that barca was actually satisfied with not winning? (thereby winning, but you get my point…)
    They just tried to play ball round and round, when we were reduced to 10 men. I see that as a huge victory.
    Also, Valdes was obviously the MOFM – crazy performance!

  • pantic#10

    It took me a while to fell asleep after the match last night…
    But now after 7 hours from it, i have the same feelings:
    At the Caderon we played a wonderful match for 60 minutes but after that Barca took control of the game.
    At the Camp Nou we played with less rush and we kept the position for almost all the 90 minutes.
    We lost our temper a couple of times and we must work on it….but this is our warrior spirit, the spirit of Simeone.
    We had some luck and some bad luck, for me this match should be ended at penalty.
    But these 2 matches gave us a lot of consciousness: we have a very good fitness, and we can compete with TOP clubs.
    Champions League here we come 😉

  • Gert

    When Filipe got sent off I felt like: Let’s just all sit down on the pitch and let them tap in 10 goals as a protest against the ref… but of course it doesn’t work that way!
    proud of out plan D!

    What a team! What a spirit!

    Te quiero Atleti!

  • AaX

    More clear cut chances in both legs. Messi and co contained. Think about it! 0 – 0 at Camp Nou, and a Messi missed penalty against us (Courtois). What this will mean for Atletico ? Did we actually lose ?…

  • pantic#10

    @Ursa Major: yes, you’re right.
    Valdes saves the match. and they continued to tiki-taka in the last minutes (as in the Calderon).
    Filipe Luis was put under pressure by Messi and Dani Alves.
    Messi, and many other barca players should change sport and do olympics dive, they’ll win gold medals.
    Neymar did some circus tricks, but this time Juanfran & Miranda said YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!

  • AaX

    to the clown Pique,

    The game is going to end (as with Bayern). The only reason that Barca has previously been look so good only because the running of football league has degenarated from the normal level it was in into a lame non contact school boy shameful football currently now. The championship has sinced been fought on a lame kindergarten rule level. And stop assuming yourself as champion when you can’t even begin to compete as Men. That’s what you get from a kid commentary. I bet a one off game of age 35 plus current players against Barca with previous normal football rules officiating will reduce Barca game back to it pre Ronaldinho days where they constantly but not unexpectedly suffer beatings ! Ask Pep Guardiola.

  • If not for the controversy from the fucking match officials we could have won the match.
    Great performance by our guys.
    Barca,Real fans you are all welcome to our side,we are the real favourite for la liga title.

  • I didn’t really enjoy the game outside of a few attacks.

    Maybe Atleti deserved more cards, maybe Barca deserved more fouls to be called out.

    Filipe shouldn’t have gotten red, but I get it that it looked like an elbow, I guess. I haven’t seen the Godin thing, but if he did step on Alves’ back, he would have deserved a red and a big suspension.

    Alba and Alves annoyed the hell out of me, as usual.

    I have to give compliments to Gerard Pique, though, it has been a long while since I’ve seen him defend (this) well.

    Atleti worked very hard and got their chances, like the great play leading up to Arda’s huge chance followed by a rare great save by Valdes.

    Villa looked kind of invisible to me, but he’s still dangerous. Costa was all over the place and he’s showing more of a killer instinct with his runs every game, I’m faithful about the guy.

    Other than that, nice to see the teams being close to equal, although the next step is doing that with a little more offensive play by Atleti, outside of the spare great counters.

    If they’re consistent, though, this season could prove to be even better than the previous one.

  • At least statistically.

  • Real Talk

    Barcelona are not very good, they used to beat Atletico 5-0, now they need the ref to help them out… Villa was good I thought his touch was nice….Valdes Man of match somes this game up…….Martino is a clown. barca fans on here talking shite like they are any good jesus wake up. Barcelona #12men #neededtheref

  • Atletico9

    Are Felipe and Arda suspended in the league now?

    Just read something about Kagawa going to Atleti 🙂 we need a playmaker: Eriksen, Mata, Kagawa, Diego – just need it.

  • Alex21

    I’m with Ty. I thought the game was scrappy from beginning to end. throughout the game i consciously thought we wood win, but subconsciously knew we would lose. I didn’t like the game plan this time. I realize trying to keep possession against Barcelona is ridiculously hard, but they knew the gameplan. We had an embarrassing 22% possession. 22%!!! That’s less than a quarter of the time. We had 20 minutes of the ball in a 90 minute game. Clearly, Barcelona would win the holding game, but i can’t help but still have a bad taste in my mouth from the performance. The 2 red cards summed up the match to me. Total loss of mental control. And i love my team, but we need to mature mentally.

  • kris

    Atletico 9,, BS mate… It will probably not happen… and even if it does,, Gil probably wants him only on loan.. ahha. And my god,, Aax,, them words… Greatly put, mate. Nicely done..

  • GreekRojiblanco

    villa is great he just not at the right fittness level yet…. arda also(after 50-60minutes he looked tired)… we were fantastic we were a little unlucky but we are getting better and better really high expatations from our team… aupa aleti… puta ref-barca

  • Jeronamo

    Let’s just focus on our performance guys (to the ones talking about messi and barca). We did well to not lose over the two legs, now it’s time to learn from what we have done so far and apply it to the upcoming match.

    Btw. I also think we have to play aggressive on barca, with that said messi was fouled alot (to be expected) but the referee had an awful night. Now lets move on

  • Will

    I see your point, but playing against Barça is totally different and the way we did really worked (the plan D). We had the best chances in normal play, even though we had only 22% of ball possession.

    This is exactly what Chelsea did 2 seasons ago and Bayern Munchen last season. You don’t get the ball too often, but when you do, you have to be fast and smart and they will probably be outnumbered on the defense.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    The rules of Spanish Football Federation say that if the suspension is less than four matches it should be done in the same competition

    so as both Arda & Filipe are suspended for 1 match, it will be done in the next super cup, not in La Liga

    just like what happened with Adriano who has been sent off in the second leg of last season’s super cup against Real Madrid and because of that he missed the first leg of this season’s super cup at the Calderón

  • Farid

    who said that we lost ? we draw with barca in 2 matches and one of them on (CAMP NOU) barca didn’t even win a game against ATLETI (IF U KNOW WHAT I MEAN) ;)…both neymar and messi didn’t do a SHIT against us ! 😉 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA soon u will get rapped in la liga ! 😀

  • marcelo

    you guys watching the draw?

  • pantic#10

    Porto – Zenit – Austria Vienna – Atleti


  • Atleti + CL = Porto

  • Chewie

    Yes! Atleti coming to St. Petersburg to kick Zenit’s arses! Good group, will go all the way to QF at least.

  • pantic#10

    Respect to Austria Vienna, but we must get 6 points from them.
    One win home and one tie away with Porto
    One win home and one win away with Zenit
    Total of 16 points.
    ok maybe i exaggerated 🙂 14 points and 1st of the group!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    yes Ty, it’s always Porto !

    in fact, the last Champions League game for Atleti was at
    Vicente Calderon on December 8, 2010 against Porto, and we lost 3-0 , one of the goals was from Falcao !

    I guess some teams are “meant for each other”,
    like Barca-Milan, Real-Juve, Bayern-Man City

    and I must say it’s a good draw for us, I was very worried of being with one of Ajax, Man City or Dortmund who were on pot 3, or Napoli who were on pot 4

    but it still tricky group though, Zenit will cause many problems for us, especially at Russia where it’s always freezing

  • Will

    Good group… we can make it.. we only need to focus.

  • Mahmoud

    “but it still tricky group though, Zenit will cause many problems for us, especially at Russia where it’s always freezing”

    I agree that it’s a tricky group, but I’m not worried about playing in Russia, remember we won there against Rubin back in February with what was really our second team (plus Falcao and Miranda).

  • fred

    i’m happy with the draw.

    we got one of the easiest teams in pot 1, we didn’t draw ajax, dortmund, or man city in pot 3, and we didn’t draw napoli in pot 4.

    i don’t think it could look much better for us.

    And with what we can do to Barca, we’re looking good to advance at the top of our group.

    the only obvious concern is our depth compared to the big spenders in europe.

    time will tell.

    Aupa Atleti!

  • piserakos

    nice seeding… but we have not to underestimate our opponents.. from the first we have porto(i think the weakest team of the first pot) from 3rd we have zenit(we could have gone better but we are lucky enough not to have a team like bvb, city….) from 4rth we have austria which was one of the weakest teams… mine goal is… 3 wins at calderon, win at wien and the best thing we can do on the 2 away games at russia and at portugal… we can finish 1st and have a better seeding and at top 16.. but not underestimate porto a team with a lot of experience at cl and zenit always a strong team… aupa aleti

  • Andres (Lolaya)

    Weakest team from the first pot isn’t Porto. It is Arsenal or Benfica.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    even the matches schedule is perfect :
    Zenit at home
    Porto away
    Austria away
    Austria home
    Zenit away
    Porto at home

    so we start and finish at home, and the 2 games against the weakest link Austria Wien are back-to-back

    we can not ask for more

  • piserakos

    andres i dissagree… arsenal sacks but they are very good at the group stages… and i think benfica is better than porto… any way those 3 teams are the weakest of pot 1

  • AaX


  • epoy

    Where’s the optimism and ambition guys? We should aim for 18 freakin points in group stage..

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    let me rephrase your sentence Epoy:

    “We should aim for the 6 freakin millions in group stage”

  • I think Ajax would’ve been a little easier than Zenit, but they’re not so far from eachother’s level, I guess. But good thing we avoided City and Dortmund. Weird how the Champions League finalist is only in Pot 3, ha.

    Let’s go for 18 points!

  • kris


  • Annie

    First time on this site. Enjoyed the 2 games, Atletico has reduced the game, its no longer just Barca and Madrid, this is what La Liga needs.
    Villa is a good signing, did anyone see how he mark Messi in the box, when the argentine broke through the defence, that was impressive.
    Atletico are an amazing team!