La Liga: Atlético 2 – 2 Real Madrid

Spectacular derby ends in tie

atletico madrid real madrid


A spectacular Derbi Madrileño ended in a 2-2 tie, as the standings remain close at the top of the Spanish league.

Both the start and the finish were Real Madrid’s, with Atlético dominating and scoring in between. The very balanced tie had everything a football fan could ask for, as there was plenty of aggression, controversy, passion and a number of spectacular goals.

It took Real Madrid only two minutes to score, when Karim Benzema scored from close range after Ángel di María swung in an inviting cross.

Ten minutes later Atleti thought they deserved an opportunity to equalize, but Delgado Ferreiro waved to play on as Sergio Ramos quite clearly brought down Diego Costa. The referee made a number of dubious calls throughout the game, almost all of which were in Madrid’s favour.

From the twentieth minute on a series of opportunities were created at both ends, with Diego Costa firing wide, before Benzema and Ronaldo forced Thibaut Courtois to two saves. Then, after Arda Turan showed off his dribbling skills, Koke equalized after receiving the assist from his Turkish teammate. Koke scored a low drive through the legs of Sergio Ramos to make it 1-1.

From that point on Atlético took control over the game and pushed Real back. Their strong play didn’t seem to lead to anything with half time fast approaching, but in the added time the home side deservedly took the lead through a thunderbolt by their captain. Gabi received the ball 40 meters away from goal and surprised Diego López by firing in a fantastic strike to make the Vicente Calderón erupt.

Atlético continued to put pressure on their neighbours after the break and should have increased their lead through Diego Costa, but the top scorer first missed a 1-on-1 with López and later headed just wide from a Gabi corner.

At the other end Benzema volleyed just inches wide of the goal and Courtois saved a dangerous header by Gareth Bale, who like Ronaldo was hardly involved in the game. Carlo Ancelotti seemed to have got his formation and personnel wrong and decided to take off both of the wing backs who struggled massively against Atleti.

With the Atleti players tiring, the game opened up, leading to a header by Ronaldo which just missed the target, and a header by Raúl García which went wide off López’ hands and the post.

In the final quarter-hour Atleti retreated to their own box, inviting Real Madrid to come forward. It seemed the Rojiblancos would be able to hold off their opponents, but an individual error by Mario Suárez gifted Real the equalizer. The midfielder carelessly lost the ball to Dani Carvajal, whose crossed ended up with Cristiano Ronaldo, who put it away.

Atleti nearly reclaimed the lead when Carvajal slipped up just before the end, but Diego Costa selfishly fired at goal instead of passing it to the wide open Koke. Immediately after the opportunity, Real created an opportunity through Modric but the Croatian shot wide. A cross from the left in the dying seconds was cleared by Filipe Luís just before Ronaldo could reach for it, as the game ended in a tie.

Atlético Real Madrid
Atlético 22 Real Madrid
Koke 28'Benzema 3'
Gabi 45'Ronaldo 82'
Competition Liga BBVA
Location Vicente Calderon
Date 02 March 2014
Kick Off 17:00 CET

Team Lineups

Arda (83')
Raúl García
Diego Costa
Substitutes used
C. Rodríguez (83')
Real Madrid
Diego López
Arbeloa (71')
Coentrão (59')
Xabi Alonso
Di María (72')
Substitutes used
Marcelo (59')
Carvajal (71')
Isco (72')

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Valinia

    the lads were doing a great job despite last weeks defeat.. well done, n we would hv won if the ref wasnt blind
    i got a bit emotional when gabi scored, that goal was absolutely stunning especially its from gabi. hes been working so hard for atleti n he deserves to score in a big match like this, hopefully he will b retiring in our new stadium.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I would take a 2-2 against Real Madrid everytime ..
    let’s forget for a moment that we hate them too much and how dirty they are and confess that they are one of the best 3 teams in the world right now

    I understand that the scenario of the game makes us angry, we were 10 minutes away from victory
    but imagine it like we were 2-0 down and we scored the equalizer 10 minutes before the end

    we did not win the game .. but we did win the head-to-head tie
    so maybe our fate is not in our own hands right now, but only one defeat for Real will put us ahead of them and put our fate in our hands again
    and it will come, and also Barca will drop points too, this is a sure thing, the season is still long and difficult

    but we have to keep wining .. and if we can’t so there is no point of the sadness and anger some of you are showing
    and if we can, so there is no point of that either .. we will catch them

    starting of the next trip to Vigo, can we beat Celta without Arda, Godin & Costa (and Tiago) ?!
    because if we couldn’t, a win today would have no meaning

    But I still insisting that wining La Liga this season was not our objective before the season started
    and it is still not our goal now, even being just 3 points behind the leader after 26 weeks

    if I have to choose between wining La Liga & being knocked out from UCL 1/8 finals or finishing 4th in La Liga & reaching UCL final, I’ll definitely pick the 2nd choice

    reaching UCL final will guarantee us at least 80 million euros
    but how much money will we get if we won La Liga ?! almost nothing
    of course wining titles is very important and it’s the goal of any sport team,
    but right now, we need money more

    again, let’s keep things in their perspective

    Real & Barca are way better than us
    we are still in the building phase, and the harvest will come latter .. and rushing it is not good

    Kris said : “We can only hope for Almeria to beat Barcelona”
    and why would we hope that Kris ?! to be second ?! .. what’s the difference between the 2nd and the 3rd .. especially if the first is Real Madrid ?!!

    I believe every Atleti fan should wish for a win for Barca
    yes, we hate them too .. or at least we don’t like them, but that could never be compared to how we feel about Real
    Barca are not as dirty and cheaters as them .. not even close
    so, if Atleti can’t win La Liga, Barca are the ones who should .. and we all must hope for that

    the next is unethical and unsportive but I have to say it :
    if we reached the last game vs Barca without any hopes of wining the title, while Barca need a win to get it, I think we should give it to them

    maybe some of you are sad and angry, but I am happy, and I will enjoy the Oscars tonight
    (I wonder if Pepe can make it in the time to receive his award ! )

    one thing I can agree with all of you :
    Simeone’s lack of use of the subs
    would somebody tell him that he is allowed to makes 3 substitutions every game !

  • Kris

    Barca are just as much of scumbags as Real. I have hated them as much as I have
    Hated Real(ok, I hate puta Madrid way more but) I wold rather us stay ahead of any of these money spending, unfair bastards than us being behind either or both of them. Of course, I wanted us to win this match so bad to avenge the defeat we got from Real in the CDR but that just wasn’t our fate but I agree if we can’t beat Celta next week the win today would have been meaningless for us. I am just wishing for our rise,, show these faggots how it’s done when you are Atletico. Let’s win every single one of our upcoming matches and let barca and puta Madrid lose some in the way(God be with us) and we can still win this. I sang throughout the whole match today and I won’t stop doing so, even if we are losing because I BELIEVE, I have been convinced to believe, we will win this war! Forza Atleti!

  • Silchas

    Now dear LaLiga board please suspend the refree, oh sorry that is only a method, if they decide against barca and real. -.-
    Anybody know if real and barca have conceded a goal after a penalty this season?
    oh and i love Mono Burgos. he is one hell of a guy. 😀

  • Valinia

    @silchas it feels like el cholo was pushing mono burgos to the front as he wanna do exactly the same but atleti would b losing if he was sent off lol

  • Silchas

    we will see how many games mono will miss.
    I think the academy should give Pepe the award for best actor, not diCaprio or McConaughey. then maybe if pepe wins, our dreams come true and he will be quitting football and become a professional actor. So he don’t need to waste his talent in football. that little dramaqueen.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    earlier today, Leo & Oliver faced each other,
    Leo played 57 minutes, while Oli played the whole second half
    it was the first appearance for Oli with Villareal, and his first game after he dislocated his shoulder
    badly I couldn’t catch that game
    did anybody watch it so he can tell us how was Oliver performance ?!

  • Dircil

    We’re close to victory but I’m happy with this version of Atletico. We’re struggling when we have Diego as a starter. It’s not that his skill that ruins our play, just his presence brings bad luck!

  • EC

    @Ahmad I agree with most of wha you said. But where did this €80 mil at least figure come from?
    Bayern Munich who are a far bigger club than us made around €50 mil from winning the CL last year. If we reach the final I reckon that would bag us around €45 mil

  • Valinia

    @silchas pepe was acting all the match cos hes been longing for the best actor award for so long..

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Dircil, there is no such thing as a certain player brings bad luck to the team
    it’s just he hasn’t adapted yet .. this Atleti is different than the one he left one and half year ago
    it’s more tense, closing the spaces against the opponents, fighting for every ball, defend as one unit
    this is not Diego style .. but he can change, and he will .. but he needs a little time

    I talked about this last week,
    guys, you just can not call a player two years ago a hero and an idol, and beg for his comeback, then when he does you call him a curse or a bad luck
    not cool guys .. not cool

    I loved what Mono did today, he reminded me with another great moment of his, when he said to Mourinho :
    ” I’m not Tito, I’ll rip your head off ”

    but my best Mono Burgos moment ever is his saving of Luis Figo’s penalty .. with his face !!
    if you don’t remember it .. take a look :

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @EC :
    Qualifying to Group Stage = 8.6 million
    1/8 Finals = 3.5 m
    1/4 Finals = 3.9 m
    1/2 Finals = 4.9 m
    Runners-up = 6.5 m
    Champions = 10.5 m

    every win = 1 million
    every draw = 0.5 million

    so, if a team finished runner-up with wining all the 12 games until the final, they will have 39.4 million

    then there is the shares of sponsorship and broadcasting money, which could reach more than 20 million if you reached the final .. these are 60 million

    and you can get between 10 and 20 million from the tickets .. this is almost 80 million

    I believe the 50 million of Bayern are not including the sponsorship, the TV rights and the tickets

    here is link from UEFA official website :

    there are fixed payments, which are mentioned in details in the top of my comment estimated by 500.7 m €
    then there are the variables (sponsorship & TV rights) which estimated by 409.6 m €

  • piserakos

    First of all Ahmad… I saw the second half of Villareal-Betis… And Oliver was FANTASTIC… He was the best player of Villareal, everything dangerous the yellow submarine did was coming from him… The goal they scored it came from his great asssist. (they won a penalty at this attack, even though it wasn’t a correct decision)… On the other hand i didn’t really saw Leo (only some minutes) and he was ok, not something great!
    Now let’s pass to our game..
    Damn, remember me telling all this week! We are fresh, we were keeping energy all this time and now it is the time to use it! We played like men with grand cojones, we should win but we were unlucky! That was the team i love to see! One fantastic game (for a nutral i think that was one of the best games to see this season) we were damanged by bad lack, referee, Cholo, Mario’s mistake and Costa. We were so good i’m so proud of my team, so happy to play that way and so sad we didn’t won puta madrid!
    I will critisise Cholo for one thing! Come on man it was obvious. Do changes!!! Garcia (and Arda) at the last quarter were excusted. Cebolla for Arda was correct but a little late and you should change Garcia. Damn when i saw Mono out i was sure that will happen. If anyone has noticed he is the one who does the subs…
    Costa. Come one man!! Stop try to cheat we are not Real, you make the referees don’t give you anything even if there is! 2 penalties at him and they gave none! There wasn’t a yellow at him and that was a foul for us (if i’m right it was out of the box). Please don’t be selfish! You could win the match if you passed to Koke. I would not judge you for loosing the 1vs1! You destroyed their defence mate but why to do this things?
    Nothing more to critisise!
    Gabi what a great goal??? FANTASTIC!!! i was broke everything at my house from the celebrations! How many time we had to see a goal from a long shot?
    Koke was mine MVP. Arda was fantastic untill 60-70 minute and the same Garcia, after that they looked tired. Felipe and Juanfran destroyed Bale and Ronaldo. Our defence was solid like hell. Mario had a great game but the goal was his faoult and did one more after the goal. Courtois did 1-2 great saves. Well done i think if we keep that way yes we can fight for La Liga and (or) Champions League! We still have a lot to learn, we have not that experience and it is obvious all the season.
    Pepe for the best actor award…
    I was sure after the 0-1 the we would do something good. It was obvious our players were so passionate!
    Last thing! Fantastic mosaic… I won’t follow you at the galop if we want real or barca to win La Liga! None of them! I want Atleti and no one else! We are Atleti! We are anti-Madridistas but above all we are Atleti!

  • piserakos

    oh forgot! I was shouting to Mono! Punsh him punsh him!!! Cholo looked like a weak man in frond of him! Ahmad i remember it, we were 2-1 loosing at the bernabeu the first (or the second don’t remember well) after the promotion, we were better and Mono catched this penalty and he stayed down for a lot cause he hit his head. And the final result 2-2!

  • EC

    @Ahmad. Thanks for the info. The €55 mil Bayern received did include TV rights. I also highly doubt we would win all our games up until the final. However the figures do not take into account ticket sales. Either way obviously the income were going to receive even up till this stage will be way more than we have received in a long time

  • AaX

    By Fact, WE Gave away the 3 pts Tonight. It MUST BE ADMITTED that with all the Real’s bogus money, they DO NOT MANAGE to produce no form of advantage nor threats against Atletico in the battles of this match. They were DEAD Scared and Petrified ! The two goals were much of our fault and giveaway than the rival’s earned initiative. Same goes with the Copa del Ray’s matches this season. Only Jese’s goal was earned, others are 2 predestined unsavable deflections and the 2 ‘unsurprising’ dubious penalties against the 2nd team. Real always NEED have to play with 12 men (half-men) against Atletico and they today ONLY benefited by our give-aways. Hope that that would be our LAST either by Winning, losing or Drawing !

  • Karam

    Good job Atleti ,,
    Guys i hope now we can fucos in the champions league cuz i think the la liga race is over till something magical happend to real madrid cuz they gona win it !! ” hope mot 🙂 ”
    Second thing we must keep diego costs and the hole group of players and we got the money from champions and get ..
    1- William Carvalho from sporting Lisp
    2- Carlos Vela Or Jovetic from Man City
    3- Valbuena from marsselie Or Santi Cazorla
    4- A good lift back and a good creative mid as a backup
    5- try to keep Courtios if possible
    And sell … Adrian / Insua / Sosa and Diego
    And we will ROCK I PROMISE U THAT 🙂
    Aupa Atleti