Copa del Rey: Atlético 2 – 0 Real Madrid

Atleti record their third win in a row against the old enemy

Giménez celebrates scoring against our great rivals

Giménez celebrates scoring against our great rivals

It was certainly a case of something old and something new on Wednesday evening at the Vicente Calderón, as a much-changed Atlético side ran out 2-0 winners over Real Madrid in the first leg of their Copa del Rey clash.

Second half goals from Raúl García and the young Urugayan José Giménez put Atleti in a very strong position going into next week’s second leg across town at the Bernabeu.

Diego Simeone made sweeping changes to the side, with seven players coming into the side after the win against Levante at the weekend.

Fernando Torres made his debut again for Atlético, whilst youngsters Oblak and Lucas were handed rare starts. Gamez, Mario Suarez, Saul and Raúl García also came in to give some of the regular starters a well-deserved break. Cristiano Ronaldo started on the bench for our rivals.

It was nearly Real Madrid who got off to the perfect start. It took only a magnificent save from Oblak, who must be rusty in only his fourth start for Atlético, after a Sergio Ramos bullet header. The Spaniard had jumped over his compatriot Raúl García but couldn’t direct the ball past the goalkeeper.

Atleti did start with high enery, and they were chasing down Real Madrid, who enjoyed a lot of the opening possession. Fernando Torres almost caused a problem in the first couple of minutes, after he chased down a hesitant Keylor Navas in the Real Madrid goal, but the goalkeeper recovered well.

The ball was in the back of the Atlético net before long, and it looked as if Real had made the most of their 80% possession. A free kick into the Atleti box was headed on by Gareth Bale, before settling into the back of Oblak’s net. However the Welshman was ruled offside and the goal was chalked off.

After some quick thinking from our 21-year-old Slovenian goalkeeper, the ball was fired down the other end of the pitch to an alert Griezmann, who after a neat one-two had a shot at the Real Madrid goal, but couldn’t catch Navas out at his near post.

It was a feisty affair, with handbags from both teams. Raúl García was in the midst of it in the opening 20 minutes, after he slapped Khedira in the face after some pushing in the Real penalty area. The referee didn’t see it – however he did book Khedira not long after for shoving his hand into the face of Fernando Torres.

The best chance for Atleti in the first half involved two Frenchman. Varane, pressured by Griezmann, gave up the ball in his own half. Griezmann showed tremendous pace to pick it up and dash towards goal, but the Real defender recovered well and showed just as much speed to keep up with his compatriot, before pulling off a fantastic sliding tackle to deny the ex-Sociedad man a clear strike on goal. The teams went in at half-time 0-0.

The second period started in the same vein, with an early Real Madrid chance for Gareth Bale being steered wide by the most expensive player in the world.

Just ten minutes into the first half, Atleti got the breakthrough. Raúl García picked up the ball on the flank, and tried to play a ball through to a waiting Griezmann in the centre, but the poor cross was easily cleared for a throw-in.

The resulting long ball in from Gámez was floated up in the air, and while everyone else had their eye on the ball, Sergio Ramos and Raúl had their arms wrapped around each other. Ramos pulled him to the floor, and the referee pointed to the penalty spot.

It was Raúl García himself who stepped up to take the penalty, and the Real Raúl confidently dispatched it into the right hand corner of the goal with minimum fuss. 1-0 to Atleti.

From this point on, Real Madrid never really looked like equalising. Despite bringing on Cristiano Ronaldo with half an hour to go, Atleti continued the pressure on every opposition player. It was foul after foul after foul for both teams, and an absolute flurry of yellow cards.

Fernando Torres, who worked hard closing down the opposition but didn’t enjoy the best of nights on the ball, was replaced by Koke as the second half progressed. It’s the first time El Niño has ever come out of the Madrid derby on the winning team.

The excellent Saúl also got a breather as the magician Arda Turan entered the fray.

It was no surprise which team grabbed the second goal. A corner from Gabi was whipped into the box with some pace, and it was the 19-year-old José Giménez, who had a fantastic game for Atleti, jumping above everyone to head the ball into the back of the Real Madrid net. 2-0.

Cholo celebrated in typical fashion, running down the sideline, before pivoting and running back towards his son Giuliano, who was a ballboy this evening. He jumped up on his Dad to celebrate three wins in a row over Atleti’s great rivals, and three years to the day since Simeone’s first match in charge of Atlético.

It got a bit scrappy toward the end of the match, and Arbeloa should have been sent off for a terrible tackle on Gabi, but Atleti will be happy with a 2-0 advantage going into next week’s tie at the Bernabeu, knowing that a quarter-final against Barcelona will be their reward if they can keep up their advantage.

How did you rate the performance of our youngsters tonight? Who was your man of the match?

Atlético Madrid Real Madrid
Atlético Madrid 20 Real Madrid
Raúl García (p) 58' 
Giménez 76' 
Competition Copa del Rey
Location Vicente Calderón
Date 07 January 2015
Kick Off 21:00 CET

Team Lineups

Atlético Madrid
Mario Suarez
Raul Garcia
Substitutes used
Real Madrid
Substitutes used

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Randy Ved Jawahir

    Saul played well, doing the necessary, Lucas played okay in the first half but he played much better in the second half, gimenez was solid as usual, Oblak had a good game for me, made some really good saves, all in all everyone did well, RG8 should’ve let torres taken the penalty though

  • Sierra Godfrey

    I thought Oblak was a star — and on his birthday, too! He was spot on so many times when we needed him to be. I’d say MotM goes to him in fact.

    Torres: I too had hoped Raul would let him take the penalty but I am so glad he didn’t. Torres still has to prove himself and it’s only been a week. No handouts, no gifts–he has to earn it. That is the way of this Rojiblancos squad.

    Overall I thought Atleti played beautifully and held up extremely well against some very challenging football. To come away 2-0 from a match in which the other side had the majority of the possession is fantastic and speaks volumes.

  • tohaju thomas

    well i thought he should let torres take it too ,,
    bu as Sierra said , he has to earn it

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I think I prefer Oblak over Moya. Lovely stuff

  • Oblak should have been number 1, that’s why we paid 16 M for him, but he was unlucky with the injury and with Olympiacos game, and Moya was -surprisingly- good, especially in the Bernabeu in La Liga
    anyway, Moya will turn 31 next April, while Oblak just celebrated his 22nd birthday before tonight’s game, his time will come, but if Simeone wants to keep them both, he must know how to rotate them .. Mourinho is about to lose Cech because of Courtois

  • so that was the 4th time to have 3 straight wins in Madrid derby, and the first time since 1951 when Helenio Herrera’s team achieved that
    and it’s the first time to win 2 straight derbies at the Calderon since 1992

    Simeone is rewriting Atleti history, and we are so lucky to witness it .

  • Kris

    Yup. I do too. And I always have. Moyà, I believe isn’t as great as a commander as he should be being in the goal. Courtois was great. De Gea was great. Oblak can be but I don’t think Moya can be, he’s already almost 31. Oblak is just getting started. I think it was injustice what happened to him after the Olympiacos game and again against Hospital’et.

    I like Moya though. He came in probably knowing he wasn’t gonna be number 1. He performed for is when we needed him, and that’s the most we can ask from a goalkeeper. He lacks concentration though, last game he was too busy reminiscing how great a save Mandzu had made, I don’t think he realized the ball had come back in to the box, and the next thing that happens: we concede. I don’t think he has been faced with as much shots as Courtois did. We have a great defense and we don’t allow as many shots. And, if the opposition went past the defense, we would always know Thibaut would be there. Can’t have the same type of belief for Moya. I think we are lacking that world class goalkeeper right now, but we already have him.. on the bench. Hope Simeone figures it out. He’s done it countless of other times and will do it again. I would still like to see Moya in action though, but more of Oblak. 🙂

  • BlasiusMagnus

    oblak is still slovenian, not slovakian! 🙂

  • krn

    No Costa? No Courtois? No problem!

  • I was just testing you were reading again 🙂

  • Chewie

    In my opinion, the MotM title should go to Raul, he was simply ferocious. One moment he scores a penalty, and in an instant he’s back defending, then pressing high and low, slapping Hedira, tackling, he even did some successful dribbling and clever passing. In terms of efficiency, he was the best.

    Oblak vs Moya is going to be an exciting competiton. Yes, Moya doesn’t shine but he has one quality that Simeone values – he doesn’t make mistakes. Well, almost. Oblak, on the other hand, showed yesterday that he’s worth the money paid for him, but he did make mistakes. I think we should let the Slovenian play in the Cup and see how Moya will perform in the League. In the UCL I believe Cholo will let Oblak play in second legs if there won’t be much risk.

  • I understand Simeone’s choice for this season. I guess things will go like this until the end of this season only. I really think Oblak will be our starter next season in La Liga and Champions League.

  • Moya will be the starter for this year, but Oblak will be the starter next year. Moya has a wealth of experience and Oblak can only learn and get better from him. Plus knowing that you can be replaced instantly doesn’t allow anyone to get relax.

  • Those are strong and valid reasons. I would have to give it to Gimenez. Atleti had a clean sheet and the second goal was what allowed us to become more defensive, which is Atleti’s strong point. While playing defense, he was a constant thorn in real Madrid’s side. (It is hard to pick the man of the match because Atleti is such a team oriented group.)

  • BlasiusMagnus

    gimenez the MotM for me too. this kid is sooo brilliant. i still cant beleive he is 19 years old. he’s gona be a top 5 defender in 10 years.

  • in 10 years ?! .. how about 2
    in fact, if he was playing for a ” mainstream ” team he would probably have been considered one of the best 5 or best 10 already, but Atleti is not so ” cool ” club !
    I mean even Miranda and Godin are NOT in the most of the top 10 lists for best center backs in the world

  • ” Sense of Belonging ”
    I’ve heard and read that phrase from Simeone many times in several occasions in the few days before the game
    and I believe it was one of the main reasons why a team with 8 substitutes beat a team that cost a budget of a small country

    We started the game with 5 homegrowns, Lucas, Saul, Gabi, Mario & Torres, while Koke was the sixth

    Players like Godin & RG8 have a great sense of belonging to this entity, and you can see it when they score .. they don’t take off their shirts or pull up their shorts to show off their muscles, nor do they make a ridiculous trademark celebration, NO, they simply kiss or point at Atleti crest on their heart

    Gareth Bale may have cost 100 million, but he has zero sense of belonging, that’s why he couldn’t do anything against the 18-years-old Lucas Hernandes who was playing only his 4th game with Atleti first team, his first derby and he was playing out of position, because Lucas is a canterano, his younger brother Theo is also a canterano, and his father, Jean François -just like him- did play with Torres in the same team 14 years ago .. that’s a very big sense of belonging that can never be bought with any amount of money

  • Raul was also my Man of The Match, while slapping Khedira was my Moment of The Match .

  • Chewie

    Yeah, but apart from being effective in defense, Raul scored the winning goal. I know that defenders are often underestimated, so maybe it’s a tie, after all.

  • dircil

    I still believe Varane is more solid than Gimenez. Still Gimenez is our boy so I lay my trust on him that one day he’ll surpass Varane!

  • I don’t know how to prove that I’m not saying this just because I’m an Atleti fan, but I totally disagree with you, I think Gimenez is way better than Varane
    I believe Varane is overrated, because he is playing for one of those “mainstream” teams I mentioned above, he has Marca & AS to his side, among many other sports media
    Let me use my brother’s words when he was watching the game with me :
    ” Varane was considered a great (defender) because he (scored) 2 goals vs Barca ” !

  • Mohammed Basith

    when will Ansaldi return ?

  • atleti10

    He was back training at the start of the new year so I would imagine he’ll be back to match fitness very soon. Unless he’s further aggravated the muscle of course. Anyway he cant come soon enough, Siquera worries me.

    On the topic, I would love if we got Ricardo Rodriquez at the end of the year. He’s awesome, speaks spanish and the club have an established relationship regarding Guilavogui. I’d happily see him thrown in to sweeten the deal.

    Off topic, do people think Oliver will have a place in the squad next year? I would personally like to see Koke move into the center (Tiago will be 34!) and start to groom Oliver in a similar role to the one Koke plays at the moment. He’s bulked up quite a lot this year so defensively I think he can make an impact and going forward, well a 11 with Koke, Oliver, Arda, and Griezmann is pretty damn exciting.

  • I’m starting to worry about Ansaldi being an injury-prone, now even Gimenez have played more minutes than him

  • Of course Oliver will have a place next season, Cebolla will probably leave next summer or even this winter, Cerci will stay at Milan, and I don’t think we gonna keep Cani, and even if Koke didn’t move into the center -as many people want- and even if Arda stayed, Arda, Koke, RG8 & Grizi are not crowd
    beside, Oliver can give us different solutions than RG8, and can take some minutes from Arda who gets injured a lot and gets exhausted and substituted in almost every game

    If Oliver has the strength and the personality of Koke, he could be even a better player than him, because -with all the respect and love for Koke- Oliver is much more skillful

    Ricardo Rodriguez doesn’t sound a bad option, and I would love to have a fullback who scores 4 or 5 goals every season, we didn’t have one since the great Antonio Lopez

  • Mohammed Basith

    what if I say that you should include Angel Correa too in your tactics.

  • atleti10

    I’m really excited about Correa, I think he will rotate with two strikers with Jimenez most likely going out on loan. I hope so anyway. I think Torres would be a great mentor for him too.

    Ahmad I dont think anything is a given with regards Cholo, I would have thought Oliver was a certainty to feature this season with so many departures. You seem to have interpreted my question as do I think he deserves a place. I really think he does and that he would benefit the team no end.

    For a club with financial problems we have been quite wasteful in the transfer market. Cerci, Leo, Guilavogui, Jimenez. None of whom were really needed. Every signing cannot be a success but we spent over 40m on these guys whilst we have Siquera starting at left back. I cant help but wonder how good the team would be if those funds has gone towards a quality left back. But now I’m just picking holes.

  • Oliver could have stayed and played a considerable number of minutes, 1000-1500, and it would has been good for the club, but not for him, with his rate right now with Porto, he could finish the season with more than 4000 minutes

    About the deals you mentioned :
    We signed Cerci through an investment fund (said to be Qatari or Emirati), we paid only 8 million
    Guilavogui is a client (or let me say property) of Jorge Mendes’ Doyen group, the same company that (owns) Falcao, of the 12 million he cost we paid 6 at most
    We are paying the 7 million of Leo in payments over 3 or 4 years (I don’t remember exactly), and -according to AS- the money goes to the tax authorities, not to Rayo, as a part of a deal in order to pay their debt
    And I don’t think 10 million for a young and promising striker like Jimenez are too much

    So, we actually spent 31 M on those players, not 40,
    and -theoretically- the 8 we paid for Cerci brought us Torres back,
    Guilavogui probably won’t stay too long -like all Mendes’ agents- and we will get our 6 million back + some profit
    Leo has more La Liga goals this season than Mandzukic
    And the time will judge Jimenez

    Signing 9 new players at once isn’t an easy job at all, but -in my opinion- Caminero & Berta did it very well
    Over their work in the last 3 seasons, I will give them an A, and if they were able to sign Courtois from Genk before Chelsea did it I would’ve given them an A+

  • atleti10

    Yes and back to my original question about Oliver the same logic as you have just alluded to will apply again next year hence the uncertainty if he will stay. And 40m was an approximation, the exact figure was not the point, the point was that these were players who were only ever going to be back ups at best cost a fair amount and I feel we could have strengthened positions in the first 11with the money.

    But yes I accept that with third party involvement the signings represent good vale for money. However I still believe buying players with a view to making marginal profit in the future ties up funds that a club like Atletico could put to better use. They did a great job but I see no problem with striving for better.

  • Is your question : ” does Cholo want and would he rely on Oliver next season ” ?!
    for that my answer is yes,
    I think he believes in him just like he believes in Saul, Gimenez & Lucas
    Oliver needed to play it all this season to get the ” minimum ” experience, and when he comes back next season he could afford to spend some time on the bench and fight for a spot and play more minutes gradually, just like Saul

    But the difference is that Saul was with Rayo, while Oliver is with Porto, and with Lopetegui, and he could prefer to stay there if he didn’t think he will get many minutes with Atleti, especially with the rumors that suggest Porto will make a bid for him, and here is the other question :
    Would Oliver be ready to fight for a spot and accept to play less minutes than he plays with Porto ?!
    That’s I’m not sure about,
    although it seems very obvious that he should never choose Porto over Atletico, but there are many factors that will affect his decision, one of them is his agent, who I believe -sadly- is Jorge Mendes

  • Kris

    Everybody was panicking. How many players left us in the summer last year? I don’t know exactly how many, but we probably would have been able to create a separate team with those players. These buys were to fill up the void left by the departures. It was also to give hopes to the fans that we will continue to improve and will do anything to keep on competing! It was also a message to the other teams that we are no less than you, we also have 100s of millions of dollars we can spend(which is obviously not true). Cerci was also like a last-day buy for Atletico. I don’t think his transfer was planned and that Simeone personally wanted him. He likes humble and hard-working players, which Cerci from his personal history really isn’t that type of person. But the transfers that Simeone wanted such as Ansaldi, Griezmann, Mandzukic, and Jimenez have turned out to be superb. Well, except of course not Jimenez, but he definitely is an aspiring star and will be scoring plenty of goals once the opportunity arises. That’s what I think…

  • Chewie

    Hope he is not. Siqueira is unreliable. Ansladi seems like a fit guy, and he’s used to playing against ruthless Russian defenders, I think he should do fine. He must do fine, really, if he wants to stay with us.

  • Is it exaggeration to say that the club directors could have planned Torres-Cerci swap since Torres was loaned to Milan (as Gil Marin refused to open any talks with Chelsea over Torres after what they did to us, if he wasn’t lying) and we signed Cerci -in the last hours of the window- as a bargaining chip with Milan ?!

    Why not, Caminero and Berta are geniuses, last season they signed Demichelis for free and sold him after 2 weeks for 5 million !
    Galliani and Barbara Berlusconi are trying to get Andrea Berta for a long time, but the man keeps refusing their big offers, and offers from other clubs, I don’t know why, maybe it’s a personal challenge for him, to compete with his intellegence & skills against the hundreds of millions of Real & Barca

  • Mohammed Basith

    what about Manquillo case ? Is he getting any minutes there in Anfield?

  • Chewie

    So true, this god damn football politics. People think that if one’s playing for a famous team, then one’s great. But the counter-intuitive thing is closer to reality – if one’s playing AGAINST famous teams, scoring goals and keeping clean sheets, then one’s truly great. It’s easy to beat Rayo playing for Real. But it’s much harder – and hence prestigious – to beat Real, Barcelona, Chelsea, Juventus and Milan playing for a ‘humble’ Atletico.

  • I thought you would be an EPL fan since you are an Indian

    Manqui is having many minutes, 1403 so far in all competitions, including 10 games in EPL & 4 in UCL
    although in the games I watched, he wasn’t involved in the attack so much, since the reds attack is mostly left-sided
    but it still better for him than staying, he probably would have played the same number of minutes of Gamez, which are just 366 so far

  • Mohammed Basith

    I only watches random matches from each game week in Epl.Not a fan any of the PL clubs.But still have some soft corner to teams like Tottenham and Southampton.
    Glad to hear that our boy Manqui getting some minutes there.